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Dr James Craig | Craig Wellness & Recovery | Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Canton GA welcome this is doctor Craig from Craig
wellness and recovery and I had a really great request yesterday and that was to
cover guilt and shame as it pertains to recovery from the disease of addiction
and alcoholism and this is a great request because it really does boil down
exactly what needs to happen in recovery which is the development of self-love of
course addiction and alcoholism is a brain based disorder and it has to do
with abnormalities in the dopaminergic processes however the greater half of
this disease is what’s left over after the drugs and alcohol are gone and that
is the mental obsession and the mental obsession really is a self-loathing who
are self-hatred about who the addict has become and how they feel about
themselves recovery is about the development of compassion and in order
to develop compassion we have to overcome shame and guilt guilt by
definition is a feeling of remorse about something that I’ve done and in and of
itself is not a bad thing guilt in small doses can be very very therapeutic and
important much like a compass that tells us where to go if we want to get better
and where we have been and don’t want to return to and this is important however
guilt much like chemotherapy if we were develop cancer a little bit of
chemotherapy can be life-saving however a lot of it can kill you
and I think guilt has to be put in its place in this respect in opposition
however shame is a feeling of remorse about who I think I am as a person it is
by definition self-loathing and this really does need to be overcome in
recovery from the disease of addiction and alcoholism wonderful ways to
overcome these feelings of shame are the 12-step facilitation groups like a a
NACA these are wonderful programs in which the steps help us to develop
self-love and father Martin is really famous for saying that if you want to
help an addict an alcoholic you have to love them
until they can love themselves and 12-steps really does do a great job of
overcoming shame other ways in which this can be accomplished is through
one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy or group cognitive behavioral therapy
and process groups again it’s not a one-size-fits-all and each individual
addict alcoholic has to find their best way to overcome this feeling of mental
obsession and shame recovery really does boil down to the development of
compassion and compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of myself and
others coupled with a sincere desire to alleviate that suffering and when we can
do this for ourselves we are well on our way to recovering so great question
comment request I love this topic if you have any comments or questions
yourselves please do not hesitate to post them on social media and again from
everyone at Craig wellness and recovery we love you there’s nothing you can do
about it

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