Drugs: Fun, But Not Always – The Jim Jefferies Show

Drugs: Fun, But Not Always – The Jim Jefferies Show

We begin tonight
with a segment about drugs that we call
“Drugs: Fun But Not Always.” [ Laughter ] ♪ Drugs: Fun But Not Always ♪ Right now
the U.S. is experiencing the most devastating
drug crisis in its history. In fact,
if you live in the Midwest, you’re probably snorting opioids
right now. Drug overdoses
now claim more lives than car crashes, gun deaths, and the AIDS crisis did
at its peak. But drug addiction
has been a problem in this country for a long time. So why the sudden
renewed urgency? Because now
it’s affecting white people! White people,
especially Midwesterners, can’t stop binging on opioids. In fact, opioids
are one of the few things that Midwesterners will eat that’s not covered
in ranch dressing. The crisis has been fueled
by a rise in fentanyl, a synthetic painkiller 30 to 50 times stronger
than heroin. It’s so powerful
that some police departments have warned officers
not to touch it. Last year,
three police dogs in Florida got sick just by sniffing it. Even worse, two of those dogs are now prostituting themselves
at a truck stop. Which bathroom do they use
is therealquestion. [ Audience groans ] Most of the fentanyl
on the street is made illegally in drug labs,
so users don’t know what sort of dangerous
byproducts are in it. Not like that
farm-to-table heroin we’re all used to doing. [ Laughter ] And it’s not hard to get it
if you really want to. Soboroff:
The deadly opioid fentanyl is available to order online
from China — something my producers and I
easily found after a simple Google search. Whoa! The e-mail
already came through! “Hello. We have a very potent
fentanyl analogue, very similar in potency
to the original. We ship to USA. We only accept Bitcoin as
payment method. Warm regards.” Wow! Now, I realize
we just showed you how to buy illegal
dangerous drugs online. So…don’t do that. [ Laughter ] So how are we addressing
the problem? Well, just two months ago,
Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis
a national emergency… then immediately did nothing. So last week,
someone finally got around to asking him about it. Jackson:
You said you would declare a national emergency
more than two months ago. What’s taking so long? So, we’re studying national
emergency right now. Believe it or not,
doing national emergency, as you understand,
is a very big statement. Well… why do you have to study
national emergency? Everything you need to know
is in the name — it’s an emergency
that’s [bleep] national! I mean… [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, it’s nice to see
that the president is studying, but that just means
that he’s been watching
his weekly puppet show that James Mattis
and John Kelly put on to explain government stuff. Trump was about to
confirm a new drug czar, the guy in charge
of U.S. drug policy. But not surprisingly, he turned out to be
comically unfit for the job. President Trump says his nominee
to be the next U.S. drug czar is withdrawing from
consideration for the job. The move by Congressman
Tom Marino to pull his name comes after an explosive report
that Marino played a key role in passing a bill
that weakened the ability of federal authorities to stop
the distribution of opioids, potentially exacerbating
that epidemic. The guy Trump nominated
to stop the opioid crisis was literally making it worse. Maybe Trump thought the crisis was that people weren’t
getting enough opioids? That doesn’t bode well
for the AIDS crisis. While the administration
is dragging its feet, some states have found
a potential solution in another drug —
medical marijuana. Man:
A study in the prestigiousJournal of the American
Medical Association
found that from 1999 to 2010, states that passed
medical-marijuana laws actually saw 25% fewer
opioid-related deaths than expected had they
not passed those laws. And it’s not just overdoses. Doctors in
medical-marijuana states prescribed hundreds of fewer
doses of antidepressants, seizure medications,
anti-nausea medications… and 100 more doses
of “Planet Earth” DVDs. That means that legal weed is a
threat to pharmaceuticals, and Big Pharma is doing its best
to shut it down. In Arizona,
a company called Insys donated $500,000 to an
anti-weed-legalization group. That’s a lot of money
for a company that only has one product
on the market — a pain-relief spray made
with the finest fentanyl. And they even made
a how-to video for mums who aren’t sure
how to do opioids. You just take that thing that’s 50 times more powerful
than heroin and spray it directly
into your [bleep] mouth. Ckk! Ckk!
Mmm! Heroin fresh! [ Laughter ] And this is a big part of why the opioid crisis
has gotten so dire. Pharma companies
need to turn a profit, and doctors have overprescribed
opioids for years. The result is a country
addicted to drugs that keep getting stronger
and more dangerous. And because
the Trump administration is dragging its feet,
I’ve decided there’s something
I can do to help. America, I’ll be
your new drug czar. [ Cheers and applause ] I promise — I promise you that I’ve got
more firsthand drug experience than these other guys. And I’ve seen the effects that
drugs can do to the human body. I’m 24! [ Cheers and applause ] But when it comes
to controlled substances, here’s the best advice
I can give you. You need to trust your dealer. And these are not the names
of drug dealers that I trust.


  1. “Why do you have to study national Emergancy it’s in the title” well it’s two whole words and they’re at least 5 times longer than anything he’s ever read so should take about 6 months before he understands them

  2. Am I the only one here who thinks the most ridiculous part of this entire video is Jim claiming to be 24??
    I mean, he looks damn good for any age, but come on…

  3. How come this guy never talks about his own shitty country? Lol oh yeah because no one cares about Australia. Lmao everyone hates America but hey let's move here so we can actually make money.

  4. That's one big mood swing in the tittle, like I could be an insane bitch on the period and abusing steroids.

  5. Lots of cunts doing drugs is not an emergency… it's evolution! Paying for their fucking health care with tax money is the shame!

  6. Example of Jefferies' love of drugs is his 16th appearance on opie and anthony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihisvmRJPlA&frags=pl%2Cwn

  7. To be honest. One of the biggeat things that has caused the explosion of heroine and other drug issues is the way that the government is handling the situation. Doctors overprescribed pain killers and people got addicted, and then the government puts the hammer down on their prescription, and as a result doctors were required to prescribe long acting medications that were way more potent and dangerous. The doctors were also under so much scrutiny that if any sort of issue at all arose they just immediately cut the person off without any form of plan for getting them past their addiction. As a result people all over the place began withdrawing and started searching for something to make it stop. Yes there were very large amounts of people abusing the medication in the first place, but now add in the masses of people that had just been taking something like hydrocodone for years for their chronic pain issues so that they could continue to do theor jobs and enjoy their families without being miserable and grumpy all of the time from pain. Now these people were either put on some crazy strong drug that was intended for terminal cancer patients, just because it was the only thing that fit the new government guidelines, and their old medication could no longer be prescribed as it had been for years, or there was some sort of issue like meds being stolen or a non conclusive drug screen, or even just the levels of the medication in their system being lower than they should, from taking them less frequently than prescribed if they had a few good days and didnt need as much. Any of these things and many more would result in the patient immediately having their prescription discontinued. Now all of these people are left trying to deal with the withdrawls of stronger medicine than they should have ever been on, and begin trying to find a way to continue to function normally. The availability of the weaker drugs is severely diminished, by design of the regulations, and are very expensive when found. So people turn to heroine which is cheaper, and much more readily available, find the fentanyl that is the new most popularly prescribed drug, as it os taken only once every 3 days and fits nicely within the new guidelines, or if they are fortunate and someone who has been through recovery informs them they can seek treatment on their own. The doctors and the state do not put these people onto any sort of recovery plan or even suggest anything of the sort. They just want to get as far away from any issue that could cause them problems as they can. Oh and by the way. If you or anyone you know are currently going through an addiction issue look into medications like suboxone. They cam save lives, and there are many treatment facilities that offer them. Stay the hell away from anywhere that offers methadone. You want to get past your problem not make it worse. Those methadone clinics are little more than legalized drug dealers. Naloxone and bupenorphine are the way to go if you are going through opiate addiction. Anyway the government has made this issue what it is and someone needs to bring attention to this and get asomething done. Treatment for addiction should absolutely be required procedure when people are removed from pain management plans. This just cut them off practice is killing people literally and the part the goverent has played in this by half ass addressing the issue and irresponsibly making legislation without proper research and thought about the effects of the legislation must be exposed and addressed.

  8. I love that the blame falls on Trumps administration, when as Jim so eloquently pointed out, over prescribing and reliance on opioids for profit, has been a problem for decades. Why isn’t Jim bashing the previous administrations for not putting a stop to it years ago?

  9. I don't get how can doctors act like this in the US. I mean, in Europe, when you have to take strong drugs, they always wait until it's some unbearable pain (or something similar) to give something like this. Or at least that's what I think. I've never taken any of these, maybe painkillers a couple of times but not the "strong" ones. It's just so weird.
    And yes, I know weed is illegal in most European countries and that it should be legal, I was talking about the dangerous stuff now.

  10. I have a lot of free time, and feel like I have many common American things people could relate to.

    I'd love to hop on the show and talk about the time I was molested by my uncle.

  11. A comedian that does minimum research can produce more information in five minutes than any national news network!

  12. So we're blaming Trump for not legalizing Marijuana? So for past few decades of it being illegal now it's Trump's fault? I see the logic

  13. Dunno if it's like this in the US but in England the majority of people who do drugs are rich pricks, around 18-25, who think doing drugs makes them more interesting or less of a stuck up cunt

  14. 3M-FuranylFentanyl is not illegal in America, so nah, you showed how to buy dangerous drugs on the internet.

    TBH if people weren't ignorant idiots, stopped killing themselves by accident and actually read up on the drugs they take, we could all use whatever we pleased safely. There's guides online how to safely handle Fentalogs, including what protection gear to wear and how to dispose of it safely.

  15. Funny thing is, all the sites you google are rip offs. You gotta go to reddit if you want some sourcing for real RCs. Even more, Fent analogs are hard to find now days.

  16. Fentanyl is based on the workings of Morphine not so much on Heroin but the list in yankland is long enough andddddd ask YOUR doctor what is good for you hahaha…… but euh yeah …. Fentanyl is a morfinomimeticum but like I said many other flavors to choose from I mean it is of course not a coincidence that the first thing the CIA did in Afghanistan is to set up the heroin business again …. DUHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!! So yeah more then enough heroin to get from your yank doctor ….. but this one ….. nope no heroin that will me morphine….50 times stronger yes but still morphine….. it changes the game a bit…. it tells us about people and pain and it tells us that people ARE in pain in massive numbers because of the healthcare system that suckes beyond recognition so …. get your weed production up again like centuries ago when hemp was the BACKBONE of yank society and MANY ……and ya'll think Thomas Jefferson wasn't stoned when he wrote down the DOI ? naaaaaa they were all high as a kite……. another DUHHHHH …..but I am afraid it is to late for you … so Jim if you are reading this…. if I were you I would grab my shit and find another country because that shithole country you are in is going down !!! When you are asking me…… oh sooner then you think mate …. sooooooner then ya think ! Grab your shit and get the fuck out …. you are sitting in a big red and whited ringed target and ya know we like you we want you to survive so get out and find another spot… because you are on a sinking ship ! Wake up !

  17. This video reminded me to refill my Norco. I live in Illinois, the mid West. Everything he's saying is true except it seems like the addicts are getting their prescriptions easily and it took me 2 years of not being able to walk or sleep in enormous pain and a compound spine surgery. And I denied fentanyl because they,for some godawful reason, think it's safer than low-dose opiates. I never saw myself taking these when I was a compounding pharmacy technician but the injury took that job too. Now I have "friends" (better yet,fiends!) Asking me for my pills despite my constant telling them they'll have to catch me dead before I Give up prescriptions to anyone.

  18. Wow – watching this now … I can’t believe this hasn’t been brought up over the wall “national emergency”

  19. He (the fat crying orange) gets the most corrupt ppl he can find for office. Always has. Many are in jail, charged, and facing charges. Fired, or forced into resignation before the cuffs go on. That's what he does! Are they corrupt af, then bring em in! That is indisputable!

  20. "believe it or not national emergency is a big deal" trump 2017
    declares national emergency as a result of temper tantrum 2019

  21. Thats because if we are to actually address the problem it'll lead back to pharmacueticals. The only state sanctioned, for profit,cash cowed drug market. And we can't have that…

    If we were to address the problems we would have to start looking at viable alternatives for pain… Like..oh… Idk…something natural… Like… Cannabis ?

    (And no I'm not saying cannabis can manage all pain, only that its a better and viable alternative to many people going to pain management who are over prescribed opiods. Mild back pain doesn't necessities opiods if cannabis will do the job. That's how the black market is supplied. Over prescribing. Opiods should be a last ditch effort to manage pain. )

    Also to be fair regulations often do hurt those who legitimately need opiates for severe pain. Its a fine balancing act that i don't think has been balanced well yet. I think trying to cut down on prescribing for mild pain and prescribing cannabis instead would go a long way to balancing that act.)

    I wrote this before finishing the video. Kudos for saying what i said.

  22. Lol now they legalized trials of ketamine for depression… Now instead of being bummed out they'll be comatose in a k hole… It's not about benefit to patients it's about money for everyone else. If these drugs weren't lining the pockets of so many people, so many others wouldn't be dying and ruining their lives and families.. putting a price on a pill is at the same time putting a price on human life in most cases… These drugs do have benefit they're just far too easy to get, and to stay on long term causing addictions to people that didn't need them at all or at the very least didn't need to be on them for more than a week or two. When given to patients longer term they then should be weened down to something else or off entirely.. the fact that alot of doctors will put u up up up on dosage then just cut u off one day also adds to the problem. A proper detox is also important when these drugs are used.

  23. Here we are early 2019 and what a f***ing coincidence Trump declares a national Emergency over the border wall but claims it's too much trouble to get rid of the drug problems. On one hand we have people dying sh**loads of them, and on the other hand we have a few too many people coming into the country which one's the real National Emergency????

  24. The opioid crisis, especially the Chinese Fentanyl, seems karmic for the opium we pushed on China back when….

  25. Jim Jeffries is a liar and edits All his shows.

    Search for: Jim Jeffries exposed. to set the truth free. This moron is a propaganda loving leftiest moron and a racist.

  26. Ironically part of the opioid crisis is chronic pain patients not getting prescribed enough opioids to control their pain so they turn to the street. So very sad

  27. 1998 I used my own homegrown in East Glacier, Montana to successfully medicate a recovering meth / opioid addict. As soon as I ran out of homegrown he relapsed. Going to Seattle almost immediately to score.

  28. Omg I'm so glad that he said it. There was already a drug epidemic in the poor neighborhoods where the majority are black and brown people and some white people, but now that's its effecting middle and upper class white suburban neighborhoods it's a problem.

  29. Mj, is the only thing that helps me. All of the meds the VA gives me makes me sick, and they dont work as and they cause side effects.

  30. No complaint about the subject matter. I'm noticing however that there is a strong overlap between the subjects covered by Jim Jeffery, John Oliver and Hasan Minhaj…. This makes me wonder why they are so highly correlated.

  31. Keep this man… And keep his words, for the advice sounds and rings all throughout the space between us. And we eked in reply "Jim".. "Jim"…. Harsh whisper "Save us" ….

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