Do You Suffer From Internet Dependence Disorder? – English Listening Video from SELVA inglés

Do You Suffer From Internet Dependence Disorder? – English Listening Video from SELVA inglés

The Internet makes us dumb. Yes it does. “How?”
you might say. Well, let me explain to you what happened to me just the other morning.
I was almost out of waffle mix. Ok? I have this nice bag of premixed waffle mix. All
I do is add water, put it in the waffle-making thing, wala, I have waffles. But I was almost
out of mix and I was like, “Uh! What do I do? Look it up!” Except for I couldn’t look
it up. I didn’t have any Internet. Ok, so I was like, “Ok, I would normally just look
up what to do if you almost run out of waffle mix.” And then I was thinking to myself, “This
is so stupid. You should know what to do if you almost run out of waffle mix, Jesi. Come
on! It’s just a waffle.” And that’s when it hit me, I can’t even make waffles without
the Internet. Yeah, I have Internet Dependence Disorder. IDD. Because like every time I need
to know something I don’t think about it too hard. I don’t sit and ponder and talk about
it with somebody and say, “You know I think it’s this way,” or “You know I think it’s
that way.” No! You know what we do? We say, “I’ll google it.” And then we google it. And
did you notice that typing is now thumbing. I didn’t say google it. I said google it.
Everything’s changing y’all. Everything’s changing and we’ve gotta make sure our brains
are ready for the future. Alright, so what are we gonna do? We’re gonna take a stand
against IDD. I’m gonna make waffles from scratch…all the way with no premixes. Ok, except for I’m
not gonna use regular flour. I’m gonna use self-rising flour, but let’s not talk about
that. I’m an American. Ok, so I’m gonna make waffles from scratch and roll it! I’m gonna
mix everything up in this clear bowl and wear this pretty pink apron I got from Oaxaca.
I only wanna make one or maybe two waffles so I’m gonna use a half a cup of flour, one
egg, and just some milk. Cracking this egg on camera makes me nervous! Oh yeah! I got
it! Perfect. Now, I just have to wash my hands and remember what I have to do next. Oh yeah,
milk. Now all my ingredients are together, the flour, the egg, and the milk and now I
need something to stir with, a fork. I could use a whisk, but I didn’t have one handy.
I’m not really a measuring-cup kind of cook. So, let the mixing, pouring, and mess making
begin. Oh yeah, I knew I’d be needing some more milk. I’ll pour in a little milk and
mix mix mix some more. So, if these waffles end up tasting good you (had) better believe
I’m actually going to remember how I made ’em, you know. And if I’d used the Internet
and just looked up some random recipe, no, I wasn’t gonna remember that and that was
going to make me Internet Dependent. I had to coat the grill with a little bit of nonstick
cooking spray. Then I can pour in the waffle mix. Now I’m gonna flip it over and do the
same thing on the other side. This is a double waffle maker. How sweet! My aunt once told
me that the rubber spatula is a million-dollar kitchen tool because it saves you a million
dollars. How cool is that? Now we just wait on the beep. I’m coming. I’ll be right there.
I’m coming. I’ll be right there. Just listen to that sizzle. With more practice I’m sure
this waffle will be picture perfect, but for right now this waffle looks dang good. The
other beep ought to go off any time now. Perfect timing. See, I wasn’t too impatient. It’s
time to give these two waffles the butter and syrup treatment they deserve. Go easy
on the syrup now! That stuff’s fattening! I hope it tastes good! Alright, my homemade
from…away from Internet waffles… How do I say this? The waffles I made in order to
protect myself against IDD look wonderful, but how do they taste? That’s the question.
Will these be Jesi treats or dog treats? Mardi looked at me when I said dog treat. Did you
know what a dog treat is? Let’s dig in! I made waffles! Haha! Without the Internet!
Oh my gosh! And they taste great. Ok, all I did y’all was one egg, a little bit of self-rising
flour, and milk…made it a little soupy, poured it in that nice waffle maker thing
that y’all saw that I had, and it turned out great! Ok, I just need some strawberries.
Anybody got any strawberries? You got any strawberries? You got some strawberries? Have
you got any strawberries? Do you have any strawberries? I can’t keep ’em all straight!
You got any strawberries? I don’t have any strawberries, but I (have) got waffles. Thanks
everybody for learning English with me, your teacher online, your English teacher online,
Jessica Ojeda from SELVA inglés. That’s right! That’s my name. That’s who I am. Muah! Ok,
we’re gonna pretend I didn’t record that. Oh! Take two on that. Thanks everybody for
learning English with me, Jessica Ojeda, your online English teacher from SELVA inglé
There was a question is it or is it Well, it just usually comes out because I’m used to saying SELVAingles punto com. Take three. Thanks guys for learning
English with me, Jessica Ojeda, your online English teacher from SELVA inglés dot com.
I appreciate you watching. Please subscribe to learn more English and please visit my
web site for a personal notarized…no, not notarized…Oh my gosh! I can’t do it!
I really can’t y’all. Visit my web site for a complete transcript of this video complete
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I say. So, go check it out. Please subscribe. Muah! I think that was take five. Yeah! We
rocked it! Do you or a loved one suffer from IDD? If so, call one eight hundred stop IDD
now. Don’t delay. Alright, no for real, if you suffer from IDD, my completely made up
disorder that is by the way a real disorder, but it’s not called IDD. It’s called Internet
Addiction somethin’ other. But the point is it is real and I wanted to bring it to light
and also for real make a joke about it but for real fight it as well. So, share this
video. Help fight against Internet addiction. Share share! Subscribe subscribe! Stay on
here! Watch all my videos. Don’t do it. Limit yourself. Ok. Limits…limits are good. See
y’all in the next video. Bye bye! Muah!


  1. Hahaha!!! You made me smile because a I am an internet addicted!!!! I pass all day looking for information in Google. By the way, I have a notebook with my favorites recipes!! hahaha… Kisses!!

  2. Love you thankss!! <333 But how can I stop of being IDD if I keep watching ur videos? Im depending on you who is on internet :c OMG

  3. I suffer from Selvaingles dependence, 'cuz It's on Internet, and I can't just stop watching all these videos! you're really great Teacher Jessica Ojeda! I wish you're fine! Thanks for all!

  4. you're really cute, Jessica. it's simple my other activities and work help me to stay away from the internet. so not a prob for me. Salutes and blessings.

  5. I was almost out of waffle mix…esto quiere decir..wordreference waffer;divagar,irse por las ramas,hablar sin decir nada,algun tipo de comida???..gracias

  6. me felicito de verte tan bella, dulce, encantadora, quiero llegar a ti, pido eso cada minuto sin tregua, si permites eso, si permites eso, oohhh preciosa Dios dame esa dicha. mmmuuuaa

  7. Primero que nada es una bendición que hagas estos vídeos para ayuda de las personas que queremos aprender ingles y te doy las gracias así como las felicitaciones por tan loable iniciativa. Pero déjame darte una recomendación, deberias de ser un poco mas ordenada en tus videos y llevar una planificación acerca de los videos a seguir….. Espero tomes en cuenta mi recomendación y de todas maneras gracias,.,.,

  8. At the beginnig, your videos were really really pedagogical, but now you exaggerate facial and body expressions a lot. You do not look natural and that affect concentration. Remember, you are teaching a language, not mime or charades.

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