Everything is designed for this man, even drugs

Everything is designed for this man, even drugs

This is reference man. He’s a white, 30-year-old, male who weighs about 155 pounds. And he decides how we live. For decades, industries have considered this the standard human. And designed the world around him. Everything from air conditioning in offices, to cars, even military equipment. But there are other ways we use reference man, that aren’t so obvious. Like in medicine, where it doesn’t just lead to discomfort. Here, the disparity can be incredibly dangerous for women. A few years ago, something strange was happening. Headline after headline recounted a similar story. Dozens of women were crashing their cars, under the influence of sleeping pills. In many of these cases, they had taken a dose of Zolpidem, the night before. It’s what you probably know as the common sleep aid, Ambien. The problem wasn’t entirely the drug itself — it was the dosage. Women and men were both prescribed ten milligrams of the drug for eight hours of sleep. But it turns out, women metabolize the active ingredient in Ambien twice as slowly as men. That means by the time men woke up the next day, the effects of the pill had usually worn off. While for many women, the drug was still in their system. After the crashes,  the Food and Drug Administration  issued a safety warning in 2013 and changed the recommended dosage for women, cutting it in half. The reason the right dosage for women had been overlooked is that the clinical trials on Ambien focused on male test subjects. If they’re using this hypothetical “average man” and they are basing dosage on it, that’s kind of scary. Not just because it doesn’t apply to women, but because it also doesn’t apply to a lot of men either. There are several factors that can affect
how a person metabolizes drugs, from size, to body fat, to hormonal fluctuations. And these factors can vary drastically based on sex. But many clinical trials don’t account for this. They often don’t include enough women as test subjects. And even when they do, data from women is often mixed in with data from men, which can hide sex-specific reactions to medicine. I don’t care that it’s more effective for
men. I just want to know, is it going to be effective for me as a woman. So you don’t know that unless you look separately at those groups. Take, Acetaminophen, the active ingredient
in Tylenol. It’s flushed from a woman’s body slower than in men, so the prescribed dosage can put women at more risk for potential overdose and liver failure. And one heart medication that’s supposed to prevent heart attacks may actually trigger one in women. So we know that this is still a problem, but
it’s so hard to know how often that happens because there’s no research. If the companies did a better job of looking at men and women separately and studying them separately, I think we’d have a lot more dosages that
are different for women and men. In 1993, the National Institutes of Health created regulations, saying women must be included in human studies and have their data analyzed separately. But the problem is, It’s the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, that’s making the decisions about what medications are being sold to you and to your loved ones and they are not required to include women, people of color, people over 65. You know if you’re only studying white men, you don’t have to study as many people. And the more people you study the more it costs to do the research. But, the more meaningful the information is so that we can all make informed decisions about what’s good for us.


  1. Are you saying we should 'treat' women differently than men? 😮

    Seriously though. I think this is a good example to recognize that men and women are at biologically different (and also in other ways) so when we talk about equality it should always be about equality in opportunities and not equality in outcomes.
    If there are more men in an occupation that doesn't mean it's sexism to blame maybe women on average aren't that interested in this particular job.

  2. Every ambian bottle ever prescribed: don’t operate machinery while on this drug
    Women: drives while on ambian and falls asleep and wrecks car….. PATRIARCHY

  3. Wait…. are you saying that there are biological differences between men and women?? Wait?! What drugs should the transgenders take???

  4. hold on a bit. my logic goes out the window. sothe left says there are no differences between men and women and now you say there are?

  5. Actually not even that cpr mannequin is made in the image of a woman go and look at the origin of the design for the cpr mask if you don’t believe me

  6. This type of garbage is exactly why Democrats can not be allowed to be elected to any position of power or responsibility whatsoever.

  7. It's not that I disagree with this video, it's just that it's so uninformative and such lazy reporting. I felt John Oliver didn't do a good job, but this video is just a bad version of that one.

  8. But what about transmen and transwomen? How does it affect them? Or how about non binary people? Or zi and zer and all your other made up genders? This video just proves theres only 2 genders

  9. What are they supposed to reference it off of? A 3 foot 7 black transgender diabetic woman who is a recovering meth addict?

  10. Oh I see. Men and women are completely different when y’all want them to be. The rest of the times men and women are completely the same physically, mentally, and biologically.

    Women are just as strong as men!! Except when taking these drugs cause the patriarchy from pharma doesn’t care about females. What a backwards world vox wants us to live in. It must be tiring to live their life without a brain.

  11. Remember when the left insisted that men and women are exactly the same and that Google guy got fired for stating the obvious. Yeah…

  12. 1:15 Fact: The FDA reduced the recommend dose for both men and women in half because 33% of women and 25% of men were experiencing dosage related side effects

  13. Never get in a car when a Kennedy is behind the wheel. Especially the Kennedy reporting in this video and all her lies.

  14. As a medical student who routinely study and participate in these studies, you are absolutely wrong. We do not discriminate against women. Men are generally faster at metabolizing almost any drug amd we known that for years. That is relevant with some medications and not for others. And btw I will add that the aircondition argument is the worst argument Ive ever heard.

  15. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….. since men and woman are different, then that must mean transgender men competing in woman sports have an advantage after all….. mmmmmmm……..

  16. Why listening to arguments from "average Vox-being" is so dangerous
    you guys are deliberately. deceiving. people. – AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOOD AT THAT, OH MY…. these air-conditioned offices are the prime example of the social injustice women today are facing. You are legit making me consider this whole Vox thing is a troll channel funded by some troll patriarch.
    and try googling "define integrity" you might learn some new words

  17. So men and women are the same when it's convenient but they are also different when it's convenient? Help !!! I am confused.

  18. Decided to fact-check this video, and like everything else I fact check, it turns out many of the things said here weren't true. I expected more from Vox

  19. I'm pretty sure people working at Vox are those you tried to avoid being seen with on campus, because even after their undergrads, they kept talking about feeling at home and safe in uni, and you felt super sorry for them, but at the same time they were annoying weirdos who believed that they had access to some higher truth and understanding

  20. Why is my cats medicine prescribed by my veterinarian based on my cats body weight but Ariana Grande and Shaq both get “oh just take one tablet every six hours” or something like that

  21. I think they should start considering the minimum average for dosages. Its better to take more medicine if the dosage is not enough for u specifically rather than u getting an overdose from just one pill.


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