Drugs dealer: Nellie asks him everything | Drugslab Extra

Drugs dealer: Nellie asks him everything | Drugslab Extra

Hi, I’m Nellie.
Welcome to Drugslab Extra. On Drugslab we test drugs
twice a month in the name of science. But on Drugslab Extra
we answer your questions… about the world
behind the powders and pills. There’s much to discuss about drugs.
People often ask me about dealers. What does their life look like?
We’re going to answer that this week. If you have a question about drugs
or the world around it… let us know in the comments,
and we might look into it. I have to be honest.
I’ve never called a dealer. I’ve never had a dealer at my house.
I’ve never ordered drugs before. I’m very scared. I even find accepting
a package from the mailman scary… let alone having a drug dealer
come to visit. We all know that it’s illegal,
and he’s about to come to my house. If the police shows up,
it’ll look like a drug deal. It’s scary, but we’re doing it anyway.
I got a number from someone. That was very easy.
It’s harder to get the baker’s number. I already talked to him on WhatsApp
and he’s willing to talk to me in person. He’s going to give me a call and then
I’ll have a drug dealer at my door. I’m pretty nervous. You’re not, are you?
-No, I’m not. Does this involve any risks for you?
-Not really. Nothing more than usual. Did you bring anything along?
-I did. What do you want to see?
-Just dump it all on the table. Sure, why not. I’ll dump it on the table.
-I want to know what you got. These are XTC pills, 220 mg. These are XTC pills, 250 mg. This is a pill I used to sell.
It’s 200 mg. Is this also XTC?
-It is. This is speed. This is DMT.
-Oh my, these are huge chunks. These chunks are even larger.
These are sleeping pills. Those are legal.
-Lorazepam. This is ketamine.
-What a lot of drugs. This is 2C-B. How many mg does it contain?
-20 mg. This is 4-FMP. And this is cocaine. Golly, look at how much it is. You know how much mg everything
contains. Did you have it tested? I know the person who makes it,
so I don’t need to have it tested. How did you get the sleeping pills?
-I get them from my doctor. If they don’t need them,
they sell them to me. And the coke?
-It’s from Columbia. I don’t get it directly.
There are several middlemen. Are you a dealer or a courier, or both?
Do you buy everything yourself? Let me put it this way:
Everything on the table belongs to me. Are there things you don’t supply?
-I don’t deal in GHB. I think it’s a dangerous drug,
because it’s used to rape women. I don’t sell heroin either. Crystal meth?
-I don’t sell that either. Even if it becomes popular?
You draw the line somewhere. I make enough with this,
so I don’t have to do that. I don’t want to sell that,
because it ruins people’s lives. If you use crystal meth once,
you’re hooked, hooked, hooked. You won’t be able to stop. If you know yourself and try coke once,
it doesn’t have to become an addiction. It can be,
if you have addiction problems. But I know plenty of people
who use coke once a year. You visit lots of people. Is that fun?
-Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. It depends on who calls me.
I get called at normal hours… but also at six, five, seven
or eight in the morning. So you’re available 24/7?
-I try to be. No one is available 24/7.
You also have to sleep. How long have you been doing this?
-About 16 or 17 years. Did you start with buying little amounts?
-I started off with mainly XTC pills. And then I moved on to coke
with all the trimmings. How did you end up doing this? You meet people and you start doing
what the people around you are doing. Did your friends deal drugs?
-For sure. Did the people around you use drugs?
-That too. What did you used to want to be? At what age?
-Twelve. At that age, I was already involved
with people in the drug scene. Did you ever get to be a child?
-Yes. Did you get to play,
despite all the criminal activities? Of course, you get to play,
but things like stealing candy and such. Do you make a lot of money with this?
-Yes, you have no money worries. Can I be bold and ask how much?
-5,000 to 10,000 euro a week. This is what I already earned today. 760 euro.
-Golly, that’s really a lot. You think so?
-I do. I don’t.
-You don’t? But Jesus, I think that’s a lot.
Does everyone make that much? How much does a courier make?
-10 euro per parcel. That’s not much.
-That’s true. I know guys who pay 15 euro,
but that’s the max. It adds up to a nice sum. For example, what does a courier
with a good connection make? Between 1,000 and 1,500 euro a week.
-Still a lot. More than at McDonalds. Are you in a relationship?
-I am. Does she know that you do this?
-Let me put it this way… every person I’ve been involved with
knew that I was a dealer. How did those women react?
-How did they react? Their reaction was normal and calm. They didn’t become hysterical,
their reaction was normal. How about your family?
-They also know what I do. Only my aunt doesn’t approve,
but I’m grown up, so I do what I want. Do you want to have kids someday?
-Yes, I would someday. Will you continue to deal drugs?
-Yes. I’ll stop dealing one day,
but that has nothing to do with my kids. It doesn’t seem like
a nice and cosy world. That’s because you’re not familiar
with that world. Have you ever been scared?
-No. Do you know fear?
-I do. Fear can be a good advisor. When I have a bad feeling about
visiting a customer, a dealer… or something else, I won’t do it.
You can call that fear, but I don’t. Aren’t you afraid of getting arrested?
-I’ve been arrested before. I’m not afraid to get arrested.
I’ve been in jail once for two years… once for a year and for other sentences
that I can’t talk about… because it would lead back to me. Did you have a girlfriend at the time?
-I did, but you can always call in prison. Didn’t that bother you?
-That’s the downside of dealing drugs. I don’t mind being imprisoned,
because I know what I’m doing it for. It’s a risk, but there are enough guys
who go crazy and commit suicide. And people who’ve never done time
believe that it’s like a hotel. And yet, you think it’s worth the risk?
-I do, but not everyone does. But they don’t make
5,000 to 10,000 euro a week. That’s why I wouldn’t want a dealer
to come to my house. It’s illegal and the police could come.
I don’t want that. But users aren’t punishable
in the Netherlands. But apparently the demand is high.
-The demand is very high. On New Year’s Eve it seems like
the whole city is using. Are you going to deal tonight?
-I already began before I came here. Are you going to go on after this?
-I am. Have you received any messages?
-I got one. Can I have a look?
-Of course you can. Here it is:
‘Hi, can you come to Amsterdam East?’ When will you be done with this?
-When I’ve earned a certain amount. I’m keeping that to myself. I don’t want
to be a famous criminal, no thank you. You don’t want your kid
to wear no-name brands. I want my kid to wear designer shirts.
-Is that important? It’s not the most important thing
for a kid, love is. I think it’s important,
but it’s not the most important thing. Many young guys probably think
that this is an easy way to make money. What would you like to say
to guys or girls… who are considering
to become a drug dealer? You should only deal drugs,
if you can’t be successful in school… or don’t have any other means
of becoming successful, like a job. You shouldn’t do it because it’s cool.
Success in this world isn’t guaranteed. You should also take into account
that you could end up in jail. That happens to most criminals.
They’ve all done time. The money is nice,
but you miss out on a lot of things. When you’re imprisoned, you can’t go
to your mum’s or girlfriend’s birthday. In any case, you can’t do the things
that you want to do. Thank you.
-My pleasure. Golly, I do have some mixed feelings.
I had a nice talk with him. I think we were both a bit nervous. And, you know, he’s also just a person,
like you and me. But on the other hand, normally
when I look into someone’s eyes… you make contact and know what
they’re like, but with him, I had no clue. But without people like him, we can’t
go out of our minds at festivals. It remains a very crazy world. If you want to know more about,
nice transition, the world of drugs… or if you have questions or want us
to try a drug, leave a comment. I’m going to let this sink in
with a nice cup of tea. Enjoy your weekend.
Give us a like and subscribe. Until next week. Ciao.


  1. 17 jaar dealen hij praat erover alsof ie 17 jaar eigen bedrijf heeft ga spelen man gaat ie voor max paar barkie op Tv vertellen wat ie doet terwijl ie zelf zegt dat ze lijn 10k per week draait๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Title description and comments all english yet the videos in a different language please stop with this bullshit so what theres subtitles but how do we no thats whats being said if you make an english video keep it that way dont add multiple languages into a brain dead video

  3. Kom op, laat zo iets doen door iemand die wat minder bleu is dan deze meid. Lieve meid hoor, maar als je iets meer gezien hebt van de wereld, dan kan je ook betere vragen stellen

  4. Jonge dit is echt dom als de politie dit ziet vraagt die toch ook aan Nellie wie dat was en zijn naam? Of ja waarom doet de politie dat eigenlijk niet??๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘

  5. He is right… Prison isn't a hotel you can make a lot of money there and become very rich after u get out trust me

  6. Doesnโ€™t sell meth because it ruins lifeโ€™s, yet sells amphetamines, cocaine and ketamine ๐Ÿ™„

  7. These people are dangerous. It would be good if u could give us their phone numbers so we can be extra protected against these people

  8. Hahahaha 5-10 in een week is niet veel voor een dealer in Amsterdam dan weet je nog echt niks

  9. Leven van een drugsdealer is lopen lopen lopen lopen klanten zoeken telefoon nummers pakken en wachten tot xe bellen en zo opbouwen klaar

  10. Funny how he says he doesnโ€™t need to test his stuff, right after putting a baggy of gray-green Uber eats pills on the table, which are currently on Red alertโ€™s blacklist for having an insane spread in dose (49-208mg per pill). Donโ€™t trust dealers, test your stuff, be safe!


  11. Not surprised that a girl like her never had to get in touch with a dealer….where is the equality there?
    When will girls cater drugs to us guys so we don't have to?

  12. i don't get the stigma around meth, he says coke is okay but meth is not and you'll get hooked the first time you do it. I know for a fact that this is not the case, if coke was as cheap and easily synthesized as meth it would be in the same ballpark.

  13. 5:53
    >this is what ive made tonight
    but that is not profit, just gross. It's quite hard to make a profit as a small time dealer because of the gangs that buy in huge amounts or even make it and sell it for small profits in large volume.

  14. Right at the end you say – "but then when we go to festivals who will sell us the drugs to get off our faces" as if this is the correct thing to do . . .ย 
    I think that drug use, especially for young adults, says a lot about the environment they live in, and the inability of parents and teachers to help kids develop a healthy sane and realistic view of the world with beliefs to match. As social creatures with some bizarre beliefs, the difficulties that the youth face in transitioning to adulthood and developing a great relationship with life itself are enormous and it is not surprising there is so much unrest and drug taking going on. I am not for it or against it, I accept that it is happening.

  15. hij zegt 10 a 15k verdienst per week. 53x dat is 530-795 k per jaar, en dat over een tijdperk van 16-17 jaar? ik geloof er niets van, wie gaat nou door met tientjes dealen als je miljoenen hebt?

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