Does Donald Trump scare you? | We The Internet TV

Does Donald Trump scare you? | We The Internet TV

So there was an article recently in The Daily Mail about a study. 25% of college students at
Arizona State University say they were traumatized by the
2016 election of Donald Trump, and that they’re actually showing
symptoms of PTSD,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or, I don’t know what they call it,
syndrome or something like that. And I think it’s a fair question: How did we get to this point where
even something like an election or something like costumes and all that can cause people to, at least for them,
to feel genuine trauma? Lenore, maybe you could talk to that… [LENORE] I’m just trying to flip through here. I collect­—like other people
collect baseball cards— I collect Halloween tips and
suggestions and warnings, and I’m looking through here
trying to find the one that gives you advice on if Halloween
is too much for your child,
here’s some things you can do. It says “younger kids can be
apprehensive about going
door-to-door trick-or-treating.” And if so, one of the things you
can do for them is to give them a
little sign that they hold up that says, “I’m trick-or-treating” so they don’t have to have the difficulty and the fear and the misery, the untenable misery of saying,
“Trick or treat!” And in doing that, okay, maybe some kids can’t say it, basically I think if you put that
cauldron in somebody’s face they
get what they’re supposed to do, but you’re already saying,
“This is too much for you.” The funnest thing on earth.
“Trick or treat! Give me food for free
just ‘cause I’m cute and young, ‘cause I’m dressed like a…”
well no, never a bee. Dressed like a mug, something that
nobody will get offended at. Somehow that is too much for kids. And this same article for how to help your kids through trick-or-treat says, “Plan ahead. Trick-or-treat early,
plan on going only to a few houses,
and then head home, so you can stick with your
nightly routine, ‘cause you know,
one night of Bacchanalia, of getting all the Snickers,
and who knows if they’ll
ever come home again. And then there was another piece
about it that says, it can be… I’m trying to find it, there was
another thing that they said to do. Oh yeah, “Try on the costume
beforehand and let your child
get used to it. And maybe go outside in it for
like an hour so they can acclimate.” [LOU] Is it like a new car?
Go for a drive? [LENORE] Yeah, it basically is. It’s like, it’s going to be unusual,
it’s a new situation,
you’re going to be out… [LOU] You might look in a mirror
and actually think you’ve turned
into this character. [LENORE] You might look and
then there’s the things over the
head and you start buzzing… What this is is just sort of the
apotheosis of treating children
as if they’re all-fragile. As if they can’t handle talking
to strangers, meeting strangers, doing something new,
wearing a different outfit, going out at night,
ruining their routine,
eating candy, I mean all of this has been written
as too much for kids to handle. Is it a surprise that when everything
has been mediated: “Honey, I’ll do it.
She wants to trick-or-treat. She would like a piece of candy.
Thank you so much. She can’t say ‘thank you,’
but this means ‘thank you,’ and this means,
‘no, I don’t want candy,
it’s too much for me.’” If you’ve been brought up
by people who’ve been told
by the advice givers, by Parents magazine,
by the internet— not We The Internet,
but the rest of the internet— that everything is too much
for them to handle, then I’m not surprised
that they grow up not being able
to handle things. A) because they’ve been told
it’s too much, and then B) because they don’t
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  1. I just told my niece don't be a wuss or you won't get any candy. The champ got 3 whole bags full….. My tummy aches now and she's teasing me because i didn't listen to her mommy (my little sis) about candy portions. Stop babying your kids and they will make you proud. Kids smarter and tougher than folk give em credit for.

  2. PTSD because an election didn't go their way!? How pampered & privileged must someone be to seriously equate Trump's election with the post traumatic trauma that typically follows violent abuse and surviving a warzone?

    This is what happens when you teach naive, impressionable young kids that every politician to the right of Bernie Sanders is a "literal NAZI" who wants to lock brown people and LGBT folks into gas chambers.

  3. I know plenty of people here in Sweden who loves him!
    We were a bunch of friends who CELEBRATED when he got elected.
    The sound of libtards crying was music to our ears. 🙂

    By the way; I recently visited Georgia, USA…and you white Americans are such pussies. I got along a LOT better with the blacks over there. Not so much PC bullshit and "snowflakery" going on amongst them. 🙂

  4. These are the kids that tell us they are going to start a revolution! Fucking pantywaists couldn’t start a lawnmower!

  5. No why would he? Wish we had someone like him in my country. Finally someone fighting the anti free speech, leftist propaganda media.

  6. I am 53 and my kids are grown and graduated college. When they were in elementary school there was a specialists who came and told the parents a lot of boulder dash. #1 Do not scold your child when they are wrong. It will give them an inferiority complex. #2 Do not stand over them while correcting them. It will make them feel insignificant. #3 Do not point your finger at them when correcting them. It will make them feel self conscious and condemned. After they hit three of ten, I raised my hand to ask a question as everyone was nodding and eagerly eating it up. They stopped and I asked, "How many kids do you have?" They replied "None, what does that have to do with it?"

    Parents started walking out and dropping the paper on the floor. I was a despised Free state Patriot that day. After a couple more years I pulled the kids out and home schooled them. They give their mother and I about $2,000 a month because I stood over them and put my finger in their face and told them that stupid greedy kids grow up and leave their parents in debt. "I didn't bring greedy bastards into the word did I?" Then I showed them the joy we accrued while raising them so far and kept them apprised to the family debt as they grew older. We started voting on if we would spend money for big vacations or pay off something and eat out at Dairy Queen sharing a banana split with four spoons. Ahhh, we had many a banana splits. A couple years ago they pitched in with ma ma and purchased 5 acres in North Florida for us to retire to. Paid cash. Someone is gonna brainwash them, might as well be the parents.

  7. I am ashamed to me a millennial… my how did we go from
    "The Greatest Generation" to Sissy "Millenials"🤦🏾‍♂️🤮…

    Trump 2020 🤞🏽🇺🇸

  8. If only more parents would subscribe to this channel!! It's much better than any parenting article I have ever read! In seriousness, parents today need to stop reading this crap. We have kids today that have PTSD from clapping!! PRO parenting tip for Halloween. Let your kids/toddlers walk!! Unlike other parents who were out all night pushing their kids in strollers or driving their kids around to get candy. Mine were tired from walking around & ready to go home to eat their candy after a couple hours!! Best wishes

  9. The only positive that comes out of this is that the liberals are turning there own children into these weak, fragile snowflakes. I would say the future looks real good for my grandchildren but the whole country will suffer.

  10. Trump doesn't scare me. He has built in checks and balances that he creates and every burp or fart he does is criticized. (the guy could cure cancer and he media would complain he is putting doctors out of work) The ones who scare me are the people the media loves. They will let someone like Obama get away with Wars in Syria, Libya and send 26,000 (not a typo 26 thousand) drones to blow people up and barely a peep. Even worse give him a Nobel peace prize for doing nothing. Trump tries to get us out of Syria and the same people who had "War is not the Answer" and "Bring the Troops home" bumper stickers find ways to attack him for it.

  11. I remember the day after 2016 election. I felt the polarization because I was doing the polarizing myself. I would walk past someone at work that I knew, or I would walk past a stranger, and I would size them up and say to myself, “Oh yeah, that person voted for Hillary,” or “Oh yeah, for sure that person voted for Trump.”

    I didn’t think about it, as it was merely a reaction, as if the processing power was coming from the spinal cord and not the brain. In retrospect, I am not proud of my mindset on that day as my ability to feel empathy was at an all time low. I am usually he person to think, “Oh yeah, that person is my people.” (but not on that day)

  12. A mug!? Doesn't this woman know about Steven Crowder's "Mug Club"? A mug is a transparent dog whistle to the alt right!

  13. This lady is ass backwards in her logic. What she is say is. Don't let this kids take the necessary steps to develop into the social climate. We all trip sometimes. It's not how you fall down. It how you pick yourself up that count's.

  14. If a kid never fails or struggles with something, they'll never learn how to fix or master it. I think parents are more fearful now too, especially if they were never able to make those mistakes as kids.

  15. Does Donald Trump scare you?
    no, but had you asked the same question back in 2015,

    Does Barrack Hussein Obama scare you? and if the answer was Yes,
    Motherfucker you not only would have not liked it but tried your best to make the person's life most difficult to live for saying Yes.

  16. If your child is so unstable that he is traumatized by trick or treat, that child needs to be euthanized. Why? Because he will end up being a college student who is traumatized by words.

  17. actually… last night I had to say to several children (none of them small; middle school or jr high sized kids):
    "yeah… you have to say the thing."
    They literally just stared at me when I opened the door with their bags open. They all complied.
    I feel like I helped out the future of America!

  18. Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.

    This was once a land where every sane person knew how to build a shelter, grow food, and entertain one another. Now we have been rendered permanent children. It’s the architects of forced schooling who are responsible for that.

    John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

  19. What a sad state the US is in…..I am usually a rather optimistic person.
    Unfortunately, the way I see children being raised these days, I am quickly losing faith and optimism for the future of this great nation. I sure hope this is just a short term bubble.

  20. It’s like instilling the victim mentality early on in life. We’ve gone from raising ‘can do!’ adults to ‘cannot do’ or ‘will not do’ perpetual snowflakes.

  21. As someone who actually has suffered from PTSD and other anxiety/panic issues, i think those pansies should shut their faces.

  22. We got here because of video games and tv overworked and underpaid parents not having the time to socialize children with the real world. Not having friends and playing outside is what has children lost. Lets not forget that the world isn't as good and moral as it once was.

  23. So is it that we’re too nice to shy children who are apprehensive of talking to complete strangers? Halloween is a weird fucking concept, kids need to learn about it to enjoy it. Y’all don’t wanna talk about anything trump has done to warrant this response?

  24. Sounds like the writer of said advice think all children are autistic. 🤔 is High functioning autism more a parent/society created issue than a medical issue. Well, here us the conundrum. I didn't coddle my children. My youngest has been diagnosed with aspergers. So I di believe it's a medical issue. With that said. I also believe there are many times where this is a slapped on label because we tend to over protect, with our safe spaces and theoretical bubble wrap. It's easier to slap on a lable than to get to the root of the problem.

  25. Is this lady for real? Okay, I didn’t realize that her stance is against shielding your child from everything. It’s the last few words in the clip that I didn’t hear the first time around. It was by watching the full Halloween special that I understood where she was on the subject, then going back to watching the clip I heard what she said at the end!

  26. 25% of university students are god damned retarded. They should not be in university because they are too god damned stupid and emotionally immature.
    Facts crush feelings. An avalanche doesn't give 2 shits if your feelings are hurt when it kills you.
    I'm disgusted by you snowflake pieces of shit.

  27. This is what happens when:
    1.) The number of fathers and father figures decreases in homes resulting in mothers being overprotective of their children
    2.) When parents only have one or two kids as they become much more overprotective of them where they wouldn't be able to if they were still having 6+ kids.

  28. It's not the children that are traumatized, it's the parents. They're simply using the children as the scapegoat for their own insecurities.

  29. If you're kid cant muscle up the courage to ask for free candy as they run from house to house, then you (the parent) suck at your job as being a parent…

  30. My family makes it a tradition to scare the shit out of each other all year long for fun!!😁🤗😜😈😇

  31. Experiencing and overcoming fear is a huge part of normal human development. I think that trying to shield your children from this does them a great disservice

  32. So are you telling me that kids have been coddled to the point where they can no longer function in the real world? Does anyone else know about this yet? If this is true and not "fake news" we need to start spreading the word! I was hoping this was going to be an analysis of Trump policy vs TDS.
    So if what is causing all of this TDS is to much coddling, what is the solution? Do we need to start slapping these people and pushing them into swimming pools? Combined with 'don't you dare cry! I'll give you something to cry about!
    It sounds a little harsh, but if that is your professional opinion of what we need to do, well,, okay then.

  33. I THREW MY KIDS IN THE DEEPEND OF THE POOL WHEN THEY WERE 3…..Now my oldest is a rescue swimmer in the USN. PARENTS SET THE BAR..

  34. These are adults who expect to be treated like children. Time to grow up. They want to vote and dictate things to adults then they should act like adults. Halloween hasn't been a cause for such trauma since it started. Why do these freaks want to ruin everything for the future kids?

  35. Parents will wish they could use a belt in less than 10 years. That's what society is missing right now…. leather-strapped justice

  36. enabling kills the spirit, in kids and adults alike~ it's smiley glad hands in disguise to the enabler~ pure. evil. on. earth.

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