What is up my Cranky Crew? It’s Ethan from CrankgamePlays and today, we learn a game called, “Do Or Die.” This is a game that was on AddictingGames. And I love AddictingGames so much. So much of my childhood was spent on AddictingGames playing these stupid games. I mean, they’re not– [Laughs] They are kind of stupid, but they’re so much fun. So anyway, let’s go ahead. Ooh, it’s a rhino. Am I supposed to be doing something? [Laughing] I don’t know if I’m supposed to be doing something, or– Oh, “Shoot The Kite.” Is that the kite? Uh.. Uh.. (x2) Uh.. (x3) Oh! Uh.. (x3) Like that, okay, I got it. So sorry child, you’re just gonna have to die. “Eat!” Oh, okay. Okay, so I got- I gotta eat. Oh, oh, no. Wait, did I eat it right? Everything’s frozen. Aw, I didn’t eat it right. Okay, so we have lives. All right, I understand. Okay, flip that table. Aw, fuck ye- That’s the best table flip I done ever- done seen. “Hide your fart”? Ooh, do I have to- do i have to go here? do I have to- oh *fart noise* okay *win sound* THERE WE GO! I DID IT! HAH! ALRIGHT! “Win the show!” So we have to do all these various tasks and stuff. What’s the square root o- I don’t know dude! Yeah! I got it right! It’s like the imo- uh, world’s most impossible game or whatever. World’s Easiest Game, euh, like that- *lose noise* NO! I didn’t get my trajectory right, I have to- I have to aim a little bit better. Uh oh, uh euh, there we go. Good, was that Chuck Norris? *giggles* I think it was! i think it might have been! Alright, *sniff* “Smash the Bug” Euh, EUH! Yeaah, get ’em! Got ’em with a good smoosh, a good good smoosh. Alright, “Clear the Eye” Gotta wipe all awa- all- all away- all away the gunk stuff Uh- oh! OH! There was a dude in the eye! Well now do I have to do all those again? Now do I got- oh nooo! Aw the train’s gonna die! …Ooh All right let’s do this again! Let’s try- What? *giggles* What’s happening here? What i- what is happening here? I’m not so sure. Okay, *sniff* alright let’s do it! “Win the Show!” Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it Uhh, u- “Graaa!” is the gratata! Why is my monitor black? Oh okay, it’s back now. My monitor just went black for a sec- there we go! Got the whole sand-o in the mouth, good. “Flip the Table” I got this shit! I got it on lock! I’ve been flipping tables since I was a baby! Since I was a baby! All these, easy peasy, easy peasy. And fart, there you go. Go ahead, do it do it. Hah-hah! Ya got it! Nobody’s gonna be able to smell that when you’re so far away! No(x7) Alright child! Where your- AAH I accidentally double-clicked! I didn’t mean to- I didn’t mean to- I didn’t mean to do that. Uh, yeah! There you go, there you go! I didn’t mean to double click! That was stupid! Now I gotta do a Chuck Huck, it was Chuck Norris! I was right! I was correct, look at that big muscley muscle man! Alright, this is the one that I fucked up on last time. So we gotta- uh there we go! Clear the eye! Take- take the small man outta your eye, what’s he doing up there? He shouldn’t be up there! “Do Nothing”? Huh, okay. It’s always with those ones I have no idea what to do. Because it’s like do I do nothing? Ooh, “You Win!” “Free the Chupacabra” “High Five the Pirate” New games unlocked. Ooh! Oh there are new games! Oh that’s cool! That’s cool so we can unlock all the games! Oh that’s awesome, alright hold on wait, Let’s go again. I want to see if i can un- uh if I can unlock- well I did just unlock a couple more games. So, “Shoot the Kite!” Okay where- Whe- where is the kite? Uh, Hah-hah! There we go! Hah-hah! Scream forever! Aah I hate ya! Now I gotta eat- the eating one is hard. Because the sandwich- sandwich comes down pretty fa- GOD DAMN IT! The sandwich comes down too fast and then it gets stuck in between your teeth. Ugh. Table flipping madness, go! Aw, get it up there! Go, destroy the aliens. “Free the Chupacabra”? We haven’t done this one yet. Ehh-bew. Oh! *giggles* I guess we did it! Okay! Even though many many people died, it’s fine because the chupacabra is free now. Oh, oh there we go. *grunting* That one- I hate this one! I don’t wanna eat! I don’t wanna eat anything! Uh- are ya gosh darn titting my tits? Alright well we’re still gonna go because you know what? Uh FORK IT! Ah- hah! Got ’em! No Ooh, I’m doing so bad this time. Aw it’s not even- aw it’s horrible. Nooo! I double-clicked AGAIN! Now my train’s gonna die! Trainey-train! I’m sorry I’m so sorry. iiiiiiit Better not- fffuck my a- How did I get that? I don’t know how I got it… But I got it! OOOH I did do it! I- is this the last one? Please be the last one I don’t want to have to fuck up on the very last one. uuh, shoot the kite(x3) don’t fuck up on this one Ethan, you’ve double-clicked on this one Uh, too many times There! Ha! Cry your way to sleep! Uh! “Clear the Eye” okay(x3) focus, focustown, focustown USA Yep! Take that cow out, why is there a cow in your eye? Nobody knows. Chuck Huck huck! *small giggle* Okay, uh “Shut Up the Annoying Guy!” This one’s hard! This one’s hard cause the- the trajectory NOOO! EEUGH I WAS SO CLOSE! I almost did it!(x2) Ooh I was so close! Oooh! There’s only a few left though Oh! Isn’t that fun(x3) Let’s go again! let’s flip these goddamn tables all over the place mann! *sniff* I will- I will- I will let nothing stand in my way of beating this game. Get over there and fart, just let her loose, just let her looose, let it out of your caboose let it loooose High five the pirate, ugh easy peas. *sniff* “Smash the Bug”? *high pitched voice* You know how many times I’ve smashed bugs in my day *normal voice* broo? Ten times. “Shut the Annoying Guy Up” this is what got me last time, if it gets me again, Why? I hate it, I hate it “Don’t Get Crushed”? What? Oh, oh this is a new one. Ho this is a new man This is a blue man group *relieved laughter* Oh we didn’t get- we didn’t get uh crushed though! That’s good! My little ti-ooh. My little tiny leprechaun friend oh. “Win the Show!” I know which one it is, it’s “GRAA!” gratata. Ooh! We killed a giant robot! Isn’t that nice? Ooh, and we have a couple more games too. Aw, wait *gasp* ooh. Wait I can choose the one, so, I did that. Did that, did that, fr- free the chupacabra, Ooh! What is this one? “Pet the Cat!” I want to pet a cat! I didn’t like that *giggles* I didn’t like petting the cat. Well, okay. Then the only one that we have left is this one, “Dress the Cupcake” uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh I just killed that man. Alright guys! Well, I am going to end this here. This is a fun game All the games on addicting games are so much fun and they do remember- they do remember me! They do remind me of my childhood a lot because I used to spend a ton of time on there Like playing kitten canon, and that dump sniper game and stuff. Uh, back before like, I played a lot of console games and before like I had a pc to play real games on I used to go on there and play so many games all the time so it brings back memories! So, if you guys want to check it out link, as always, in the description below. So thank you guys so much for watching, hope you enjoyed! If you did make sure to slap that like button right in the face! and I will see you guys in the next video, Love you all! Stay cranky! Bye! *outro music*


  1. I got my hair died like yours because you are my favorite youtuber. Thanks for the great content don't give up on YouTube

  2. One of the games I play most as a kid (I think it was also an addicting games thing but I'm not sure) was Avalanche

  3. Aw, some ppl liked it so much, they didnt relize they accidentally liked it upside down! Silly ppl! 😉😉

  4. What a goofy little game. It reminded me of another game I've seen before, perhaps something you've played on your channel. I liked the part of the game where you have to quiet the guy in the theater by throwing popcorn! "I want to pet the cat! pets cat I didn't like that." XD The confusion in your face after petting the cat made me laugh. It's as if it was almost disturbing. haha! This game makes everything more weird, even a simple action of petting a cat. Those eyebrows on the cupcake…wow!

  5. Anybody else see this dude at DIXP on disney channel?
    I remember him saying something about like "I'm probably the only one who has played Edith Finch, so the other people are gonna be real confused."

  6. am i the only person that thinks he should read fanfiction in a video? it would be funny cause he seems so innocent

  7. I don't know what to comment but I'll just say this and hope Ethan responds I've been watching you ever Ben and ed and your the best youtuber I watch! You saved me from suicide 4 or 5 times and I watch all your videos I just want to say thank you for everything and one last thing

    "Fork it" ~Ethan 2017

  8. I remember being little (we didn't have a computer) and making my mom bring me to the library every weekend so I could play a bunch of escape games on addictinggames!

  9. Sometimes when im sad i just think 'i need to watch ethan' cuz hes the only person who can truly make me laugh when im sad.

  10. Your voice is so interesting! This is my first video of yours I've watched and I really like your voice. I'm not convinced to subscribe yet but I'm interested.

  11. When u like wow Eathan is cute but den u search how old is crank games and he's 20….. IM 11 HE LOOKS SO YOUNG HE LOOKS 17 WOW!!! Who still likes him? Me! ❤️

  12. I saw you today. I was the nerdy girl who freaked out and got a picture with you at Disney. Thank you so much for that and just for brightening my day! You're the BEST!

  13. Sorry for another comment, but I'm just so happy. When you waved back at me I was so excited and I love your work. I'm so glad I got to see you and I'm glad that you responded to me. I really appreciate it!

  14. I can't remember the last video from Ethan that I didn't slap the like button's face on. They're always so good.

  15. when your subscribed to mark and you watch all mark videos and Ethan makes a video on the same game make played :<

  16. Ethan: hah! Scream forever!

    Me: that's great father skills……………….. definitely deserves a best father award.

    (Once you go in, you never escape.)

  18. yay, i finally have wifi, i get to watch your amaz videos 😁💙 i missed you and your blue hair lol

  19. I hate waiting for new videos, so I just watch old videos all day long every day, then when I go to sleep, the fucking notifications, wakes me up in the middle of the night, then I watch the new video in the middle of the night

  20. Ethan…I think you're the cupcake. the person is Mark. and the one that got away with it…is jack the leprochaun

  21. Hello everybody ! Please help me with this : send the following message to Schmoyoho :
    "Create a song for Ethan from CrankGameplays, please ! <3"


  23. I feel so sad lately I feel so useless and I just want to die I always act mad at my parents then I start crying in my room…

  24. Ethan shoots kite
    kid cries
    "sorry kid, but you're just gonna have to die."
    um Ethan… I don't think you need to go that far 😂

  25. Why doesn't Ethan have more subscribers? Someone explain this to me. I'm so confused. Like, he's literally my favorite person on earth!

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