Domengsu refuses to sell illegal drugs | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Domengsu refuses to sell illegal drugs | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Hello! – This way!
– Can we stay here? – Sure!
– Oh, they’re so hot! – I love it
– I’m sure you’ll enjoy! I love this place! – Thank you!
– He’s so hot! More! – You’re amazing!
– Look at those muscles! – It’s hot in here!
– We’re so lucky! – Mamu.
– What? – The place is almost full.
– Good. Make sure we’ll be able to
sell a lot tonight, okay? Tell the dancers to
woo the customers, so we can rake in the cash. Yes, Mamu. Let’s go. My fellow dancers
are so talented. I’m getting nervous. Where’s my towel Oh, here it is. Hey, why’d you put it there? To make it big. – What?
– To earn big money. Huh? Is that the trick? Aha! So, you like it big, huh? Excuse me. Looks like we hit the jackpot. As expected. But Bruno’s an idiot. He didn’t get enough supplies
for our big night. Mamu! We’ve got a lot of guests! Yes, I can see that. What are you waiting for?
Start selling. Mamu, don’t you worry
Leave it to me. Okay. – I’m bringing him home!
– So handsome! Hello, boys! It’s showtime! Bust out those dance moves
and sell those goods, okay? Boys, quick, give them
the good stuff. Let’s not make Mamu angry. We have to sell all this
to make Mamu happy. Go! Don’t hold back later, okay? You know what to do, okay? We’ve got this. Hey, what’s this? Drugs, of course.
We’re going to sell them. – No. No way.
– Just do it. The more you sell
the more money you get. No, I don’t want this. – You sure?
– Yeah. Oh well, more money for me. Listen, you’re still new here, but sooner or later,
you’ll have to sell drugs. – Let’s go.
– Alright. Guzman, we got the evidence. We have to move.
We need to signal Dalisay.


  1. Sir wacky nalugi ba negosyo mo kaya ka nagtitinda ng shabu?haha kawawa naman si kassie wala ng summer job

  2. Grabe sila ang gagaling nilang umarte lalong gumaganda ang probinsyano I love cocoyass forever from abroad nakakatawa si empoy

  3. Ang hot din nong guy na kumuha ng epektos kay empoy kasi natatakot sya magbenta nito.. Anu name non pls

  4. 2:06
    Si pano mo nasabi nasa probinsyano na pala

  5. Ano kya pangalan nung artistan yan ung kumakausap kay empoy? Ang pogi nman nya๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


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