Descendants of the Sun: The woman who captured CPT. Lucas Manalo’s heart | Full Episode 1 (w/ subs)

Descendants of the Sun: The woman who captured CPT. Lucas Manalo’s heart | Full Episode 1 (w/ subs)

Team, this mission is a time sensitive target. At 0800 hours today, The Philippine Revolutionary Group kidnapped seven expat engineers of a theme park being put up in Busuanga (town). Eight strikers from the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion who were deployed in the area were kidnapped by the enemies while carrying out an ambush. Including their commanding officer, my father Lieutenant General Abraham Manalo. Get Ready. Get Ready. Standby. Standby. Go. Go. Go. What do you want? If you fail to give 1 Million dollars that we are asking in an hour, I will kill all of you. Let’s all go together just to be sure. We don’t have time anymore, I need to save my father. Wolf, cover me. Assault. Go ahead and take them. I’ll take care of him. You have no use anymore. Son, get out of here. Go save yourself. Father, I will never leave you. Just hold on. Assault… Assault! Go ahead and leave me. Save yourself Father. Secure the hostages, go! Don’t worry, we’re soldiers. Secure the area. The fight is not yet over. Destroyer 382, Destroyer 382 This is Big Boss, come in over. Go ahead this is Destroyer 382. 1020 South, I repeat. 1020 South, do you hear me, over? Roger that. Dust off Inbound Alpha 1077 in two miles, over. Copy, over and out. Big Boss, the hostages have already been secured. Copy, over and out. After One Year… Love, it’s been a year since I got crippled But up to now, Lucas hasn’t caught the enemies. Father, we haven’t stopped searching for them. I promise you and Mother, I will personally catch them. They’ll pay for what they did to you. Father, I will release this. Here. Don’t bother to care for me. I can drink my medicine on my own. Father, that’s nothing compared to all the things you did for brother and me. I’m sorry to both of you. I’m a burden to you. Father, there you go again. Don’t say that. We like taking care of you. We love you so much. So don’t say that, Father. There you go again. You don’t have to take care of me What you should focus on Lucas is destroy the PRG. Father shouldn’t Lucas focus on giving you a grandchild? So you’re picking on me now, Judith. Well there’s really no one. Father, there’s no one. What can I do? But there’s a lot of women falling for you. You’re just choosy. Your brother will not get married until he has sought revenge against the rebels who did this to me. Don’t worry Big Boss, the PRG will eventually fall into our hands And you can finally marry. That’s not the reason why I’m pressuring you. Of course, I want to seek justice with what happened to my father. We support you on that one, Big Boss. But by this time, you should be preparing for your wedding too. Right? You know Big Boss is too dedicated with our missions. That’s why he doesn’t have time for love. I’m like that too, dedicated. Aside from not having time, you know how women are sometimes. When you’re a soldier they’d think we’re womanizing like this guy. Or they’d end up widow. That’s the thing. It’s really a big sacrifice to love a soldier. Don’t worry Big Boss, you’ll eventually find someone for you. The question is… Question. Are you ready to have your own family? That’s the question. Well because you said that, I think it’s time for romance. I’m game with that. Anytime, I’m ready. And once you find her Big Boss, tie her up. Don’t let her go. Really, tie her up like a chicken? Lucas? Yes? What’s up? I will just buy ingredients for Father’s chicken soup. The truth Lucas? Are you going grocery shopping or you’re going on an eyeball? Eyeball? Your perfume could reach EDSA (highway) Eyeball, that soon? Could it just be that I’m only trying to be handsome? Admit it, brother. You’re pressured to give Father a grandchild, right? That’s easy. You know what’s difficult? That is to find a woman who can accept all the challenges of being a soldier. What’s your ideal girl? Ideal? Well of course she should be a fighter just like me because you know There’s really no forever in relationships. They all have an ending. But if you want to have a forever, Both parties must be fighting for something. Wow. I hope you find her, brother. Sorry, there’s just an emergency. Excuse me. Miss, hand me the alcohol, please. Knife, knife, please. Knife. What’s going on? He choked. The Heimlich maneuver didn’t work so trichotomy is the last option for him to live. Maam, your husband is breathing now. He is saved. Thank you very much. Just secure the airway, please. Okay, Ma’am. Take care of him. Yes, Ma’am. She’s good. Thank you for this. Miss, Miss…wait. Miss… Sorry… Sorry You’re rude. Miss, sorry, sorry. Maniac, You’re rude. I’m sorry. Miss, I didn’t mean to do that I’m sorry. Your style is so rotten. I’ll break your… That’s destruction of private property. I really didn’t mean to do it, I’m sorry. You men are all the same. Cheaters, rude, what you only want in life is sex. Sex… right away? You’re terrible. Don’t…ah… Don’t you dare go near me. My forever just got foiled. Too bad. Randy, let’s join tomorrow. Sir Lucas, Santiago, don’t forget our fiesta next week. We’ll have roasted pig. Roasted pig? Okay, we’ll go there. That’s good. You should go there. What are you watching? Not what, it’s who? Who are you watching? That’s the thing I didn’t get her name. She’s one of kind. Classic I think I’m hit… solid. Do you have antenna? What antenna? You’re so vague. You’re just envious. It’s great to attend the fiesta here in Sgt. Eugenio’s place. With all the roasted pig I ate, I find it difficult to hit the target. Me too. Wait… It looks like the trigger is broken. Mine too.
The trigger is not working. Same here. Nothing. Are you still going to play? Boss, maybe the trigger is broken. Same here, it got stuck. What’s the problem? See It’s working. This is only for soldiers. Thief! Thief! Hey Animal, bring back my motorcycle! Thief! Help me! Thief! He took my motorcycle! Thief!’ Stop him! What’s going on? He’s so young and he’s already a thief! Call the police! The thief is going this way. Boss, let me borrow this first. Hey! Where are you going? We’re on vacation. My motorcycle! We’re only using a toy gun. So the range is limited to five meters. Ready? It’s now ten meters. Seven meters… Five meters…fire. Good thing my motorcycle is not damaged. Did you already call the police? I didn’t. His cohorts might get back at me. It’s up to you if you want to put him in jail. Hello this is Technical Sergeant Diego Ramos. We need an ambulance here. I said I’m okay. Just lie down. Don’t be stubborn. Stop moving your spinal cord will be injured. Lie down. Hey.. Hey Wait, what are you going to do with me? First aid…don’t be so nervous. When your luck runs out. Boss, how much for those two? You again? Two thousand. Two thousand? Wow, you’re too much. Okay it’s five hundred. Here we go. One hundred. Boss, four hundred. Two hundred. Four hundred. Three hundred Deal… three hundred. Hey, you got me there, Boss. That’s the exact amount. You can’t take it back. If you take it back, I’ll play and I’ll get everything. You’re good. Thank you. Wait do you also have a pen? Those two are handsome. Your date is cuter. This? I’m lucky I met her. Your girlfriend is also cute. You look good together. This? We’re just friends. Friends? Wait, why did you get these? What do you want me to do? The man begged me to get these so we won’t go back there. Maybe he got scared when you said we’ll go back and we’re going to play
So we can get all the prizes. Here we go again. Bro, you’re one hell of a soldier. But you have a soft heart. What if we are in a battle? It’s different when I’m working. You know that. You’re right. That’s why a lot of people idolize you especially Captain Moira. Why is she involved in our conversation? Why? You miss her, right? You’re affected. Very good, Captain Moira Defensor. Your father must be very proud of you. Thank you, Sir. Bro, why did you break up? What’s with you? I’m happy with my life. And besides, she’s here. We know you could be happier. She loves you so much. What’s the story? Why do you have a lot of questions? I just want to know. Just leave it to me, Bro. It’s up to you. By the way, how is the young man earlier? What happened to him? That’s nothing. His injury is not serious. Why are you worried about him? Nothing I just remembered myself with him. Before I entered Boys Town, that’s also the kind of life I lived. I was lost. Is that Chief? It’s Chief. Okay. It’s your Chief. Don’t answer that. I’ll answer this.
I’d tell her Captain you should go here right now. Diego is very lonely. He needs you very badly. You will not answer that. No… No, I’ll treat you to dinner. Steak? Yes, dinner. I don’t like steak. I’ll answer this. Whiskey, you want?
Seventeen years. Brandy, grand reserve. Blind date with my flight attendant cousin. Is she from the air force? Just a flight attendant.
I’ll just show you her profile. I knew it.
What’s with you? Are you really my best friend? You have a cousin like that.
Let me see her picture, hurry. Don’t answer that. I will not answer this.
Let me see her picture. Why are they not answering my calls? Hurry. Wait, I think my phone is missing. Excuse me, Sir. Is he the patient? Yes, we already gave first aid. That kid stole your phone? He will answer to me. Why are you pissed off?
I thought you pity him. What hospital was he taken? What’s with you? Hurry up and remove the stuff toys on my head.
It’s embarrassing. Miss, please remove it. It’s embarrassing. That’s okay. What do you mean okay?
I look like a fool. Don’t move. We’ll take him inside with it. You know I’m okay. I’m fine. Let me go home. Nothing hurts with me. It looks like you’re okay.
It’s very obvious. Thank you. Thank you, Ma’am. Nurse Via, I think the patient dropped this. Thank you. Hello. Who are you? I’m a nurse here in Metro General Hospital. Why are you answering the phone? The owner dropped it. He was rushed here because he had an accident. What? What happened here? Motorcycle accident, Doc. Again? Are you drunk? No. Someone placed notes here. Who did this? It’s the ruthless handsome guy. Who? I don’t know. Doc, please remove the thing on my head.
I’ve been begging them since I got here. Just relax. don’t be restless. Don’t move…scissors, please. Emma, hand me also the neck brace. The person who did this to you is very good. It’s so cute. You look good with the stuff toys. Look, it’s so cute. Okay. Let me check the chart again. Don’t move. It says here you have rib fracture. Ouch. Sprained ankle. You’re a thief? It says here.
It’s written here. Thief, so you should make him suffer. Don’t move, what’s with you? That’s foolish.
I had an accident. Okay, you said that.
You are covered by Philhealth, right? So Just stay here for the lab test and x-ray. Doc Maxine, Doc Chavez wants to see you. Okay thank you. Take care of his x-ray. This and this. Copy, Doc. You dropped your cellphone earlier. Your guardian is already calling. We’ll schedule you for x-ray so just stay right here. My gang will kill me. Doctor Dela Cruz, I’m glad to inform you that you have the highest chance in getting the chief residency position that you applied for. Wow, really? Yes, you should prepare for the final interview and do your best Lots of people would kill for this post. I won’t fail you, Mr. Chavez. That’s already in the bag. Where are you going? You’re suspicious. I’m just going to the comfort room. I won’t go anywhere.
I’ll leave this to you so you will believe that I’ll come back. Here. Okay. Wait, where are you going? The comfort room is there. Let me leave. You can’t.
You need to recuperate, to rest. I can manage. There’s nothing wrong with me. If my boss catches me here, I’ll end up in the morgue not here. Boss? Are you a member of a syndicate? If I say yes will you let me leave? No. If your boss beats you up here I’ll call the security right away. What? It’s up to you. I’ll just go to the comfort room. He’s really stubborn. Big boss…this syndicates are using the young people. Why don’t they just work properly? Nothing… it just keeps on ringing. You can’t go in. We just want to check on someone. What now, Boss?
We’re not allowed inside? Handsome men are not allowed. Don’t worry.
Marty called earlier. He said he’ll try to escape so he can find money. Let’s go.
Let’s wait for him in the corner. Let’s go and look for it inside. Excuse us. Later, after around 30 minutes We need to check and give this and this. Yes and physical therapy. I’m sorry. This will sting a bit. I’ll stitch you up now. It’s ringing. Just a second, excuse me. Hello? Hello?


  1. Hindi ako makapaniwala kung ma beat pa tlagah toh sa ratings. Ang ganda eh. Hello from Alberta, Canada. Watching over GMA Pinoy TV!

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    If you haven't downloaded the app,Here's the link

  3. Im watching this pilot episodes of PH version after watching the first few episodes of Vietnamese one and I must say, PH put gave so much effort on putting a Filipino Flavor without compromising the best scenes from the Original. The Vietnam Version was also good, it was actually brave of them to change the style of most of the scenes but they also removed those great original scenes from the original pilot and that makes this version a Better one than any other adaptation.

    Good Job GMA7,
    Hopefully, this willl continue til the last Episode and also to the upcoming adaptations and original dramas.

    BTW. Yes, Jen was really the Queen of Korean Adaptation! ๐Ÿ˜ She was also good ij MLFTS Ph.

  4. this is why i love reading comments in YouTube rather than in fb. Sa fb puro negative comments ng mga tao. People here in YouTube are way more mature and responsible sa pagcocomment. โ™ฅ๏ธ love lots ๐Ÿ’ž

  5. Hail to the one and only RomCom Queen, Miss Jennylyn Mercado ๐Ÿ˜ iba ka talaga ghorl ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Kay Dong at sa lahat u did great.. parang nanunuod lamg dn ako ng original ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Walang binatbat ito sa A Soldiers Heart,cast,direction story,acting,cinematography,social rekevance, A Soldiers Heart is much better

  7. My favorites korean teleserye..with a twist talaga…ha ha ha…bakit walang dugo nung hiniwa yung leeg ni manong….

  8. ang ganda ng pagkakaremake super. sana lagi may upload sa youtube pag minsan kasi di na nakakapanood sa tv. ๐Ÿ˜ Galing ๐Ÿ‘ Great Job GMA๐Ÿ˜

  9. ganda ng prod but then the only obvious flaw is the way the fight scenes are executed, prng msyadong praktisado and hindi makatotohanan lalo sa pagsabay ng camera movements…prng nag ppractice lng sila tas bilang ung moves nila while they fight….but over all ganda na..un lng tlga ang hnd mganda ang effects

  10. i love dingdong pero parang mas ok kung si dennis trillo ang ginawang big boss.. parang mas match kay joongki haha ๐Ÿ˜

  11. for me nakakahilo ang fight scene, masyadong magalaw ang camera. ibat-ibang angle kada galaw ni dingdong.hindi ko ma-appreciate ng lubos ang effort ni dingdong sa fight scene

  12. Siyempre dapat yung fighter na katulad ko. Kasi alam mo, yung mga relationships na yan, wala naman talagang forever jan eh. Di ba eh? Natatapos yan. May hangganan eh. Pero kung gusto mo magkaroon ng forever, dapat yung parehong tao may pinaglalaban.

    Gosh. Yung line na to ni Dingdong. #thefeels

  13. Unang pagtatagpo pa lang nila kinikilig na ako hahaha nu ba yan , thank you gma , sa pag upload para sa kagaya naming wala sa pinas โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  14. Congrats GMA! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘sana ipagpatuloy po yung magagandang shots at sana maimprove pa lalo pagkakaedit. Maganda din na may mga iniba sa storyline, interesting. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Di talaga photogenic si Dingdong,pero sa personal sobra sobra Ang kagwapohan, mukhang 25 lang sa personal eh,mukha pang Korean,sa TV di maganda register nang face niya,unlike Dennis sobrang simply face sa personal pero photogenic sa TV

  16. hayp! sobrang ganda ng adaptation. kinilig ako ng bongga hahaha. iba yung atake compared sa kdrama version, pero ang ganda talagaa. makikita rin yung values ng pagkaPilipino, yung about sa family. Congrats GMA! Abangan ko na tooo!

  17. Laptrip talaga yung part ng kay pekto. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Siya yung tumawad sa presyo niya eh. Kudos GMA DOTS!๐Ÿ’˜

  18. Sorry bad comment pero kaylangan malaman nila… wag tayong dumepende sa iba.. ayos gayang gaya thumbs up. Pero sana dapat di na ginaya.. imbis na gayahin niyo. Dapat mag bigay inspirasyon sa inyo.. hindi manggaya. Parang pag nanakaw lang din ang ginawa niyo..

  19. Jusko badoy ni dingdong no offense wala syang emotion mag acting ang layo sa orginal si roco mas magaling in character talaga acting nya si dingdong kung ano ganap nya sa ibang soap nya ganun din haist ang dami kasi pede kunin eh lagi sya parang marian lang sya na OA ang acting

  20. Tlgang panalo s akin etong plbas n e2 all in one full of astig moves nkakakilig at nkktawa dongjen at jasroco a new love team to beat

  21. ako lang ba? na everytime yung part na pinapakita si Ricco napapangiti ako kasi feeling ko pinipgilan nya tawa nya. Basta ang cute nyaaa

  22. wow d ko akalain mas maganda pala ang Phil Adaptation sa Dots๐Ÿ˜Congrats sa lahat nang cast๐Ÿ‘Thank u for uploading GMA๐Ÿ™

  23. GMA. Hindi ako professional pero baka mas okay pa akong scriptwriter kesa sa script writer nyo dyan. Hahaha

    Please.. Cinematography paki ayos! Alam nyo bang ngayong lang ako na excite sa isang tandem mula sa inyo? Ayoko ma disappoint!

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