Drinking at Party | How to Stop Drinking | Alcoholism

Drinking at Party | How to Stop Drinking | Alcoholism

Hi there I’m James. I drank and used
drugs heavily for 20 years found it hard to stop. I finally did three years ago. I’m
gonna link that story up here in this “lowercase i”
down there in the description and at the end of this video if you’re interested. I
post a video here every Saturday about sobriety and recovery. Feel free to subscribe
if you haven’t already. Today I’m gonna talk about that New Year’s party that’s
coming up, and every other party of every other year that we don’t want to go to
anymore, because we don’t drink anymore how we gonna handle ourselves and
what do we even do what happens when the clock strikes midnight and everybody’s
got a toast, a drink… These are the things that we have to face now that we’ve decided on
sobriety we’re gonna stick with it, but first I found a video a clip of me when
I first got sober. Let’s watch that right now, a short clip. Cut me some slack on my
outfit and my… I was wearing sunglasses at night and
calling myself John Kimble. How I acted that this party was unacceptable,
let’s watch Donde Vas? excuse me I forgot to introduce myself my name is John Kimble and I love my car
yo man I’m just gonna keep a high order for y’all right
he’s got two phones right Oh thank you next time my place I’m the party pooper hi Cindy
do you mind if I sit down sit down ah it’s so nice to see you again what
are you doing here you asshole same dear dont like you using foul language…(James) I was
also on the wagon from dirty language I was on the clean language, no swear word
wagon But seriously what do we do now that we don’t drink well first of all
I’ll just tell you what I have experienced. Sometimes you got to live
one day at a time sometimes you got to live one minute at a time it’s a life or
death thing, we have to do what we have to do to stay sober, to stay alive, to
stay away from drugs and alcohol. Number one remind yourself why you can’t
go to the party. I personally go through the… it’s called playing the tape through
for years I could drink and not horrible things would happen, I would
have fun. The years went on, as my disease of alcoholism progressed the
consequences got more severe. I would make a fool out of myself , I would drive
drunk, I would get injured, I would get arrested. These are things that I have to
remind myself of why I do not want to go to this party. So here is what I’ve heard
fellow people in recovery suggest and some of the things that I’ve done: Have a
plan. If you do go to the party, have a plan. If you don’t want to stay, don’t stay,
have an escape plan. I go with a sober friend someone who is also in recovery
someone that understands that an escape plan is necessary. It may sound silly it
may sound like a Indiana Jones film or something, but you have to get away from
that bar like Indy had to get away from that perfectly round Boulder that he
barely escaped. Well booze and alcohol is my perfectly round Boulder. Also if
there’s gonna be people at the party that don’t understand you or know you… my
friends and family understand that I don’t drink, they know I don’t use, I don’t
do that any longer. My friends and family don’t want me to. I have whole police
departments that don’t want me to. I have whole towns that dont want me to drink again so they understand. If
people don’t understand then BOUNCE, do not play around with this. I’m not going
anywhere for New Year’s you know I’m gonna chill with my family, chill with my dad
and watch the ball drop, talk about the the ways of the world and do our thing.
We live in a society that almost pressures you to live a party glamorous
lifestyle well you know that’s for some people it’s not… it’s a luxury that we as
addicts and alcoholics do not have unfortunately, but there’s plenty of
other stuff to do, you know… real quick let’s check out some of these statistics…
Most dangerous party nights of the year: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Eve, worst
drinking nights of the year… (this is the Wall Street Journal) five most dangerous
holidays for drivers: New Year’s Eve, “one of the most dangerous for driving” “New
Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year” and “also one of the
most dangerous nights in general and for drivers to be on the road” according to
the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “January 1st has the
highest rate of car accidents in the calendar year” so if there’s any other
reason to not go into a drinking atmosphere it’s to NOT DIE IN A FIERY CAR CRASH, which I’ve been a part of, that story is also linked up in various
places on the site. I have been in personal experiences where I have swore
to myself that I’m not gonna drive and like two to three beers down the road…
literally! “down the road” all of a sudden I found my keys and I’m in the car driving.
This is not because I’m a bad person, it’s not because YOU’RE a bad person,
it’s because we have a disease of addiction and it just that’s the kind of
stuff that happens. “Nights with the highest fatality rate: Independence Day,
Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day…” Congrats!
Right now it happens to be in between Christmas and New Year’s for me,
if it is for you, Congrats on surviving Christmas! With all
the drinking and rum cake and relatives and friends and family in town,
alcohol is no uncommon sight. Again, it is a luxury that I myself can’t afford. The
sooner you accept that for yourself, if that is the case for you, the safer you’ll be…
“deadliest traffic day, car accidents, DUIs…” you know I’ve been to parties where I
swore nothing rambunctious was gonna happen, next thing you know you’re in a
barroom brawl! It’s just the way I am… it’s just the way I am you know I had my
run, thank god I lived, I’m done. I will sit, visit with my family or loved ones
during the new year or the whatever… weddings is another thing,
you know, people get married and they want to get wasted…well, good for you and good
for everybody but yeah I’m just not in the mood to go to jail tonight! lol
I’ll just either make a cameo, a short visit and, you know, call it a night.
People will understand. Go with a friend, have a plan if you have to be the
driver and escape just… you know the other thing is like… “what will people think?” and
you know, life or death is more important. Let them think whatever they want to
think, you know, everybody’s got an opinion until low and behold I was right.
So from me to you, have a happy new year or whatever holiday or party is coming
up. You don’t have to go, don’t go, stay home. And if you do go have a friend have
a plan. Happy New Year! and whatever you do just keep it real,
keep it clean, and keep doing a damn thing you’re on the right track!


  1. In this video I answer the question "Is that party worth it?" and delve into how to stop drinking in a social sense where the presence of alcoholism is shrouded in glamour. Stay sober and how to stop using drugs topics every Saturday here on Then Came Sober James, along with my personal story and how I stay sober. Subscribe and let's do the damn thing…

  2. Thank you for this video. I went to a christmas party and made a complete disaster out of myself and the party. I knew I should not have gone to the party and even told the person several times I did not want to go. I allowed myself to be talked into going against my better judgment and disaster happened. With that said I am NOT blaming the other person. The responsibility is on me 100% however the moral of the story is to listen to your own inner guidance system. If anyone on here is a problem drinker like I am don't allow yourselves to be talked into going places you know you shouldn't to please other people. If you can't be around people drinking without wanting to drink do NOT go period. I wish I didn't go unfortunately I went and what is done is done and cannot be undone. I am now more motivated than ever to stay sober and work on my people pleasing tendencies. NO the party was not worth it.

  3. Halloween, and new years are the time I got arrested bc I was really foolish. We think we can stay sober and drive but no, I did it over and over. It is because I was born with an addictive personality, so the first time we drank, that was my downfall/

  4. Fantastic video! I'm in recovery and rocked it out in my pajamas with my cat and toasted with a little booze-free bubbly. My partner is in recovery too so that def helped. I'm always looking for more people doing the deal one way or another. I try to share some experiences on my channel but I'm still fine tuning my style. Sober by any means necessary I say! subbed! – Steve

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