Easy Rainbow Frosting Swirl Technique for Cupcakes! – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Easy Rainbow Frosting Swirl Technique for Cupcakes! – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Rainbow
Frosting Swirl Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to achieve this great looking rainbow
frosting swirl from top of your cakes and cupcakes
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I have my cupcakes. I’m just using some red velvet. We do have a great recipe for those
on our channel so I will leave a link for those in the description box below.
I’ve got a piping bag. I’m just using a disposable one today so that I can show you exactly how
I’m putting that frosting in. And I’ve paired that with a Loyal number 15 star tip but you
can use any tip you like. I’ve got 3 teaspoons and 1 tablespoon.
I’ve [put] my colors. Now I always like to use yellow, pink and blue when I do this particular
type of swirl. I’ve got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream
frosting. I will leave a link to the recipe for that in the description box below. And
I’ve split it into 3 balls for our 3 colors. Let’s get started.
I’m going to take a little bit of that food coloring and just pop it in to each of our
balls. So it’s going to depend on how much of the frosting you have on each ball. But
for this amount of frosting, just a couple of drops of each color.
Well take your teaspoons, one on each bowl. And we’re just going to stir that color through.
I do like to get a really nice, vibrant color. When I color these frostings because I think
the whole treat to rainbow is having really nice and bright.
Alright, so one you’ve got all of your frostings colored. Take a little bit of each color.
So use a couple of teaspoons or a tablespoon. And I’m just going to open up that bag, supporting
it with one hand so that I’ve got a nice, open area to pop in my frosting. Take a nice,
big scoop of that blue. And I’m going to just rest that on, I guess, the bottom side of
the bag. And I’m going to use my finger here to scrape the icing off. So to put all of
that blue frosting in. Once again, nice and open for the bag, place it in.
Now, the trick to this is you want to make sure that all of your frosting is staying
in one section of the piping bag. So once you’ve done your blue, open it up again. It’ll
get a little bit sticky once that frosting starts getting in there.
We’ll take our yellow and in…just down next to the blue. When you’re putting it in, make
sure you push it right down so that the yellow and the blue where that frosting starts is
about the same spot. Scrape it off. And another teaspoon.
And then your pink. So with your last color, you want to just sort of just lift it up.
You can see there, our colors… They’re sort of touching in the middle. Pop in this pink.
Once again, right down as far as you can get with that spoon so that you’re pushing that
pink all the way down to where your blue and your yellow are going — like so.
Now don’t worry if you’re getting little [flex] of this blue and yellow, that’s perfect because
we really do want these colors to sort of mix together. Where the blue and the yellow
touched, you’ll get a bit of a green. And where the pink and the blue, you’ll get a
little bit of a purple-y color. So I like to just take it in, just sort of give it a
couple of little pushes. Turn it over. Do the same on this side. And that’s just going
to really meet it all up inside that bag. Now using your fingers, just push all those
colors down into that bag. Taking the bag, you want to give it a nice
twist so that we’re trapping all that frosting in there and it’s not going to come out of
the top. And I always do a little test to pipe in one of my balls.
So you can see there I’ve got my blue and my yellow coming out nicely. But we want to
make sure that all three of those colors are coming out. So as I squeeze it down, you can
see pink poking through in the middle. That’s ready to go.
Taking your cupcake, we’re going to do just one of our classic ice cream style swirls.
We do have a whole tutorial dedicated to this on our channel. But I’m basically just going
to start in the middle and swirl it around up nice and high. We’ll do that one again
— up nice and high. And for our third time, swirl it around, bring it up nice and high.
So you can have a little look there. As you start looking at these colors, see where the
blue’s touching the pink, you’re getting that lovely purple-y effect. Over here with the
yellow and the blue, you’re getting a nice green.
So that’s a really really easy way to get a nice rainbow effect on absolutely any color
or flavored cupcake you like. Hope you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial
as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you and thanks very much for watching.


  1. Thank you very much for such useful tutorial! Love it! We had so much fun making those with my son for his birthday party!

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  4. hi do you have a tip when using darker colors like black instead of yellow. thanks for taking time for reading.have a good day.

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  6. my buttercream frosting turned out 1colour…but it still tasted good! well probably not as good as yours. anyway thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Thank you for such an informative video! You explain the process well. I do not know how even one person could give this a hands down! I think someone might be jealous and hired a bunch of people to dislike it! TeHe!

  8. She did this the hard way. There are better ways to get the same effect. You need to watch some other videos.

  9. For anyone who wants an easier way to do this you can put each icing colour in their own bag and then put them all in the in one bag. If you have reusable icing bags then this won't be wasting.

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  11. Professional chef here: try adding more stuff on the cupcakes, more good-stuff but also more other things, like sprinkles and decor.

  12. Omg this is the first baking video I watched when I was 7 and this video encouraged me into baking now I’m 12 but rewatching this video gives me back so much memories ❤️

  13. Grazie dei consigli che frosting carino💕👍Nuova iscritta se ti va passa a iscriverti da me ciao ciao💖

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