Drift Life #37 – Izdebki King Of The Hill, Upalanie Dzika

Drift Life #37 – Izdebki King Of The Hill, Upalanie Dzika

Like on roller coaster.
What’s gonna happen? It’s not safe here. There was a little accident on the road. Izdebki take the harvest Hi! I’m just getting ready for a trip. A very spontaneous trip. We’re going to Izdebki. On King of the Hill. We’re gonna drift on the mountain roads. I’m very happy. The departure was very spontaneous. That’s why I don’t even take the kit, which is a truck van. I’m just driving an autolavette. And now I have this challenge that I have to put all these wheels together and fasten them with belts. Load the DZIK. And we’re gonna go. I don’t take too much stuff. I only take the wheels. I’m taking these wheels out of stock. These are old racing wheels. It’s not 100% used yet. We’ll take the fuel, the two drive axels, and that’s it. Fortunately, the LO-STARK team will take me to the tent. For which I thank you very much at the beginning. I’m about to fire up the DZIK. And we’re going on tour for eight hours. So I’ve got a long way to go. It’s 4:00. We’ll get there by night. It’s gonna be okay. I came up with the idea that I put the 6 wheels flat, the 2 vertical and I pressed them down. Now I’m gonna fasten this with a belt. I’ll set the DZIK up to the rear. It should be okay. Nothing moves. All loaded up, we’re ready for the tour. There was a little work to be done with it. But everything is already nice, there shouldn’t be any problems. Asia makes sandwiches and we go on tour, finally. DZIK drifting in the mountains It’s 8:00 a. m. We’re preparing to leave. We checked out of the hotel. And we’re going to Izdebki. Asia, we’re going to Izdebki? Yes Come on, let’s go. If we just fit in?? Now look at this. Luggage hold DZIK. Ideally It’s like it’s from there. Asia’s doing make up. What are you doing? It’s just lipstick. It’s just lipstick. What do we do now? Will you let us go? Oh, there it is! Thirty. What a reunion. Here it is, look at the line drawn. The Mercedes was the one who leaned on it. So this is what the route looks like. That’s what’s waiting for us today. But it’s epic! From what I’ve learned, the route is reported to be 1,100 metres long. So over a kilometer of drifting. And that’s probably the longest straight. No, it’s still longer, it’s the heaviest. Endless drifting. But it’s a good thing it’s wet because I don’t have many tires. So we’re gonna drive a little more. HI! Where do you want to stand? Are you standing with Kamil? We’re supposed to stand with Kamil. So we’re leaving the Corvette and you’re gonna go in. Okey. Here’s Paul underneath it. Where do you want me to park my car? There it is, next to our BMW. Look how many fans are coming. We’re going to track. It stopped raining. The route is all wet. This is gonna be really epic. I’m getting high! And what, there’s gonna be a first pass. So a little excitement, a little adrenaline and a little uncertainty. What’s it gonna be? But that’s what this is all about. The DZIK already pulling out. We’ve got a little traffic jam, as you can see. What are you gonna do? That’s it. Welcome to Izdebki. Like on roller coaster.
What’s gonna happen? The touge is heavy. For a first time, it’s good one. But there’s one corner that needs to be done differently. This trailer’s in the wrong place. It’s nice to go wide there, and she’s in the way. The track is masterful. It’s turbo long. You go, you go, you go, you make a transition, and you still going. You can drift like nowhere else Emotions are indescribable. It’s so adrenaline. Well, it’s not too safe here. This is the essence of drifting. A little break, we’re going downhill. Unfortunately, there was a little accident on the road. I’ll show you in a minute. Oh, that’s where the BMW crashed. She’s being taken away by a trailer. But I don’t think it’s serious. There’s DZIK here. The route is wet and we start drift in tandems right now. I’m curious to see what happens. When you drive alone it’s really good, and in pairs it’ll be concrete at all. Izdebki take the harvest I’m just after the first tandem. I’ll tell you what, the route has really great potential. At first I was far away because he got away from me and I had to make up for it. But the end when I caught up with him, it was really hard. The end of the line just the way I wanted it. So I hope that now, from the very beginning, we will give gas and make some epic material. And we’re gonna catch some extra pair. Are you wearing your seatbelt? Do you still have to fasten your seatbelts here, friend? It was a good tandem! A copy of the DZIK. I’m just saying the second DZIK. Copy. It looks pretty much the same. I just talked to the owner and he says he was inspired by the DZIK. The DZIK went into the world. It’s multiplying. I watch you every day, even tonight. Yes? Yeah, seriously. There’s a movie at night, no sleeping at all. That’s not an option. You couldn’t sleep. I’m saying no, I won’t sleep. I need to see this. First year when Izdebki was wet. I just heard. That’s good because wouldn’t be drifting so much I still have a tyres, maybe I’d wear them, too. Low-grip tyres should stand, 3 bar I’ll do. Actually, I’d like to take a ride. Do you have clutch problem? Well, it’s just slipping, you know. I’m just wondering if I should wear a low-grip tyres That’s what you know about less traction tires. So it’s not like it broke up yet. No, no, it’s like you know half and a half. It’s already getting dry and unfortunately my clutch’s broken. I’ll try to add more bar and see what the car does. There is such a situation that the car has no power and on the road it slides and straightens the car for me. So this could be the end of the drive. But I made one mega good pair with “banoff” and I am mega satisfied. I don’t have a clutch anymore. I don’t have a clutch. Unless you turn me around and I go down alone. Paul, for me, you’re mega. I’m watching your videos and you’re really mega. Thanks, thanks. As you can see, we’ve made it all into one card. Look at the concrete. The clutch is maximally disengaged. The clutch doesn’t get it. You’re looking at three, I’m adding gas and nothing. How are you gonna get on the trailer? So far I’m going downhill, let’s get to the machine park and it’s gonna be okay. But we got halfway on dry road. It was fun to get dry a lot faster. But you could see the problems, here you were straightened out. Now a long straight ahead, we have to connect it. We can’t stop. Remember that. No, we can’t stop. I’m driving, my car doesn’t work. The clutch is dead. We don’t have clutch. I’m rolling downhill. But we’ll get to the machine park, we’ll make it. Yeah, it’s nice to be downhill. A very good idea to do a drift events in mountains , because if you let your car down, you’re going downhill and that’s it. There’s no need to call the trailer. There’s no need to block the event. More parties in the mountains, please. I have to do it on the pump. The fuel’s out. So what are we gonna push him for? You’re pushing? Okay. It’s over, isn’t it? What happened, the end of the clutch? I don’t have a clutch anymore. I put in two, three, and nothing happens. I greet Rzeszów, mom, dad and colleagues. Everyone who took a picture with you should push on the trailer. Good luck next season. Thank you, bye. A very good ride. It’s our first time, isn’t it? How are you doing in Izdebki? Very f**king awesome. I don’t think so it’s on YT again. A colleague is drunk, please don’t listen to him. He’s drunk. He’s talking nonsense. What am I gonna say, Paul, how did Paul drive a f**king awesome. DZIK served awesome, but unfortunately it happened as it happened. We’re all sorry. It’s nice of you to finally run into the Carpathian region. I hope there’s more events like this one Cool. Thank you so much. High five! Take this and insert it, he’s drunk. No, don’t put that in. Good morning, welcome to Izdebki. It was wet, a little dry, but the end was smoky. It was very good. DZIK is on a trailer. Unfortunately, the clutch is completely dead. Everybody’s coming back. The dry clutch didn’t make it. The film doesn’t reflect this, you have to come and see it live. There are floors of this track done. I’m sure it’s one of the best tracks I’ve ever drifted It’s worth coming here, burning tyres and see what it looks like. Once again, thank you very much to the LO-STARK team. For helping and taking me in a tent. It was a mega spontaneous trip. All we took was a DZIK and trailer. And we went to Poland, so it was great that we succeeded. The car’s all over the clutch, so it’s okay. And if you want to be up to date, put on Facebook and Instagram. High five!


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