Disabled Homeless Man on Skid Row Shares about Heroin Addiction.

Disabled Homeless Man on Skid Row Shares about Heroin Addiction.


  1. You can't write him off yet. You would be surprised at the strength of the human body – I've seen people continue for YEARS in their addictions that we never figured would live past the end of the year. Makes you wonder – without God in their lives – what keeps people going?

  2. I was dismayed to hear the president jump on the Middle Class Only bandwagon. He talked about "growing the economy from the middle out," the updated version of "trickle down economics." Dismissing poverty has been a disastrously failed agenda.

  3. Donate to the shelters and food distribution centers. After the last economic downturn, those were among many other places that took a direct hit.

  4. His name is Jeff. He was one of the first people i met in 2011 when i landed in skid row. He is a good dude. I got out of skid may 23rd 2013. I hope Jeff got out. His wife was down there with him too. They call me Whitey, but my name is Brad.

  5. im one of the RARE birds. I went through herion addiction, homelessness…before I turned 20. I'm 25 now, and I live in a 2 story house with a loving man and a fantastic life.
    What was my secret to kicking the drug?
    First, it had to partially be the fact that my mom found out. She agreed to help me get some help. She called a methadone clinic, and I was in the next week (which was virtually unheard of). I took methadone for about a year, until I felt that I no longer liked the fact that I went to this clinic every morning. Sure, it was like getting high, and the source was stable, AND it was free, but…I wanted more. I felt like I was chained to the place.
    So I started detoxing at 2 milligrams a week. While doing this, I went back to school, I changed my friends, and I moved. And that was a vital part.
    It took a year and a half, but the day came when I came in to dose, and they told me that I didn't have to anymore because I had hit 0. I was so proud of myself! My boyfriend took me to Hawaii as a celebration, and it was the most amazing week ever.

    I fortunately had great moral support. And I WANTED to change. You have to really want it, with reasons to back it up. You also need to detach yourself from the people who also use or trigger you to use. If you half ass getting clean, then you will NOT make it. And most people who use heroin on a regular day basis aren't able to do it. But I was the exception.

    And you can be too.

  6. It's good to watch this before you pick up the needle again(or if you only relapsed for a short time so far), to remind yourself what it's like when you just can't stop.

  7. He'll feel more euphoria from heroin in the short time he has left than he ever would sober, at least at this phase. Sad but true, so shoot em up, brother!

  8. It's not a homeless person's social or civic responsibility or duty to "give back." That phrase was invented by bourgeois philanthropic phonies.

  9. Heroin is actually a terrible drug for homeless because when you're sick you can't do anything and it makes your situation a hundred times worse

  10. As a recovering heroin addict who is just over two years clean, this is so heartbreaking. I hope he finds the strength to get clean. It really does change everything. ♡

  11. some countries dont have homelessness. Because the government is actually for the good of the people..unlike the evil U.S gov. I don’t understand how americans can allow their evil gov. to continue. Dont they relize. the people have the power.
    make the world great again = down with the evil U.S gov.

  12. Jesus loves you. He died for you. You must be born again of His Holy Spirit to enter into His Kingdom. Humble yourself, for the dust you are and to the dust you will return; repent of your sins and call on Him with all your heart to save your soul!

  13. It’s a definite pattern that a whole lot of these homeless drug addicts are bipolar. Our society needs to do something different for people with bipolar. My ex was bipolar and like so many bipolar people refused to take his medication. Maybe we need to do forced medication. I know it’s a difficult thing to do but what we are doing now is not working. We could invent something like they do with birth control where it is injected under the skin and is timed released over months.

  14. To get rid of the drugs is TO KILL ALL DRUGDEALERS because they do not care in destroying other people's lives.😡

  15. Someone once told me, “You can’t help anyone while you’re laying on your back”….. until we help ourselves, it’s difficult to help others. Not impossible, just difficult. I wish this gentleman well.

  16. can anyone help me score some heroin? I'm fed up with doctors not helping me…..I been seeing doctors for over a year just to have them tell me theyve given up on me….I was like wtf….I have sever back pain and hernia pain and I dont give a shit anymore….I can care less about anything else….I just want to score some heroin I got cash a lot of cash I just dont know where to score it…..all these fucking pussies that I know are like aw man I dont know……fuck that it's either I kill a doctor and go to jail for life or just check the fuck out feeling great and in no more pain…..

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