Easiest Place to Buy Drugs in India

Easiest Place to Buy Drugs in India

Alright guys. I’m here in the streets of Colaba in Mumbai because yesterday, it was so easy to buy drugs. So many people were just saying to me “do you wanna buy some weed? Do you wanna buy coke?” Before I come back here today, I’ll just show you how easy it is to get here. It is much easier to get these illegal substances here in Mumbai than it is in Delhi. Goa is another hot bed for this stuff. It’s really really easy. People on the streets just walk up and offer it you, just like here in Mumbai. Just gonna see what we can fish out. See what we can find and yeah… show you just how damn easy it is to get drugs here. Don’t do this. Don’t buy drugs, alright? Anyway, I don’t need to tell you that. It’s up to you if you do or not. And I don’t do them. People think like I’m a drug addict or something because they’re always coming at me but.. I don’t do a thing. You guys know that. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I just drink like lassi and eat chole bhature, Dahi puri, pani puri and chaat. That’s all I do. Just G-rated stuff. Dealer: Maybe you want some tourist information or something like that? Karl: No. Dealer: Then? Dealer: Where you from? Karl: New Zealand. Karl: Yeah, the what? Dealer: The world finishes from there, my friend. Karl: I thought you said ass of world. Karl: I just got here yesterday and tonight we’re having a party. Dealer: Where? Karl: Taj Hotel, this one. Dealer: Oh, I see. Karl: I want to have some fun, you know. Dealer: Life is about fun, you know. In life, only three things most important. Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. That’s it. Karl: That’s it, man. Dealer: By the way, I like your camera eh? This is a cool style. Karl: Thank you, bro. See you later. We just met. We just met. I don’t want it. Bye. Karl: No, not now. Dealer: I have. Yesterday, your friend and you.. you speak Hindi. Karl: Oh, you remember me! This way. This way. Subscriber: Sir, can I take a pic? To show my friends. Karl: No photos. No photos. Thank you, bro. Karl: Just walk and talk, okay? Dealer: Because in Delhi, you buy this stuff. Karl: Yeah. Dealer: In Delhi. Karl: I know, 6000 for 1 gram. Real cocaine. And meow meow. You know meow? Billi. I get this for 150 rupees only. Cheap, eh? Karl: I don’t want anything. Dealer: This meow meow no good. Karl: Eh? Dealer: Meow meow is not good. Karl: Why? Dealer: Cocaine also not good. Karl: Why? Dealer: It’s not good. It’s dangerous. Karl: Yeah, show me the way. Dealer: Come. Where are you from? Salesman: Hi, man. How are you? Karl: What’s up? Salesman: What’s up, man? Let’s go to my shop for shopping. Karl: No. Salesman: No, I’ve got some.. Excuse me. Listen to me, man. I got some really good fabric here. Karl: Everybody wants me to buy something stupid. Dealer: All European people. Karl: Stupid clothing. I don’t want stupid clothing. I just wanna have fun, man. Dealer: I’ll show you one good guy. Karl: Okay. Dealer: you can speak with him, okay? Karl: Yeah. Dealer: Because we don’t sell that rubbish. I don’t like it. Karl: Yeah, yeah. Karl: I better go get my friend. Where will we meet? Where do I meet you? My friend has to come. I’m not going down here, man. Dealer: Where is your friend? Karl: He’s at Taj. He has the money. He’s Indian. Okay so now I have to get out of here absolutely. I got noticed by too many people and a guy who was trying to sell to me before, he got really suspicious of the camera. And that’s why I don’t want to go back down that street because the guys that were down there were rushing around while I was talking to that drug dealer and just didn’t feel good. They knew who I was. I had to say no to two subscribers for photos which I should never do but you know, I was trying to buy drugs. Or at least pretend to. So anyway, I got the guy and the other to wait there. And now I’m just gonna escape. My undercover is so blown here and I can’t come back to this area. Not for a while anyway. Especially after this video’s come out. What to do? And so that’s how easy it is to buy drugs here in Mumbai as a foreigner but if you’re buying them off the street and you’re buying it from these guys, no doubt, it’s like 90% fake or cut up with flour or something else that you.. chemicals, other chemicals that you just don’t want. It is not safe at all to take this stuff, let alone take it off the streets here in Mumbai from some random stranger who is just going to screw you. And sell you bad stuff. So it’s really really not worth it here. And if you saw that other video I made buying weed in Delhi, you know, that’s just another good example of why not to do it here. There’s a little message in there about a girl who was doing it in Kerala.


  1. Life is about 4 things: money, pussy, drugs & alcohol!!! Give me a young girl that I can fuck, send out to make me some money, pop some Molly, sniff some Coke, smoke some weed, pop some oxy and drink tons of jack Daniels!!! Now that's life!!! I want to fuck my randi whenever I want and have my randi make me $2000 usd every night!!!

  2. stay away from those people or maybe they have mafia you should tell to police and don't blur out there faces so the police can get them

  3. Dont blurr their face bro.I will inform the mumbai police.i have my relative working there.Just expose to me their faces…they will go behind the bars.Zyad problem hua toh open encounter hojayega inka.Dont worry

  4. This is shit..I watch your video..but man u got no business to go do all this..who the heck are u exposing this shit..this is common all over the world or even worse..so cut this kinda crap

  5. He looks like a crackhead version of me pewdiepie

    Edit:lmao just saw how you said people think you look like pewdiepie on crack πŸ’€

  6. Why step into a shop if you're not interested in buying it ? , dont do that. video making Not worth your life . Its dangerous , it can give you quick level ups. Peace man ! Stay safe

  7. Fuck u man… Y the hell u r not allowing people who want to take pictures with you.. to take the bloody pictures??? U r in India… And u will not let them taking pictures

  8. Its funny – in any video where you are around drugs, you get recognized by your fans. Its like there's a correlation between weed and youtube viewers.

  9. Why is everyone treating you like a celebrity? Tourists are not dumbasses to not know to avoid drug peddlers. I've travelled places in Europe and people approached me asking if I needed drugs, why would India be any different? Is New Zealand too clean that they don't sell drugs there? If so I would say hats off to your government. But if you're trying to be a Sherlock in India, I would suggest you get a good life insurance back home. – Namaste πŸ™πŸΌ

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