Ex Teen Addicts first time on Heroin

Ex Teen Addicts first time on Heroin

So the first time we had gotten it we snorted
it and, i mean, it was pretty spectacular. like any time you have that first experience with something. But, you know,
soon enough, nothing is more entertaining than the mystery of your mind. So the next step was to obviously start shooting it up. I guess through that intermediate, I
would say it was like two months of us when we first really started getting heroin that it was more of like, i guess, whenever i would use cocaine. It was
kind of like “oh you know what this weekend I’m gonna get some heroin” I never ever thought of it as an addiction. So every couple
of weekends. Maybe one week was more, one week was less. Maybe i’d go like a week. There wasn’t really a specific pattern. But once the needles were
the major factor i guess, you become married to it. There is no going back. That was definitely the turning point. Two to three months in we started shooting up and you’re just so
sick and the only way to rid of the sickness is to put more in your body. with the intravenous thing too, its literally in all parts of
you, and beyond that, it’s all you think about


  1. 10 percent of americans are alcoholics. More then half have smoked marijuana, wanna kill them all too? Almost everyone in the west drink, lets just kill them as well eh? 23 million are actively addicted to drugs in america, this doesn't include those that have cleaned up or died.

  2. That's simply not true, i was addicted to opiates for 5 years and when i didn't have an oxy i just took a suboxone. I made my money from working. Some people will rob and steal, hardly any will kill. An addiction doesn't automatically make you a criminal. The war on drugs just ruins lives, that's all.

  3. And that's not true. I've been clean for 2 years, then relapsed after needing a surgery and remebering the feeling of the pain medication. I'm more then 6 months clean now again.

  4. Too all you idiotic twats posting negative things about drug users, try reading the multiple articles about the decriminalized drugs in Portugal. Stop putting kids in jail, and spend that money on rehab for them. its so simple and so effective. It's just too bad North America is full of complete idiots.

  5. When I was young I snorted H during the weekends. I never became addicted, touch a needle, or end up in the hospital/jail. I think it has much more to do with self control. Even as a teenager I understood that anything in excessive amounts/amounts of time would be detrimental in someway or another. I can only speak for myself and friends of mine as a teenager… so I don't really "get it". But good luck to anyone who is having any problems? Obviously don't mix and match.

  6. when i was in high school..I had a friend who was introduced to heroin at a party and that day on he was hooked on it. he dropped out of school couple months during that school year and ran away from his parents and quit his bagger job and year later he calls me on a private number and i meet him at this motel… he looked ill and sickly as hell… he asked me for money and i gave him like 200 dollars first time and he calls me couple weeks later for more money and then i realize he was using

  7. Fucking gorgeous bone structure
    Great testimonial. Summarized well and to the point. It would def be a tragedy if a guy this insanely beautiful wasted away on that shight

  8. Real heroin IS INDEED "pretty spectacular". Just like you might look at a woman or flying bird or river and realize the beauty they have, the beauty heroin has is for me atleast insurmountable and Ive never been able to forget it, the dreamy hallucinations (not like LSD,) the comfort and total immunity to all guilt, shame, loneliness and shyness. In fear of beginning a poem Ill shut up, but thats why ppl cant leave it alone. I miss heroin so fucking much and yet its killing me.

  9. I dedect sacrcasm in your statement and I have had the odd chuckle in the methadone que at some of the things Ive heard. But lets face it there are an awful lot of avid drug experimenters out there. It is a rather awful predicament to live in a country in which your average 15 year old child, although has considerably less knowledge, has a far more realisistic outlook on drug policies than our goverment drug advisors.

  10. A child can see the absurtity in the drug laws, and legal status of cigarettes and alchohol and yet, neither a Labor, Conservative or Coalition government have been able to change things to something MOST people would agree is sensible.

    The kind of democracy where being a millionaire is a prerequisite to becomming the Priminister (look at your history) and where the goverment dictate to their advisors what advise they wish to hear, as in the well known case of professor Nutt

  11. How stupid can humans get? I say if they come into the emergency room as a known addict, OD'd , just roll em back outside into the street and let nature take its course.

  12. In the beginning you get high as fuck but when your tolerance grows you have to start shooting up to continue getting high.

  13. well i wish him that he stays away from drugs it would be such a waste if he would continue this lifestle live in misery and die at young age hes such an nice handsome boy…

  14. Hope you stay clear of it… the withdrawal symtoms should be enough to stay away from it forever?! If you look what people have to go through!! Hell pure! I have never tryed it thank god! Never will!! Although I have another addiction and that is smoking :((( Wish I could stop! Guess I would if I'd get serious withdrawal 🙁

  15. its the same sory in all parts of the world i live in England/bristol (UK) AND 4 OF MY FRIENDS AND TWO COUSINS ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF THE SHIT (heroin)

  16. Sniffing heroin is NOTHING compared to shooting it. Shooting it you get 100% in you..one time I passed out for an hour after I did it. And passed out with my head in a trashcan after puking. The high is great yeah but it really does ruin your life trust me. I recently quit.

  17. your fuckin crazy in the head , and a dumbass how could that possibly feel great? the average normal person would say it's scary as shit, and im a idiot for trying it

  18. this cunt wants to be perceived as a visible personification of a rebel with out a cause, stupid kids like this try to be cool by shooting; whats really cool is the sober vendors who distribute the shit for a remarkable profit while shmuks like this jonas brother fulfill the image of a junkie while there life turns to shit. haha HAIL THE ROAD CHUR

  19. Are they? He looks sick, VERY sick. I don't judge people for making mistakes in their lives, but he looks extremely ill, I don't get what you find sexy about that.

  20. it's sexy because a heroin addict succeeds in not giving a fuck about anything at all. a lot of people wish they could manage to just care less. people admire other's ability to put everything in perspective and not really get emotionally affected by daily occurrences. Granted, the reason for this is that we care about nothing else in the world but heroin, but they forget that, and mistake it for us just not caring about anything at all

  21. He's not even an addict here, notice how the title says 'EX'. What exactly is making him look so ill to you? All I'm seeing are a couple small acne blemishes and a messy hairstyle which casts a shadow on his eyes and gives the appearance of dark circles. Sexual attraction is largely about bone structure. He has good genetics (a harmonious, balanced face, well-shaped cheek bones, lower jaw width, chin length, nose shape, etc). It's sorta mathematical, a bunch of measurements which are pleasing.

  22. Where shall I start? He's emaciated, he looks chronically dehydrated too. Sure, he's not a bad looking guy by any stretch, but he doesn't look healthy at all. He's very underweight for a start, he doesn't need to put on much weight at all, but he looks like he hasn't eaten in ages. He just looks like he's been in one heck of a punch up. He's not ugly, he just doesn't look well.

  23. So, let me get this straight, you equate taking diamorphine to not giving a fuck? You do realise you can not give a fuck without sedating yourself to the point where you run the risk of shitting the bed and bleeding out your ass on a daily basis? Which part of that do you find sexy exactly? Is it the part where they pass out and don't respond to any stimulus, even vomiting, to the point where they may well choke on it? Try being an EMT, Heroin won't look so "sexy" after about 5 minutes.

  24. You're crazy. He's gorgeous. His bone structure, his dark hair and eyebrows, the contours of his face, his lips, his voice. I could go on and on. Yes, he's looking dingy and dirty but look past that, imbecile.

  25. checkout the band FoxDyeWolves there new album heroine its a underground band of recovering heroine addicts they go hard its epic. just search foxdyewolves and look for there heroine videos

  26. I hate to say it but the strong ones will come to the end of that road and decide they want to live and some won't. I had to nearly lose my life a few times to get there. Make a list of things you would do anything to live for. And believe that heroin can take that all away in one shot. It's the fear that keeps me sober now!

  27. Just wanna throw my 2 cents in and say that I also find him to be very handsome. Really intelligent guy with gorgeous features. Hope he's doing well now.

  28. who the hell thinks, 'you know what, this weekend i'm gonna get some heroin'. Also IV is in all parts of you? When you drink alcohol it's in all parts of you! This is some fake bull-crap. 

  29. Heroin addiction is no fucking joke. Same with oxycodone and hydrocodone. If anybody thinks that doing oxycodone or hydrocodone is different than doing heroin its not. The shit feels pretty much the same unless your an IV user. First time i tried IV i did it myself and missed. I look back on that day and realize that i got lucky. Smoke the dope, snort the dope, plug the dope, but do not iv the dope. 

  30. why does every male here seem homosexual? i mean no problem with it but like, is it a exclusive heroin thing or something?? like u guys shove heroin in eachothers asses or something?

  31. Why are people saying this kids cute? He looks like a fucking bum who hasnt showered in weeks and DEFFLY still uses dope. Just look at him. He was high when he made this video

  32. Thats not hair thats fuckin straws. Look at him! Creature of Satan.. Im a drunkard and far more handsome than this pig. Know why.. Coz i hv no hair on my head at all lol..

  33. when i was 10 years old did me and a group of friends make drugs and weed we were VERY young and stupid and when i say we were does it mean we haven't stopped we are smoking weed much i am hiding my dark side everyday every second it is so hard when my parents found at did send me to foster parents when they found drugs in my bedroom did they kick me out of the house i were only 16 years old now are im 23 and i'm still an addict 🙁

  34. What a handsome young man who seems pretty well spoken. It goes to show addiction can creep up on ANYBODY! I think its admirable to speak out on it and hopefully educate and help others through his story. I hope he is staying clean and doing well.

  35. its not that bad I do heroin a lot and i dont do it because im addicted but because i get reallllly sick when i dont use it. Not addictive!

  36. Thank you. I know this won't be seen, but someone I love is thinking about making a mistake I made long ago. Maybe this will change her mind.

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