Do I Have Internet Addiction Disorder?

Do I have internet addiction disorder? Would you face greater withdrawal if I took
away your phone or computer for a week or sent you somewhere without coffee? Staying connected is essential these days. Posting pictures of lunch online is not essential
unless you’re in restaurant marketing. As is posting everything to social media. I’ve heard there’s a fine line between
internet addiction and the standard level of use of it today. I know there are young adults who would rather
live without romance than the internet – Technically you don’t need other people
if you have the internet. If you can’t get along with people in real
life sufficiently to have a girlfriend, you may have internet addiction. If you can’t
talk to people without interrupting the conversation to post stuff to argue with strangers, you
may have internet addiction. Or you’re a narcissist. Narcissists are the trolls on the internet
who intentionally mock others, throw far left comments into right wing debates and right
wing comments into left wing discussion forums, laughing at the tizzy it creates. I need an internet connection right now to
figure out what tizzy means. Now, someone isn’t a troll because they
disagree with you, but a troll who enjoys trolling but can log off regularly to make
fun of hipsters and emo tweens isn’t internet addicted. So what are the characteristics of internet
addiction? All you want to do is internet and online,
which includes gaming. Your social life centers online, while you don’t do anything else. That could be a gaming marathon. Internet addiction can take the form of endlessly
reading the news and gossip and trying to be first or the highest voted poster on a
topic. That’s a mix of narcissism, fame seeking
and arrogance. You know someone has internet addiction when
they need to surf the net to feel good, feel connected to people, raise their mood – At which point, all the adorable cat videos
on the internet reach the equivalency of crack. Internet addiction can be obvious by the priority
someone places on it. When a guy ignores a girl in lingerie for his gaming fix, or interrupting
real life conversations to argue with someone online, or not work to read news – Which almost everyone wants to do. Internet addiction can mix with other forms
of addiction, like women and online shopping or men and computer games. The addiction is
evident when they crave it and desperately seek it. Which makes the Amish punishment the likely
cure for the addiction, as well as any modern teen’s misbehavior.

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