1. I use to do it alot when i was a kid too; Me and My cousin would go and buy a lot of them and just inhale the fumes;; We had fun hillusinated Alot

  2. Fucking dangerous, I sniffed alittle after my deoderant finished and my heart made some weird beats and I felts all dizzy. O shit why did I do it, It kills braincells and have an exam.

  3. Inhlanants are dangerous as fuck man… but thats some good shit… After huffing 3 lungfulls of cutex strengthening I can no longer spell inhalants LOL

  4. I would huff the computer dusters. Seriously the best high I've ever experienced but when I finally stopped I noticed all the side effects. I suddenly had a stutter and had a hard time reading. I got off easy with just that I guess, I know a few people who ended up with horrible twitches and breathing problems. I still can't go near the stuff. Just hearing the sound of spray or smelling new plastic makes me wanna go grab a 2 pack with 20% more and lock myself away for a few days. Just dont do it

  5. This is an epidemic. I had a 40 year old ex husband who was addicted to oxycodone and huffed keyboard cleaner. No joke.

  6. Shittt I c y ppl call us crackheads bc we r but the dust off working wonders I’m laughing my ass off at nun still can’t beat acid tho

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