Elks Drug Awareness Makeup Transformation (Squad Vlogs)

Noah:Hey guys. Uh today, we’re doing something a little bit different We partnered with Elk’s Drug Awareness Program And the DEA to bring you a video uh highlighting the negative effects of drug use over a long period of time About ten years or so? Courtney:yeah We’re gonna bring on some really talented makeup Artists and stylists to show the effects that drugs can have on a person’s physical appearance basically ten years of addiction And what it can do. Keith :Mind you we’re not gonna see ourselves or each other for this whole process Courtney:Yeah, it’s gonna be so lonely.Keith: I heard they took the mirrors out of the office. Courtney:yeah Keith:Yeah Courtney:We’re like seeing an Alternate future of what could have been and like what all the things we could have lost I personally feel I would be Devastated if I lost my family because that’s something that people lose. Keith :Family, but also just like my voice I like to sing and play around and get down, so I would be upset Noah: okay, I definitely got my first girlfriend. I Could say that I love her and this the idea that like I don’t know There’s just a lot attached to it like even as rough as as it is like past your personal health But you can’t get a job like you can’t like there’s just a lot attached to it I love to dance and you know use my body to express myself, so I think with drugs would be really hard for me to do that I’ve always been very like career-minded, and I sacrificed a lot like even as a kid So I could you know act and do what I wanted to do, and I missed out a lot on a lot of experiences (SO SAD!!) So I could do that so for me to now counteract that with drug use So we should like leave here and like get this party started. Hopefully, I still have these amazing eyebrows (really!? come on!) Hey, I’m Taylor Courtney: Taylor? I’m Courtney nice to meet you you look very pretty I’m excited for you to make me very ugly (you’re beautiful no matter what) So do you think this drug will make me lose all my eyebrows because I have none to start with? no (idiot) Oh Is it a Z-Pak? Maybe it’s Advil. I can’t tell you I don’t know if I’ll recognize myself. I don’t know if I’ll recognize my friends Uhm, but overall it’ll be it’ll be a learning experience it affects all of us. It’s a very communal thing. Whether its family or community, it’s It’s hard not to know somebody who struggled with this.. plenty of like addiction running in my family I’m pretty open talking about it because I think it is usually pretty important to do. I’m a little nervous. I do know some people that have struggled with like substance abuse and different things like that and just seeing their whole transformation It’s felt really weird sitting in a dark room (no duh) Just transforming I feel like this is kind of like the mental state of… Once you become this person, it’s just you’re alone in a dark room So I’ve been sitting in this chair for like I want to say close to an hour now…(AN
HOUR!!?) I’m not happy about it. My legs are starting to get tired. If it takes somebody ten years to go through this whole process by abusing using different things, you can sign me out of it right here right now. I can feel it, I can feel that it’s almost done…(you are..just..wtf!?) um, it feels pretty intense. I can only imagine what I look like. Oh boy, I guess, I guess, I’m ready to see myself. Oh my gosh. Whoa -gasps- Oh my god. Oh my god. No. Oh my god. This is like so realistic. Oh my goodness. I do not look pretty at all My teeth This is insane. I feel like this is a party girl, who’s had a rough night and has done a lot of cocaine? (Don’t mess with cocaine! or drugs at all!) right? I’m cocaine! If I had to guess, Two things are telling me Heroin. The the sores and the discoloration. No, the discoloration. This has got to be heroin I do not look good. Dude, do you know what it is? It’s heroin? Wow. I know severe alcoholism can do something like this… Um, My guess is either extreme alcoholism or like meth. Ecstasy, really? This is no sleep. This is is this like meth? No aaah, heroin? Oh I used to work at a pharmacy a long time ago. I used to be a cashier at a pharmacy and wow. I can’t believe there’s, just so many prescription drugs that will do this to you My mind immediately went to them like hardest things I can think of like crack like cocaine, meth, all that stuff, but like There’s a big party scene in the United States right now, And I know a lot of people who have tried that stuff, and it scares me on their behalf. Between either crack or meth Man, I mean look at me like you saw me before and after like feeling it too, that’s not good This just isn’t cool. Oh Oh my god, I wouldn’t not want my dad my family I wouldn’t want my nephew to see me so I gotta be an example. I have to lead for him. This kinda hurts. Hmm Honestly, I can’t imagine. It’s a choice in a bigger way than people present it. Like it’s not Necessarily that the drug itself is going to take something from you, It’s that you have chosen to do this drug in place of those things It’s not that the act of doing a drug made my career. Go it’s that this matters to me more now It’s really hard. I wouldn’t want to see anybody I cared about look like this This is miserable. I mean my family, we have really strong morals and… um We’ve always looked out for each other and I mean when people become addicted to something it’s almost like that is their relationship They have the relationship is with the drug and that’s their most important relationship, so other people are being put aside and can ruin your life. I surround myself with positive people who you know are good influences in my life So I don’t end up like this and it’s not even like how I look it’s probably just how I feel inside too. You know I’m ready to see my friends. I’m I’m really curious to see Keith I think That’s a good friend, and that’s someone that I think I could I could recognize in any situation Oh my god, Noah Yo You don’t look good. You don’t either! This is insane! You look dead. I know! You look actually dead. You too! Hey guys, You guys look rough yeah, Noah We look dead you look like you’re down this path there like you’re really You I don’t know you’re dead to me, but you look like severely damaged yeah What are you guys talking about good lord goodness gracious You can’t oh, yeah, you need to see us, you can put your glasses on for a second But the thing is like I could already tell I guess yeah So I’m assuming you would then that all of the major things that I thought I got a meth and crack oh Is this meth? This is meth Goodness gracious Look at you! Those are real teeth?! these are my teeth yeah, and you just ate some tar or like you’re like making me like tear up because I just love you guys so much and to like see you guys ever like in like in a state where you you’re not yourself like right now I know it. Just makeup just makes me so sad because I just care for you right like you’re my family You know so I like to never want to see you guys like this So I think the thing I would personally want to remind everyone about out. There is like looking at us like this It’s really dramatic It’s really scary But most of the people that you know who need help or might offer you those things look like us before the make up Like I was gonna say better. That’s what yeah, you’re very the most real representation Seen a mugshot of that yeah Still find out I think there’s so many other better options and better paths to take when you have that opportunity When I’m super stressed out and just can’t handle anything anymore my ultimate care is just swimming with my brothers That’s just that is my therapy and it calms me down It’s the ultimate relaxing and I feel so much better going in to life the next day I know now that I’m very expressive But when I was a kid was really shy and like hated talking to people so I use dance as my way of Communicating my feelings and my emotions. That’s what I love. You know that’s like my therapy. I like to perform You know I mean, I like to dance. I like to paint I like to sing I like to do like a whole bunch It was just like performing arts visual arts things and just not having that ah that They’re like me being creative is the only way that I find myself, okay, but sometimes like I fall into depressions as well What do you do? I’m very similar to you in that sense in that I have to be creative Um I mean for me the earliest thing was acting because then you’re literally a different Person and we’re not thinking that crazy engine of thoughts I’m usually thinking I’m thinking as someone else. Yeah writing is something I also do if there’s too many people in my head. I’ll make them talk to each other like but..and I say..I know it sounds crazy but I like say this because This probably sounds like the kind of person that could take a lot of solace and drugs right like you slow everything down I have To very I’ve had to make that choice like since I was kidding be like no that’s not something I can do because that’s something That I would probably fall into and just be stuck there like this is very real you ever do go on this path and you Ever find yourself here, you can always find help, and you can always get through it like there Is there is recovery there people love you. I said it earlier like people love you. Just know that people look. Oh my god People love you and like that’s all like that’s all I gotta say just like it’s love out there Just like hug them I give them. Love you. Don’t know what people they’re going through, but there is hope We’re making this video, and that is why we partnered up with Elks Lodge alongside with the drug awareness program and the DEA and To show you guys that this isn’t it’s.. it’s not the end there’s so much Hope you know other ways to be happy also guys October they’re gonna have Red Ribbon Week starting on the 23rd be sure to check it out and See if you can get involved in some activities And also you guys can comment down below what you love doing or what you hold close to you using the #ElksDAP and hash tag what you love I Love you guys, and we love you guys These activities what you love. It’s not only things to help remind you of what you lose But it’s also things for you to fall back on if you ever are feeling depressed or need something to do remember that you do Love baseball, and you love baseball for more than just your parents, but you win it *everyone giggles* So one kid that is just like (this is nonsense of yelling and then Courtney will say “You guys are in this hug!”) Thank you so much to the elks DAP the nation’s largest all-volunteer drug education program for sponsoring this video That else is a safe place for kids and their families to go and be themselves while still being a part of the community Contact them to find out more

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