Epilepsy drug may help alcoholics recover from dependence

Epilepsy drug may help alcoholics recover from dependence

(somber music) – [Narrator] Up to 70% of
those who are alcohol-dependent suffer from insomnia. For those who are in
recovery from alcoholism, insomnia is often related to relapse. A new University of
Michigan study demonstrated that a common side effect of a drug often used to treat epilepsy, may help alcoholics with
their sleep disturbance. – Sleep in alcoholics
is very, very impaired. And estimates go that between
30% to 70% of alcoholics suffer from insomnia. Insomnia could be treated
by multiple medications in the general population. The big concern in the
alcoholic population is this group of patients tend to have a higher risk for addiction. And the majority of medications that are available for
treatment of insomnia are hypnotics that have
a high rate of addiction. And there’s also a concern that it may be over-used as another drug. The most recent study that was conducted at the University of Michigan, it was a double-blind, randomized, so neither the investigators
or the patients knew what drug they were taking. And they were given a drug,
gabapentin in this case, or a placebo, which is a pill that doesn’t have any drug effect, that is exactly the same
when they look at it. And it was given in a nightly dose. And the patients were
monitored for their sleep and their chances of relapse into alcohol. The drug is especially safe in alcoholics because it’s metabolized. It does not go through your liver. The majority of other
medications can interfere with the liver and alcohol. And it’s safe. It’s on the market for other conditions, as epilepsy and chronic pain. This could be, potentially,
a very useful drug for treating alcoholics since
it’s safe and well tolerated. We need to look into a larger sample size. Maybe try medications that are related, in the family of this drug that could have a longer half-life, you have a better absorption. We could look into higher doses, since this dose is relatively low for what patients with seizures,
for example, usually take. And we could look into a more, not so exclusive alcoholic population, and try to see more into the regular alcoholic population, have multiple comorbid conditions, if it still is safe.


  1. pregabalin is rarely used to treat epilepsy now as its not that effective so u should be ok.
    pregabalin for depression?
    Doctors said it was his epilepsy meds to blame, he has really bad epilepsy/ was / is on a cocktail of drugs and has been for many years.

  2. pregabalin is unusual in UK for depression, is most used for nerve damage/ pain due to nerve spasms my dr told me.
    Were u tried on other meds first?
    can u drink alcohol?

  3. I cant smoke weed as all we get is skunk, it makes me feel edgy and anxious and depressed as hell especially if I drink booze, if u had good old morrocan u would be right as rain, but lay off the weed if its skunk.

  4. if I drink to much I also get depressed, I only drink 3 cans a day, thats all, I find that after quitting the ganja I dont get anywhere near as depressed if I drink more though, ganja is a massive cash drain. save the money and go to amsterdam.

  5. Idk man this pill caused me chest pain im just gonna stop taking it tonight been taking it 3 days now exactly when the chest pains started its so annoying i can't sleep and its prescribed to me for insomnia

  6. If you already on medicine you can’t really have a seizure while dranking the only time you would have one if you miss a dosed of the medicine . I been dranking all time haven’t had one from dranking beer that is a lie don’t believe what you see on the Internet

  7. GABA is the key chemical that is naturally occurring in your brain that affects seizure threshold. Alcoholics and those dependant on benzodiazipines or barbiturates have depleted GABA and are more prone to seizure if the chemical is suddenly reduced or taken away completely.

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