ENGLISH ADDICT / episode 29 / 19th January 2020 / Accident words & idioms

ENGLISH ADDICT / episode 29 / 19th January 2020 / Accident words & idioms

you’re just too good to be true can’t
take my eyes off you you feel like heaven to touch oh I want to sleep with
you in a rabbit hutch oh here we go yes we are back everyone Oh guess what it’s
English addict number 29 and you are very welcome to join in it’s a beautiful day it’s very cold it’s
only one degree at the moment outside it’s freezing however here in the studio
because of all of my lovely bright lights it is nice and warm hi everybody
this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy I hope so here we go again it’s another
livestream for those who don’t know what this is maybe you are feeling a little
bored on a Sunday and maybe you are just thinking to yourself I think I will have
a look on YouTube to see what’s around well this is one of the things that is
normally around on Sunday live English with English addict
every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time oh yes three times a week
you can help yourself to improve your spoken English and also your listening
English as well that’s the reason why we are here I suppose the first question
should be what mood is the Queen of England in today is she feeling happy or
is she feeling a little grumpy so what do you think do you think the Queen of
England today is feeling happy or grumpy happy or grumpy yeah what do you think
so the Queen of England what is her mood today I think I think
her mood is going to be a little grumpy I don’t know why no particular reason
but I would imagine the Queen of England today is feeling a little bit
Rumpy what about you how are you feeling today how is your weak beam
how has your weekend beam yes because we are still in the weekend the weekend
hasn’t ended yet because it’s Sunday do you remember years ago do you
remember years ago when you used to have one of those old radio receivers not
like nowadays when everything is digital but in the olden days we used to have
radio receivers and you had to tune them in you had to tune them in you had to you couldn’t get the radio station
clearly so you had to tune in your radio set however nowadays of course we have
lots of lovely digital technology we were out in town yesterday having our
usual Saturday meal and in the center of much Wenlock there was a stall when we
say stall we mean an area or something that has been temporarily set up to sell
something so maybe you have a market stall so an area where something is sold
however the place itself is only temporary
so it might disappear after a short period of time it might only be there
for a short time yesterday in the center of much Wenlock they were selling one of
my all-time favorite foods can you guess what it is
can you guess what my all-time favorite food is and can you guess what mr. Steve
bought yesterday for us to eat last night oh my goodness
can I just say it’s something that is delicious lovely nice not particularly
healthy I’ll be honest with you it’s not healthy food but it is something that I
really love eating I really do we have the live chat oh hello to the
live chat hi there live chat is now
and running you are more than welcome to send a message chat live you can share
your love of the English language I have a feeling that there are many English
addicts here today so who is first on the live chat
Oh Molly Noah Molly Noah or maybe it’s mal Innova hello to you
guess what you are first on today’s live chat can you see how excited I’m feeling
today I don’t know why I’m in a good mood
maybe it’s because if we have a look outside look look outside today it is
absolutely glorious it is sunny the sky is blue everything is looking rather
nice today and there is another view that is looking out of my studio window
right now over towards Shrewsbury and you can see the Sun is out everything is
looking rather nice it is I suppose you would describe this as a crisp day crisp
so it’s cold sunny however it doesn’t really feel too
unpleasant and it certainly looks nice today so there is the view outside right
now it is a bright and sunny Sunday and I hope wherever you are your sunday is
going nicely as well I really really do we have lots of things coming today
of course it around about half plus two I will be tempting mr. Steve into the
studio Oh would you like to see do you want to have a look so here it is so
here is the thing oh what a lovely sound here is the thing that I’m going to be
tempting Steve with today look at that can you see what it is it is a chocolate
brownie I happen to know that mr. Steve loves chocolate brownies they are not
very healthy but just like the other thing that we get last night it is very
delicious so that is what I will be tempting mr. Steve into the studio with
today because Steve is quite shy you might not realize it but mr. Steve is
quite a shy person especially when he’s sitting on the toilet poor mr. Steve so there it is
today’s snack that I’m going to tempt mr. Steve with but the big question is
will he take the bait if you take the bait it means you go towards the thing
you go to take the thing that is being put in front of you so quite often if
you go fishing maybe you are one of those people who likes to sit by the
river bank fishing you might use bait to catch the fish so there it is today’s
snack that I’m going to tempt mr. Steve with but the big question is will Steve
take the bait we will find out a little bit later on also we have grammar lama
ding dong yes even though mr. Steve is coming on today we are still playing our
game our new grammar game called grammar Lama ding dong and today we are looking
at these particular words the differences between these words and I
will be testing you on your knowledge of these words later on with our brand-new
quiz called grammar Lama ding dong so all of that coming later on what else do
I have to talk about oh I suppose I suppose that you might also be talking
about oh yes I know we are talking about words and phrases that can be connected
to having an accident dear I don’t like the sound of that so words and phrases
that can be used can be used when you are may be suffering from an injury
maybe something that has hurt you maybe something that is making you feel unwell
maybe something that has happened and unexpectedly so today we are talking
about words and phrases connected to having an accident I don’t like the
sound of that also later on yes we’ll be having a look at my all-time favorite
food the thing that yesterday I went into
town and and mr. Steve treated me to something very nice we’ll be having a
look at that later on as well so the live chat is very busy oh hello everyone
thank you for joining me today hello – Julie hello Chris and also is Zeinab
Zeinab thank you very much for your concern about my mother my mum is still
in hospital she’s feeling better but she still has a long way to go so we are
hopefully we are all hoping that she will be out of hospitals sometime next
week however she still has a long way to go I was there last week I went to visit
my mum on Thursday and she’s much better much better we had a lovely chat if you
were watching on Friday you will know that I was talking all about this and it
was lovely to see my mum chatting and dare I say smiling let’s just say my
mother was looking a lot happier than the Queen of England at the moment Vitas
hello Vitesse watching in Lithuania nice to see you here as well hello Martha in
Poland Oh tomorrow it is Martha’s birthday so
Martha in Poland just for you tomorrow not today tomorrow it is Martha’s
birthday so can I send you all the best happy birthday for tomorrow it’s your
birthday yes it is tomorrow it’s your birthday
Wow have a great time I know that didn’t rhyme before anyone says mr. Duncan that
poem did not rhyme I am very well aware of that hello Anita Anita hello to you
is it your first time here hello my Simo Maria Maria Maria I’m
saying hello to Maria Thank You Maria Belarus series here as well Cecilia
Cristina also franceska lots of people are joining right now palmyra netra
thank you also to real everyday English hi mr. Duncan from Manchester it is
foggy and wet in Manchester here it’s not too bad I must be honest with you it
is lovely outside the weather is is quite nice so there it is at the moment
a live view looking out of my studio window and it’s looking rather nice
outside I don’t know what the weather is like where you are because I’m not there
at the moment some of you might say thank goodness for that and what it’s
like living with mr. Duncan that is that is what some people ask can I just say
it’s not easy ask mr. Dermott ask mr. Steve later so
when mr. Steve hopefully comes on here later ask Steve what it’s like living
with me and I can guarantee he will give you a very honest answer he will so
happy birthday for tomorrow to Martha in Poland Marilla is here hello Marilla
also Luis Mendez watching in France once again lots of news coming from Paris
lots of things happening in France and other parts of the world as well if
there is anything happening in your country at the moment and you want to
share it with everyone else please tell me I know that one or two
people were celebrating Christmas yesterday in fact some people celebrate
but I think it’s Epiphany was it yesterday so for some people they
were celebrating the Epiphany yesterday and I think some people actually jump in
the water where does this happen did you do it did you jump in the water
yesterday for epiphany I know certain parts of the world have Christmas and
all of the other festivals much later than we do here in England
hello also – Surjya hello sir Jaya nice to see you here as well stack kunuk
hello to you I like your name by the way stack Kunak nice to see you here
you are always welcome on the live chat real everyday English says I went for a
run this morning the floor was so slippery with ice I hope you didn’t fall
over I hope you didn’t have an accident because that’s what we’re talking about
later we are talking about words and phrases connected to having an accident
maybe something that might happen to you without warning so when we have an
accident something happens that we weren’t expecting and quite often the
result is may be disasterous or even fatal I don’t like that I don’t like it at all
so accidents words and phrases also another thing I might ask Steve later do
you ever worry about your health I think as you get older you become more
obsessed with your health in fact I know for sure that mr. Steve and sometimes
myself we worry a lot about our health so we often think that we have maybe a
serious illness or a serious disease I always find things on my body maybe I’m sharing too much information
here but sometimes I find things on my body maybe a spot or a little boil or
maybe something that I wasn’t expecting to see and I get really worried about it
I always think it’s something really serious but then a couple of days later
it vanishes or maybe it goes pop and then it’s gone and then my worry
subsides however you do sometimes get aches and pains and maybe they last for
two or three days and then you start thinking too much about it you might be
a person that could be described as a hypochondriac look at the size of that
word that it’s a really big word it’s so big I can just about get it on the
screen look how big it is that’s a very large word so a hypochondriac is a
person who often worries about their health they always think that there is
something serious wrong with them and can I just say that sometimes mr. Steve
can be a bit of a hypochondriac and also me as well but I think as you get older
you start to become more concerned with your health you start to think that
every time you have a pain maybe in your back or your shoulder or maybe you find
a strange spot on your body you always think the worst some people
are hypochondriacs they really are hello also to Massimo hello Massimo mr. Duncan
what is a rabbit hutch a rabbit hutch is the place where you keep a rabbit so if
you have a pet rabbit you might keep it in a little house and we call it a
rabbit hutch nasiha hello sir we are feeling pretty good love from
Pakistan the other day I sent a big hello to Pakistan so I’m going to do it
again hello Pakistan if you would like a big hello for your country let me know
no problem it will be my pleasure Cecilia Cecilia likes the word grumpy I
think at the moment it would be fair to say that the Queen of England might be a
little bit grumpy lots of things happening at the moment
in the Queen’s life and family so I would imagine at the moment the Queen of
England is feeling a little bit a little bit grumpy I think so I really really
think so I do I really think so that’s what I think hello also to Sally
Sally down by the alley she’s looking for a place to go grandma Lama dingdong is coming later
don’t worry it will be here our new quiz where I test you all about and on your
grammar and that’s what we’re looking at today the differences between these
words and I will be testing your knowledge of the use of these words a
little bit later on and I think today we might have Steve also joining in would
that be good maybe not Palmyra Thank You Palmero for saying
hello hello to the old and new classmates I have a strange feeling that
there are lots of people here who don’t normally watch so yes we might have a
lot of new viewers here today you exciting accent hello accent I haven’t
seen you here for a long time in Spain mr. Duncan since Spain in the work right
now I’m not sure what that means in Spain are you at work I think that’s
what accent is saying so at the moment a lot of people are working on Sunday and
this is something that it’s it’s very easy to forget that there are a lot of
people who actually work on Sunday including me look I’m here now having to
work I have no choice Tomic is a little bit angry with me I find it quite
disrespectful that you are late as usual nevertheless I hope you are well and
your lovely mum is even better I was a little bit late today and the reason why
I was late today I always have an excuse and today’s
excuse was because I wasn’t ready I still had my my morning clothes on so
it’s so this morning I always wear something different when I get out of
bed I normally have a t-shirt so or something like that but of course I
forgot to change into my lovely English addict
clothes so that’s why I was slightly late Thank You Tomic my mum is feeling
better she’s still in hospital unfortunately but I have been to see her
and as you can imagine she always has a big smile on her face when she sees me
maybe Cristina I think the queen is very relaxed because they said on TV that the
leave from the couple took place serenely oh I see so one of the things
happening at the moment with the British royal family mmm
Harry and Megan have decided to go somewhere else they don’t want to be
royalty anymore maybe well maybe I could take their place maybe Steve and me
maybe we could take their place I would I would love to be a member of
the royal family I think I would be really good Pat you do you think for
step down of Megan and Harry from the royal titles is good from my point of
view I couldn’t care less I’ll be honest with you I really
couldn’t care less although if they want to give me a refund of some of the money
that I given them over the years in tax then that would be very nice so that’s
the only thing I’m thinking about so Harry and Megan if you could please send
some of that money to me that you want to give back to the to the people of the
UK I would be very pleased if you could do that just you know send it to me
maybe just put it through my door you don’t have to pop around and say hello
just put it through my letterbox hello Chris hello Tomic hello Anna tea cakes
is your favorite food tea cakes I like that that’s a very good very good idea
however it isn’t I am going to reveal to you now what my favorite food
is and it happens to be the thing that Steve bought yesterday as well Steve
bought some of it in town yesterday here it is
here is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons where I talk all about
one of my all-time favorite foods talking of food we will also be tempting
mr. Steve into the studio as well if you are a regular viewer then you will know
that I love food can you guess what my most favorite
snack is the thing I like to nibble on the most the one food I often get a
craving for okay I will tell you my most favorite snack is cheese yes it is true
I love to nibble on cheese there are many reasons why I love cheese firstly
there are so many varieties so many flavors of cheese from mild to extra
mature cheese’s can vary in shape and color too
some are round and white while others can be square in red some cheese’s have
a strong odor cheese is made from the milk of a cow or goat each type of
cheese has its own name this name normally relates to where it was
originally produced for example cheddar cheese was first made in cheddar
Somerset which is in the UK red Leicester cheese was first made in
Leicestershire and is red in color one of the smelliest cheese’s must be the
variety known as stinking bishop this cheese is also produced here
in the UK in the county of Gloucestershire each country has its own
famous cheese France has its camembert cheese Greece has its feta cheese which
is made from goat’s milk Italy has its parmesan cheese which is normally grated
and sprinkled on to pasta or you could try some mozzarella cheese which is used
to make pizza topping there are many hundreds of varieties of
cheese around the world all of which I would love to try but sadly I cannot as
I would put on weight and get very very fat when people take photographs of
their friends and family they normally ask the subjects to say cheese as it
encourages everyone being photographed to smile cheese I must say all this talk
of cheese is making me feel quite hungry so there it was an excerpt from what my
full English lessons and also a very good opportunity to tell you all about
my favorite food oh I could just eat some cheese right now oh I’ve got some cheese here can you see
so this is some of the cheese that Steve bought yesterday it is absolutely
delicious this particular one is Wensley Dale with cranberries one of my all-time
favorite cheese’s so for those asking mr. Duncan what type of cheese do you
like this is one of my all-time favorites Wensley Dale which is a very
creamy very milky cheese with cranberries inside so they they have
actually added cranberries to the cheese and this one is very delicious what is
your favorite cheese which cheese do you like here he comes then hopefully
hopefully we will be able to get him into the studio it is time now to tempt
mr. Steve and today this is what we have today can you see it we have a lovely
piece of chocolate brownie and this is a sponge that contains a lot of cocoa and
also pieces of chocolate as well and it’s very very sweet so this is what I’m
going to tempt mr. Steve with the big question of course is will mr. Steve
take the bait so now I will go over to the other side of the studio and I will
leave this here for Steve but the big question is will he take the bait so
there it is just give me a moment as I move across and everyone be very quiet
because Steve is easily startled he is because he’s so shy wait let’s let’s do
it now Shh of course again just hope we’ve got him
everybody we’ve caught mister steering in we’ve caught him we’ve tempted me
onto the live stream mr. Duncan would you like a drink of water
Meads about these are very nice what’s that a brownie a chocolate brownie oh
well I hope I happen to know that you like chocolate brownies so that’s what
we do you see we like to tempt you we like to we like to seduce mr. Steve on
to the live stream Oh another one if you want another one I’ve only got one you
can have you can have a piece of cheese I was just talking about this is it for
later hello everyone and I got chocolate
around my lips thank you I’ve been working very hard with Duncan while
you’ve been you don’t have to shout lazing around on this live stream I’m
not being lazy I tried to push me no it’s just it’s just blocking I’m
blocking the camera its technical I have been to remember we had to have another
load of logs delivered logs for the fire because we’ve used up we usually only
use one load of logs a year I can smell I can smell the fire now but we ran out
of them because we’ve had it on a lot more this winter this is true so we had
another half a load delivered probably about 150 logs
and I have mr. Duncan just threw them in the garage or garage if you’re American
okay and I have just put them all into the lock store mr. Duncan well then I’ll
tell you it’s hard work my back is aching what what do you want a medal
we could of course the problem is burning logs on a log burner these days
is considered to be a little earner environmentally friendly yes it’s funny
because they said that back in the 70s and 80s okay
nineteen seventies nineteen eighties that you couldn’t burn any fossil fuels
on an open fire okay in your house because it contributed to much to air
pollution and of course it’s right we used to have very bad air pollution
particularly in London in the fifties thousands of people used to die every
year further back than that yes that’s over there was a particularly
bad episode in the late fifties yes when in one year something like 10,000 people
died of respiratory problems caused by all the smokes from coal fire in
factories power stations so we had the the Clean Air Act which came into force
I think towards the end of the fifties 1950s okay but now of course suddenly
about far about ten years ago 15 years ago there suddenly said that you could
use log burners now because there are a new generation of log burners that are
supposed to be a lot cleaner okay and don’t put so many particulates
particulates this is great you know if you’re gonna use these big words could
you write them down into the atmosphere but of course everybody started putting
them because it’s very fashionable to have a log fire again well the thing is
wait wait there that but the thing is Steve having a log burner means that you
are self-sufficient with your heating so imagine if you you had an electric
heater and then you lost your power you lost the electricity or you had gas
heating and then the gas went off so if you have logs to burn then I suppose you
always have some guaranteed heat however however a lot of people think that these
days you should not be burning logs in fact wait there Steve I’m just about to
do something you have to sometimes let me do things because we have a format I
know one person who might be very annoyed about what about the thing we’re
talking about burning logs turning logs your neighbors you know who let me do
something wait there Steve I’m gonna do it again listen listen don’t say
anything there is one person who might be very annoyed at as burning logs how
dare you Greta Greta is not gonna like it
well do you think she she wouldn’t like it wouldn’t she see it as
environmentally friendly burning sustainable logs well comes from a
Scandinavian country where they burn lots of logs all their houses are made
of wood Scandinavia doesn’t she come from a Scandinavian country this is your
this is your oh I think she’s isn’t she from Sweden something like that don’t
ask me you’re you’re telling us you’re telling you’re telling the world this
well I know I was asking you to see if you knew so I in in Scandinavian
countries they have a lot of houses built out of out of the indigenous tree
species so log cabins a carats of houses made of logs I should imagine as long as
that you were planting trees it’s ok but the problem is in towns you don’t want
lots of smoke because it’s bad for people’s no well I don’t think you want
to smoke anywhere do you well it’s all right in the country
because it’s not gonna build up so much but anyway we’ve got a toilet it’s try
telling on try telling that to people in Australia where there’s another yes but
that’s enough that’s not a fire in your house mr.
Duncan there’s quite a big difference from setting fire to millions of
hectares of natural forest compared to that’s an interesting point actually
okay Steve you defecate shouting I want to know is how much co2 has been
released into the atmosphere from all the burning of the forests in Australia
yes or if you’re posh in the UK you say Australia or you go straight okay then
are you going to work it out now well no but I’d like to know I haven’t
heard anybody report this yet all these fires how much co2 has it released into
the atmosphere and I think it’s a lot a lot it’s a lot I just say it’s it’s a
lot so everyone we are all aboard we are all
aboard the Steve train knightly sounds oh okay then don’t draw
attention to it Casey Jones demon and a-rollin do you remember that show mr.
Duncan when we were growing up no like a white show from America you look it up
Casey Jones steamin and a-rollin Casey Jones
steaming down the track Casey Jones stickman roll in derp derp
derp derp derp derp derp derp derp dead I was just thinking last week how all of
my viewers are dropping off now we we seem to have fewer and fewer viewers I
think I know the reason why you look it up with a great Brett I don’t know how
they used to get so many episodes every week just from a train going down a
track some weeks they’d be attacked by Indians well every other week it was
Indians okay when Steve says Indians American indigenous Indians cowboys and
Indians that’s sort of that’s when it was much still wrong only only you could
try to get those I’m talking only you could clear something up by making
something actually worse you know no that cowboy Native American yes well not
native Indians well it was a good show I used to enjoy it which kcj muffins and a
rolling no you look it up no one remembers no was in his choo-choo train
and he used to do these to have adventures of every week I said quite
liked it well of course they’re good they’re
going to have adventures aren’t they I mean I mean how many adventures can you
have I suppose it was set in sort of early days of when America was building
all these tracks everywhere and of course all these tracks yeah they were
they were they were they were laying lots of railroads every okay Steve Jeff
is on he wrote he if Jeff is on Jeff is on if Jeff is on watching
maybe he can tell us about if he remembers Casey Jones demon and a-rollin
you know I’m really beginning to I’m really beginning to regret having this
sound effect this one I really regret having that sound effect because for
some reason it’s it stirred mr. Steve into talking about a show that virtually
no one on the planet remembers what what you’re doing Steve you can have a look
at the live chat there look I can that’s true but I can’t go back can i but none
of us can go back yes Apache says Scandinavian country wants
zero emissions yes so do we we’ve said we’re going to have zero zero emissions
which i think is a responsible thing to do for us in the West because we started
the Industrial Revolution off yes so we’ve got to we’ve always got to now be
making amends for in a way because we did create all this pollution in the
first place we what you mean the English well English yes the West I’m talking
about in developed countries is going to say it it seems it seems a little it
seems a little unfair just to blame the English well for all the pollution we
did start the Industrial Revolution yes right okay then but if we haven’t if we
hadn’t started it somebody else would have yes but that my point is that now
we’ve started it we’ve used up a lot of these resources so it’s our
responsibility now to to show the the rest of the world how we can clean up
our act and and and use more sustainable forms of energy like solar wind and in
fact now in the UK something like 26% which is a phenomenal figure of our
energy now comes from wind power okay then which so we’re making lots of
progress but I get 0 Steve I’m just going to ask you now to reel in all of
the things that you think all of the thoughts that are popping up in your
head Wow so this is the final time you’ll see mr. Steve today I’m more
excited today mr. Dobby forever and I understand I don’t know why you’re
excited it’s very unusual take advantage of it because I don’t usually have this
much energy as if only but but the problem what I was going to say Steve is
you can’t really get rid of emissions because even even we have lots of
emissions especially mr. Steve mr. Duncan yes and there’s nothing worse
than gas from your digestive tract to cause global warming that that’s why
they’re the environmentalists are trying to tell us to eat less meat well they’re
trying to get rid of all the Sheep they want the sheep and the cows to go well
they see they produce all this gas yes methane gas which is something like ten
times worse in terms of in terms of causing the greenhouse effect than co2
yes so you know yes well we’d we’d hardly eat any meat I think actually
environmentally we’re very good as a couple as two people we’re actually very
good because we we you burn these logs which are from trees that are planted
yes we burn we burn trees to keep us warm for 20 minutes we haven’t had
children so if you have a child that immediately you double your emission
okay then you how these facts come from by the way how much stuff and how much
co2 will be created as the result of one child so so what what you’re saying is
we have to get rid of sheep cows and children get rid of the lot okay then I
thought how much more I wonder how much how many more people can the earth
sustain an interesting question but according to somebody I listened to the
other day they said another 2 billion ok you know I think we’ve got enough quite
honestly but there we go so what is mr. Duncan talking about today so are you
asking me or is this this your inner monologue that says here
beaut an Boutin is the only country in the world which absorbs more carbon than
it produces interesting no didn’t know that don’t you export or wheel I don’t
know don’t know about that ah maybe that’s what that that’s very obvious by
the way that you don’t know super excited I am today I don’t know why okay
to know today we’re doing something else as well Steve if we can if we can
actually get a word in edgeways while Steve is getting on his soapbox talking
about all sorts of things we’re talking about words and phrases to do with
having oh dear having an accident accident accident so there are many
different types of accident that you can have like that so many accidents today
we’re talking about words and phrases and there are a lot of accidents a lot
of types of accident that you can have also another thing I want to mention
very briefly is we often obsess about our health don’t we as we get older I
think so this is something I mentioned earlier and a lot of people can become
hypochondriacs so there’s an interesting word it is a big word isn’t it look at
the size of that very big words that is a long word it goes right there way
across the screen hypochondriac so sometimes I think Steve I think you can
be a little bit not not completely but sometimes a little bit of a
hypochondriac I would agree there I’m not as bad as I
used to be but I used to be a bit obsessed with my health I think we
probably all go through phases like that but yes I don’t worry about it so much
now because a lot of the time you think you’re real you you’re not and what’s
the point of worrying you gots if you think there’s something wrong go to the
doctor he tells you all right forget about it get on
your life that’s my philosophy now as I mentioned earlier I often find little
spots and little boils things on my body sometimes and I get so obsessed and I
think it’s something serious and then a couple of days later a couple of days
later I wonder what you were going to do but what were you doing then I was
looking at these boils they’re not they’re not on my face they’re on my
body but they’re not there now they’ve gone yes
got one down here very nasty Thanks it needs a lamp see you are on very thin
ice at the moment you got a boil you go to the doctor they Lancet you are on
very thin ice so what my point my point is my point hitch fit it’s quite often
we obsess with something and then it goes away so the thing comes it appears
on your body and then it vanishes and anything why was I so worried so
sometimes we do worry about our health and maybe we have something serious I
remember a few years ago Steve when you you used to go to the gym Steve wasn’t
feeling very well and he went to the doctors and the doctor said you might be
having a brain hemorrhage yes Wow I was at the gym so that’s we don’t want
the whole story how about an abbreviated version please make it as short as
possible and yes abbreviated story so yes I don’t I only went for about six
months and I was pumping iron mr. Duncan on the weights you know on the weights
doing all this and suddenly I felt that this headache coming on and it just got
worse and worse and worse it felt like it just enveloped and I went to the I
think we’ve told this story before and I went to the the gym instructor okay is
that his name his name Jim that would be good wouldn’t it if a person who works
in a gym is actually called Jim I expect it’s happened that’s amazing I would
imagine it has so you so versus jgy am and J I am okay then but you were here
at the gym you were pumping headache pumping iron headache and he went to the
doctors and the doctor said well the man in the in the in the in the gym so I
said all about this terrific header that I’ve been pumping I and he said oh he
look really worried and said go straight to your doctor yes because I found out
afterwards if people go with massive headaches quite often they’re having a
hemorrhage a brain hemorrhage and then what you out of there because they don’t
want they don’t want you to have a brain hemorrhage on their premises well that
lots of people go to the gym not lots but a significant number every year so
lots of people go to the gym but not lots because they they’re pumping too
much and it’s been a while since they’ve got a weakness so all right okay Steve
um and he sent me offer a scan of my head was an was there anything where you
were going to say was it was it empty like a coconut shell anyway there was no
detected problem so I wasn’t having one in fact the doctor that went back to the
doctor I said well what was it and he said I think you stressed
have you been overworking if you had a holiday recently and I said no he said
Ron I’m taking you two weeks off sick leave and I was better after that that’s
it I think Steve just wanted some time off work to be honest hypochondriac yes
some of you constantly worries about their health but I do like that the the
fact that the person in a gym sent you away as quickly as possible
it really worries because I I think I think he was hoping that you would
collapse outside in the car park and not in the gym because it can’t be very good
for business if people are dropping like flies in your gymnasium it’s not not a
good advertisement anyway I sort of gave it up after that
because I didn’t really like it it was too many
smelly people and you have to sit on the equipment afterwards don’t you too many
too many smelly people you’re supposed to wipe the what people are sweating
everywhere you don’t know whether they’ve had a shower it says on the
equipment you’re supposed to wipe the equipment down after you’ve used it but
people never do which equipment are you talking about
they’re all the weights and the most bits of equipment I thought I thought
you meant your own equipment you know I’m your body because sweating
everywhere and then they’re sitting on these bits of equipment and then you’re
gonna have to use it afterwards it’s gusting anyway I don’t go anymore and
you’re supposed to write them down but people never do they never do they never
do and when I never did so I stopped going in the end because every time I
went in to get an illness an illness what you mean there well actually I can
I had a cold sore on my lip I’d never had cold sores in my intestine where
where were you putting your lips I think you know you’ve put your hands on the
equipment they’re contaminated with bugs and then you wiped your face or
something and I got this big spot come over my face where I I’m just I’m just
very intrigued I think what else were you doing at that gymnasium yeah I think
there probably lots of people go to gyms but I don’t know and that they probably
are good for your health but sitting there is something I don’t like about
when I’m taking exercise I don’t want to be surrounded by lots of other people no
I don’t want lots of loud music I don’t want to be surrounded by people when I’m
doing anything and that’s true that’s why you do this and people watching
television seem a very healthy place to me a gym I mean all these people
sweating bugs everywhere okay then you’re just repeating yourself there it
was just having to drive there it took so long it’s much quicker to get out of
the house go for a quick walk you’re back you’ve got your exercise done in
half an hour you if I’ve got a drive to the gym that’s 20 minutes just change
slow down with your thoughts and slow down mind you I might meet somebody
attractive there you never know what they might be thinking the same thing so
I don’t think you have any look there look Sean says some people are obsessed
with their wrinkles always thinking to get rid of it yes I
don’t worry about my wrinkles because I don’t have very many and Steve you don’t
have many wrinkles well not on your face anyway
everything else is wrinkly but but not your face it looks amazing
anyway we seem to be going off the topic yeah we do I met somebody one
interesting thing about wrinkles somebody who was obsessed with wrinkles
and they said to me every time you make a wrinkle by by an expression like a
frown or something like that fountain if you do it a million times it becomes a
permanent feature on your face okay okay that’s great so we’re talking about
words to do with accident so you have an accident
something that you weren’t prepared for something you weren’t expecting so it
happens accidentally so the way the thing happens is accidentally it happens
unexpectedly accidentally you were not expecting the thing to happen so to do
something accidentally it might be something that you weren’t expecting
such as falling over or hurting yourself of course you can accidentally bump in
to another person you might meet a person in the street you weren’t
expecting to meet so you can meet someone accidentally you didn’t intend
to meet them so a thing that happens accidentally is something you weren’t
expecting some other words now oh here’s an interesting thing if you have an
accident Steve you will often injure yourself and you may need to go to the
doctor yes I need stitches so if you injure yourself it means you have come
to harm so something has happened something has been damaged and by that
we mean a part of your body so you injure yourself and then get a cut yeah
bruised a broken bone a twisted pelvis one of those fractured skill actually
this girl raptured skull eunji yourself you don’t want a fractured skull
especially mr. Steve because his brain might pop
it could be a minor injury like a cut an abrasion often I get that when I’m out
in the in the garden you’re digging away and you might accidentally slip Rosa
says Rosa says I can’t continue watching you like that you’re probably not the
only one incidentally somebody’s put their yes
something that is incidental or incidentally so it happens by chance you
are you you weren’t expecting it to happen so something that is an incident
I suppose you could also describe an accident as an incident so you have an
injury so you injure yourself so when we say injury what are we saying Steve yes
you’ve got again that could be a cut if if you injure yourself
that means you caused some damage to your body dancer but the injury is the
actual thing that has been damaged so we say an injury it is a general term to
mean the thing that has been damaged so yes if you have an injury it means that
is the thing that has been harmed damaged or maybe maybe it’s being
completely cut off maybe maybe you you are missing one of your arms or an ear
it could be a severe injury yes something minor injury yes so something
severe is something like a broken bone I would say you’ve lost a finger or severe
injury yes or maybe you trap your head in a door and it cuts your head off
that’s a serious injury serious or severe normally that would mean that you
need to go to the hospital get it treated a minor injury you might be able
to treat that yourself or just go to the local doctor but if something severe you
might incur a severe injury and a car accident so satury know says in the
movies after an accident people will swear and in real
life it is I suppose it is normal to swear to their mother or their sisters
well if you do injure yourself quite often you will swear because because
it’s painful so quite often swearing might be a reaction to to an injury
because it’s pain its pain you are reacting to the pain yes I know it’s a
Torino saying there in the films they’re going four-letter word hell okay I’m
going to oh yes in hell and in real life people I don’t
know the real life they say to their mothers can you give us an example of
that yes please don’t please don’t give an example I want to stay on YouTube for
us for as long as I possibly can what do they say then Oh mother okay so
is that a cleaner way of swearing I don’t know get an injury I don’t know
Steve where you’re going with this I’m not sure I just wanted to know no okay
that’s good there are fewer cars than usual because many categories of cars
are no longer allowed to circulate says Anna so where Anna is certain cars are
not allowed anymore on the road fall you might have a fall as you get older you
might find that you have more Falls because I don’t know why have you
noticed this Steve interesting Beatriz in connection to that has said on Friday
she said she wants us to say if that’s the correct way of saying it which is
connected with what you’ve said on Friday
I dropped to the floor in my bedroom so what you would say is actually you’d say
I fell to the floor hmm i feld Fe double L but in fact Beatriz you had a fall yes
so you fell you had a fall but I suppose you could say you dropped to the floor
as well you dropped to the floor or of course or of course you you may have
become unconscious in which case we say you faint you faint or you fainted
if it is the pest tent you could say I dropped to the floor but normally you
would say I fell hmm I fell that was what we ignore me yes so
an accident where you suddenly fall is a fall you had a fall so a person might
fall if they are trying to climb the stairs maybe they fall down the stairs
there’s another connection to keep that up mr. Duncan TS has said that her heart
has been injured by somebody so yes so you can but that’s you’re not talking a
literal you’re not talking that you had an actual injury not a physical injury
but maybe somebody you were going out with somebody seeing somebody and then
they then they dropped you and you broke your heart yes I think that’s what TS
means there you are talking figurative figuratively yes so you can damage
someone’s heart physically or or just just figuratively so my heart was broken
you have broken my heart my heart has been injured but that just means your
feelings yes so did you fall in love with somebody and then they dumped you
mm-hmm and you had a broken heart sweetness is going as well I don’t know
why everyone seems to be disappearing at the moment sorry mr. Duncan Oh mr.
steamed I can’t attend this amazing live stream I have guests that I have to be
with I have to be with them bring them on bring them on okay sweetness they’re
worriedly to see you fall we’ve only got we’ve only got another 20,000 words
Palmero says two years ago I think colleague broke her leg
not a keg her leg while skiing in in the ounce in Italy in a helicopter took her
to hospital yes yes that was a serious injury well
skiing skiing an accident can I just say something I
know this is going to be controversial but I think of all the ridiculous things
a person can do it’s strapped themselves to two large pieces of metal or plastic
and then slide down the side of a mountain that is covered in snow I think
I think it might be a slightly no this is just my this is just my opinion I
think skiing might be just slightly foolish well it’s mr. Duncan it’s just
sports furnace have you ever skied mr. Duncan I haven’t then that’s the reason
why well I have and it is great fun it’s the challenge I like my speeding down a
slope with there that wind in you in it well you’ve been only got a hat on
and goggles because it’s very bright it’s great fun that there’s a whole
atmosphere around there there’s chalets you’re gonna have a nice hot drink
the atmosphere of people screaming with broken legs going up in the open the
lifts and they live skiing there it it’s actually incredibly hard work because
you’ve got to do a to stop you’ve got to do this sort of snow plow they call it
okay let’s get into that but a lot of people break their legs they do in fact
we used to have trips at school literally to to go skiing okay I never
went on them because then I won’t say why but anyway but it’s always somebody
on a school trip who goes on a skiing holiday breaks their leg I’m not sure
much more shocking a Steve saying that he used to go skiing sometimes or the
fact that he just he just said that his family was poor well there wasn’t that
they used to spend lots of money mate that’s not that’s always to get piano
lessons and things like that so there’s other Steve ending with Steve now we
don’t have to talk endlessly about everything we bring up slip people are
talking at all about their accident you’ll never guess what happened to me
the other day I took a fall or I had a fall
you don’t take a fall you have a fall on the ground whilst walking home I
stepped on a piece of plastic strap that caused my accident fortunately I only
got a few bruises a bruised Hydra is going when we say bruised we mean
bleeding that occurs under the skin due to impact yes
slip you can slip can’t you you can slip we’ve been doing a lot of that recently
mr. Duncan it’s very muddy it’s been raining a lot it’s been muddy outside we
go for a walk and we slip so one foot doesn’t go where you want it to do and
you might slip and then fall over yes or you might slip and just manage to
correct yourself so you might slip on the mud you might slip on ice you might
slip on a wet surface so maybe a flaw that is just being washed or cleaned or
maybe polished and you slip so you slip over you slip up you slip and fall you
can slip up in other ways as well can’t you make a mistake make a mistake so you
might be taking you might say something and it’s a mistake and you can say I
slipped up there or your boss at work asked you to do a project your boss at
work I suppose I said you do a project and you made some mistake in it you can
say well I slipped up there something you don’t normally do it’s a slip up you
slipped up something you normally very good at something and then and then you
make us a mistake and you say you slipped up it’s not something you would
normally make a mistake in doing okay it’s a slip up isn’t it slip so maybe
you could say the wrong thing you could have a slip of the tongue yes a slip of
the tongue yes okay we’ve got Pat you says what does accident waiting to
happen mean an accident waiting to happen is something that is a hazard
that is there all the time but no one does anything about it they don’t they
don’t take that hazard away so a hazard is something that is dangerous or might
cause an injury or an accident so when we say
that something is an accident waiting to happen it means there is a hazard or
something dangerous or harmful that is already there but no one has noticed it
it is an accident waiting to happen maybe if you have a building and maybe
one of the doors in the back has been locked you might say that that locked
door is an accident waiting to happen so if there is a fire people would not
be able to escape from that locked door so an accident that is waiting to happen
yes it could be you you drive your car everyday
and there could be a particular Junction on the road which is dangerous and you
know that you’ve got to be very careful when exiting from this Junction and you
think to yourself all there should be a sign there or something but there has
never been an accident because due to look but you you might it’s never
happened but you might say that’s an accident waiting to happen it’s it’s
it’s a hazard that everybody can see or maybe just you can see it or a few
people can see it but nobody’s done anything about it because there never
has been an accident and this happens a lot on the roads where there are
accident black spots for example places where there are a lot of axes and huger
at junctions and things like that and the quite often we can say are on the
road there’s an accident way for example if you if you always drove a car you
were texting yes if you were the sort of person that was distracted and was
sending texts or on the phone you might say that’s an accident waiting to happen
because sooner or later the laws of probability will kick in and the
accident will happen yes so explain that basically the thing I said six minutes
ago but I’m just trying to explain it in different ways listeners on Steve Skid so if you skid it means you move
across the surface but at the same time you are actually losing control so to
lose control as you are moving forwards you skid you skid you lose control as
you are moving forward so you might skid off the road in your car you might
scared as you are walking you lose control of your body or your movement
for a brief moment and it causes you to have an accident we won’t talk about
this one too much I’ll just say one thing mr. doing a skid I mean you talk
about slip a skid is like a is where the slip goes on for a long time isn’t it
yes so you have it you have it it could be a foot to foot a meter okay and
normally it leaves a mark so a skid leaves a mark a slip is just a short
little nobody can see your feet by the way a slip is just a you know a
momentary thing whereas a skid is you’ve lost control over a long period of time
so if you had a skid in the car you might see black lines from your tyres
whereas if you had a skid on some ice you might you might see some marks left
behind breaking shoes quite often with a car if you lose control of your car you will skid out of control Tomec says tetanus give us a few examples of it in
a sentence I cut my finger whilst gardening on the rose bushes and now I’m
going to have to go to the doctor for a tetanus injection tetanus tetanus it’s
an it’s an infection in soil it’s a it’s a bug that contained that in soil that
if you get soil into your skin for any reason into an open cut you can get
tetanus in there which is very serious most countries you have vaccines for
tetanus because it’s in Sora all over the world you’ve got to be very careful
lots of old ladies gardening in the UK it’s a very common way to get tetanus is
this a fact cutting their wrote it is a fact cutting their Roses trimming their
bushes and they get a thorn from the Roses in their fingers which has got the
tetanus on it because it’s been near the soil okay and you if you don’t go to the
doctor you’ll be seriously ill but most people have you know their countries
will have a vaccination program to prevent you when you’re even from young
children but yes so your your you might get something in your finger you’ll get
tetanus and maybe your finger will become infected as well you might get an
infection in your finger and then your finger will fall off well that’s not
tetanus that’s different but yes that’s how you reduced people don’t get tetanus
very often it’s you get lockjaw the bug puts toxins into your system but because
most countries have a vaccination program to prevent you ever getting the
disease tetanus and only ever used it in a sentence saying
Tomic Tomic has said thank you that means he understands due to the
explanation so we can move on here’s another one Steve stand humble stumble
so this is kind of like falling but you don’t fall straight away or maybe you
don’t fall it all you just trip but you managed not to
fall so you stumble Oh stumble you write yourself don’t you yes
so stumble is something where you lose control of your movement briefly but you
are able to regain control so stumble you might stumble slightly
and then afterwards you are okay again because you might you might have tripped
up on something on the pavement or there could be a paving slab that’s higher
than the other and you’re not looking where you’re going and your foot might
get toe might get caught it and you just stumble stumble stumble but quite often
you don’t fall you stumble you don’t step but if you but then you can use the
expression stumbled and stumble and fall hmm because you could stumble all right
you know oh you’re trying to correct yourself but then you might not be able
to correct yourself and then you fall a lot of elderly people stumble they trip
up over a pavement they can’t write themselves and then they fall Oh who’s a
good she stumbled and fell okay Steve we’ve got it flower Espoir says there is
always a black spot where many accidents will occur especially on the road so
quite often yes a black spot is an area or place where accidents often occur so
especially on the road so there might be a junction or a part of the road where
accidents often occur and and around here there are many black spots there
are quite often caused by other people driving too fast yes there could be it
could be many reasons usually it’s a junction and in the in the UK I mean
I’ve been on training courses safety road safety training we have a lot of
that alone and and also if you’ve been caught speeding yes which I have on
numerous occasions oh I’m on the road a lot naughty Steve you can in the UK you
get points on your license probably in lots of other countries but if
you only have only had a speeding offence once in five or six years they
will allow you to go on a course a speed awareness course okay and you have to
pay for the course but it’s the same as the fine for trading but you don’t get
points on your license so a lot of people go on these courses okay and one
thing I’ve learned from that mr. Duncan about accident black spots is in the UK
probably and not some other countries if there’s a triangular sign that’s
surrounded in red that means and you’ll probably have a similar thing in your
country a triangular sign in red means that’s a danger point in the road it
could be a bend yes it could could be a bend it could be a farm so you might
have tractors there it could be a school but if you see the triangular sign in
red anywhere in the UK they only put those up when there’s been an accident
and usually a death yeah so if you see one of those signs anywhere in the UK
chances are there’s been a very serious accident there or a death another that
they only don’t bother to put those signs up okay until there has been a
serious accident so you if it’s there you know there’s been a serious accident
okay in the past another another way of spotting a hazard
or a black spot on the road is quite often you’ll find bunches of flowers
tied to the lamppost so if you’re ever driving down the road in the UK and you
see a lamppost or a signpost and tied to it there are
lots of flowers it normally means that in the area someone has died on the road
either as a motorist or a pedestrian so as you drive around you if you come
to the UK and you see this it isn’t just people being very happy and pleasant but
by decorating lampposts with flowers it actually normally means that there’s
been a fatal accident nearby exactly yes what do you think the
government should do for road safety what in in the UK we’ve actually I think
the one of the safest countries I think is the US for driving and in the UK
we’re quite good as well because we’ve got lots of speeding cameras everywhere
it’s safe to say actually that there’s two main causes of road accidents one is
lack of training but in the UK we have a very strict road test you can’t go onto
the road to the part of theory test and a very strict practical test as well
other countries that don’t have such strict road tests like that before you
can go on the road have more accidents because you have to be aware of dangers
the other one is speeding there’s no doubt speeding hmm causes more accident
falling asleep falling asleep but yes we’ve got a quite a good safety record
in the UK but nevertheless in the UK every year we’re one of the safest gate
countries in the world that’s probably about 5,000 deaths a year on the road
that’s a year and probably Oh many many more times serious life-changing
injuries I mean that’s the thing you mean five thousand between five and
seven a current used to be a lot higher than that yes but you go to some
countries in the world and it’s it’s like a million a year sorry when people
die on the road really was so which countries of these I think China’s very
high death well I was going to say that I think that the world sure as well okay
the worst drivers on the road have to be Chinese I’m sorry I know I know what
you’re gonna say mr. Duncan you are being unfair and cruel and prejudiced
and racist and any other issed you can think of however I’ve lived in China I
lived there for many years and I can safely say that people in
China cannot drive at all that’s probably because
they haven’t got very strict rules about letting people drive on the road no they
don’t they just they just pay someone for the license they don’t even take
tests or even lessons but they just get a car pay someone maybe a few hundred
yuan and then suddenly they’re on the road and they’ve they’ve had no test or
training and alcohol somebody’s pointed that out of course alcohol drink driving
is another major cause of accidents in the seventies and eighties nineteen
seventies and eighties in the UK there used to be a lot of deaths due to drink
driving hmm and then we introduced very very strict rules but nevertheless
there’s still a lot of accidents people still drink and drive I mean I know from
personal experience I don’t drink and drive but I do occasionally even if I
have I mean there is a limit I think it’s 80 milligrams of alcohol or
something like that it’s it’s much lower in other countries in France it’s a lot
lower than it is in the UK but even if I have something that is just one small
drink and then I dry I’ll be way way under the limit I know I’m not I’m not
concentrating as much even with just a very small amount of alcohol okay you
tend to drive faster and you tend to be less aware and you’re not you’re not
sort of because it’s your inhibitions have gone when you’re drinking alcohol
so you’re not aware of dangers in the same way you would be if you weren’t
having any alcohol the other dangerous thing is having lots of people in the
car with you or chatting away because that’s a big distraction for a driver if
you’ve got lots of people and you’re trying to engage the driver in
conversation things like that like when you’re driving in your mother keeps
talking to you yes I find it a big distraction
your mother sometimes is is next to you in and she’s telling you all sorts of
things in reading the signs out loudly Alamgir says there you chew
hadn’t received alum gate didn’t receive any notifications live stream I know I
don’t know what the hell is going on at the moment with YouTube since around the
3rd or 4th of January YouTube has actually changed the way it
does things you might not have noticed it I have noticed it but there are there
are lots of new restrictions and regulations that have come in on YouTube
since the beginning of this year and this is something I was talking about
last year and and because of that a lot of people now aren’t finding out about
my videos or my new lessons or my live streams and so this is a big problem but
I am going to try and put that right by having a new website that I I’m hoping
to launch at the end of this month so that will put everything right
however YouTube I don’t know what YouTube is doing anymore I don’t think
even YouTube knows what they’re doing anymore they just keep pressing buttons
and changing things so that’s probably one of the reasons why somebody just
mentioned their about Louis said in France the amount of alcohol is point
three grams when the UK I think it’s point eight or it might might have come
down a bit but I thought it was a lot lower in France yes and sir who says
alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence and somebody else just said
that they when they come to the you came to the UK that when they were going out
with some friends yes there we go Olga says when I was in the UK some of my
friends drank alcohol before driving they said they were allowed to drink a
bit yes that’s true you can actually have but probably a glass and a half of
wine two pints of beer which is quite a lot low-alcohol beer
well average at point three percent beer two pints of that it depends on what
you’ve eaten or it’s but a lot of people have said it’s best to drink nothing
okay because even a small amount you’re not you
your inhibitions have gone okay and you’re not as in fact I tend to get into
into more fights with people yeah I’ve never seen you in a fight ever I meant
on the road you react more so somebody does something are more likely to speed
and react if I’ve got a leaving a small amount of alcohol okay good Steve okay
we’re trying to move on now because we’ve got a lot of things still to do
drugs of course isn’t big problem on there this is a big problem yes I was
smoking that and then driving so at the moment and I could probably do with some
drugs to get me through with this to be honest Tomic says he read a study that showed
that more people are killed in car accidents because of walking on a site
yes that’s it yes pedestrians a lot of pedestrians get killed people walking
along the road sometimes are very careless as well they just step out in
front of the traffic because they think they can get across the road however
they can’t and then the car hits them and then they fly through the air like a
bird sindhya says their alcohol isn’t allowed of course it isn’t allowed in a
lot of countries Saudi Arabia I think being one of them so obviously there
were people won’t be drinking and driving their alcohol is a big problem
generally so alight in small amounts in social situations most most things are a
problem it should be it probably isn’t practical to have zero alcohol because
but I think the limits should be a lot lower in the UK I think there should be
lower yes or maybe no alcohol but a lot of pubs
have closed down in the UK yeah there’s one a one a week or something closes
down and that’s because you can just buy alcohol from anywhere now but yes but
before you I mean it was always so traditional or not additionally we’ve
mined I was growing up in the 70s and I had my first car we’d we’d go on a pub
crawl and drink and we were probably drinking far too much alcohol because
that’s what you used to do that’s what you don’t want to go to a pub and have a
soft drink whilst that mr. Duncan it’s nothing
there’s an aeroplane going over okay yes naught tolerance says Cecilia what are
we doing next mr. Duncan hello oh yeah that’s okay I wasn’t sure what were we
doing then yo show describing what’s going over in the sky Belarus yeah also
Cecilia Sudhir I was hoping to have our lovely ramma lamma lamma lamma lamma
lamma lamma lamma ding dong today our lovely quiz so I think Steve
will be going in around about 10 minutes and then I will carry on with our quiz
today how does that sound that sounds good to me mr. Duncan because I want to
go for a run so this is what I’m testing you on today we’re testing you on there
there and there in fact I might do this on Wednesday I
might do this on Wednesday because I don’t think we’ve got time now because
we’re talking about so many things most of them happen most of most of them
unplanned unfortunately hello Pat chooses I stood it I stood it all about
alcohol and beer but I don’t drink that’s interesting earlier on someone
said that the roads in the UK are very safe because I don’t have a driving
licence who said that you don’t have a driving licence do you this is true I
don’t drive I’ve never driven a car ever I’ve never owned a motorcar I used to
have a motorbike but not anymore I just walk around or use public
transport as the horse says their pubs are closing down because of different
social that that’s another reason for pubs closing down it’s not just because
people can’t drink alcohol and drive there are other reasons as well social
media you couldn’t I reckon eventually you
will be able to order alcohol of the internet and someone will come round
with with a pint of beer or a glass of wine to your door
you mean like they can for food burgers yes any food so you can have food
delivered to your door so I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they
deliver wine or a glass of beer to your door pubs are a very generational thing
aren’t they I mean I mean there is musical societies and we often go for a
drink afterwards but you never see many young people in pubs they’re all I would
say over 60 the majority of people in the old fashioned traditional pubs
traditional if you go there are of course wine bars of spring up now so you
get it if there’s if there’s a restaurant and a more modern purple will
have a greater spread of Ages I think so yes but the old traditional pub in the
UK where people sat there and smoked that’s another reason of course for
popes closing down because you can’t smoke in public places anymore which
includes I mean going down to the pub having a pint and a smoke was what a lot
of men did yes I saw they lived fall but if you can’t smoke there and you’ve got
to stand outside in the cold wet winters and you can’t drink much because you
can’t drive back you know not surprising they’re closing down yes but now people
drink at home can I say thank you to Jimmy in Hong Kong who has sent a live
donation with a super sticker so thank you very much for your 15 Hong Kong
dollars thank you very much Jimmy from Hong Kong don’t forget you can send your
live stickers with a donation as well so thank you Jimmy for that isn’t that
lovely by the way if you want to get in touch you can if you want to send an
email or maybe you want to make a donation through PayPal you are more
than welcome to do so and then she said there is no way I’m
taking those off oh sorry we’re back are we back oh oh we’re back are we back oh
dear oh yes but I think we’re back oh my goodness a common little bit are we back
Connells just joined hello Connell haven’t seen you for a long time
well we’re not good can’t say you’re late there’s no absolute requirement for
you to have to be here exactly on time you don’t have to be here early however
sometimes I get a lot of people joining just as we leave and they get very angry
Thank You Helena a few weeks ago I had an accident with a hint I don’t know
what a hint is I had an accident with a hint at night in a forest what’s that I
was alone first of all Helena why were you alone in a forest I was be going for
a walk Lewis’s mentioned he loves walking in the forest and Irene has
agreed with him what is a hint yes what could that would be hint accident with a
hint at a tree I don’t know yes what’s a hint tell us what you mean by a hint
Helen Cydia Cydia says my country is the safest place to drive because you hardly
find any drivers who have had alcohol but in spite of that the road accidents
are increasing because people don’t have driving licences very similar to China a
lot of people jump into their cars they get a new car or they get an old car and
they jump into it without having any tests or any training at all incredible
so that’s why I think China has the worst road safety record in the world
have we got anybody from Russia Iran I think Russia is probably not far behind
well but maybe I don’t know we don’t know officially about
so we have to be careful because there are big changes taking place in Russia
at the moment so I have to be careful I’m not saying anything else it was
Steve not me there’s a program not meaning to be disingenuous there’s a
program that we watch sometimes which is car accidents showing you videos of car
accidents all around the world it’s great entertainment it is great it does
tell you that there’s nobody being seriously injured in these accidents but
you do see it is entertaining to watch car accidents so should be have you have
you ever been in a car accident mr. Duncan I’ve never been in a car accident
it’s very frightening please don’t please don’t tell me you’re a long story
about your car accident I won’t but it’s very it’s very very scary yes well I
would imagine it is I would imagine being involved in any
vehicle accident isn’t much fun I’ve never heard anyone say I had a car crash
the other day and it was hilarious you what said it again mr. Duncan I wasn’t
listening reading the live stream okay then oh okay
his mail says that says hi I’m on my way from London to Birmingham to attend a
wedding how lovely well are we invited maybe we’ll just
turn up I think it’s safe to say we’re not invited well just turn up yes what
is the hint we want to know I want to know what the hint is yes in the forest
it is a typo Oh note no accident with a note an accident with a note that’s even
more confusing maths in physics is here in Pakistan I think 90% of people are
without their driving licenses oh my goodness so I would imagine if you cross
the road in Pakistan you have to look both ways and then look both ways again
and then just keep looking an accident with I hunt satury no says it could be
hunt hunt accident with a hunt in the forest very scary well we want to know
what is it’s a hint hunt well if it’s hunt that there are
even more questions I want to ask like what were you hunting in the forest was
it the same thing that Steve hunts for when he’s in the forest what do I hunt
for in forests mr. Duncan Christina says sorry mr. Duncan I have to go
Christina’s going now everyone everyone’s going ah but more people are
joining mr. Duncan did you want to do some more words mr. Duncan mr. Duncan
was just berating me I wasn’t Perez yeah yeah we talking I wasn’t criticizing you
I was just saying that this is an English addict live stream where we talk
about different words but you go through those all we’ve talked about is you
stumble stumble you can stumble a gentle word that’s all we talked about
say the wrong words or you mispronounce a word you stumble over your words
sprays brain you reach too far or maybe you move a part of your body much
further than it should go and you sprain you stretch the muscle or you stretch
the tendon too far and you injure it we often call it a sprain athletes will
often sprain their ligaments or their muscles in their legs quite often quite
often Oh your ankle your ankles a common one to sprain I sprained my ankle so you
haven’t broken it but you’ve damaged it because you might have fallen over
awkwardly might have had a stumble and sprained your ankle I think I’m starting
to sprained my back as a sprain is an injury that you might probably requires
it to be strapped up but hasn’t actually broken anything okay it’s just a soft
tissue what we call a soft tissue injury to the ligaments or something cut cut
cut cut cut so you can cut yourself you might accidentally cut your finger you
might accidentally cut another part of your body as it were so mean accident
accidentally not on purpose so you cut yourself accidentally maybe with a piece
of paper oh yes you can get a paper cut you might cut yourself with a knife
maybe you are cutting some cheese maybe you are cutting a piece of cheese and
you slip and you cut your finger you slice into your finger with the knife oh
I hate cutting myself I hate it I hate it when you slip and you cut your finger
or you injure yourself is so painful and sometimes it bleeds yes I need to put a
big plaster on it you can also use cut to me remove something you take
something away if you delete something or remove something quite often from
maybe a video or a piece of music you might remove part of it you cut cut
don’t they say that in moviemaking when it’s come to an end of a scene that’s it
they say cut that’s it it means stop filming stop filming cut and paste of
course yes you do a lot that on spreadsheets
that’s it you take a piece of writing out and you
move it somewhere else that’s it bash bash bash you bash something hit
you hit it violently maybe you bash your head or maybe a low ceiling yeah the way
you bash your head you may maybe you bash your elbow you
bash your leg I fell over and bashed my head on the floor
painful bash yes a bash it’s a nasty it’s a nasty hit a net bash bash
normally from an accident also you’ve if you hit something with
force maybe a drum or maybe you are making a sound by hitting it you can
bash something if you are criticizing someone by saying bad things about them
we can say that you are bash them you bash them you say bad things
yes or a very lavish meal a very lavish party where lots of people are enjoying
themselves a big celebration where there is lots of wining and dining food is
eaten we can call it a bash we’re having a big wedding bash next week yes if you
you can if you bash somebody over the head for example you might you might use
your fists or you might use a piece of wood you could bash a nail with a hammer
into some wood couldn’t you hitting something so to bring something to an
end as well is cut trip again it’s a little bit like slip
although trip you normally trip over an object so something that is in front of
you your foot will catch the thing and then you trip over you trip you trip up
you trip over simulator stumble hmm but specifically your foot your toe or your
ankle as you’re walking has hit something that causes you to miss a step
as you trip up it can be embarrassing you could trip and write yourself and
carry on yes or you could trip and then fall yes so quite often as an accident
because we’re talking about accidents trip means to catch something with your
foot and then you fall to the ground the underly lady tripped on the pavement
fell over and broke her hip hmm mr. Steve tripped on the doorstep and he
fell over straight onto his face as you can see break break you can break
something break your leg break your arm break your ankle break your finger there
are many parts of your body that’s a literal break an actual injury yes you
actually break it or as Tia said earlier she
broke had a heart broken hmm which is a different thing altogether yes
so you can stop as well if you stop doing something for a short time you
have a break you have a short rest and in medical terms if you break your bone
we can call it a fracture fracture so something that is broken or cracked
there is a fracture sometimes in the earth or below the ground you can have a
fracture in the Earth’s crust which causes earthquakes yes if you make
fracture a bone it’s not as bad as breaking it so you have a crack in it so
the bones don’t separate hmm they just crack but you would still have to have a
plaster on you if you if you break a bone or fracture a bone in the UK you
normally go to something called the fracture clinic so that’s where they
would they would put a plaster on hmm but usually yes you’re right a fracture
is not a complete break the bones stay together whereas a break is it right the
way through the bread right the way through the bone fracture here’s another
one yes ts just said what’s the difference
when a break and a fracture well they’re similar hmm but a break means it goes
all the way across the balance the bone is completely broken yeah and then you
have a thing called a compound fracture yes you don’t want a compound fracture
where the bones broken in lots of different places yes you might fall you
might have a car accident and your your leg is broken in many places I had a car
accident when I was in my early 20s we know and I fractured my ankle yeah so
there was a a break in the bone but not all the way across so it repaired quite
easily dislocate now this for me is one of my worst nightmares this is something
that I hope I never have to do or an accident that I have where I
dislocate part of my body so maybe I suppose a good example be your shoulder
maybe you have an accident in your bone comes out Oh out of its socket Oh Steve
so that’s it we have ball and joint what they call boil boil and joint a ball and
socket gents in most of our where our bones go into other other bones the most
common one is the shoulder a ball and socket joint yes but if that comes out
oh that’s a dislocation damage all the tendons don’t say it I’m ligaments and
say it don’t stay oh because you what you have
to do then is put the bone back in to the socket yes and quite often you have
to use force oh my goodness Steve I don’t like that so I hope I never
dislocate a part of my body normally a joint that you pull out Helen said she
had it was an accident with a deer as she drove through the fall a deer deer
deer Sullivan her car she was driving through the forest and hitted that’s
very common around here yeah we have a lot we have a lot of deers here’s and if
you’re driving particularly at night you can get a very serious injury because
they’re very heavy and you have to be very careful it’s why there’s a low
speed limit on the roads around here because the deers can spring out from
the forests we drove custard there donkey the other week I know I that the
road between here and Telford is littered with dead animals it’s a it’s
the killing fields it’s one of the local roads near to where we live and as you
drive along there there are always dead animals everywhere but we but there was
a dead donkey because as Helen Helen said well if you drive through a forest
iary of which this is there are always animals trying to get from one side of
the forest to the other if the roads down there in the middle then there’s
going to be lots of accidents yes well it would appear that there are some trap
that go across the road so so the animals will emerge from one side of the
road but they need to get to the other side
so they can continue with their journey and quite often you will find dead
squirrels dead pheasants dead deer dead foxes dead batches rabbits maybe the
occasional dead donkey well and the other day there was a dead chicken yes a
dead chicken on the side of the road and I said to Steve I said why did the
chicken cross the road and then then he said he asked why and I
said we’ll never know because the chickens dead that’s that’s an
old-fashioned joke why did the chicken cross the road to get to the other side
I can’t hear anyone laughing no I can’t hear that am i going there mr. Duncan do
you want to go you don’t have to go legs are aching I’m not telling you to go
well you gave me a hint about 10 minutes ago mr. Steve is going in 10 minutes as
much to say you wanted me to go like an subscribe by the way if you like what
you see right now on your computer monitor or mobile device like and
subscribe and I am here how often am I here I hear you ask well guess what I am
here Sunday Wednesday and Friday I might not be here on time on Wednesday because
I might be going to see my mum in hospital it depends if she’s out because
she might be out of hospital by Wednesday if not I might be going to the
hospital to see my mum Steve yes an idea though you’re gonna I was going to say
yes ah who says dear accidents and hitting hitting a deer with your car
happens a lot in the winter because it’s their mating season they’re looking for
a mate their routine I think heard that I think you’re right there
where you are eyes or they are written Valerie she says my friend hit a pork at
night I think you mean a pig pork is the meat that you get from a pig so you
wouldn’t say I hit a pork you would say I hit a pig well it might have been it
might have been a piece of pork maybe someone had left a piece of pork in
their own joint of meat yes a piece of meat it hit a pig a pig sorry to correct
you there sorry well the big question I have is where
are pigs hi Beatrice where where are pigs walking
around free on the road I’ve never seen a pig well there might be a pig farm oh
yes near where Belarusian lives or maybe or just and maybe one of the pigs has
got out we don’t have any pigs around here do we no you can describe a person
as a pig and now a nasty person who’s rude slobby
untidy smelly okay maybe they eat in a very unpleasant way we can say that they
eat like a pig if you hit in the UK desert there’s a
law if you hit an animal like a deer or a what’s the other what’s that common
one that bird that crosses the road I’ve killed one haven’t done accidentally
pheasant desn’t if you hit an animal that is edible like a pheasant or a peak
maybe probably not a pig because that probably would belong to a farmer but a
wild animal like a pheasant or the deer if you hit it you’re not allowed and
it’s dead you’re not allowed to take it and to eat but if you were following
somebody if you found it dead on the side of the road you could then pick it
up and take it home and eat it that’s the law in this country whoo-hoo
some people might well I know I know neighbors that who is collecting dead
animals from the road and eating them well if you saw a dead deer you might
think that’s a lot of meat that will keep me hungry for a few weeks how the
hell are you gonna get the deer into your car are you sticking in the boot
strap it on the top of the yeah on the roof but you can if you hit that animal
you’re not allowed by law you can’t take that animal but somebody following you
could take it it’s a strange law I think it’s there to
prevent you deliberately killing animals because the idea is that you don’t want
people deliberately swerving to kill animals so who who is going out of their
way to potentially damage their car just so they can have some free meat here but
if it’s a pheasant you can’t you can’t drive at them no you can’t but I think
that’s the idea of the law going into the field it is a bit I don’t know what
and unless there was somebody around nobody’s gonna stop you mr. Bruno is
very funny by the way what’s mr. Bruno said mr. Bruno says the the pig that
Belarus you’re hit has now become pork oh yes that’s very good
very very good very funny oh you don’t tell you you don’t have to apologize but
this is what this is all about we’re here to correct you on your English yeah
Anna Coby had an accident with a wild boar a wild boar they’re quite ferocious
animals I know the wild boar we don’t have them in the UK we used to have them
but we must have killed them all off our glaze ago probably poached them all shot
them all probably okay we used to have we used to have wolves but of course we
killed all the wolves that have wolves anymore we don’t
it is heart-wrenching to see an animal being killed in an axe
and it is hi yes dead cats I’ve along this road I’ve killed lots of
animals rabbits and sometimes in the car right I’m going to go mr. Duncan you’re
going on flagging flagging earth if you’re flagging it means you’re getting
tired and well I don’t think I have been here for two hours two hours yes two
hours getting dark mr. Duncan but the lights don’t endure the nights are
getting brighter because we’ve crossed the the winter that’s the light now just
I know but it’s really dark soon yes about about sunsets in no it’s about
half past four I looked is it helped us for the sunsets so you can see there
that the shadows are very long and it’ll be dark by five quarter past four so it
looks like the Sun is starting to set in the distance it’s not beautiful it is a
beautiful it is a beautiful day to day I must be honest it’s a lovely day today
because the Sun is out it’s cold but it really does look nice the Sun is now
starting to set so you can see that the the colour is rather nice yes
Lewis said I know somebody had an accident with a wild boar and his car
was not repairable but that’s the thing because of the you probably driving
quite if you hit a deer we know a neighbor that hit a deer and
her car was written off so if you say your car was written off it means that
it’s beyond economic repair okay because you can often repair cars but if it
costs more to repair it than the cars worth then the insurance company write
it off they say that’s not worth repairing okay get rid of it yes thought
I just throw that is this is you going by the way this is Steve going he talks
for another six minutes but what I was going to say there that you could repair
the car but you can’t repair the ball true that’s true yes if you hit a horse
as well people do hit horses sometime with cars yes it’s it’s it’s actually
the bigger the animal the more likely you are
to do a serious injury to yourself well yes I suppose so because the car is
hitting a big solid object yes well at that huh that’s that’s just physics
isn’t it time flies in a live stream it does flower it very much does so just
fly so I’m going to fly are you flying now Eli I’m going to go for a run
because I bought these new shoes that have great big studs in them that grip
in the in the in the mud and so I’m not sliding all over the place so I’m not
going to be sliding mr. Duncan or checking up your doubt talking for
another six minute because my new running shoes these big rubber stairs in
them that dig into the mud okay so no slipping or stumbling for me it’s time
for mr. Steve to pull out of the station are you ready to pull your hoot-hoot I
am it’s time to go choo-choo ready no doesn’t bring your hand over slightly
Oh or use this here’s this hand one two three can see Jonah Steven under all
industries bye thanks mr. Steve you might get that right one week so
there we go that was it that was mr. Steve he’s now going and I I hope he’s
going to make a nice cup of tea for me and a lovely tea cake as well that would
be ever so nice thanks for your company today the time has gone by so quickly I
don’t know where it’s gone where is it gone the time has flown by unfortunately
we don’t have time for grammar Lama ding-dong unfortunately because mr.
Steve just wouldn’t stop talking so now it’s just after 4 o’clock here in the UK
I’ve been here for two hours and my voice is almost worn out however I will
be back with you on Wednesday I hope I am back on Wednesday if my mother is
still in hospital I might not be here at 2:00 p.m. but I will be the be here
later so I hope that’s a deal is it a deal do you agree I hope so and
also on Wednesday and Friday and also next Sunday 2 p.m. UK time you can
always catch me right here on YouTube Beatriz says thanks mr. Duncan for this
interesting class I hope you’ve enjoyed it
ah who says thanks for your brilliant livestream thanks a lot I hope you’ve
enjoyed it I love two hours of live streaming just like before says TS well
some people complained that the live stream was too long some people complain
that the live stream is too short so that’s the reason why two hours I’ve
been here can you believe it can you believe it thanks Cecilia thanks flower
thanks Olga I will be doing the grammar lame’ ding dong on Wednesday because
we’ve run out of time can you believe it it’s gone so fast even I can’t believe
it thanks for your company thank you Anna
kobie grace Olga Thank You sweetness as well thank you Wolfie
lovely company today I know sometimes on Sunday you have lots of things to do
unfortunately sometimes there is a lot that has to be done you have to do many
things Thank You JC Geordi I really appreciate the long livestream so on
Wednesday we will we we will we will be taking a look at this honestly I do
apologize you can blame mr. Steve catch you later I hope you have a good
day the rest of your day I hope goes well and of course the rest
of your weekend this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for watching thanks for joining me today and I will
see you soon right here on YouTube and of course until next time… ta ta for now 😎


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  4. Hi! I'm from Russia. I've looked at statistics for 2019. We had 16,000 deaths on the roads. Russia is a HUGE country. Sometimes drives spend 10 hours on the wheels. They get tired and fall asleep. My family had a similar accident when my husband fell asleep at the wheel. We have strict rules on the roads. Alcohol is forbiden at all. Huge country……… Geetings to you from Russia☺

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