Inositol: used as a stand-in for cocaine in films You guys want a line? You got weed? -No, I got some powder Shit, hold on, bitch, I will call you back What do you have? This guy is a badass You want some? Hold on, yes, I do actually I’m not gonna fucking lie I’m not gonna front at all What’s your name, dog? -I’m Luke Luke? You’re a fucking badass What’s your name? -Derek. Everyone calls me Tiger Woods Tiger Woods? Nice Is that molly or coke? It’s a hundo too -I know This guy’s a badass You guys want some? -No, it’s cool You sure? -Yeah. Thank you You guys sure you don’t want any? -Yeah I’d be down if we weren’t like in broad daylight Alright, I gotta go. -Alright See you, guys. -Bye. Have a good day Look at you, bro, you’re just fucking going for it, dude, you don’t give fuck Is that cocaine powder? You want some? -No, man, I quit Is it Mexican or Colombian? Maybe, if it’s good No Where are you guys from? -Germany. – Germany? That’s cool Is it allowed in California? -You want some? -No You want some? -No, thank you I’m only 19 What’s that? -Just some powder. -Yeah? -Yeah You want some? -No Just baking powder, huh? Uhm, not baking powder That’s gonna get you nowhere, bro It’s gonna get me nowhere? -Yeah Are you okay? -I feel a little weird. -Do you? -Yeah Where are we? In I.V. (Isla Vista) What you got? -Some powder Oh, no I’m good What is it? Some powder. -Powder what? Powder. To snort Huh? Powder what? -Just some powder Alright, I’m Officer Tarantino from the Santa Barbara Police Department. -Okay, got ya. -What you got there? Hey kids, don’t do drugs, stay in school And always wear protection We’re actually filming a video My friend’s with the camera right there That was just vitamins. -That was great


  1. Does anyone know what the song at 2:08 is called? I remember hearing it years ago, but I don't remember the name.

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