Devin Harvan – A Whirlwind Around Us (Stories Of Addiction Recovery)

In today’s society, there’s a lot less
meaning to things. Like, a lot less people are more geared towards finding something
that they love doing and that they’re passionate about. They’re more so geared towards finding,
like, you know, “What’s going to help me achieve all these materialistic successes?”
or whatever, which is, you know… They try to find a job to help them, you know, make
more money. Relationships in general are, you know – are superficial, I guess you could
say. You know, because everything is done behind a phone, behind a computer screen,
nothing is done face to face anymore. I feel like, especially today, like, the – the value
in, like, a handshake, where that used to mean so much back in the day, like nowadays,
that’s – you know, not as – as well-honored. I think a lot of these things create an environment
where people feel like they – they’re caught in, like, this spin cycle or this whirlwind
where, like, the world’s kinda moving all around them and they’re, you know, they’re
kinda getting left behind in the dust. You know, a lot of my friends got jobs as – as
accountants and, you know, moved out, you know, with their… moved out of their parents’
house and kinda, you know… started getting married, having babies, all of that. And I
– I had that exact feeling I described before, was that, like, I felt like, the world is
spinning all around me and I’m kinda stuck in my parents’ house here using – using
heroin with… you know, not really much of a direction or any clue as to which direction
to go. Being recovered, in recovery, whatever you want to call it, there’s – there’s
opportunity now, like, now I realize I could… I could do whatever I want, right? I developed
a lot of this passion through going through the 12 Steps, but you know, I figure I’ll
be happy doing whatever as long as I’m helping another person. I’m going to be a happy
man doing that. I’ll be able to sleep at night or I’ll – I’ll be able to die on
my deathbed someday knowing that like, you know, “Hey, I’ve affected these people’s
lives in a positive way. I’ve helped these people.” And, um… that’s a realization
I never even had or conceived of before I had come here and done this program and – and
gone through the work. Like, when we wake up in the morning, you know, like, we pray
to God, like, you know, “Help me – help me help another alcoholic or – or just anyone
who’s struggling today.” And I feel like there’s… not as much of that in the world…
today as there should be. And that’s something I always share about, is that, like… Man,
if the world lived by the principles that are taught to us in this program, what a better
place this world would be.

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