Drinking water and eating fruit lowers risk of alcohol addiction

with almost 1/3 of all household in
Korea consisting of people living on loans of single house households eating
alone is an everyday event for many Koreans and the same goes for drinking
alone as well but experts are warning against it and are Trish Young tells us
why in 2016 the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety surveys some 2,000 South
Korea’s aged between 20 and 40 who drink alcohol and said about 70% of them have
drunk alone in the last six months and about 30 percent of those said they
drank a lot more often in the last six months than in the six months before
this rise the number of people drinking alone is due to the increase of single
person households in the country which took all only nine percent of all
households in 1990 but now makes up almost 30 percent of households while
many people prefer to drink alone these days some experts warn that this could
lead to some negative health effects such as alcohol addiction
if you drink alone you’re more likely to drink more and more on a regular basis
than when you drink with others and there is no one around you who can check
on your heavy drinking which could lead to alcohol addiction the addiction is
serious because it could develop into alcohol-related dementia dementia
usually happens to elderly people but alcohol-related dementia occurs in
younger people the expert recommends paying attention to some warning signs
drinking more and more on a regular basis and drinking to get to sleep are
notable signs seeking liquors with high alcohol volumes and experiencing
blackouts and withdrawal symptoms such as tremors also show an addiction to
alcohol fortunately there is a way to drink alone while minimizing health
risks when you drink alcohol don’t forget to drink lots of water to help
your body slowly absorb but quickly break down alcohol eating fruit while
drinking also prevents brain damage from alcohol health professionals say that
deciding on how much and how long to drink further reduces the adverse health
effects of drinking along Michelle Arirang news

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