1. thank you! for this, i moved back to my parents house to get clean, to a small village and i felt lost!!! i didn't know what 2 do with my time/ money and i know how u feel 4 the first few months i kept using, until i found friends/ a life! now i'm good n clean 4 over 8 months!!!! thank you

  2. if you give attention, care and material goods and they still get addictions the only thing left to do is discard them of your life as i did with my son

  3. @thunderdragon9999 obviously you are a bad father or mother because addiction is a really hard thing to go through withdrawals are painful physically and mentally it can make your life suck. Not all the love in the world can make a withdrawal go away faster than it should.

  4. i cant find a rehab for my son i can afford, he is a tall smart blond talented boy, and there is not much out there for teens not in trouble with the law that is affordable. thank you all this is helping me be calm

  5. That's good advice to help drug addicts with helping them cope and take their focus off drugs which is the main goal. This advice really makes you think that there should be more supportive programs even after programs, to help them keep on a positive path in life. I dealt with many loved ones that are addicts and I really want to learn what to do to help them and people in general to get off drugs and live good lives for the sake of their happiness its sad what drugs put a person through.

  6. Helpful thanks – the question is how much money does one spend on one rehab after the other before going broke with no real results. The whole drug addiction issue is just tragic with no real answers.

  7. I am sooooo sorry for those going trough this terrible pain but as a parent and with a shattered heart I can say that when this has been going on but a while, when rehab has been tried more than once, when AA has not worked, when you have taken your kid back many times etc, etc, then there's not enough love an attention we can give that will help. It is a tough road they have to walk on their own. I can't think of anything a family has to endure that can even began to compared with that of an addict kid

  8. My son lost his high paying job for drugs. Ruined his life at 38. He's stolen from me, busted up my home in tantrums. Be warned. I told him I didn't care if I ever see him again in my list and I meant it. The decades of torment have taken a huge toll on me. Your own parents might disown you.

  9. I have a daughter who is in the grips of heroine addiction. I have done everything I can think of to help her, she pushes me away then pulls me back in with a drama… I'm on an emotional roller coaster and I feel like my stomach has been taken out, kneeded and then put back…

  10. This is no big mystery. Nearly always, addiction and drug use is self medication for mental health issues: Mostly depression. You have to address the mental health issue or you can never get rid of the addiction. Once someone with mental health issues starts using drugs and becomes an addict, you have a very difficult problem. First, you have to get them clean, then work on the mental health issues, but since the mental health issues are causing the addiction, it is a very difficult spiral to get out of.

  11. Yes, fellowship, structure, routine, scheduling, and activities are crucial! I like the book Living Sober by AA because it has a chapter on how to fill all the time you now have because you're no longer using.

  12. Wow! Thank you for making this video I'm just finding out that my 17 and a half year old is addicted to substances. I'm putting him in his first rehab and now I will have this information to use ahead of time to make sure we have a detailed plan for him when he gets out thank you so very much best of luck many blessings to you

  13. HAHAHA…..”EX” ADDICT??? ……sweetie if that’s the way you think addiction is, you have no business giving advice when you don’t even know the text book, number one, common sense, knowledge that there is NO SUCH THING AS AN EX ADDICT

  14. At whoes expense? I am facing it. and very humble to the experience? But there is only so much we can do?, depending on the individual who is addicted? We know about the struggle of the one who is addicted, but what about the struggle of the ones who help? The choices made by the addicted and the choices of those who help? How much mental health must the helper lose as well? Momma's normally don't give up, because we housed them. The parents gave them life? In a normal society, Parents still feel accountable. But what can we do without risking everything? Especially when there are other family involved. Siblings? The health of the parents? The financial stability of the family?? Nothing has been addressed on those issues?

  15. Thank you for sharing. I don't know how to help my parent with their drug addiction especially when all they do is deny deny deny. But the insight you gave, makes a lot of sense.

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