English Addict Live – Lesson 16 – Encourage Words and Phrases – WEDNESDAY 11th December 2019

English Addict Live – Lesson 16 – Encourage Words and Phrases – WEDNESDAY 11th December 2019

welcome to very tense and nervous United
Kingdom as we prepare to go and vote for our next government welcome everyone
it is another English addict live across the worldwide web
hello there hmm hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I really do hope
that you are feeling happy here in the UK everyone is I suppose the word I
would use is tense maybe a little nervous as we approach Friday the 13th
and also tomorrow as well something is happening tomorrow here in
the UK we have the UK general election taking place tomorrow so everyone will
be going out to vote for the next government who will be making all the
big decisions for this country so that is happening tomorrow so lots of things
happening as we go into the general election for the past three weeks we’ve
been listening to people telling us all sorts of things making all kinds of
promises how many of those promises they will actually carry out or fulfill
remains to be seen so that is happening so I’m sure many of us here in the UK on
Friday morning and of course this Friday it is the 13th Friday the 13th this week
so I’m sure across the UK many people will be waking up feeling as if luck is
not on their side for various reasons depending or not if the party that they
voted for actually gets in so a big day tomorrow the general election is taking
place here in the UK and this has been described as one of the biggest events
the biggest political events for many years because after this
vote the country that I’m living in now might be very different in the future so
some very interesting times ahead here in the UK enough about that because
there is a reason to be happy yes we have made it all the way to halfway
through the week yes it’s Wednesday yes Wednesday has arrived and I’m ever
so pleased about that I feel very happy that we have all made it to Wednesday I
don’t know why but the gap between Sunday and Wednesday when I’m not doing
my live streams always seems very long do you feel the same way so I always
feel that after Sunday I always feel as if I want to do more live streams but
unfortunately I have to wait until Wednesday to do the next one
so sometimes that gap can seem quite long indeed I hope you are feeling okay
hello to the live chat I can’t forget the live chat of course so hello to
everyone on the live chat hello to s Bois oh hello to you flower Espoir hi to
you guess what you are first on today’s live chats very good flower Espoir you are first on
the live chat hello to everyone watching live at the moment across the world
hello to Maria also hello sweetness Thank You sweetness Luis Mendez watching
in France thank you very much ml hello to you Maria Mia Maria Giovanni
LaRosa I love your name it’s so lovely to say it really does roll off the
tongue very nicely hello sweetness again haha hello to you grace chin
I’m sorry grace you weren’t first today on the live chat even though you were
last weekend not today unfortunately it would appear
that flower Espoir has a very fast finger hello also to Adrian hello Adrian
nice to see you back again as Sam also we have Anna Anna Rita
watching as well Beatriz is here hello Beatrice once again nice to see you
again as well amore hello a Marie hello to a Marie
Det Olivia Jr again I like your name very interesting marela
hello mr. Duncan hello every body Cathy cat hello Cathy cat I haven’t seen you
for a long time at least it feels like a long time since I last saw you
apparently it is just after 9 o’clock in the morning in South America in Mexico
it is just after 5:00 oh no 10 minutes past 9:00 in the morning right now so
it’s still very early in Mexico so a very good morning to you Luciano is
here as well hello to you I haven’t seen you for a long time either a lot of
people from the past are coming back today maybe they are
wondering why I haven’t told you who I am voting for in the next election which
is happening tomorrow so we have a big event taking place here in the UK now
I’m in a very difficult position I’m going to be honest with you I find
myself in a rather difficult situation because as a teacher many people expect
me not to give my personal opinions however as you know sometimes I do
sometimes I do give my personal opinions sometimes I do give comments personal
comments for myself not always but sometimes however when it comes to
politics I suppose I should be very careful what I’m saying I suppose just
like any broadcaster especially a news broadcaster you have to make sure that
you are impartial so if you are impartial it means that you don’t have a
favorite you don’t have a favorite party you don’t have a favorite form of
politics so sometimes you have to be very careful what you say RHS is here by
the way you may have noticed that my throat is it a little strange today I
don’t know why it’s it feels as if I’m losing my voice but I have no idea why
perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was on the roof yesterday
repairing my Christmas lights because we’ve had some very strong winds over
the past couple of days talking of which the view today is rather nice the Sun
has just decided to come out however about an hour ago it was raining the
rain was really coming down quite harshly and in the distance right now so
there it is a view out of the window at this very
moment you can see yes it’s looking okay and all I can say is thank goodness the
wind has eased off I’m very pleased about that to be honest hello also to
heal ow watching in Turkey hello to you Belarusian Belarusian have a new
president here in Argentina and I wish everything will be ok I really hope so
well you know what they say hope springs eternal in the heart of man and woman of
course so yes we have a big day tomorrow it would appear that around the world
many countries at the moment on going through certain types of upheaval so
when we talk about upheaval we mean disruption something that is disrupting
the normal flow of life or the normal flow of behavior so you might say at the
moment around the world there is a lot of upheaval taking place including here
in the UK from tomorrow maybe because we have the general election tomorrow I
won’t be with you unfortunately tomorrow I would love to be with you but I won’t
be with you tomorrow however I will be with you on Friday
Friday the 13th I will be with you as well as always for those who are
wondering you can see me live every Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK
time so that is when I am on with my English addict livestream a lot of
people asking mr. Duncan where is your website the website will be launched in
January so there you go so it won’t be launched before the end
of the year the new website is coming in January next year which sounds a long
time off but isn’t don’t worry it’s not very far away because already we are
approaching halfway through December so don’t worry about it
hello Palmyra hello to you have you made your decision I guess you are talking
about the general election that is taking place tomorrow we have to go out
and vote for a new government chaotic it’s been a very chaotic year here in
the UK lots of things that we were supposed to decide and vote on are now
undecided so because of all the chaos that has been caused by one issue and we
all know what it is I’m not going to mention it we are having to vote for a
new government tomorrow so that is happening here lots of stuff
going on in the UK I’m sure where you are you will hear all about this
tomorrow this morning we had Boris Johnson hiding in a refrigerator to
avoid being asked questions on live television did you see that very
interesting it’s been a very interesting run-up to the general election a very
unusual one hello maiella hello to you and also hello to Noemi nice to see you
here as well I’ve got a lot of things to show you today we are talking all about
a very positive thing something positive and something that I hope will bring a
smile to your face today the word encourage we are talking about
the action of giving encouragement you encourage someone and we’ll be looking
at words connected to this word and also this action as well that coming up later
on also we have the mystery idiom in fact I think we will do that right now
would you like to see today’s mystery idiom it is something I will put on the
screen all you have to do is say what you see say what you see it is a
well-known expression in English and there it is today’s mystery idiom now
there are a couple of idioms that you could use so this is a very unusual
mystery idiom because there there could be two answers however today I am
looking for one particular answer so one answer if you think you know what it is
please let me know on the live chat and I will give you the answer later on it
is English addict for a Wednesday we’ve made it all the way to Wednesday I hope
you are ok where you are Cathy cat I would love to see your live chats but
due to the time change in the UK I can’t watch him as much as I used to
well that’s a shame yes it is annoying now there is something in the back of my
mind that I’m thinking about at the moment I’m not sure whether to do it or
not but I’m thinking of having a late English addict on Wednesday so I will do
my normal English addict early on Wednesday at 2 p.m. and then later I
will do another one so that is something I’m thinking about I’m thinking about
doing it I haven’t made up my mind yet I haven’t decided but it’s something the
I’m thinking of doing so thank you very much for that Kathy it’s nice to see you
here today so thanks a lot for staying up extra late or of course getting up
extra early it really depends on where you are in the world Alamgir is here
koto hello koto long time no see on the live
chat how are you how am i I’m okay thank you I have lots of things to catch up if
you haven’t been here for a while first of all you might notice that things are
slightly different because I have changed not only the appearance of my
live streams but also the name as well English addict and this is all in
preparation for the new website that will be launched in 2020 which is only
two and a half weeks away so that’s not too bad is it really hello pal mirror
again Rosa Rosa nice to see you here as well
hello also to Naveen hello it’s very warm here in Egypt I would imagine it is
it’s not too bad here to be honest it’s been cold but today it’s a little milder
and finally the Sun has come out hello also Touro sir me Marella again Pradeep
hello Pradeep Pradeep mark muwah where are you watching at the
moment I’m very intrigued to find out where you are Anna the UK general
election is taking place tomorrow when we will when will we know the result so
normally when we have a general election here in the UK we will open the voting
stations as they call them all polling stations so they normally open very
early in the morning I think it’s 8 o’clock in the morning they are
it might actually be set six or seven but they do open very early so people
who have to go to work can actually cast their vote in the morning which is nice
and then normally the the voting will stop at ten o’clock at night so at 10
p.m. at night the voting will stop the polling stations or the voting stations
will all close and immediately the votes will start to be counted so people will
slowly count the votes all across the country and then as the night goes on
and normally it goes on into the early hours of the morning the votes will be
counted and then slowly but surely the results will come in so it’s normally
during the early hours of the next morning so very early on Friday morning
the results will start to come in so what I’m planning to do tomorrow I’m
planning to sit up and watch as all the results come in sadly mr. Steve won’t be
here tomorrow to sit with me but I will be doing that tomorrow however I won’t
be doing it on the Internet unfortunately so there is no live stream
Cecilia hi dear mr. Duncan I’ve been following
you since 2013 I must be honest I’m always interested to find out how long
you’ve been watching for so I’ve received some lovely messages recently I
received one yesterday from someone saying mr. Duncan I started watching
your lessons when I was a young boy now I’m an old man and I’m still watching
you thank you very much for that message by the way well I was old when I started
doing this 13 years ago goodness me Ramsay Nora
hi mr. Duncan how are you I’ve missed some of your videos has the livestream
time changed it hasn’t you can still catch me on Sunday Wednesday and Friday
from 2 p.m. UK time so nothing has changed there also of course many people
want to get in touch with me if you want you can write to me you can also follow
me on Facebook and if you want to help my work continue forever and ever and
ever you can make a small donation as well I have no idea what is happening with my
throat it feels as if my voice is slowly fading away I don’t know why perhaps it
was because I was outside yesterday in the pouring rain trying to fix my
Christmas lights that might have something to do with it I think so hello
Zara hello Zara my name is Fatima so your
name isn’t Zara it’s Fatima hello – Fatima and i religiously watch you
almost every day oh so you don’t just watch my live streams you also watch me
in the recorded lessons as well very nice thank you very much
Tan Cheng is here also I’m yes oh very nice
I’m Yassir oh you’ve made a guess on the mystery idiom that’s a good one but it
isn’t today’s it isn’t today’s mystery idiom but what do you think it is I
wonder what it could be so there it is today’s mystery idiom but what is it it
is a well-known phrase in English all you have to do is give me the actual
phrase something unusual of course here is that you can have more than one
choice however I am looking for just one phrase but which one is it hmm hmm I wonder hello also to Assam no
doubt the election is democratic in all countries they have freedom if I have to
vote in this election I will elect the excellent man which can
serve the people and his nation I suppose so
well we don’t just have men standing for election we have women as well so we
have Boris Johnson we have also Jeremy Corbyn and that lady with the Liberal
Democrats I can never I can never remember her name I feel really bad
about that I know I’m going to get into trouble I had a name in my head just and
now it’s disappeared this is the pressure of doing a live stream hello my
yella hello Roo Hiroko hello flour Espoir hello men Wendell
hello Wendell I do like your name Wendell
thanks for joining me today please say hello to your Brazilian students I know
I have a lot of people watching in Brazil thank you for watching thank you
also for staying with me very nice Pradeep is watching in Japan or Japan or
which is in India hello to you hello Anika Bowie or Anika B yes a very
interesting answer to my mystery idiom it isn’t what I’m looking for today but
I like it I like your answer very good Zahra I like the way you explain the
lessons your good mood is inspiring does it encourage you so we are looking at
some words today connected to encourage the word encourage I like this word so
if you encourage someone what is it what are we actually doing to encourage is to
give support or confidence to someone so if you encourage someone you are
actually giving support you are giving support or confidence to someone so
encourage can be many types of action I suppose you can say something you can do
something maybe you can send something maybe a message a message to give
support or to create confidence to give support or of course you can give a
person confidence as well so if you encourage someone it means you are
giving them the spirit the will to continue with that particular thing so I
think encouragement is a very interesting thing and also important as
well in teaching you might imagine that encouragement is very important and
again I agree I think that encouragement is very important especially if you’re
teaching so I think this is one of the biggest skills that a teacher can have
here are some other words you can urge someone so if you want to encourage
someone we can also say urge urge so you urge a person you give them support you
encourage them you urge them so you say things that will make them want to do
something so you urge a person maybe you beg
a person to do well so urge can be a very sincere way of giving encouragement
you’ve aged them maybe if your friend is running in a race maybe you are standing
at the side of the racetrack urging them on you are shouting things you are using
words to urge them on to give them encouragement so to encourage someone is to support so you support a person you
give them support you give them encouragement you encourage by giving
support and of course support can cover many things many different types of
things so you can support a person you can support them by saying things you
can support a person by helping them continue with their work
maybe you donate maybe money you maybe you donate your time to help that person
carry on so there are many ways of supporting someone you give them support
you encourage them I like that one very much here’s an interesting word you
might not have heard of this word before but I will show you anyway
the word is cajole so if you could Jol someone you will say things you will say
things to them to give them encouragement you will say things to
inspire them to keep them moving forwards you want them to do well so you
will say things to encourage whatever it is they are doing you want them to do
well you say nice things you give them words of encouragement
you could Joel kajol perhaps that’s a word you’ve never seen before
who knows Caesar says please mr. Duncan support me and my wife
oh please support me my wife wants to hear a happy birthday from your voice
mr. Duncan so hello to Caesar’s wife I don’t know your name
because Caesar hasn’t told me so happy birthday a happy birthday to Caesar’s
wife I hope you have a super-duper day and I hope that Cesar brought you
something nice for your birthday mmm you are very lucky to have a husband
like Caesar campaign now here is an interesting word the reason why I’m
using this word is because campaign can be used in more than one way you can use
it as a noun to name the action so you are naming the event of going out and
asking other people for support especially during a political campaign
so a campaign is a noun and also if you are going around asking other people to
give their support to the person that you want to be voted into power then you
are campaigning you campaign in a campaign by going around asking people
for their support will you vote for mr. Duncan in the next general election so
you are campaigning you will campaign from door to door and quite often this
is something that happens during a general election
here at the moment many people have been knocking on our doors asking for our
support in their election campaign anna says your support of our
english-learning is giving us your time and knowledge mr. Duncan thank you very
much for that well I always try my best I try my best advocate so if you are an
advocate for someone it means you are giving them your support you advocate or
you are an advocate of that person you are giving them support you are saying I
really think that guy or that lady can be the next prime minister so you advocate them advocate here’s a
sentence we can use to show support that we are giving you lend your support so
especially during a political campaign you might lend your support you might
offer your support to someone I will support you in the next general election
you lend your support so you will be there for that person you will give them
encouragement you will lend your support here’s another political one which can
also mean support or encourage you endorse someone so if you approve of
what someone is doing if you want that person to succeed you will often endorse
that person so endorse can also mean prove or promote so quite often we will
we will see this word used in many different ways you endorse something you
promote you approve of something you approve of a certain person and their
beliefs so you endorse that person and of course
this particular word can give a person a lot of encouragement because if you
endorse someone you are giving your support and encouragement here’s another phrase get behind if you
get behind someone it means once more you give them support you get behind
them you show your support to one person or a group of people you get behind a
certain issue maybe you get behind the environmental issue movement there are
many people at the moment talking about the risks and the dangers that pollution
and other things are causing to the environment so you might get behind that
movement you get behind something you encourage it you support it you give it
your encouragement hello to Guadalupe hello to pal Mira again a lot of things
have been happening in France this week some huge protests taking place Riya
Riya qua – says hello mr. Duncan and this is why R a–from Iraq
I have been watching you from or since 2012 thank you very much for your
support and a big hello to everyone watching in Iraq I know I have a lot of
viewers there I really do
neo neo oh sorry neo zero is to have someone called neo neo but neo zero I
don’t think you’re any relation are you I don’t think so the pension revolution
I suppose that’s one way of that’s one way of describing the protests that are
taking place at the moment in France spur on here’s an interesting word you
spur on so spur means to give encouragement you want that person to do
well you spur them on you cheer them on you give them your support so you spur a
person on you give them your encouragement maybe your favorite
football team you will go along to watch them play
you will spur on your favorite team you will encourage them to win the match hello also to zero find
hello to you as well a lot of people called zero on the live chat today hello
Louis again I would like to know we will know a bit more the following days I’m
not sure what that’s about I think that might be a reply to another question
that people are talking about on the livestream so a lot of people wanting to
find out about encouragement how do you encourage a person what words can you
use here we go egg on I like this one if you egg on someone you get them to do
something you encourage them you maybe get them to do something that will
benefit them you egg a person on you encourage them to do something you egg
them on this can sometimes be used negatively
as well so not only positively but also sometimes we can use this in a negative
way as well you egg someone on Sally says mr. Duncan I am preparing food for
my grandfather whilst I’m watching you Thank You Sally it’s nice to see you
here and hello to your grandfather as well I wonder what you are cooking last
night we had pizza and I made a slight mistake I think I may have put too much
garlic on the pizza last night because last night my stomach was so bad during
the night very painful I had terrible indigestion so I always like to put lots
of cheese and lots of garlic on the pizza and it wasn’t just me who was
suffering mr. Steve was suffering as well so I think it was something to do
with last night’s pizza so last night I did I did make a pizza but I did put
slightly too much garlic on the pizza garlic is lovely unless you eat too much
of it if you have too much garlic it can make your stomach quite upset root for
have you ever rooted for someone if you root for someone it means you give them
your support your encouragement so you support that person you want them to
succeed you want them to do well you want them to win you root for your team
you root for your friend you want them to succeed so to root for someone is to
give them your support that person is the one that you want to win talking of which we have a general
election tomorrow here in the UK that should be very interesting hmm
a lot of people already feel as if they know what the result is cheer on cheer
on if you cheer on someone then it means you give them your vocal support so
maybe you shout things you cheer maybe you wave at the same time so you cheer
on someone maybe as your football team comes out onto the field you will cheer
on your favorite team you will give them your support so if you cheer on this is
an action normally using your voice or maybe you will wave you will cheer on
your favorite team if you have a favorite team to be honest with you I
don’t follow football at all so when we encourage someone we give support or
confidence to someone and as I said earlier I think being a teacher is a
very important job and one of the reasons why teaching is so important is
because one of the things that a teacher has to do is encourage their students I
think so pal Mira says mr. Duncan I please mr. Duncan please do not eat
pizza before going to bed yes I think that might be the mistake that I made
yesterday so so mr. Steve and I sat down to eat some pizza so if you encourage someone we can say
that you give them a slap on the back this sounds like you are hitting them
but in fact you are encouraging them so if you give them a slap on the back or
maybe a pat on the back you are saying well doh well done you did well and I
hope you do well next time as well you give them a slap on the back you are
showing your support and approval of the thing they have done you are giving them
a slap on the back maybe your boss will give you a slap on the back if your
sales figures are very high you can say things to encourage a person go for it
go for it perhaps your friend tells you all about a great idea that they have
for a new business a new business plan that they are thinking about you might
say that sounds like a good idea go for it go for it so when we say go for it we
mean do it don’t hang around don’t wait don’t hesitate go for it do it so I
think this is a great way of encouraging a person to do something and also to do
it well here is something that I’ve almost said in my English lessons you
can do it you can do it you can do it you can do it you can do it if you want it you can do
it you can definitely do it this is a way of giving encouragement to someone
saying yes I believe you I believe that you can do it you can do it you really
can Leila is here hmm and I’m about to lose my voice I don’t know what’s
happened to my voice today as I’ve been doing my livestream my voice has slowly
started to disappear I’m sorry about that excuse me well whilst I drink some
water I don’t know what has happened to my voice today it seems very strange of
course encouragement is great but also sometimes we can do the opposite we
might say things to discourage someone so if you take away a person’s
confidence maybe you say something that makes them lose their ability or their
desire to do something you discourage someone you say things that are negative
and they discourage someone you take away a person’s confidence not very nice
we can say that you take the wind out of their sails so if you say something that
takes a person’s confidence or their motivation away we can say that you take
the wind out of their sails you say things to discourage them you say
something that takes away their confidence you
take the wind out of their sails you take away their confidence and self-esteem self-esteem now that’s an
interesting word your self-esteem is your way of looking at yourself in a
positive way your self-worth the value that you believe you have to other
people take away their confidence and you take away their self-esteem you
discourage them you say things that make people lose their confidence so you
discourage someone you deject someone oh no you say things that make a person
feel less confident about what they are doing they feel dejected so if you make
a person feel dejected you are making them lose their confidence the thing you
do is deject you say things to make a person lose their confidence sometimes
people do that for various reasons people might not want to see you succeed
so they will say things to make you lose your confidence not very nice hello TS I
didn’t see TS earlier hello Palmyra Palmyra
also didn’t see T s as well can we say boost someone to support them yes you
can you can give someone a boost so boost means to give more power you
put more power or force into something so you boost you mates make something
more powerful you give it more strength so yes you can boost a person’s
confidence by saying things to encourage them disparage this is the opposite by
the way this is the opposite of boost and encourage if you don’t encourage
someone if you say things to make them feel unhappy about themselves you
disparage a person disparage you say things to make them feel bad about
themselves and the thing they are doing not very nice really when you think
about it here’s another one you will say horrible things you will say horrible
things about the person maybe you will say horrible things to other people
about that person you demean them you say negative things about someone you
say things to make another person seem as if they are not doing a good job you
demean them you pull them down by the things you say demean you take away a
person’s confidence you say things that are cruel you demean them live-chat very
busy hello Anna you have so many subscribers mr. Duncan
does this increase your self-esteem it used to but not anymore it is great
having lots of subscribers but it’s not so good if your subscribers don’t know
that you are there that’s all I’m saying so many years ago I used to always feel
excited when I got lots of new subscribers but the problem nowadays is
many of my subscribers don’t even realize that I’m still here on YouTube
which is a very good really when you think about it in fact you might say
that when I find out that people don’t get to find out about my English lessons
it will always deflate me I feel a little deflated so when you deflate
something maybe you have a football and you take the air out of the football the
football will deflate the air will escape and so the ball will deflate you
can also do that with a person by saying bad things to them or if something
negative happens you might feel deflated something will make you feel a little
unhappy or depressed or down you will feel deflated the negative thing will
deflate you put down is another one to put down a person is to say bad things
or negative things about them you put down someone you say things negatively
you say things to discourage a person to take away their confidence you say
negative things why do you always have to put me down why do you put me down
all the time that means that people are going around saying bad things about me
you put down someone belittle and this is the final word be
little if you belittle someone once again you say things you do things to
make that person seem foolish or maybe to take away their confidence you
belittle someone you go around saying bad things about someone because you
want them to fail you don’t want them to succeed you will belittle them you make
that person seemed in insignificant you belittle them maroush says hello mr. Duncan
what does persuade mean to persuade means to change a person’s opinion or
their mind or maybe you want them to do something that they don’t want to do so
to persuade is to change a person’s mind by asking them or using some way to
change their mind so persuade is the action you persuade
them you use persuasion so when we say persuasion that describes the action of
trying to get someone to do something or to change their mind or to change their
ways you do something you say something to get them to change persuade is the
action of doing it pal Mira let me down and put me down is that the
same thing if someone lets you down it means they disappoint you so maybe they
promise to come to your birthday party but they don’t come
unfortunately they let you down by not coming to your party
put down means to say bad things about another person so if you feel put
down or if someone puts you down it means they are saying bad things about
you so they are different they are different yes I suppose if you want to
impress a person you want to change their opinion of you
so yes persuade once again is a way of changing someone’s mind so maybe they
see you as a lazy person so you have to persuade them that you are not a lazy
person yes you’re right persuade can be used in
many ways sometimes we use gentle persuasion sometimes we will ask a
person nicely other times we will use aggression to get someone to change
their opinion or their mind about something so persuade can be gentle or
not so gentle it just depends the antonym of persuade is dissuade yes it
is but you you rarely hear people use it it’s very strange
so you rarely hear anyone say you dissuaded me it isn’t a word you hear
used very often if you want to follow me you are more than welcome to do so also
I know it sounds desperate but please like and please subscribe and make sure
you have your notifications switched on as well so please make sure you have
your notifications so when my new lessons come on when my new live streams
appear you will find out about it it’s almost time to go already I can’t
believe how quickly today’s live stream has gone hello to vin raj thank you very much
once again for your suggestion of the opposite of persuade dissuade you
dissuade or discourage of course Rakesh mr. Duncan and everyone in India it is
now 8:30 is it really 8:30 p.m. good night good
night well I will be saying goodbye soon thank you Christina
thank you everyone before I go don’t worry I’m not going to forget here is
the answer to today’s mystery idiom so the thing to remember about mystery
idioms is that all you have to do is say what you see however this particular
mystery idiom could be more than one thing for example it might be if the
glove fits it might be handing glove however it isn’t the answer to today’s
mystery idiom ear the gloves are off the gloves are off and now you can see the
picture the gloves are off this is a well-known expression in English and the
meaning is to fight without holding back or observing the rules to do battle or
retaliate ruthlessly without showing restraint this time the gloves are off
it means you will not play fair you will be ruthless you will break the rules if
necessary to get your own way so there it is today’s mystery idiom the answer
has now appeared on your screen and it’s time for me to go I hope my
voice is better on Friday so I’m with you on Friday as usual as long as my
voice works and yes on Friday it is so a lot of people believe that Friday the
13th is unlucky we will see I’m sure there will be some people who will be
unhappy on Friday depending on what the result of the general election is here
in the UK yes that is what is happening tomorrow we have the UK general election
so I will see you on Friday who knows I have no idea which government will be
running this country by Friday but on Friday if you join me we can all
find out together this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thank you very much Olga thank you also to pachu thank you to zoo
seeker thank you very much for your company
today and I will see you on Friday what is the difference between gloves
and mittens gloves have fingers mittens do not have fingers so mittens cover the
whole of the hand without any fingers so it covers everything
however gloves have fingers the gloves have fingers so that’s the difference
thank you very much see you on Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time I hope my throat feels
better on Friday we will have to wait in see it’s lovely outside by the way the
Sun is now out even though it is starting to set already a beautiful day
is now occurring here in England it looks really nice out there I might go
outside to have a little run around and of course you know what’s coming next
until Friday 2 p.m. UK time… ta ta for now 😎


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  2. Hello mr duncan, To reduce the feeling of this long gap I tend to watch some intresting parts of your previous live streams which not only satisfy me as an english addict but also spurs me on to comment.I know I make spelling and grammar mistakes but when you read it, it gives me a slap on the back. thanks for encouraging from karachi, Pakistan

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