Drug distributors may pay millions over opioid crisis

Drug distributors may pay millions over opioid crisis


  1. What surprises me is this action? Is it not our Personal Responsibility to control our actions? Is this not just a case of passing the buck? Each person has to be responsible for their own behavior. It was not the pharmacy companies that put those pills down your throat. If we start this, whose next, the alcohol companies because we chose to drink too much? I don’t agree with this at all. The only one to benefit is Scuzzy Lawyers.

  2. Individual victims are screwed! State and local government receive this money…why? Did a politician get sick? Die? Victims will not see a dime! This is worse than the Biden rip off! Follow the money!

  3. We should sue them out of existence. It wasn't the drugs it was the lying CEOs who said they were non addicting. Replace these lying and corrupt companies with companies that actually care about treating pain. Humanity isn't going to stop producing opiates for pain treatment just because a couple of crooked companies go under

  4. This is stupid. For a while, especially in Florida, they blamed old people for selling their pain meds. They basically waged war on those the weakest and most in need, those in Chronic pain! The entire time China and Mexican cartels are flooding the country with exact copies of prescription opioids. Main issue in Florida was lack of keeping up with prescription data and pill mills. They were so far behind because they blamed the wrong people. Most of these deaths are heroin. It takes a huge decision to stick a needle in your arm. Ive been on pain meds off and on since 1979. They are a tool those in severe constant pain need, to have a small amount of joy or just respite, in their lives. I get half the meds in Florida I had in Georgia which means a doctor appointment can put me in near shock pain for a few days. This idea about now blaming everyone but China, the drug cartels, and drug addicts is wrong. Most people on heroin abused alcohol and used other drugs first. Its a society issue, stop blaming the wrong people.

  5. I have Crohn’s, Lupus, skin disease, and other issues. And I CAN NOT get anything for extreme pain!! Can I sue a political or a doctor because they are making it impossible to legitimately get help for REAL PAIN😳! The addicts are receiving attention, politicians, attorneys, and rehab centers are making a killing on grants and lawsuits. Us patients are screwed for real! I have documented issues and I’ve been profiled because we have doctors becoming judge, jury, and executioners! Someone give a real patient with painful diseases some advise?? This is B.S.! I should become a drug addict and maybe I’ll get some relief. And get free medical attention when I O.D.😳😳

  6. When do the ppl they got addicted get to sue? I almost lost my only child to it. I lost a marriage to it. It destroyed my family!

  7. What a joke, the u.s. is suing the pharmaceutical groups. The attorneys collect all the money and the people that actually where affected don't get anything.

    Attorneys and States making money off the People's Health? Well this could be a organized crime. How many times has tbis happened. 🙊🙉🙈

  8. So it's a benefit for the states and the attorneys to let as much damage happen to the American Consumer so that they can make money in the end. Again how many times has this happened?

  9. Nobody forced these people to take these medications. If they abused it they are at fault. Are you people worried that the drug cartel will go out of business if people get their medication legally where they can be monitored.

  10. My back pain has been well managed for almost 20 years with Percocet without addiction. Now because of this mess i cant get the medication that has worked for so long. Its people like me that are hurt and suffer the most because i now am back to square one living in at times unbearably pain.

  11. Many people got addicted through prescribed overdoses by doctors who work for this pharmaceutical companies. so stop saying this is a personal responsibility for drugs that literally designed for you to crave more.

  12. I need my meds. This will make it that much harder for someone who needs them . There is the grey line that I walk ever month.
    As a note….. I visit my cousin in Florida for 6 wks and It's a nightmare and stress to prove that I need to fill a script.

  13. The entire united states congress the president and the supreme court are going to be killed in a military coup of the entire federal government because of the weakness that's infected Washington DC.

  14. This is soooooo wrong. This is similar to blaming a liquor distributor for a DUI from a drunk driving leaving a restaurant.

  15. Aka you will pay billions for this. The cost is always passed onto you the consumer or the company goes bankrupt. Wow pain pills hook you. Are people this stupid? I’m suing you for my lack of self control when I knew I should’ve quit and had two instead of one. BS.

  16. No one cares how much money these CRIMINALS might have to pay as it will never equal how much they made but more IMPORTANTLY NO ONE WILL GO TO PRISON! Everyone at the top knowingly pushing the poison should be in prison for LIFE, until they start actually being thrown in real prison no one cares, it's just a SHOW.

  17. This proves how dispicable this is! You gave a drug that causes addiction in 3 doses! Yet now you let those people shoot up in public instead of helping them! Murders!

  18. Stop the lies! There is no opioid crisis! Stop the War on Drugs! The War on Drugs has created more problems and broken up more families than drugs itself ever could have.


  20. $18,000,000,000 paying to state.
    So who in state gets the money? And HHS, FDA, NIH gets that prosecuted money from Pharmacy?

    Napolitano has good knowledge of drug's and where sued money goes. He is judge like judge Jeanein dance with star's?

  21. They are advocating for modern day torture. So many people live in pain 24/7/365 , myself being one are having our medicine taken away. Pain meds have allowed me to take part in life for the past 20 plus years. The rest of my life will be spent in bed. This only encourages me to shorten my life. Maybe that is what they want .

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