DESTINY 2 (React: Gaming)

DESTINY 2 (React: Gaming)

– (gasps)
This is so cool! – Shit!
No. Whoa! ♪ (retro game music) ♪ – Destiny 2?
My brothers talk about it, but I’ve never played it
or seen it. – I played the shit
out of Destiny. – I’m not the biggest fan
of Destiny ’cause I really don’t like
Halo that much and they closely resemble
each other. – It’s kind of like
a first-person shooting type game that kind of takes place in space
and I feel like Destiny did so great with sales just because
it’s a futuristic space type game. – It’s kind of open world-esque
where you can see other people that you aren’t really friends with. Or you could go into it
and have battles. All my friends have it
and everyone’s like “You need to get on this grind!” It is something where you go
in there and spend a lot of time. I know a lot of my friends
spend obscene amounts of time playing this game. – Ooh, okay,
so I choose a class. “Titan.
Disciplined and proud, Titans are capable of both
aggressive assaults and stalwart defenses. Hunter.
Agile and daring. Hunters are quick on their feet
and quicker on draw. Warlock.
Warlocks weaponize the mysteries of the universe
to sustain themselves and devastate their foes.” I think I’m gonna go with Titan. – I’ve always done Warlock,
so let’s do Warlock. – I like this one, Hunter. – Oh, so you can be a human,
an awoken, which looks like an avatar,
or a robot. Dude, I’m going robot. – Orange.
This is close, I guess. My favorite color, dude. – Hair.
Ooh, they really have everything in this one. – I could have a look?
I’m about to slay these hoes with my makeup. – Aw, you look so badass,
my friend. Oh my God,
no one’s gonna want to mess with him. – Is that me? Nah, it’s not me.
It’s someone else. – Oh, hey Cayde. – Good graphics. Are those real people,
or is it animated? – (FBE) Animated. – That’s all animated?
Damn. – (man) What have you got?
– Why does everyone have these little orbs?
Are these little robots that help us out? – (man) Maybe it’s just
the storm. – I love the mix of robots
and humans and the awoken and all that. – (woman) Nothing.
– (Cayde) That’s good, right? – (woman) No.
I mean they’re not there. There are no satellites. – No idea what they’re
talking about. Oh.
– (man) Battle Stations! – Oh. – I don’t even think
Destiny was like– all right, well this is
campaign, kind of, right? See, I’m not the biggest
campaign player. Multiplayer is usually
what I stick to mostly. – Whoa!
In the bubble. I should’ve been that guy.
That guy’s a badass. Oh, shit! – Wait.
No way! – Oh, shoot. Well, there goes
mission control. – So that Traveler’s
getting [bleep]. Traveler was–
we found it a long, long time ago and then that was the golden age
of humanity and then shit hit the fan.
Darkness showed up, like, “Hey there.”
Kicked us in the nuts and right when we fell to our knees,
the Traveler came right over it and for some reason,
is protecting us. – All right.
Start off with a dinky pistol. – (Ghost) We need to find
Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde. – Aye aye, Ghost. – New objective.
Defend your home. – Ah!
No. My gun is so shitty. – Boy, get out of here.
I’m fighting giant hamsters. Ow. – Go away, go away.
Hoo, I did pretty good. – This is weird,
’cause I played Destiny a while back, so this is, like–
I don’t know, the controls, it’s an FPS,
you know, they’re all the same, really. – Hello?
Ahh! Okay, go, go, go, go. – Oh, you wanna go,
hamster boy? Ooh, headshot.
Boy, take a seat. Where are the rest of yous? Oh sorry. – (Cayde) Hey you two,
give me a sec. Zavala’s doing the hero thing
in the plaza. Me?
– High five. – (Cayde) I have a date
with whoever’s behind this. – Okay.
That’ll be a short date. Oh, where did you–
I’m coming too. (laughs)
Dammit. – Are you an enemy? No, you’re with us,
it’s cool. Oh, you’re all with us!
Okay, sorry I shot you guys. – (man) Follow the path from there.
It will lead you through the hangar to the plaza.
– Can I just– can I just have your sword?
No? – (man) Give them war.
– Please? – We’ll give them war.
Oh, now we’re talking! – (Ghost) We should really
grab a gun and get moving. – Okay.
I’m doing pretty good. I thought I would die
but I’m– oh my god. Oh, it’s still glass.
I’m stupid. Oh my God! – Dude, they’re not–
I’m not dying once here. – Ooh, lights.
Urgh, what’s that? We’re good.
Come on, just go away. Why, why?
Yes! Okay, so if you shoot them enough,
their force field just goes away. – Super charge?
What is that? – Imma get closer to them.
Imma see if I can use my super power thingy. ‘Cause I know it should
be full by now. Oh, there we go. Oh, fudge yes. – Let’s see if I can–
(gasps) that’s–
(gasps) this is so cool! – Whoa!
Whoa! (laughs)
Uh, I disintegrated a bitch. – Get some.
Who else wants some? – All right.
Oh my God, oh my God. What’s happening? – I hate when the music
gets intense. Who’s coming? – Oh, I see you guys.
Have fun with that. – God, these explosions
really make it hard to aim. – (groans)
Stop it. – Oh, there’s so many! There’s so many
and I’m dying. Come on, come on, come on.
Let’s just recharge, recharge, recharge! – Dang.
Oh, what was that? [Bleep] bitch. – Die. Please tell me
I got all of them. Did I get all of them?
The music’s still pretty– (gasps)
I got them. – Ooh, just gets even more intense.
It just starts off intense. – Oh look, other people. – Oh, I played the first Destiny.
This is the big home screen sort of lobby area. – I’m coming, friends.
Whoa. So are these actual players
right now, also doing the training
with us? We’re all just going at this
together? That’s so cool! – It’s, like, story mode,
but live. That’s dope.
Every game should have this. – Oh, it’s ult time, bitch.
No scope. – (laughs)
Oh, I [bleep] that guy up, too. Oh, I’m out of ammo. – Oh, jeez.
Okay, this is why we’re playing with other
online people. There’s just way too many
of you dudes. – Dude, I came into this,
was like “Meh, I’m not that big
of a Destiny fan.” But nah, this is fun. – (man) Stay inside my shield. – Ooh, oh shit!
I’m in your bubble. Whoa.
Defend the tower. – (woman) Zavala, the last
of the shuttles is away, but the Speaker,
he never made it. I’m going to look for him. – You know, for being
called the Speaker, that guy [bleep] said nothing. – All right commander,
where do I go? There’s my checkpoint.
Whee! Just gonna jetpack away
from all my problems. – All right, sweet.
Aww. I mean, dude,
there’s so much happening right now. You don’t need to be doing this.
I think you should evacuate. – Hey guys.
Oh. – (woman) The Speaker is gone.
– Hey friends. – (woman) You will take
no more from us… – Shit!
No, whoa! The [bleep]?
Where you going? – Oh my God.
Okay, it’s like that? – Let me just bust in there
with this ult, boy. Aw, dude. – Stop!
Give me a chance to reload! Oh God. – (man) We need that ship
on the field. – Oh, I’ll accept this
hamster friend. Dead, dead, dead, dead.
Oh, more hamsters. – Oh, what the–
what is that? I want my ult back. – Oh, wow, okay.
Oh no! Enough!
Oh, shoot, all right. – Now y’all shooting at nothing–
ahh, my God! – Five shots left?
Oh no, dude. I’m just going in here
with my pistol. – Come on.
Okay, you know what? Let’s just go hand-to-hand, right?
Yeah! – (woman) Someone told me
you need a ride. – Hey!
That’s my Uber, ya’ll. – I can see why people spend
hours and hours grinding at this game.
It’s very addicting. – Whoa, okay.
We’re back. – (woman) We’ll hit that ship
with everything we’ve got. – Oh, she dropped me off
on the enemy ship. Oh, this is gonna be
really hard. – Oh, I almost missed that. – Uh oh, I hear someone. Don’t mind me,
I’m just infiltrating. – Oh, I like how it also tells you
how much damage it’s doing to each character. All right, I gotta download
schematics. Ooh, get ’em, Ghost! – I keep on hearing
guns everywhere. (gasps) Bye.
No, no, no. Don’t come for me.
Where did the other one go? – Oh, they don’t see me.
Good. I’ll just wait here ’till
my grenade loads up and then when I go
and I see them, I’ll be like, “Pow!” – I can shoot ’em
right through here. (laughing)
Can he hit me through here? Did I just hack this game? – No way can I shoot through here.
Oh, I’m not firing anymore. This is overpowered, dude.
That’s not even fair. – Bye, bye, bye, bye.
Oh my God, die faster! (gasps)
I think we got him. – Whoa, already guys here.
These guys are little– these are a new enemy. They look like they got
little laser beams. – Okay, we just need to keep
pushing forward past all of these enemies.
Oh, another huge one. Awesome.
Okay, you know what? Let’s just–
yeah, this is happening. Come on!
Just– I wanna get rid of this guy already.
He’s way too strong. – Did I get him?
I got him. Thank God.
Where’s the rest of yous? Oh wait, that was all?
Seemed like there was so much more. – Oh, they’re across the way? – Can I throw a grenade across–
Oh my God, [bleep] this. There’s a guy up top.
A [bleep] laser dude. This is hectic. Now I know why people group up
and play this game to do missions. – Oh, I shot his little tank thing
and it blew up. Oh yes. – This door not opening? All right, I’m probably gonna
have to go down. No, what the [bleep]?
Come on! – (Ghost) The shield generator
should be straight ahead. – (laughing) Okay,
I thought I was gonna die. – Ooh, okay, this must be
the generator. – Destroy the–
just shoot ’em, or– – Do I jump down here?
Whee! (rolling tongue)
Whoo, hey there! You will die today, turbine. – Okay, go, go, go, go.
The other one’s really fast. – The world’s biggest ceiling fan. – (Ghost) Zavala, we did it.
– All right. – (Ghost) The shields are down.
– The shields are down. Now what?
– (Ghost) Zavala? – Zavala’s offline! – Escape this command ship.
How? – Back there.
I must go the way I came. – (Arnold impression)
Get to the chopper. – Okay, yes.
Please, somebody come pick us up. This thing’s gonna explode. – Oh, I got a helmet on?
Okay. – (deep voice) You don’t.
– Who da [bleep] that? Oh shit.
You wanna [bleep] go? – (Ghaul) Welcome to a world
without light. – He’s like space Bane. – Aw, you’re a cheater.
Get out of my head. – (Ghost) Something’s wrong.
– No, not– This [bleep]. – Give my Rubik’s cube.
Please don’t take it. – Gimme my gun.
Shoot him! Shoot him now! – (Ghaul) You’ve merely forgotten
the fear of death. – I killed three dudes that look
exactly like you. – (Ghaul) To reacquaint you. – Oh, shoot.
Get it together. Oh, no.
He’s gone. – Oh my God. – (Ghaul) I am…
– Okay, I do not want to ignore the fact that he just
bitch slapped me. – Uh oh.
– (Ghaul) Is mine. – Aw, jeez. Aw, this is Destiny 2, out now.
(laughs) – What the hell?
He just Mufasa-ed us. I’m not down with that, no. – I’m upset. (as FBE) “And this is where we’re
gonna stop you.” – Damn it!
[Bleep]! Ugh, no! – I love it.
It’s a great game. – For someone like me,
who really hated on Destiny, I was one of the haters.
Kinda liking it now. – I was super into the Halo games
growing up, and I feel like this is just
the next evolution. I could see myself already getting
in a huge group of people and just going and doing
a mission right now, if you’re down. – Thanks for watching us play
Destiny 2 on the React Channel. – Subscribe!
You don’t want to miss a single Gaming episode. – Goodbye, Guardian. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
a React Channel producer, what do you think?
You a Warlock? A Titan? You one of those
sneaky-ass Hunters? Let me know down in the comments!
Let’s talk about it.


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  2. This is exactly the target audience for Destiny, casual gamers who don't really care about game quality, only flashy visuals and loud music.

  3. First, it takes a lot of practice to have your Internet emotions external. These are exactly what I thought when I first played d2.

  4. Can we just appreciate that the cabal are now and forever going to be furry little hamsters behind all of their oiled up armor?

  5. Hunter and Titan are my mains but Warlock it really good but overall when you come to think about it I main all three classes

  6. Wait, did they film the Beta? Or the actual game? Because I'm pretty sure you don't start with Supers all unlocked, or maybe you do.

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