Dr. Phil On Teenager’s Internet Gaming Addiction: ‘This Is Both Psychological And Neurological’

well Krista says Jake’s aggression is actually escalating and his younger sister says she’s now receiving the brunt of Jake’s anger as well my relationship with my brother Jacob right now is hectic we don’t talk a lot Jacob and I fight all the time it’s pretty much like 24/7 just very hard I believe Jacob was causing most of the tension in the house it’s been very difficult to live with don’t touch her again team can go into my room he’ll disorganized stuff that I’ve organized the mood in her house is chaotic it wasn’t very unexpected and my parents split up I could see them fighting I’m just kind of waiting for it to end the divorce to be finalized the divorce has definitely made my life more stressful I’m very hopeful that dr. Phil can help situation how do you feel bad about my sister and I yeah what’s she saying there oh I agree with her a hundred percent I definitely think I’m being stressor in the house are you surprised that they keep buying you yeah a little bit but in the moment no I just take the fact hey you’re buying me a game when I’m really happy about that but I do think it’s a bit surprising I continue to buy me games due to my behavior one night we have enough I know a lot of $0.75 words I just try not to use them I just kind of try to boil things down to just real simple things and one of those is just you just don’t reward bad behavior then I see this text message between you and your dad Jake hey Dad would you mind getting this card for me this week it’s kind of weird but I want the $70 version because that’s the near-mint one when you click the link you’ll see available items and you want to click on the $70 one to add to the cart thank you John sent image of the purchased item Jake awesome thanks dad what was that about I don’t really ever ask things directly must I do something is that right like I wouldn’t just be rude so hey give me the $7 card it’s because we did something I earned $70 for something and I asked him to get that version of the card for me reflection what do you think about it I think there’s a gaming issue for sure but one game thousand games he still has a gaming issue if he’s playing 1000 and I will tell you that I never buy him things unless he earns it like Jake can you honestly say you have earned everything dad has bought you know but there’s also Christmas where I get a load of games a thousand dollars worth or whatever I don’t know you know I said this is both psychological and neurological because really just every Mental Health Organisation has recognized that there is a gaming addiction and it’s an excessive and prolonged pattern of playing computer games compulsively to the exclusion of other interests and the persistent and recurrent online activity results in a loss of control over gaming tolerance and withdrawal syndromes and there are social components to it because it involves withdrawal from other aspects of life and and it creates problems and I want to talk about that when we come back Jake says he wants to ask me how to get motivated and successful in school again well there are some obstacles to that and I’m going to talk about what those are

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