Drugs addiction in teenagers.

Drugs addiction in teenagers.

The drugs not just affect the person that consume This can also affect his familiar enviroment while our future is consumed. Hello today on this video I speak about drugs as Marihuana and cocaine their symptoms and I you tips. The Mrihuana the drugs more consumed for Young
teenagers, Acota Grinspoon says that cross field of the awereness and paralysis of the functionn of the memory. Effects if acuity visual táctil gustatory, the quimic active that become addictict is (THC). A person that smokes marihuana has five times more risk to have a heart attack. Cocaine affects directly to brain, their effects are irritablely anxietly and pill when consume affect to brain provoking problems sicuatics and brain hemorrhage. Tips to leave the drugs 1- If you should willing to receive help. 2- If you search an activity or other thing, you will replace the drugs for this activity. 3- If the friends incite you to consume drugs, you shouldn’t accept. 4- You should to remove the anxiety when drogaddiction is very advanced. 5- Think about an change positive, if you want to leave the drugs

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  1. good job my dear cousin, but her pronunciation it leaves me a lot to tell so it doesn't leave any more to tell you that improve your pronunciation hahaha XD

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