[Engsub] Addicted (Heroin) Webseries – Episode 14 上瘾网络剧

[Engsub] Addicted (Heroin) Webseries – Episode 14 上瘾网络剧

Goodbye Bye Uncle Da Hai I’ll take Yin to my place It is getting late, just sleep here I already arranged the room for you I can’t ruin you two having a good time! You little….How could you joke with me Let’s go, Yin (He’s too drunk) It’s ok, I’ll carry him on my back, goodbye Let me help you ok, be careful see you, uncle ok, I’ll walk you to the door ok Be careful on the way Bye Take a taxi Yes I.. I want to go to the rooftop Rooftop? Don’t cry, Yin Your father is still you father regardless of how many times he get married He love you the most There will be no one cook such horrible meal for me.. You still want to eat the food he prepared for you There will be no one throw away my underwear into the gutter… Yin Then I’ll cook for you Surely what I cook will be worse than him I could also wash the clothes for you We will buy a box of underwear Throw one every time washing Yin I can assure you…except your dad… no one will love you more than I do I have to go out for a while for what? To take my brother, he just arrived from abroad Your brother? Your sibling? Not sibling, cousin Living abroad most of the time actually we don’t have many chance to see each other This time also he is just back for the work and take a time to meet me will just stay for a few days Then you better go early see you Bro Bro, this is Bai Luo Yin My bro… Gu Yang Waitress please bring the food try some What is up? Not to your taste? No Hai Luo Yin ( Heroin ) Yes, when put our name together, it is an addictive drug Bro , let’s cheers Drink something? TV… is too small Replace with a bigger one tomorrow Colors of the carpet and tea machine are not match Wallpaper… gives a downhearted feeling Tassels on the curtains are unpleasant to the eyes The decorative pattern of ceiling lamp look too simple and ancient In the end..put such an enjoyable dining table What kind of interior designer from where … could possibly decorate the room inappropriate (queer) like that? Yin…please hand me a night gown You just cover up with a towel and come out Bro? How…Why are you here! Come to see you You don’t hide even from him Why hiding from me? How can a decent gentleman like you.. possibly stand for my vulgar behavior Watch yourself (behavior) next time Yes, sir Why didn’t you tell me my bro is here You are a bad boy I’ll give you a lesson after my bro left He won’t left so soon How do you know? just wait and see for yourself Bro.. Why are you not leaving yet? Why rushing me to leave Am I bothering you two You can do whatever you want to do We are about to sleep So early isn’t it such young people like you going to bed late usually It is only over 8 pm now Old man old lady could be still energetic now Don’t say …’such young people’ You are only 2 years older than me okay then, as you are going to sleep I won’t disturb you two anymore Putting on more blankets. Don’t freeze yourself OK Goodbye, bro You little brat, get out now! We’re not done yet! Window is kept opened, you can get in if you can Fine! waiting for me He really went downstair? Did he really out? or is he waiting at the door to catch me? Come here, you want to run away again? Damn you! ( go fuck your grandpa, in Chinese way ) Let me tell you…you can’t cry out any grandpa for help now Gu Hai, let me down I told you…no grandpa can help you today You put me down Gu Hai Call me darling (husband) Call me darling and I’ll let you down Let me down! Call me or not You put me down Call me darling or not If I had known (you treat me like that) I won’t come with you You want me to climb the stair (to enter from window)? Gu Hai.. You want me to climb the stair? You find it exciting? Call me darling or not? No, I won’t Call me or not? can you tell me… how did you get the scar on your waist the one on the waist…. being knifed by my bro when I was little Gu Yang? Yes Why did he cut you? When we were little, we compete for a slice of watermelon He couldn’t win me And then he gave me a cut with the fruit knife So you feels.. it is his obligation to give you money to treat you well? I didn’t push him to do, he did of his own free will But I have to say fair words Your bro is more handsome than you ‘Man should lose with grace’ When we were little.. we went out to fly a kite together the kite string was broken We chased for the fallen kite I was crying while chasing My bro was laughing while chasing What is the meaning (of this story)? Can’t you realize from this little story.. I’m kind at heart (deep down) my bro is wicked But.. I’m just curious … that kite had fallen you could just chase and take it back did you need to cry? Aren’t you stupid don’t want to say it more… let’s sleep When will you leave, bro? Not sure yet Originally scheduled to be six to seven days could finish all the matter here But our people…the rate they work gets me… looks like it would drag on another week Then be quick and neat leave as soon as you finish your business Why rushing me to leave? the last few times as I remembered is you who called me to come back But this time I feel like.. you are being dislike towards me Actually I.. seeing you in jet lag, quite tired out Xiao Hai, this time I come back here I feel that you have changed a lot can even care for other? Please don’t talk with sarcastic tone, ok? Where is your bro.. Why asking about him? Just curious Wanna eat somethings? Then just buy two packs of rice crust (Guo Ba : pot crust) What flavor would you like? Chicken meat flavored Okay Hello, can you get me two packs of ‘pot meat flavored chicken cock’ (the word ‘Ba’ in chinese can be used as crust, as well as cock) (nowadays Ji Ba:chicken cock usually used to mean man’s cock) Hey, hurry, get me two packs of ‘pot meat flavored cock’ (Gu Hai mixing words up) We really don’t have such thing here Keep the change Is that really so funny ? Gu Hai, that was a retribution for you not taking things seriously (playful) all the time Now you’re slipping of your tongue! I just want to eat it, what, is there a problem? Tonight, I’ll eat yours (cock) will it be end? still laughing! ‘pot meat flavored cock’ ! You forgot to lock the door? You two got back home! Why are you here? Your dad let me come and take a look you two live alone here..he is just concerned Where did you get the key? Your dad gave it to me He had made two sets of key for this apartment One for you and other was kept by him just in case when you need somethings we could come see you Even if you want to come here you should call first I don’t have your phone number so I couldn’t contact you I didn’t move anything in this room just some cleaning and organizing Luo Yin, come Luo Yin, sit on the couch Luo Yin, I heard your dad and that woman got married Then what? what ‘then what’ (don’t say like that) That woman has brought her own child Do you think she would get a place for you in her heart? Just look now..once they got married and had kicked you out I was willing to come here Everytime you see me, can you… stop belittling my dad ok ok ok Do you think…if you had belittled him you could raise your standard? Mom is only showing concern for you You are still young You need to be loved and cared can’t let go now I had my own difficulties in the past, didn’t get a chance to take good care of you Now I have the opportunity and also got the ability You come back to me Let me repay you well, ok? too late! Yin, do you want to take a bath together? Coming! Look at you two… how could your relationship be that good I am happy to see that! I feel relieved now What take you two so long? Shouldn’t we take more hot baths during winter? Yes yes, it should be You two sit here I peeled an apple Have some fruits No, I don’t want to eat. I have to get in and do my assignment Sit down! Come here That assignment… nothing to lose if you don’t do it it is just for dealing with the exam-oriented education Now, you should let your brain.. fully rest and relaxed Those totally-skill-lacking assignments in fact..believe me..you can be fine not doing it You think about it..even if they get into a famous university and learn for four years Those come from low standard will still be low standard people Son, your hair is too wet let me blow dry it for you No need, I can rub dry it myself it can’t be like that If you don’t blow dry, you will get headache in the morning I have been like this for more than a decade, never got a headache Yes…it has been ten years You have grown up so much and get many bad habits established even if you want to change it now, it would be difficult That’s fine, I will do it for him I don’t blow dry…I am not used to it quickly get your hair dry and we can go to bed Your dad suggested you two to study abroad for two years Foreign education and domestic education.. are definitely not the same standard I enjoy my life very much now For me, going to a regular high school is an essential part of life experience Going to high school abroad is also the same… can get new friends could also get many interesting and wonderful life experiences Moreover, it will be more valuable and meaningful than here Finished, his hair is dry Don’t waste your time on me anymore I don’t have a good habit to let parents decide for me Luo Yin Our brain.. need a fully rest and relaxation So, could you please just leave Fine…then you two take a good rest I’m leaving So annoying.. How could she have the key to here? If she come here everyday, how can we live our lives! We must change the lock quickly


  1. Can you tell me please what is the title of the song from the rooftop,please please please and also the title of the opening song

  2. take the hai in gou hai and take the yin in buo luo yin when you put together hai luo yin it means heroin ok thats where the title came from it make sense

  3. are they having sex on the bath room while their mother's out side?? it's hard to not moaning and panting while having sex right??lol oh my wild imagination..

  4. I watched without subtitle 3 times trying to guess😀 ..now as soon as I wake up….before going to class… after class… night…before going to sleep…i need to see them 😐 surely have become addicted to Addicted…

  5. dear ghostrina. when will season 2 launch online. really crazy watching these two handsome boys making loves to each other.

  6. Interesting tidbit from j2skyj's translation. Apparently – in the novel – the scene after 13:23 Yin Zi called Gu Hai "husband" after GH satisfied him orally. Yin Zi addressed GH "husband" when he reached his peak!

    Thankful for that bit of information! Although the conversation was not captured in film, that info means a lot. That scene in the novel really helps in cementing their relationship big time.

  7. Every time i watch this episode (the first part) when they're going to rooftop and Bai Luo Yin start cryin, i can't help my emotion, and cried with him, i felt him, its to hard to have no one to lean on…

  8. is this novel available all over the world? can i find some copy here in the philippines? i am very curious about what will happen on the next season. anyone know if it is available here in the philippines? its just that im already addicted whith this novel and also to the cast. i cant help my self not to watch it, it is a nice, very nice novel.

  9. these series remind me so much of a friend who was affectionate toward me over 10 years ago, at that time i was afried to admit to myself i was gay. Our friendship was tested but i pushed him away, 10 years later i realize i was wrong, that kind of love sometimes only comes along once.


  11. “锅肉味鸡吧”的翻译采用注解有点不符合字幕翻译的原则,(注解都出屏幕了,就算在屏幕里,作为非中文受众,一下子谁get到这么多信息量)这个东西确实难翻,某种程度甚至不可翻。或者不要直译,比如洛因说他要“chicken crust” ,顾海嘴突噜说成了“chicken cock” 这样会不会更加简洁地说明那个场景洛因笑崩,顾海尴尬。个人愚见,翻译永远都是不完美的艺术,还是为译者点个赞。

  12. I hope the Chinese government see the light and portray a civilized attitude towards its LGBT citizens! i believe we should let them know by writing to them…so where can do so?

  13. It was only me who laughed when she said they took long in the bathroom? I was like "you really have no idea."

  14. I… I just can't… believe I didn't know about gay Chinese dramas. I feel like I've missed out on so much in my life…

  15. Please I want this to continue of this episode until the end of this drama I feel so excited about series drama

  16. why do they have to be asses to her!?she's trying to be nice and care for her two sons,but they are being mean to her

  17. What. The Fuck. It's been almost a year and I'm still depressed about this??? I hate that I watched this show. I hate it! Because now I compare everything to this show and they can never top this story! The actors, the directing, the story, the humor, everything is perfect!

  18. I thought this show had something to o with the drug heroin, and that it wasn't simply a combination or splicing of the two main characters' names put together.

  19. Please sign the petition and share. We need 1000 signatures to get our season 2

  20. Hoo shut your mouth you mouth women your only with the guy because of his money you don't care about anyone or who you hurt you only care about Money and your self so shut up and don't pretend to care you are just irritating and you annoyed me and irritated me to the brim with your arrogance and selfishness

  21. How lovely when the Gu Hai drying Luo Yin Hair, Luo YIn Enjoying it and his mom just simply OK and happy to see they get along well like loving brothers…. so sweet….

  22. Unfortunately there's web series has forced me to read the book and telling you it's not the same it's not the same but I'm still addicted to reading it I'm in book 2 now

  23. I don't know why but I fell in love with the scene at 5:03
    It looks like he trusts Gu hai to protect him even in his sleep……
    It's just so sweet …… >_<

  24. I'm quite sad that they treat their mom like that Ik she made mistakes but she's only human at least one of her sons should love her and care for her I find that cruel Tbh so sad.

  25. my Chinese is not all that good, y this EP dosent have a EN sub?. i am only good a 2 language and it is English and Spanish.

  26. I love this scene and the closeness between BLY and GuHai, especially the relationship between BLY his dad. It was a very emotional scene.

  27. did anyone know what song is being played on minutes 16:00?
    the song that played at the restaurant while gu hai is having a conversation with his brother
    please anyone help, i’m dying to know the song. It sounds like michael buble but i couldnt really found it

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