Do Antidepressant Drugs Really Work?

Do Antidepressant Drugs Really Work?


  1. I don't understand, how in our times is possible for pharma to lie in that manner. It's simply awful. I think the best antidepressant is love. And also sport like I've learnt from last video 🙂

  2. Look here, I have social anxiety disorder and have to take a SSRI. Guess what? I tried your EXACT recommendation of Saffron for a few months and it didn't work at all. 

  3. I was on two different antidepressants in conjunction and when I began to eat plant based I decided I wanted to stop taking them. It took several months to wean myself off, I haven't taken them in 8 months and I am doing great. I have found fresh air, exercise, healthier eating, meditation, and other healthy changes has been what I needed.

  4. How in the world did we function without all these pill-pusher?  I can remember at one time in history that all the kids in school were not on some Rx.  My, my, how far we've fallen.

  5. Guy I usta know who was in a war with the health folks in Loma Linda, kahleefonya would say, if you take drugs, you must recover twice – once for the condition and once from the drugs.

  6. Having spent some time in the mental health field I can tell you from personal experience that at one time a psychiatrist might well do psycho therapy with a patient, but now the protocol is just give'em a pill or lottsa pills.  All of it is CRAP.

  7. I also had severe anxiety issues for years and depended on antidepressant medication, but after adopting a plant based lifestyle helped me so much that i never needed it again.

  8. Drug companies hid critical findings about antidepressant drugs from public 

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  9. thank you, great video!! i have had many friends that have taken anti-depressents and now i look back and think that exercising instead would have been so much better. 

  10. wow~ Such a great video. This has really encouraged me to get outside more and move my body! Thank you. It's so sad that Drs recommend the drugs before the the exercise. You're awesome!

  11. I was prescribed SSRIs(Escitalopram 10mg) for my depression and anxiety by my doctor. My depression and anxiety definately has subsided after taking the drug for 4 weeks. I'm not sure if SSRIs is for everyone but for me I think it was the right choice since I was already taking nootropics as a coping drug due to my anxiety. In comparison, I had way more severe side effects from Isotretinoin and I believe that they're over-prescribed for moderate acne by dermatologists. And I think Isotretinoin needs to be more tightly regulated.

  12. at one time I had very bad depression, the black cloud that follows you everywhere, everything felt hopeless etc. very long (years) story short found out that gluten was the cause. along with lifestyle changes, exercise and cutting gluten I'm now free of depression. Ovbiously I get bumps through life events but it is VERY different to the black cloud following you no matter what – aka – not knowing why u are depressed. GOOD LUCK.

  13. I am so glad you ultimately mentioned that the drugs are more effective than placebo for servere cases of depression. I am aware of cases where psychiatrists tried to quietly reduce a patients' dose only for them to have terrible problems. Only mild cases are comparable to placebo.

  14. I have been on Losec and Paxil for 20yrs, and now have to come off cause I have fatty liver and cholesterolosis (polyps on wall of gallbladder) 2 decades of meds have affected my liver, being obese hasnt helped and lack of exercise.
    Now I have changed my diet and exercising (walking/slight jog) daily and will up my energy output as I get used to exercise.

    Antidepressants DO work, especially for tough depression that doesnt respond to exercise, there are many factors involved if one wants to avoid taking meds, i.e. eating tryptophan to up the serotonin in the brain, exercise is great, meditation, fresh air as another person said, enough restful sleep, relaxing baths, herbs possibly to substitute for a short period after tapering off meds, like Tryptohan or 5HTP as well.

  15. internet always like to project negativity to something that may be beneficial or otherwise required in a persons life. That's why there have been many anti-depressant medication on the market and not just one that fits all. Its there to help you get better when you are in need of help support in mental health, and it does work. The brain is a very complex organ, then why not try to help it recover like any other form of medication. These videos that circulate online only seek to discredit medical advice from doctors. If it's one thing this video does it creates another anxiety on your mind, when you are trying to get rid of the anxieties that are already filled in your head. Take this bid with a pinch of salt and don't lose sleep over whether an antidepressant is for you or not. Your doctor is best person to help answer that not a YouTube video, believe me.

  16. What about severe chronic depression? I have had issues with mental health since early childhood if not longer and I have a family history with these things. I have been diagnosed with multiple (about 3or4) mental disorders. My medication has seemed to help, if not with my depression then with my anxiety. One of my earliest memories is having a severe panic attack. I only take two medications for my mental health, I go to therapy and stuff. My doctor was actually the one who informed me of the placebo thing, but he agreed I was really severe. I'm glad you acknowledge it helps people with sever issues but I feel like people are too quick to ignore that in these discussions.

  17. I also have had people try to dismiss my sexuality once they knew of my medication and health issues. I am asexual Panromantic, but the thing people ignore is that I have a libido, just no sexual attraction. I know this is a bit off topic, but I felt it was kind of relevant.

  18. Last year I was hospitalized for depression. After two weeks of taking sertraline the fog lifted and couldn't believe my eyes. Everything looked brighter and better. I was seeing what everyone without depression sees. It's been one year and I still take my medication. I now run 3-5 times a week, eat a whole food vegan diet, and make an effort to do things I enjoy. I am so much healthier physically and mentally for making these changes, but I will not go off my medication because it works so well for me. In the past I had tried prozac, celexa, effexor, and remeron. All of these were terrible! They made things so much worse. Some lead to suicide attempts which made doctors look at me like I was crazy even though what they prescribed was the cause! I am thankful that I am on a medication that works for me, but I am very skeptical when it comes to this class of drugs. They have the potential to take lives, and no one seems to acknowledge that.

  19. I have been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years. I can tell all of you that the fact that anti depressants are no more effective than placebo has been well established since the late 70s. This is true for tricyclic , heterocyclic, SSRI's, Maoi's and novel forms of antidepressants. The fact people report individual anecdotal positive results has no bearing on the above video as research indicates at least 90% of anti depressant positive effect is the result of placebo effect. Hence their positive response is at minimum 90% likely placebo effect. Besides placebo effect there is a high spontaneous remission rate for depression which often coincides with with the time people get around to seeing a physician. The deceptive marketing techniques and selective presentation of research data employed by big Pharma is a national scandal. The targeting and off label use of these meds with children and teens is very alarming as little is known about the long term effect these neurotransmitter blockers have on developing brains. They are "black boxed" in the US and banned in the Uk due to increased suicide risk in children and teens. If these meds are so effective why have we not seen a drop in depression rates in the population? Instead depression rates are significantly increasing. Compare this this to antibiotics which have resulted in dramatic reversals of infection since their inception. A lot to think about before you fill that prescription.

  20. I suffered from OCD and sadness for about 3 years. I call it sadness as the symptoms I had couldn't result in the diagnosis of depression. I even 'volunteered' to get myself hospitalized because my parents had too much on their hands to take care of me and because I thought it was better to let others supervise me. There I have been on Citalopram for about 5 months but my OCD and sadness never got better. In all, it even worsened.

    I have just been on 50 mg of Fluvoxamine (SSRI) for two weeks for my OCD, and it was horrible. I slept about 10-12 hours a day which resulted in backpain, I got sad and unproductive (lazy) and I even got suicidal thoughts, my libido increased (which I didn't see as something positive) I felt like I got a broken heart for two weeks, I lost 2-4 kgs of weight (also in muscle, and I already am pretty darn skinny), I felt lonely and I got very angry as a result. At some times I did felt good however, but this can completely be neglected as I already felt this way constantly before I took my medication. I couldn't take the negative effects as I am extremely ambitious with sporting, studying and being as productive and virtuous as I can and this medication totally interfered with it. I have taken several antidepressants now like Citalopram (which resulted in about the same effects as Fluvoxamine did) and another one which name I forgot. But all medications NEVER helped me.

    What did help me however was rTMS, it was great. I did an EEG-scan before and after and we saw my brain structure improved. My sadness and OCD got way better. It was really effective and it cost only 45 euros per session (I did had to take 30 though so it was 1350 euros total), but the results were invaluable to me. My OCD and sadness improved dramatically and I am so happy for both finally getting better after hard 3 years. Please don't think I have interest in people taking rTMS. I just hate medication, psychiatry and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) after all I have been through. CBT was also pretty much bullshit to me and a waste of time. Too bad so much of our taxes go to these large industries which are 100% completely ineffective (at least to me). rTMS have also been scientifically proven to help with depression, my psychiatrist even acknowledged that. She told me there is also evidence it helps with OCD, but there is no consensus on this yet. The people at rTMS disagreed on this and told me there is, and I know from my experience it did help me. The thing is however that my sadness got away way quicker (after about 5-15 sessions, where my OCD got better noticably after about 20-25)

    I am getting this out there to share my experience for the greater good, as I see it as a noble goal to inform others to prevent further suffering for them. I have suffered as a result, and the only benefit I see left is to share my experience. And with all the terrible things going on this world like climate change and pollution we cant allow to lose time anymore, especially for the coming generations.

    I know 100% my bad results were consequences of the medication as I was better beforr I took my last medication, which resulted in all the negative effects I explained above. And when I stopped taking the medication, all the negative effects got better immensely.

    I think why medications are still prescribed is due to other missing variables studied in scientific peer-reviewed literature. And above all, I might only consider it helps in sick population studies. I was extremely healthy before I started taking medication, as I take blood tests now and then. I think taking a plant-based diet also helped with my sadness, but it didn't helped with my OCD.

    Please ask me questions if you want to or if you want to share your experience with antidepressants.

  21. My doctor just prescribed Cymbalta for my chronic pain and depression. Now i'm having second thoughts. I have picked the prescription yet. Should I or shouldn't I

  22. Im on lamotrigine clonazepam and exercise its works very well for me maybe you 1st world problem only need sun for youre issues Im from the philllipines and tnever been better .. last time everything was blurry now there is clarification and I was once an addict for meth disscoiatives cannabis mushrroms morphine barbiturates .. but when I found GOd Im a good guy now .. my manic episode made me so sexaully attracttive that a day at a time I cvan hook up with different races and ages to satisfy thier needs

  23. so the problem is over prescribing not the drug itself .. I have a cousin who live in america who alerggy to peanuts for pit sake our children here are bathing dirty sewer sea drity water and all but still they have healthy spritual mind and body .. here whats is it all about be PROACTIVE amd money bitches fame security and people are magneted to you .. a pill withou any effort is useless take some xaanx and end youre life instead

  24. I wish I could be drug-free. I need lithium, a MAOI, and an antipsychotic just to be able to get out of my apartment. Without meds, I can be shut-in for months.

  25. I've been taking escitalopram for years and didn't find it very effective. Although it is considered to be better than other antidepressant drugs, as it produces less side effects, the things that really made a difference to my mood was mindfulness, yoga, exercise and a plant based diet. As someone with a honours degree in psychology this information is very much needed, as although criticisms of antidepressants are addressed (including the placebo effect), antidepressants are still considered to be largely effective. Although, they didn't address the large amounts of unpublished studies suggesting otherwise. 🙁

  26. Antidepressants (SSRIs) also increase the likelihood of developing glaucoma, which can then lead to blindness! That's just one of many possible side effects. It's better to eat a healthy diet and move the body (at least walking every day).

  27. So, if placebos are as effective as the drugs being tested, why are double-blind, randomized, controlled studies all using placebos? If the drug being tested shows some desired results, are the expected placebo effects subtracted from the resultant study in order to assess the real effectiveness of the drug? If that was done on this class of drugs, there wouldn't be enough evidence of improvement to ok the drug for general use. Something's goofy here.

  28. Probably the reason that anti depressants don't work for most people is because most people being prescribed anti depressants don't need them in the first place

  29. I don't care. Placebo or not the difference is so ginormous in my case. I really don't think it can be placebo though. You touch me with some sertraline (really low dose) and after few weeks everything in my visual field changes. Colors are brighter, I didn't realize how everything was dull when I was depressed. I found a job, I re-created social connections, my mind is so much quiter and calm. I felt phisically sick from depression, as if I was always hangovered. Please don't spread your biased misinformation. Sure, ADs are overprescribed, but they save life of some of us.

  30. So, if placebos are so effective, why don't doctors proscribe them? They will tell you that it would be unethical, but when one understands what ethical really means, you have to wonder if these people are very intelligent.

  31. Do you have any comment on the recent meta analysis from 2018 that again claims to show such drugs consistently outperforming placebos in a significant way? The one I am seeing is titled:
    "Comparative efficacy and acceptability of 21 antidepressant drugs for the acute treatment of adults with major depressive disorder: a systematic review and network meta-analysis."

  32. Thank you Dr. Greger for this. Here in the UK doctors lie and tell their patients that the drugs they are prescribed for mental health do not cause weight gain. And make the patients feel like they are overeating. Someone I know has put on at least 3 stone since taking the medication. Every time she tells the doctor it is the tablets that are causing the weight issue. He lies and defends the dreadful drugs.

    I also know someone that had Hypnotherapy for years to help with Depression. It got him to work, and he was able to cope with life. Sadly, when he could no longer work due to a bad hip and knee problem, he could no longer afford Hypnotherapy; therefore, I contacted his GP and requested it on the NHS. The doctor was all for the Hypnotherapy treatment. But sadly the NHS refused to pay!

    Talking to people with depression, what I have found is that here in the UK, some doctors would rather push drugs, than solve problems. People are not allowed to talk about what made them ill in the first place. You cannot solve problems if you do not talk about them. This approach only profits BIG PHARMA!

    I was also told that the depression tablets made someone feel like taking their own life. That was a side effect that they most certainly keep hidden!

    I hope in the future real studies will be funded to help people with depression. Change of diet. Exercise etc. And being able to talk about problems and solve them.

  33. In the book, Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, Dr. William J. Walsh refers to five biotypes of depression. Each has a specific nutritional need. Are you aware of this research? If so could you do a video regarding the five biotypes and each ones specific nutritional needs?

  34. I really want to come off of my cymbalta but it is super hard with the side effects and my dr doesn't think it's a great idea.

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