(soothing guitar music) – [Adam] Babe, you’re taking
a last baby bump selfie? (laughs) – He looks so much lower. – [Adam] Okay, ya think? Massive. – It’s a mess. Let’s go have a baby.
– Yeah! I’m so excited. (soothing guitar music) – Ah, it’s just a good day
to give birth, huh folks? All right, here we go, doing a quick little tour of the area. A couple pain chart. A nice little window, and there’s the warmer. I think that’s what this thing’s called. And her voluptuous bed. My bed, super comfy. What is that? What on God’s earth is this thing? Looks like a giant peanut. – How do I look? – [Adam] You look beautiful. – Okay guys, so we are
officially here and checked in. We got the paperwork all situated. I have my IV already in,
getting some fluids right now. And then as soon as I get
my entire bag of fluids in, we’re gonna start on Pitocin. She checked me again and
I’m now three centimeters. So, I’ve progressed a
centimeter overnight. And I’m 50% effaced, I got
the monitors on baby Grayson, I got my ice chips ready to go. You guys, I did not eat
anything before coming here. I don’t know why, we were kinda in a rush. We were like 10 minutes late and usually I’m on time to
everything, and so is Adam. Then of course, the birth of
our son, we’re late. (laughs) But we’re just waiting right
now for my bag of fluids to be done and then she’s gonna
come in and start Pitocin. But I am so excited, this is so surreal. I can’t even believe that we’re
here about to have a baby. Can you believe it? What are you doing over there? – Taking a selfie. (laughing) – [Tara] He’s so concerned
about the lighting in here. It’s still dark out. (soothing guitar music) (heartbeat swooshing) – [Adam] Let’s get a blood
pressure, 112 over 75. You got good blood pressure.
(laughs) – Okay, a little update,
it is 7:30 a.m. right now, Adam just went downstairs because
the cafeteria just opened. So he went to go eat some breakfast. And I’m still munching on my ice chips, I’m doing fine though. They upped my Pitocin to an 18. Yeah, 18. So they up it every six units, I don’t know if that’s the correct term, but they do it in sixes. So I’ve bene here since.. Well, I started Pitocin at 5:45 a.m. And it’s almost 7:45 a.m., so in two hours I’ve
gone from six to an 18. I’m having consistent contractions, I can feel them, and they’re
starting to get more painful, but nothing unbearable. But my doctor and all the
nurses keep telling me to not wait to get my epidural
until I’m in a lot of pain. So, I think I’m probably
gonna get it, I dunno, within like the next hour or two. I don’t know how frequent
they’re gonna check me. But I told you guys I was already a three. So, I dunno, if the
contractions are doing anything, but if they are I think
should get the epidural within the next hour or so. But I will keep you guys updated. Okay, so they just came
in and broke my water and last time I had my
water broken, with Shay, I had the epidural already. So I didn’t feel anything, at all. This time was so weird,
it was a little painful, but I didn’t really feel
any water come out at all. Adam’s still downstairs eating, they came in so suddenly, I was not expecting them to
break my water this early. But he’s kinda upset. He’s like, “Babe, why didn’t
you tell them to wait?” Because he wanted to be here. He loves the entire process and wants to be here
for every little thing. I’m like, “It literally took two seconds.” But I’m having a contraction right now, I can start to feel it. And I know that they get
more intense and more painful when your water’s broken. So with Baylee, I had her, most
of you guys know, in triage, and she was all natural. And it was an insane birth. But my water was behind her, so my water didn’t come out
until after she was born. Which is bizarre. So this is like a new experience for me. And I can still feel it coming out. I don’t have my epidural yet, but they want to put a monitor inside to monitor my contractions better. So that’s why they
broke my water, I guess, is what he said. My doctor didn’t break my water, I guess she called the on-call
doctor who was here right now and had him break it, which
is fine, I didn’t care. But that’s why, I guess, they
wanted to break my waters because they want to monitor
the contractions better. Babe?
– [Adam] What? – Did you race up here? Are you mad? – [Adam] You’re mean. – Babe, what was I supposed to say? – [Adam] Tell them no. – Wait for my husband,
because he needs to see this. But they said that
inserting that little device to monitor the contractions
is gonna be really painful. So they were like, “Do you
want your epidural now?” And they keep asking me if I want it, so I’m like, “I guess, so
yeah, we’ll just get it now.” ‘Cause I know it takes an hour
or so to get a bag of fluids because you have to have
at least one bag of fluids before you get your epidural. So, they just put that up there. So, it’s going in my IV now. And then once that’s done, the anesthesiologist will come
in and insert my epidural. Adam’s setting up his little
bed over there to take a nap. How was your breakfast? – I had Subway.
– [Tara] You had Subway? – It was honestly kind of disgusting. – [Tara] Why? – I dunno, I just suck at ordering subs. – [Tara] Did you get coffee? – No. – [Tara] Oh good, I brought the blanket. Are you gonna use it? – Yeah. Okay, night night. – [Tara] Babe, my water is like– – Yeah, rub it in.
I didn’t get to see it. – [Tara] Who’s the one in labor here? – Oh, it’s so cold. – [Tara] It’s not even cold.
(Adam sighs) Goodnight. – [Anesthesiologist]
There you go, very good. – [Nurse] Just make sure
your shoulders are relaxed and your chin’s kinda to your chest. That should be all she needs. You’ll just feel a little bit of pressure, that should be it. – [Anesthesiologist]
And you may hear stuff. – [Nurse] You may hear like, popping. – [Anesthesiologist] Crackles. – [Nurse] And that’s normal. (heartbeat swooshing) – [Nurse] You’re doing really good. – Ah. – [Anesthesiologist] Are you feeling that? – Yeah, it was like a zing. – [Anesthesiologist] It was a zing? Okay. (heartbeat swooshing) Did you feel it on the left
side or the right side? – The left.
– [Anesthesiologist] Okay. (heartbeat swooshing) – [Anesthesiologist] Another zing? – Yeah. – [Anesthesiologist] Like a painful zing or just weird? – Yeah, just weird. – [Anesthesiologist] Just mostly weird? Okay, so I don’t want
you to move though, okay? Because I have a needle in your back. But if it hurts you– – It doesn’t hurt. – [Nurse] Does it feel like
you hit your funny bone? – Yeah. – [Nurse] Okay. – So that’s normal? – [Anesthesiologist] It can be. – [Nurse] Yeah. – [Anesthesiologist] I
don’t want it to hurt. I’m feeling your bones. I feel like I’m in the right spot, but if you want me to
pull this and redo it. You’re gonna feel pressure,
okay, ’cause I’ve gotta push. That’s better, huh?
– Mm-hmm. – [Anesthesiologist] Okay. Don’t move, that’s in the right spot. – [Nurse] Some of them do
it, some of them don’t. They usually tell us. Usually with those, I do
the catheter right away. Just because they’re already numb. Because it’s so quick acting. – [Training Nurse] Is that if they’re in, they’re come back in and do those, or? – [Nurse] Essentially, yes. But it’s when they
actually do the epidural. – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – [Nurse] So they give it. – I’m feeling a shooting
pain through my leg, is that normal? – [Nurse] Which side? – My left. – [Nurse] Still on her left. – Ow. – [Anesthesiologist] Okay
(mumbles through mask). I’m in the right spot. What I’m trying to do is
now thread the catheter. – Perfect. [Nurse] How’s that?
Better? – It’s achy.
Ow. Like my lower back really aches. Oh, yeah, ow.
– [Nurse] Like pressure? – Yeah.
– [Nurse] Lots of pressure? – Ow. – [Anesthesiologist] Right now? – Yeah. – [Anesthesiologist] Well,
I’m in the right spot. – I think it’s kinda gone, I think. It’s like a shock in my lower back. – [Anesthesiologist] All right,
I’m gonna try one more time. If not then we’ll try
a different spot, okay? – It feels fine right now. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – [Anesthesiologist] Okay, so
you don’t like the catheter. Your body does not want the catheter out. So don’t move, okay? It’s okay, we’ll just go
up a little higher, okay? This should not hurt, this should be good. – It’s better if you go higher? – [Anesthesiologist] It just
will be a different spot. But a chance that you may not feel it. Because the nerves that
were in that other spot may just be sensitive. Are you crying? Don’t cry, sweetie, I’m sorry. This is gonna be fine,
you’re gonna be okay. I just wanna go a little higher for you. You’ll be all right. A little push.
– Ow! – [Anesthesiologist] Now,
curl your back for me. Push your bones up, there you go. (Tara moaning) – Ohh. – [Anesthesiologist] Push
your back towards me now, there you go. – Ow, ow, ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! – [Anesthesiologist] All right. – That was really intense. – [Adam] How do you feel, babe? – I feel better now. – [Nurse] The pain, it was
terrible at the beginning. – Yeah, it was awful. – [Nurse] I’m glad you got it. – I was so worried that
it wasn’t going to work. And I was gonna have to go through with a natural birth on Pitocin. That would be miserable. But she just put the epidural
up a little bit higher and it wasn’t affecting my nerves. So I think that’s what she was with Shay, is it was too low. And I guess there were
some nerves down in my body that didn’t sit well with it. (big sigh) We got it, we got it figured out. Hi, buddies! Are you eating breakfast? – [Kids] Yeah. – What are you eating? – Cereal.
– Cereal? Mmm! I miss you guys already. – Hi!
– Hi! – How are you feeling? – I’m feeling better now, I just got my medicine. And baby Grayson’s coming out soon! He’s still in my belly right now, but he’s coming soon. Are you excited to see him? I love you guys, so, so much. – I love you, bye.
– Bye! – Shay, can I have a kiss?
Muah! Can I have a kiss, Shay?
Muah! – [Child] Call me back over here, Mom. – I will, okay? I’ll call you back in like an hour, okay? – [Kids] Okay.
– Okay. Love you.
– Love you, too. – Bye.
– Bye. – [Adam] Leave it to Tara to begin labor and still getting the
vlog up for you guys. That’s dedication. – Oh, I have three minutes
until it’s 10 o’clock. Think I can do it? – [Adam] You got it, babe. – [Tara] Okay, the vlog is live. 11 minutes late, but I did it. (soothing guitar music) Right now I have the peanut
ball in between my legs to hopefully open my
cervix up a little more. And have him come down because he’s still
pretty high up, she said. Which is so weird because he’s super low. – What are you looking at me for? – [Tara] Like my stomach.
– He’s low as heck. – [Tara] He’s so low. – It’s just a little tummy. – [Tara] But he was so low, I’m surprised he’s not
more engaged, ya know? – He’s just taking his sweet time. – [Tara] It looks like
he’s about to fall out. – No. – [Tara] That’s what
my stomach looks like. Yeah.
– Your tummy’s small. So we’ve changed positions, I’m now sitting straight up instead of on my side
with the peanut ball. Apparently I am all the way
up at my Pitocin, right? Like the highest level it can go. – [Adam] Maxed out. – I’m maxed out with my Pitocin and my contractions aren’t super intense like they’d like them to be. But I am progressing. I’m four centimeters, so I mean, that’s all we are hoping
for, is that I’m progressing. But I guess she has to call
my doctor and let her know that I’m maxed out on my Pitocin. And it may just take a little bit longer for me to get to 10 centimeters. But they’re thinking
that once I get to a six, that my body will just take
over and it will happen quicker. But we’re hoping that this
position will help with that and he’ll push down on my cervix and hopefully make me
dilate a little bit more. So it’s 1:30 p.m., my
nurse just came in here and we’re sitting up in
the squat position again. They turned off my Pitocin
because I was at the max level and my contractions
weren’t getting as intense as they should be. Apparently what they do in that situation is turn the Pitocin off
to give your body a break. And now she’s back in
to give me my bag again. – Another bag. – Another bag of Pitocin. – [Liza] I’m just so tired today that I honestly feel like a total zombie. And I didn’t even want to vlog today but I decided to share
this real, postpartum, newborn mom life with you guys. I know so many of you guys can relate and are going through this too. (mumbles) Okay, you can just
leave that right there… – Okay it’s 2:45 p.m. now and they checked my cervix
again and I’m at a six. – Six. – So, stopping the Pitocin
and starting it again definitely worked. So I’m at a six and ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. I let the epidural wear off, I don’t know why. I just was so numb and
wanted to feel something. So I kinda let it wear off. It’s still not even really that painful. I’m at, maybe, a three or
four on the pain scale. But I think it’s gonna
happen really fast now from this point on. So, she’s gonna come back
in and administer more of the epidural for me. And I’m laying on my side now because Grayson’s on this side, and we want him to shift over
here so he can move down. Hey guys, I’m 10 centimeters
and ready to push. We’re trying to get him to
move down a little bit more but I think he’s gonna come
within the next 20 minutes. They’re calling my doctor right now. Ow, I’m having a contraction. I feel really nauseous.
I’m shaking. I went from what, five or six
to ten, super fast, right? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah, so, stopping the
Pitocin and then restarting it with a new bag totally helped. It is 4:05 p.m. right now. And I think I’m gonna
have him by 4:30 p.m., 4:45 p.m. by the latest maybe? I’m shaking. But I’m just sitting up right now. I got my little bag, in case I barf. But we’re meet him soon, you guys. (moans) – [Nurse] Lots of pressure?
– Yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna turn off the Pitocin. (moaning) Let me check you again
and see where he’s at. – Okay.
(moaning) (Tara deeply exhaling) (Tara moaning) – I’ll get her here, okay? Lisa’s gonna come in and give you just a
little bit more medicine. It’s not gonna make you
too numb to deliver, okay? It’s just gonna kinda take
that edge off for right now. Sadler will be here in no time. – I’m not ready to push? – [Nurse] You are, I’m just
gonna get everybody here first. – Okay.
– [Nurse] Okay. (sigh) – Let’s just give you this little bolus. – How long will this take to kick in? – About two minutes. If that. This is lidocaine, it’s real quick. (moaning covering up dialogue) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, my God. Oh, God. I feel so sick. I feel like I’m gonna faint. – [Nurse] Breathe, it’s
not that you need it, it’s just kinda comforting sometimes. – When can I push? – [Nurse] I promise that
you’ll be able to push soon. She should be here in no time. – I wanna push so bad. – [Nurse] I know you do. (Tara crying) If this was your first
baby I’d push with you, by myself, but because it’s not, and I know you’re only
gonna push once or twice, that’s why I’m not letting you push yet. – I wanna push so bad. – [Nurse] I know you do,
I know do, I’m sorry. Try this over your face. It might help you just a little bit, okay? – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, my God, ow. – [Nurse] I’m so sorry, I’m
just getting everything ready. (Tara moaning) – Oh my God. (moaning drowning out Nurse) (Tara moaning) I’m gonna push. – [Nurse] I’m so sorry. (Tara crying) – That hurts, that hurts, that hurts, ow. – [Nurse] That better? – [Adam] Another one? (Tara crying) – Oh, God. Oh, my God. – [Doctor] You ready?
– Yeah. – [Doctor] You waiting for me? – [Adam] Yeah, that’s putting it lightly. I’m guessing you hit traffic. – [Doctor] There’s so
much traffic around here, that’s the problem. – Nursery, we’re ready
for you in room four. – Take a deep breath, and push down here. Curl up like you’re doing. – [Everyone] Push, push, push. – Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. Big breath. – [Adam] Good job. – Bear down and push. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Big breath. And push, one, two, three, four– – [Nurse] Hard, hard, hard, – Five, six, seven, eight. – [Adam] Keep going.
– Nine, ten. – Now, just relax. – [Adam] Good job. – You’re gonna pass out? – [Adam] I might cry a little bit. (laughing) – That’s okay, you can
cry, but don’t pass out. – [Adam] I’ve seen this
before a couple of times. – [Doctor] Once or twice, right? – [Everyone] Push, push, push. – Good job, just like that. – Five, six, keep
pushing, perfect, perfect. – Just like that. – Good job pushing. – That was an awesome push. – [Nurse] Go again. – Straight up into the ceiling. – [Nurse] There you go, perfect. – Perfect. – [Adam] Good job, babe, good job. (Tara exhaling) – [Nurse] Blow it out and
go again, one more push. Here we go, right there,
push, push, push, push, push. Good job. Can you do one more? There you go. Go, go, go, go, go, go. – [Adam] Good job. – [Nurse] Good job, Tara. Push, push, push, push, push. (Tara exhales) Slow deep breaths, you’re
gonna feel tons of pressure right now, okay?
– Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – [Nurse] Lots and lots of pressure. – Can I push again?
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – [Doctor] You can.
– [Nurse] One more. – [Doctor] Hard as you can.
There you go. – [Adam] Good job. (Tara sighs) – [Nurse] Good job, keep
going, just like that. – [Adam] Good job. (Tara exhaling) – [Doctor] Push as hard as you can. – [Nurse] Push, push, push, push, push. – [Doctor] Push as hard as you can. – [Nurse] Push, Tara. Hard, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. – Push, push, push. (Tara exhales) – [Nurse] Happy birthday! – 5:01 p.m.
– [Nurse] Thank you. (Tara crying) – [Doctor] Good job. – Oh, my God. Oh, thank God. (Tara crying) (baby crying) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. – He’s got ears. – He’s got toes, too. – Oh, my goodness. – Swing him around so you can see him. – Oh, my goodness.
(baby crying) Oh, my God. Grayson. – [Nurse] Grayson. – He’s perfect. (baby crying) He’s so pretty, hi. – Oh, my God, he’s so cute. Oh, my God. Hi, baby. Oh, my God. He’s so cute. Oh, my gosh, look at him. Babe, he’s so cute. Oh, my God. I can’t believe I have a little boy. (laughing) (baby crying) – [Nurse] 3720, which is 8, 3. – [Doctor] Dang!
– [Adam] Whoa! Big ol’ baby. Footprints. (baby crying) – I’m your mama. – [Adam] Like, “You? You’re my mama?” Good job, babe. ♪ Cause here in your arms ♪ ♪ I can finally let go ♪ ♪ The rest of the world ♪ ♪ Is outside when you make sure ♪ ♪ I’m all you missed ♪ ♪ Baby, it takes just one kiss ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪


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