Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) : Curing Addiction with Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) : Curing Addiction with Emotional Freedom

So now we are going to talk about addictive
cravings. Now a addiction for our terms right now is something that you want to stop and
it doesn’t feel like you can, it feels like the craving controls you. Whether that is
alcohol or cigarettes or another form of drug or chocolate cravings or any sugar or bread
cravings. Something that you want to stop and you just don’t know how. So take a rating
zero is you have no cravings what so ever, ten is it is so strong you are going to have
it now. So when you have your rating take go to your karate chop point and even though
I have this craving I deeply and completely love and except my self. Even though I have
this uncontrollable craving I deeply and profoundly love and accept my self anyway. Even though
I have this craving I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Eyebrow this craving
side of eye “Oh this craving”, under your eye ” This craving is so strong”, under your
nose “this strong craving”, you chin “this carving keep focusing on the craving that
you have”, collar bone ” this craving”, underarm ” this craving”, keep tuning into you own
craving, liver point “this craving”, wrist “this craving”, top of head “this strong craving.
Now breathe in, now let’s get a new level and now that it might have moved, it might
have not moved, it might have moved some and if it has moved we can just do another round
acknowledging a little bit of movement.


  1. Just the fact you are telling me I'm limited shows me you are not able to have a proper conversation. As usual, sceptical people who want to expose obvious lies are being offended. Keep your hokey esoteric blessings for yourself.
    As for people with real issues, seek real help, this is just based on the placebo effect.

  2. "people who have nothing good to say" is the woman in this video for instance.
    EFT does no harm is just half of the truth. EFT does harm naive people seeking real help for real problems. EFT guru Gary Craig for instance claims EFT to heal "sever traumas", which is absolutely ridiculous.
    As in terms of positive self affirmation, I agree on that.
    But EFT is not a healing method, apart from being absurd and ridiculous to tap oneself like that. It is based on nothing. Don't like lies and quacks.

  3. odiux258.The irony lies in your statement. Who knows, maybe it is you who has a very close mind ?I don't know if you're a musician or not,but I don't see the correlation between being a musician and having a closed mind or not anyway.Yes,acupuncture is an old,popular lie,based on non-existing meridians.I'll tell you a "secret" (a secret it is for science-despising people):if you stick needles in someone,endorphines will flow,causing momentary relief;it doesn't matter where you stick it in.

  4. EFT is the best! Lifelong battle of deptessssion I am healed!!! only 3 weeks and keep on tapping for everything! Love wins!

  5. My craving for marijuana went down to zero but my craving for you went to 11 ˇˇ. TY with luv from Slovenia ^^

  6. @Listendudeok Science hasn't come up with any help for people with emotional issues apart from numbing them with meds, until science can offer something better your point is meaningless

  7. ur fucking stupid. gender has nothing to do with it. we all experience bad emotions, EFT is a great way to release them. Just because the instructor is a woman doesnt mean its for 'hos'. ignorant dumbass

  8. I really don't believe repeatedly slapping oneself is going to help anyone kick any habit. Infact it might just provoke a secondary addiction of self injury.

    And this is an expert? Of what? Stupidity?

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