Express Surprise & Shock – English Addict 43 – LIVE lesson/ Enjoy Learning / Sunday 23rd Feb 2020

Express Surprise & Shock – English Addict 43 – LIVE lesson/ Enjoy Learning / Sunday 23rd Feb 2020

it’s a windy day here in the UK however
however you are very welcome to join me here we go again as I choke on a
tic-tac it’s English addict live on a Sunday and yes you are more than welcome to join in we are live from the birthplace of the English language soon I will have to say goodbye soon I
will have to wave to you as you disappear into the distance oh hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so
are you happy are you happy I really hope so first of all can I put my
reading glasses on please can I put my reading glasses on so I can see what I’m
doing because at the moment I can’t see properly I am sorry about that it’s my
age that’s better I can see you now hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today now I can see you clearly are you okay I hope so are
you happy are you happy I really hope you are happy today because I’m I don’t
know why I’m happy but I am happy I feel I feel quite happy today I don’t feel
sad I don’t feel down I don’t feel miserable
I feel quite happy and excited do you know why well it isn’t Monday
fortunately it’s still the weekend yes it’s Sunday mmm quite a lot to do today we have so
many things to do yes I’m not joking we have lots of
things a packed show it is packed full of all sorts of things today lots of
things to talk about expressing shock and surprise how do we express the
feeling the emotion of being shocked and surprised in the English language there
are many ways of doing it and I am going to show you all of those a little bit
later on also I suppose I should mention something quite serious coronavirus or
covered 19 as many people are now describing it is spreading around the
world are you afraid of the coronavirus are you worried about it where you are
now I know the latest news mentions that it is now in South Korea quite seriously
now in South Korea yesterday I was in the chemists I went to the chemist
yesterday or pharmacy so you can call the chemist or pharmacy the place where
you get your medicine and drugs from and I yesterday I decided to buy some of
this can you see it this is something that you use for sanitizing your hands
you will see it quite often in hospitals if you come to the UK and you visit a
hospital you will see lots of machines that dispense or give out this
particular substance it is called hand sanitizer and as its name suggests it
sanitizes your hands it kills all of the bugs in all of the germs on your hands
well most of them anyway so none of these will actually get rid of all the
viruses bacteria however I think they get rid of
99.9% of all of the germs and bacteria so that is something worth mentioning
I suppose today because it is in the news quite a lot so do you use this hand
sanitizer so if you sanitize something it means you make it completely clean it
is clean it is free of germs and bacteria in other words you don’t have
to worry about catching something from other people or other things so maybe if
you come into contact with other people maybe you are in a place where there are
lots of people maybe before and also after you will put some of this on your
hands to make sure there are no germs or viruses because of course the corona
virus as its name suggests is a virus so this is something I bought yesterday and
the strange thing is this particular product has a very interesting smell it
smells like it smells like bubblegum it really does it has a sweet almost
aromatic scent so this particular hand sanitizer is actually hmm it has the
fragrance of bubblegum very unusual I don’t know why so as I mentioned at the
very start of today’s lesson this is my passport my actual British passport and
this allows me to travel around well it allows me to travel to many places
around the world but it gives me the freedom to move around Europe however
from next month this passport will be saying goodbye unfortunately we will be
saying goodbye to our red European Passport
and the blue British passport will be taking its place would you like to see
the new passport okay I will show you a picture so here you can see a picture of
the the current passport so on the left is the current passport the one I have
and on the right you can see the blue Passport
so that particular passport is the new passport and that will be issued to
anyone who has a new passport from next month so from March 2020 the blue
Passport which is the British passport will be
taking over from the red passport which is the European passport so I guess you
can say that the effects of brexit are now officially being felt oh dear so
that is happening do you have a passport what about traveling from your country
is it easy to travel around the world from where you live is it easy for you
to hop on a plane and travel to other countries now a lot of people believe
sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly they believe that the
British passport allows you to travel anywhere without a visa however that is
not true so even though I hold the British passport or a European passport
it doesn’t allow me to travel to any country in the world there are still
many countries where I have to have a visa before I can get into the country
for example China is a good example so if you want to go to China you have to
apply you have to go to the Chinese embassy and apply for a visa to get into
China and I suppose oh another one is Turkey as well you need a visa to get
into Turkey however there is a little arrangement that I
discovered when I went to Turkey I discovered that you can actually buy a
visa there at the airport they will sell one to you which is very unusual to be
honest so normally you have to get your visa before you go to another country so
you don’t just need your passport you also need a visa as well a visa to get
into the country and there are many countries around the world that have
visas hello to the live chat I haven’t mentioned the live chat yet hello to you
I have to apologize I have a big apology to make from the
bottom of my heart can I say sorry very sorry to pal Mira don’t ask me how don’t
ask me why because I don’t have any clue why this happened but something very
terrible happened and it involves one of my lovely viewers pal Mira
are you there on the live chat today I hope so
can I just apologize for accidentally blocking pal Mira don’t ask me how I
have a feeling it must be mr. Steve’s fault yes
if in doubt blame mr. Steve I think so so I’m very sorry I apologize
Pal Mira I hope you were there today on the live chat
I will check in the moment to make sure you were there so I’m very sorry pal
Mira for blocking you I didn’t mean to it wasn’t my fault I have a feeling it
was mr. Steve with his big fingers because mr. Steve quite often will will
use his fingers on my mobile phone during the livestream and quite often
his big fingers will push too many buttons so I have a feeling it might
mr. Steve’s fault so once again apologies to Palmero for being blocked
from my from my youtube channel and also my livestream I’m very sorry about that
I have something to cheer you up would you like to see something nice to take
away the pain of being blocked from my channel oh here we go oh here’s
something nice oh in my garden now this is something that I filmed a few moments
ago in my garden and you can see there there are some daffodils growing in the
garden yes I’m so excited one of the many reasons why I’m happy today is
because the actual daffodils are in the garden growing spring is officially on
the way however it is quite windy outside and you can see that some of my
daffodils are being blown around quite a lot because we have a lot of storms a
lot of strong wind you can also see in that video clip you can see there is a
lot of water in my garden so many areas around where I live are actually
underwater it’s true I’m not joking so there you go I hope you enjoyed that I
am so happy because spring is in the air yes it is just around the corner even
though I do feel a little bit sad because I have to say goodbye to my red
passport next month the blue brexit passport will be issued for a March
which is next month just around the corner in fact hello to the live chat
okay I haven’t forgotten you hello – oh hello – Luis Luis Luis Mendez is first
on the live chat nice to see you here today congratulations Luis you are first isn’t that lovely congratulations to
Luis Mendez you are first on today’s live chat well done and a big bonjour to
you chris is second hello Chris also our HS are HS I would love to know what that
stands for what does it mean also grace chin hello grace
it seems like I haven’t seen you for a long time on the live chat is that true
have you been busy doing something else hello also o UN do young watching in
Vietnam and also yes pal Mira is back did you hear my apology did you see it
did you hear it I’m very sorry for blocking you I’m pretty sure it is mr.
Steve’s fault in fact that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to blame mr. Steve
it’s his fault okay shall we all agree on that so pal Mira
is back thank goodness it is nice to see you back here oh that was really close I really didn’t
think that I had done something terrible but I think it was mr. Steve in fact
Belarus er is here good news Belarusian guess what my toothache has magically
disappeared I had toothache last week and I did ask
for advice on Friday however it’s gone I don’t know how or
why by my toothache has completely disappeared so maybe it was Belarus ears
advice maybe Belarusian has some sort of psychic power
maybe Belarusian can heal people’s teeth just by thinking about them I like it
what a superpower that would be rabi says hi also Hiroko hello – Hiroko nice
to see you here as well Tomic hello Tomic it seems like a long time since I
saw you as well on the live chat where have you been
beet tree is hello mr. Duncan happy Sunday from Argentina it is sunny in
Argentina it isn’t too bad in here however outside it is quite windy it is
windy but sunny outside and there you can see a little bird oh he’s gone now a
little bird flying around so there is the view right now out of my window it
isn’t looking too bad today the weather is nice windy but very cold it is
freezing outside I don’t know why but it is very cold by the way you can catch my
live streams on Sunday Wednesday and also Friday from 2 p.m. UK time that is
when you can catch me live yes I am live three times a week I might
be the busiest YouTube English teacher in the world I might be I’m not sure
maybe maybe not who knows hello well so – Silvana
hello Silvana nice to see you here on the live stream we are talking about
words and expressions connected with shocked and surprised when was the last
time you received a shock or a surprise have you ever been surprised or shocked
by something you’ve heard or seen as has something shocked you in the past
hello Revere nice to see you here today hello Anna and also Kweli or queerly
nice to see you as well shin Chow chin Chow which is hello in Vietnamese Xin
Chao to you as well hello um also Irene Wow so many people already thank you
very much for joining me today I am overwhelmed I am shocked to see so
many people here already thank you very much for joining me on the livestream
hello also Christina hello everybody and of course mr. Duncan I am worried about
the Italian situation because we have many cases of coronavirus in schools oh
sorry no schools are closed in Milan so yes the corona virus is spreading
around and it would appear that lots of places are getting or reporting cases so
if you have a case of something it means an occurrence of an event or situation
so maybe you have a case of corona virus it means you have it or it is occurring
somewhere so you might say that there are cases of corona virus which means it
is happening and I bought this yesterday so this is hand sanitizer you
use it to sanitize your hands after you’ve been in contact with other people
or in public places so this is something I’m carrying around with me I’m not sure
if it’s relating to the coronavirus or maybe I just decided to buy it yesterday
for no reason so I’m not really too concerned to be honest I’m not too
concerned at the moment we will see what happens next
Thank You Christina for your concern about the situation where you are Eric
hello Eric Peng nice to see you here as well
JC Jordi it is my pleasure to see and hear you in this lively carnival Sunday
all around Brazil oh I see you are having big celebrations in Brazil at the
moment I must be honest with you can I just say something here I love to see
celebrations I like to see people dancing and enjoying themselves
especially in large groups which might go against the thing that I just
mentioned about coronavirus because in many countries they are saying that
large crowds should not gather together however I love seeing festivals and
celebrations and I know in Brazil there are many celebrations that take place
however I was watching al-jazeera last night I do like to watch different TV
channels and I was watching al-jazeera and they had some lovely footage some
video footage that showed the an Arabic celebration so a lot of people were
dancing around and doing very interesting dances and I was absolutely
mesmerised by it I don’t know why but I loved it and I thought I wish I could
watch that all the time so there with these pleas that there were men dressed
in their traditional Arabic clothing and they were doing these very interesting
dances and I was I was quite mesmerised by it I thought it looked quite lovely
and charming so yes something I saw on television
last night so I love celebrations whatever they are if you are celebrating
something today let me know okay and then I can get even more excited in a
few moments we have well we have mr. Steve here but he isn’t here if that
makes sense so in a few moments we do have mr. Steve in the studio however he
isn’t here all will be revealed in a few moments at OU at 3 o’clock by the way we
are going to have a coffee break so prepare something get ready you can go
into your kitchen maybe you can watch me on your mobile device in your kitchen
because at 3 o’clock I am going into the kitchen and I’m going to make a cup of
coffee there it is there is the kitchen waiting for me so that is the view in
the kitchen and we will be going in there at 3 o’clock to make a lovely
refreshing cup of tea how about that does that sound like a good idea there
is so much to do today so much hello Maura wah hello Maura wah nice to see
you here today hand yells protect against bacteria and
yes they contain alcohol so alcohol is very good its sterilizing in killing
germs and viruses so yes these types of hand sanitizer contain a lot of alcohol
including this one so I think the reason why this smells like bubblegum I think
it is to hide the smell of the alcohol so yes it’s actually quite nice it
smells like bubblegum very nice hello also to pal Mira
yes I am obsessed with this chat well it’s so nice to see you back here and
once again I know it so sorry for blocking you ever so sorry
and Irene is here also we have on Mohammed Ali hello
Mohammed Atef Ali I like your name hello also too sassy
hello sassy mr. Duncan when are you going again live in the evening now at
the moment I won’t be doing live streams at night because there are many things
going on in my life away from YouTube so that’s all I’m saying
but one or two people have asked if I can do my livestream late at night
however sometimes it isn’t possible so I apologize for that
for now blue bird hello blues bird I haven’t seen you for a long time
apparently there was supposed to be a big festival in Venice and apparently it
has been canceled because of coronavirus so it would appear that in many
countries the corona virus is affecting lots of celebrations and also gatherings
as well so some very worrying news coming from South Korea yesterday so
there are some cases of corona virus now in South Korea hello your oh I like your
kitchen your house is very cozy something is cozy if something can be
described as cozy it means it is comfortable it is a place where you feel
welcome and a place that makes you feel relaxed so a cozy atmosphere means
comfortable so cozy comfortable welcoming something that makes you feel
relaxed maybe you sit in a lovely chair in a room that has an open coal fire and
the flames are flickering in front of you and everything is lovely and cozy so
I like that word yes cozy Belarusian says some germs are good for your health
that is true yoghurt for example there certain types of yogurt that you can
take to help your stomach so yes there are good germs and bad germs that is
true I agree with you ciao mr. Duncan I hope nobody has caught
the corona virus I tried to catch it but it’s so small I can’t see it says satury
no oh I see what you mean so you were trying to catch it actually like that so
sometimes we can use the word catch to mean capture so if you catch something
it can mean capture so maybe you catch a ball in your hand so you can catch
something by grabbing it or holding it so you can catch something also by
having it transmitted to you such as a virus or a cold or fever so things can
be caught you can catch something with your hand or catch something that
infects your body I like that hello also too
Najim hello Najim nice to see you here watching in Turkey I mentioned Turkey
earlier now I’ve been to Turkey twice a lovely country I love the Turkish tea
and also also the Turkish coffee I like it very much I’m a Hiroko I can
see the broadcast of your channel for the first time hello Amy Amy ha Corrie
hello to you and welcome if it is your first time please let me
know and I will give you a special round of applause
so um Trump is here as well yes oh I see so maybe the word catch can mean
infected I think so yes you are right congratulations to Amy jacorey once
again for your first visit to my live chat nice to see you you are very
welcome hello also to Anna hello to Anna how are
you today how are you are you okay I hope so so this week mr. Steve has been
very busy now normally every Sunday Steve will join us here however
unfortunately today Steve is busy he’s doing all sorts of things he is singing
he is dancing and I’ve heard that yesterday he was running around much
when Locke naked that’s what I’ve heard anyway maybe it’s not true maybe it’s
fake news who knows so here he is then it is I can’t believe I’m doing this
here he is ladies and gentlemen give a big warm round of applause to mr. Steve hello hello mr. Doug Caen now you don’t
have to shout okay please mr. Steve don’t shout okay please
don’t shout I’m sorry mr. Steve but I get a mr.
Duncan mr. Duncan my name’s mr. Steve isn’t it
I’m so excited today mr. Duncan because I’m joining you again on the livestream
hello viewers what is happening on the live chat is anything happening on the
live chat well I don’t know mr. Steve do you want to have a look at the live chat
well you know mr. Duncan I always get very excited about the live chat mr.
Duncan are we going to talk about cars today no we’re not but mr. Duncan I love
talking about cars have you seen the new the new Renault the new Renault yes the
new Renault it’s a very ugly car mr. Steve you can’t say things like that
stop saying controversial things you always do this every time you come on
the livestream you always say things that annoy people
I’m sorry mr. Duncan I can’t help it I’m just expressing myself
okay mr. Steve we’re not going to talk about cars today unfortunately
Oh mr. mr. Duncan I want to talk about cars you know I like them very much
especially big red cars oh okay then well I know you like red cars mr. Steve
especially big red cars oh okay shall we talk about politics instead
okay mr. Duncan III don’t like brexit i I think brexit is a terrible idea I
really don’t like it and those politicians are always lying mr. Steve
you can’t say that you can’t say that I’m sorry mr. Steve you can’t say things
like that you’re not allowed to say things like that see this is the problem
when you have mr. Steve on the livestream
he always says things that he shouldn’t so I’m sorry mr. Steve you have to go
now but but I want to stay mr. Duncan I like being here I like being here very
much can we talk about cars again
no we can’t you have to go now okay bye mr. Steve bye everybody bye bye okay
that’s that’s that out the way hmm mr. Steve will be back next week I’m
pretty sure that he will be here for real however for those who are missing
mr. Steve for those who are missing mr. Steve this is just for you you see I did that because I know a lot
of people miss mr. Steve when he’s not around so that’s the reason why I did
that Thank You mr. Steve actually we might do
this every week we might have this mr. Steve so we have this mr. Steve every
week that’s what I think I think we should have this mr. Steve instead of
the real one that’s what I think anyway what about you when you travel abroad do
you have to have a visa when you travel to other countries maybe if you are
coming to the UK perhaps you have to have a visa now they are changing the
rules here in the UK because of brexit and because of our new government
they’ve decided to make things much more difficult if you are planning to come
here to the UK so they are going to make some rules that you have to follow if
you want to come to the UK to study or leave or work and one of them is English
so to come to the UK in the future if you want to to come here to study or
visit for a long period of time or maybe you want to come here to work you have
to have a good level of English so there will be no conversation about maybe I
can stay here and learn English now they won’t allow you to do that in the future
so many of the rules here in the UK are changing because of brexit and one of
them is if you want to come to the UK your level of English must be high or
good so there is another reason another good reason for tuning in to my English
classes so you must have good level of English Christina says I always have a
visa when I’m going around the world so quite
often if you travel around you might need a passport in fact you will need a
passport I’m very sure of that but you will also need a visa if
you visit certain countries one of the hardest places in the world to live in
or to get into is Australia so for many years it was actually quite easy to get
into Australia the rules were were quite relaxed for a period of time however
they’ve changed once again and now it is much more difficult to actually get
residency in Australia and soon here in the UK it will be very difficult as well
I don’t need a visa to travel to another Central American country except Costa
Rica that’s interesting Eric so you can travel around Central America with your
visa your passport without having a visa interesting after BRICS it you also have
Mex it can I just say that not many people are really bothered about what’s
happening in the royal family it would appear that we are bothered but in fact
most people really couldn’t care less what is happening to be honest I think
people have become a little bored and cynical when it comes to things like the
royal family and what is happening so I think a lot of people are sick of
hearing about it they are saying please stop talking about these subjects we
don’t want to hear about them anymore including mr. Steve what do you think
mr. Steve well I think it’s stupid really I don’t want to hear about these
things you know you know what what I mean I know what you mean I know what
you mean mr. Steve poor mr. Steve hello Pat chew Pat you is here nice to see you
here as well a lot of people on the live chat so we have our new new passport
next month unfortunately it will be coming blue it will become blue would
you like to have a look at the new passport again so there it is so that
will be the new passport now can I just say that many years ago
the UK passport was blue and that’s the reason why we are going back to the blue
press sport that’s the reason why the passport will be blue again because a
lot of people in the past a lot of people felt that maybe we should have
the blue crest sport again to remind us of the good old days that by the way is
not necessarily my opinion that isn’t necessarily what I think that’s what
other people are saying okay hello to the vin pom hello vin pom min nice to
see you here I think your name is new maybe it is your first time on the live
chat in which case welcome welcome to the UK it’s a lovely place to be look
there it is that’s the UK right now that’s what it
looks like is it interesting I don’t know
hello Sambu Sam boo sissy Co Co Co Co Co oh hello to you how
much does a UK passport cost I think well this is a passport that I renewed
so I renewed this Passport about a year ago and this was about I
think it was about 75 pounds quite expensive so if you want to get your
passport renewed or you want to get a new passport they are actually quite
expensive so this particular press board that I got one year ago was 75 pounds
however the good news is the passport lasts for ten years so this particular
passport will stay valid I can use this for 10 years
I’m not sure what the effect of brexit will be so whether brexit means that I
can’t use this anymore I’m not sure at the moment so
perhaps I will have to change this to a blue one we will have to wait and see
anyway the new passports are arriving next month in the UK there will be some
new passports they will be blue in colour some people feel very happy about
it whilst others do not they do not feel
happy about it at all I have been enjoying something over the past few
days I have become completely crazy about a certain character from
literature I think my thumbnail might give you a clue have you seen it the
thumbnail that is advertising today’s live stream there is a certain character
a well-known character from literature English literature who I have become
quite enamored with quite a fan of and I will give you a clue the author of the
stories concerning this particular character is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I’m
sure you will know who I’m on about now and I’m sure if you like reading books
and stories and mystery novels you will be very very sure of who I’m going to
mention yes we are talking all about Sherlock Holmes I have become completely
crazy about Sherlock Holmes over the past few weeks and one of the reasons is
because I’ve rediscovered a TV program that was on in the 1980s and early 1990s
called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and
it’s amazing and I think I might be addicted to watching Sherlock Holmes on
TV so it it’s really got me in the mood for reading some of the books because I
the books many years ago when I was at school so we did actually study the
stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle famous for his car
to Sherlock Holmes and I am and now I’m now actually crazy about it
so over the years many people have played Sherlock Holmes including this
guy so this is a man who played Sherlock Holmes in the Golden Age of cinema
his name was Basil Rathbone and he was possibly one of the first popular actors
to play the part of Sherlock Holmes however for me there is only one guy
there was only one man as far as I’m concerned who can play Sherlock Holmes
and he did it so well do you want to see him here he is now his name was Jeremy
Brett an amazing British actor very famous for appearing in other films but
nowadays most people know him as playing the part of Sherlock Holmes in a very
popular television show that ran for over 10 years and on the right you can
see an actor called Edward Hardwick who played Sherlock Holmes assistant dr.
Watson so for those who are familiar with Sherlock Holmes I’m sure you know
all there is to know about him so Sherlock Holmes is fictional he’s not
real however there are many people who believe that he is real in fact you can
actually go to his house in Baker Street in London so there is a place now that
that is it 22 B Baker Street which of course in the books was Sherlock Holmes
address that’s where he lived in in the stories so I must be honest with you I
am quite enamored I am crazy about Sherlock Holmes I have become
reacquainted with the stories now the original
stories were published as novels they were long stories however Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle realized that his stories were so popular he started publishing
short stories concerning Sherlock Holmes and his investigations in the Strand
newspaper so there was a popular newspaper called The Strand and inside
that paper there were short stories published concerning Sherlock Holmes so
even all that time ago there were many people who loved Sherlock Holmes lots of
reaction already I’ve only just mentioned Sherlock Holmes and a lot of
people have already mentioned him hello – broken boy hello broken boy nice to
see you here today why are you taping my conversations Pedro what do you want oh
dear I don’t know what that’s all about I don’t know hello – marina who says I
have visited his house in Baker Street so this is one of those strange things
where something from fiction has has come into reality isn’t it strange so
this is not just something that exists on a film set or on a studio set it’s
actually in London itself so if you go to Baker Street in London if you go
along Baker Street you will actually find 22 B Baker Street the home of
Sherlock Holmes who doesn’t really exist however if you can catch some of the TV
shows concerning The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes then I suggest you do
here is another picture this is Jeremy Brett once again portraying Sherlock
Holmes with his trusty assistant dr. Watson with him
so Jeremy Brett is now considered to be the diminutive the absolute reality of
Sherlock Holmes he is now considered to be the best actor and also the best
portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and I have to agree I must be honest I am
absolutely mesmerised by his performance and one of the interesting things about
Jeremy Brett is he became so involved so immersed in the character of Sherlock
Holmes that he actually thought he was Sherlock Holmes he didn’t like to break
out of the character especially when he was filming the episodes so he always
thought and behaved like Sherlock Holmes so he really put himself into the
character he really immersed himself in the role in fact some people believe
that it cost him a lot of mental stress playing the part of Sherlock Holmes so
the great actor sadly no longer around he sadly died in I think it was 1994 he
passed away and they were about to make a new series of Sherlock Holmes episodes
but unfortunately he passed away and it never came to pass
unfortunately he never came to be there are some great quotes from Sherlock
Holmes would you like to see a couple of quotes okay here is one right now all
that is familiar soon becomes commonplace now in the early days of
literature and certainly in the early days of the English language being
written you may have found certain ways of describing events or situations and
the word commonplace is actually very very negative it is a very negative word
so in this particular sense this sentence is saying
that familiar things familiar things might give you excitement and joy
however they soon become commonplace which means they soon become dull and
boring so that is actually a quote from a Sherlock Holmes novel here is another
one now I like this one now I think this might be the most famous quote by
Sherlock Holmes I am actually paraphrasing this so please excuse me
after eliminating all the possibilities whatever remains however improbable or
absurd must be the answer I love this quote so this is something Sherlock
Holmes would often say to Watson when he was investigating a crime after
eliminating all the possibilities whatever remains however improbable or
absurd must be the answer so the word eliminate means to remove you remove
something so you remove all the possibilities and whatever is left
whatever remains however improbable the word improbable means something that
can’t happen or can’t be done or something that appears impossible after
eliminating all the possibilities whatever remains however improbable or
absurd must be the answer another great quote from the great Sherlock Holmes
even though he’s not real I hope you enjoyed that because I I can’t but I
can’t remember the last time I became so excited by something that I’ve seen or
read and it’s really taken over my brain to be honest so I absolutely love the
character Lena says a vitality Solomon played the part of dr. Watson oh ok then
vitality Solomon I who that is I must say that I’m not sure
who that is it is an actor but I’m not sure who it
is hello mr. Duncan did you watch a Russian version of Sherlock Holmes
played by oh okay then andrew is now answering the question that I just asked
apparently vitality Solomon was an actor who played Sherlock Holmes I I did not
know that but now I do so thanks for telling me Andrew and also Lena as well
Christina says the second quote is good yes I love the second quote one of
Sherlock Holmes most famous quotes and of course quite often he would also say
elementary dear Watson elementary something that is elementary is
something that comes easily something that you can obtain that comes easily
maybe you learn something easily maybe there is a subject that is very easy to
learn so something that is easily learnt is elementary and that is something that
Sherlock Holmes used to say to his assistant dr. Watson my dear Watson it’s
elementary it is easy it is simple it is not difficult it is Elementary very nice
now GM says mr. Duncan you have become you have motivated me to watch Sherlock
Holmes over the years there have been many people who have played or portrayed
Sherlock Holmes including Basil Rathbone he portrayed Sherlock Holmes many years
ago I think during the 1950’s forties and fifties so there are many feature
films with Sherlock Holmes played by Basil Rathbone and later on there have
been many people who have played Sherlock Holmes I think Sean Connery
I’m sure Sean Connery appeared in a Sherlock Holmes film but I don’t think
he played Holmes I think he played Watson and then of course there is
Benedict Cumberbatch who played Sherlock Holmes in the BBC TV series can I be
honest with you because you know I like to be honest whenever I can
can I be honest with you and say I did not like
Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC show Sherlock I didn’t like it I didn’t like
the modern twist or the modern approach to the stories so I am I am a little bit
of a traditionalist when it comes to Sherlock Holmes so that’s probably why I
like watching the Jeremy Brett version and there are many episodes I think some
of them are on YouTube so if you put Jeremy Brett into your search engine on
YouTube and maybe put Sherlock Holmes as well next to his name you will find that
there might be some episodes of Sherlock Holmes for you to watch nice um from
Sherlock Holmes yes that is true well done oh thank you Ungh Ungh says
Sherlock Holmes was killed off yes it’s true Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got so so
bored writing Sherlock Holmes stories he actually stopped he wanted to stop so he
killed Sherlock Holmes in one of his stories I think it was called his last
case or that all the finals case the final case I’m sure it was the last one
and in that particular story Sherlock Holmes fell to his death at a waterfall
and with him fell his arch enemy so he did have an enemy in many of his stories
there he is professor
so Moriarty oh dear professor Moriarty is a baddie and he would often cause
problems for professor sorry for Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson
so Professor Moriarty was the villain he was the bad guy and he appeared in quite
a few Sherlock Holmes stories however Arthur Conan Doyle decided to kill
Sherlock Holmes he died with Professor Moriarty they both fell from a waterfall
they fell in to the water and it was assumed that they both drowned
however because of pressure from all of his readers he actually resurrected
Sherlock Holmes so Sherlock Holmes came back so Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided
to carry on writing he he wrote more Sherlock Holmes stories so yes very
interesting so for a while Sherlock Holmes was dead but then he came back
because he was so popular hello Christina did you know Nigel Bruce was
performing Watson yes Nigel Bruce was one of those amazing actors who would
pop up he would appear in many films quite often he would play a comedy role
he was very good at being funny and here in the Basil Rathbone films Nigel Bruce
played the part of dr. Watson and quite often he would play it in a rather funny
way he would be a little careless or bumbling so yes his his portrayal of
Watson was quite different however in the TV show that I was talking about
with Jeremy Brett the the portrayal of Watson is is much more serious much more
serious Thomas says Mr Duncan it is tying for your tea
break you are right yes I don’t know about you but I’m thirsty it is now well
it’s just after three o’clock shall we go into the kitchen would you
like to come with me into my kitchen where we can have a little drink would
you like to I think that is a brilliant idea
so my kitchen awaits I will make sure my microphone is working in the kitchen
before I disappear and I will also take my phone as well so I can carry on
looking at a live chat isn’t this amazing so it’s time to have a cup of
tea or maybe a cup of coffee maybe a cold drink if you are feeling thirsty so
now let’s go into the kitchen and have a cup of coffee and you are more than
welcome to join me let’s go it’s Coffee time it’s coffee time it’s
got these happy Coffee time it’s time to have some coffee oh hello there nice to
see you here Here I am now in my kit you and as you
can see I’m looking rather smart a lot of people comment on my clothing they
say mr. Duncan we like your white shirt and your tie it really does suit you
thank you very much for your lovely comments I do appreciate it oh hello
there mr. Bruno is here mr. Bruno is here right now apparently mr. Bruno
loves the stories surrounding Sherlock Holmes however he doesn’t like the
museum the Sherlock Holmes Museum apparently he says it is a little bit
boring Wow okay then thank you Luis Mendez so we are now in the kitchen what
I’m going to do is make a cup of coffee so you are welcome to join in as well we
can have a lovely hot or cold beverage I like that word if you have a beverage
it’s another way of saying drink so you can have a hot beverage or maybe you can
have a cold beverage it means something that is chilled like a glass of water or
maybe a glass of fruit juice or something hot which is what we are going
to do right now so I’m going to put my kettle on so
please excuse me so I will be doing some things over there so you can have a
drink as well if you feel like having a lovely from freshing drink you can
refresh yourself with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee hello to Eric it is a little dark in
there is it really I’m sorry about that is that better
can you see me now I know that the weather today is very strange because
the Sun keeps coming out and then suddenly it goes back in so I hope you
can see me now can you see me all right am i clear I
hope so yes it is slightly dark for which I apologize let me just see if I
can make it lighter mmm just going to see if I can make this just a little bit
lighter ah is that better oh I think actually I think that is much better is
that better can you see me better now am i clearer
I really really hope so hello mr. Duncan where is your range hood I don’t have a
range hood I don’t have anything covering my stove because my stove is
electric so my stove does not use gas it uses electricity because we don’t have
gas here so where I live there is no gas there is no gas supply so instead we
have to use oil instead unfortunately so my my stove is actually
powered by electricity I know I know what you’re going to say mr. Duncan it
is not environmentally friendly unfortunately we don’t have gas supply
here so I’ve put the kettle on so the kettle will slowly boil you might hear
it Lana says I thought Sherlock Holmes was real well you might not be the only
person who thinks that because there is such a large following of Sherlock
Holmes even now even many many years after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died and
yes it’s strange he is almost become real mythical I like that word
mythical so I think some people describe Sherlock Holmes as being mythical a
mythical character just see that lighter is that better
yes I think the problem in my kitchen today is that it isn’t very light maybe that is better is that better can
you see me clearly now I apologize if it looks dark maybe I should get a torch so
I’m going to have a cup of coffee so please excuse me and going over there to
make a cup of coffee and this is a great opportunity for you to also have a
refreshing drink so excuse me excuse me for a moment coffee first of all well first of all
you need coffee so I have some lovely coffee here some nice americano coffee
oh very nice I think actually this comes from where
does this come from it doesn’t say I think it is from I want to say Colombia
but I might be wrong because it doesn’t say you wouldn’t you would think it
would say it wouldn’t you you would think it would say where it is Joost how
strange how strange is that so let’s put some coffee oh I don’t know
about you but I like a strong cup of coffee very strong I like to taste the
flavor I really do this is a special kind of sugar I use
brown sugar brown sugar there it is can you see it it’s very sweet and very
delicious we also call this sugar Demerara sugar so this is another type
of sugar that is very sweet but it goes very nicely with coffee if you put this
in coffee it’s lovely it’s really nice I like it I like it a
lot do a little bit of milk in my coffee I always have my coffee white I know
some people like to have their coffee back they don’t have any milk in their
coffee it at all however I always like to put a little bit of milk in my coffee so there it is and now all I have to do
is add some hot water and here is my secret here is how you
make a really nice cup of coffee and you can make it very quickly you can use one
of these and this thing will stir your coffee it will make it all frothy you
can have frothy coffee so I use this as I pour the water onto the coffee I will
use this to make the coffee frothy nice dudu time for some coffee coffee so as
you can see I’m pouring the water and as I pour the water I will also make the
coffee go frothy Eve there it is yes what about
you are you making a cup of tea or a cup of coffee
or maybe you are having a cold drink something cold to do and that is it that
is my lovely refreshing cup of coffee what about you have you got your drink
so there it is I will show you I will bring it to the camera so you can see it
there it is my lovely refreshing cup of coffee thank you to the live chat Oh a
lot of people saying hello on the live chat thank you very much hello Chris I
would add cocoa to my coffee really I suppose so yes you can have coffee with
chocolate as well I believe it’s called a maca maca chocolate or mocha coffee no
Emmy says I am having my morning mate huh
I’m having my morning mate I wonder what that means what do you mean by morning
mate deeming your drink or do you mean me I’m not sure anyway let’s go back
into the studio where I can enjoy my coffee and I hope you have a nice drink
to enjoy as well let’s go back what a busy day I must admit we have had
a very busy day today so far and I still have lots of things to do as well I
still have other things to show you as well back to the live chat don’t worry I
haven’t forgotten about you for those who are watching now around the world
this is live English from the UK the birthplace of the English language
thanks for joining me so now I’m going to try some of my lovely coffee I think
this is Colombian coffee I think this particular coffee comes from Colombia
hmm oh that is nice very refreshing so what about you what are you having are
you having something nice to drink are you having a nice beverage something
refreshing to keep you going during the morning or the afternoon or maybe the
evening mmm very nice hello to Christina hello also to Noemi also Italian coffee
is good oh yes I think so Italian coffee I tell you what I had last year I tried
French coffee French coffee is really nice I must be honest with you I really
did enjoy drinking my French coffee larner hello Lana Lana asks how much
sugar did you add to your cup I had two two sugars so I had one spoon and then I
put another spoon of sugar in my coffee so yes normally I have two spoons of
sugar in my coffee I know it’s unhealthy it is bad for you
but sometimes you have to have something that tastes nice something that makes
you feel happy hello also to ceci I think Italian
expresso is the best really well I’ve had expressed so I like expresso because
you can drink it very quickly so ASI I’ve had expresso Jamelia hello Jamelia
Jamelia we see today hello to Jamelia hello Jamelia your coffee looks like
cappuccino with all the froth it does it does look like cappuccino because I use
my little machine to make the milk and the coffee mixed together and it makes
it it makes it go all frothy and foamy I like it very much
hmm and it tastes delicious drew by asks have you ever had Darjeeling I like all
types of tea in my kitchen I have Assam I have Darjeeling I also have Earl Grey
by the way Earl Grey is my favorite tea I love it
I love it every morning when I wake up I always have a cup of Earl Grey with a
little bit of milk and yes I have sugar in my tea as well hello Camille
hello also satury no again hello to Fung du Chun I have just had an instant cup
of coffee it’s so hot I love coffee when I was younger I used to drink a lot of
coffee to be honest with you nowadays I only have one cup of coffee every day
only one mr. Duncan please don’t put too much sugar in your tea or coffee I will
try not to but the problem is I have a very sweet tooth a very sweet tooth
indeed what do you call the thing floating in your cup the thing at the
top is called foam foam or we can also call it froth froth foam
so when you make your coffee you can mix the coffee and the milk together and you
get foam or froth so there is a type of coffee called cappuccino which normally
has froth on the top so yes that’s what we call it you can call it foam or you
can call it froth as well by the way if you want to see captions for this live
stream you can you can press C on your keyboard if you want to have live
captions you can I suppose I should have told you that earlier I suppose so we
are looking at words and phrases connected to surprised and shocked have
you ever received a horrible surprise or a bad shock have you have you ever
received news that has made you shocked has something happened to you that has
made you surprised hello Camille Camille nice to see you I am watching in Poland
can I just say the new British passport is going to be made in Poland so the
blue Passport that we will be changing to after we
leave Europe is actually going to be made in Poland I’m not even lying I’m
not even joking about that it’s true Thank You Aung yes froth froth so if you
have lots of bubbles if something is mixed together very quickly you can you
can actually get froth or foam on the top of your coffee you are right
hello priests TV hello priests TV nice to see you here
with me very nice so words and phrases that can be used to express shock to
express surprise so here we go shall we have a look expressing surprise and
shock there are many ways of expressing surprise and shock so first of all let’s
have a look at the words shall we shop well if a person is shocked if you have
a shock it means to be disturbed or surprised by something in a disturbing
way so we can describe shock as disturbed surprise so maybe something
that surprises you but also makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy so quite
often when we say shock I received a shock today something unexpected and
quite often it can cause you a lot of emotional upset and distress so the word
shock and then we have surprise surprise means unexpected an unexpected event can
be described as a surprise so something you weren’t expecting happen something
that came along that you weren’t expecting however it wasn’t something
bad or awful quite often a surprise can be something nice something Pleasant
something that makes you feel good or happy so quite often we use the word
surprise to mean an unexpected event but of course you can have a nice surprise
maybe your friends give you a surprise birthday party wow I wasn’t expecting
that what a lovely surprise and of course you
can also have a bad surprise so maybe you can be surprised by something
however it makes you feel unhappy quite often we will describe that as shock so
you might have something that surprises you it creates a shock you weren’t
expecting it disturbed surprise is shocked so you might feel shocked by
something and you can see what I’ve done here so the word shock and we can add
this to the end to describe the feeling so you might feel shocked by something
shocked I can’t believe it i-i’ve just received some terrible news
I feel shocked by the news surprised shocked
you might feel shook or shaken by the shock so a shock can actually shake you
it makes you feel upset you can’t control your emotions because you feel
so surprised shook I feel shook or shaken which is the next word we will
look at shaken so the past tense of shake is shaken you were shaken by the
news I can’t believe what happened I feel shaken I’m shook I was shocked to
hear the news we could also say taken aback you can be taken aback by
something if you are taken aback by something it means it is something that
makes you so surprised and shocked you can’t believe it you can’t believe what
has happened I am taken aback maybe you discover that your friend has
got married to his sweetheart in secret you might be taken aback by the news
because it’s shocking it’s surprising you can’t believe it you have been
can i back another one oh I like this one
stunned so we can have the word stun and if you have been stunned it means you’ve
been shocked you can’t believe what has happened you are stunned you have been
stunned something stops you from doing the things you want to do because you
you are so shocked I’m stunned so maybe you hear some terrible news
from a friend or relative and shocked shocked
Jamelia says something very nice using the computer is better than writing on
pieces of paper mr. Duncan oh I’m glad to hear that so this is something I’ve
changed recently so now you will see that many of the things that I talk
about and explain are now on the screen for you to look at instead of using
pieces of paper so there you can see it looks like it looks like I’m holding the
paper but I’m not because it’s inside my computer stunned to be stunned by
something have you ever been shocked or stunned by some news I’m sure there are
many moments that we can remember in our lives where something has left us
feeling shocked or shaken you might also feel staggered staggered something you
can’t believe so quite often if we describe something as making us feel
staggered it means something unbelievable something we can’t believe
that happened I’m staggered staggered to hear it that
news is staggering staggering news shocking news will make you feel
staggered you’re watching live English English addict on
Sunday with me mr. Duncan I hope you are enjoying your Sunday devastated maybe a
member of your family dies maybe you lose someone close to you maybe a person
you have loved for many years passes away they die
you might feel devastated your life will never be the same again because of
losing that person you feel devastated by it the death of a loved one can leave
you feeling devastated the news might be described as devastating devastating
news leaves you feeling devastated you might feel astonished by something
something you hear that makes you feel shocked can also make you feel
astonished I’m astonished by something I can’t believe it it seems unbelievable
it seems incredible it seems like something that I can’t believe has
happened astounded you can be astounded by something if you are if you are
astounded it means again it means something that leaves you feeling very
surprised very shocked you can’t believe what has happened it has surprised you a
lot we are now going to take a little break but don’t be too astonished don’t
be too surprised or shocked I will be back with you in a moment however here
is a clip from one of my lessons one of my many lessons that you can find on my
website yes I have a website now more details about that after this excerpt
from one of my full English lessons we often use the phrase easier said than
done when discussing a possible venture or goal it would appear that it is
easier to say something that actually do it but why is that I’m sure you have
done it in the past I know I have we come up with a big plan or idea that we
intend to do at some point but sadly it never comes to fruition the word
fruition means be made real or completed it would appear that it is much easier
to say you’ll do something than to actually do it the effort needed to
start doing something is immense the two things you really need are determination
and motivation you must be determined and motivated to be determined is the
feeling of being resolute and strong-willed motivation is the force
that pushes you into doing something to feel motivated is to be encouraged and
spurred on the driving force that gets you to your goal is motivation without
determination and motivation it would appear to be true that some things are
easier said than done as you know I love receiving your
comments and questions and today I would like to answer another one of your
questions this question comes from Xavier who lives in Spain and asks what
are the differences between the words across and through both of these words
relate to movement to move across means to move from one side to another as a
preposition across shows the position of movement she ran across the street as an
adverb a cross can be used as an expression of measurement in length the
bridge is 100 feet across the word across can also show position he lived
across the road from me a cross word answer that reads horizontally is
defined as being across the word through means to move in and out of something
for example if you go into a forest and come out the other side then you have
gone through the forest so through describes the action of
moving among something to move forwards among trees means you are moving through
the trees as you move you pass things to move through a forest or through bushes
or through a crowd of people you can move through something such as a doorway
to step from one side to another is to move through to go through or fall
through to look from one side of something out to another is look through
he looked through the window to see if
anyone was at home to make a hole in something means that you go through or
you have gone through to inspect or study something in part or whole is to
go through I need to go through these essays and check them for mistakes to be
through means to finish or end something the thing in question is finished and
over I’m going to tell my girlfriend that we are through in a contest the
word through means to be chosen for the next round or heat mr. Duncan you have
made it through to the final so across relates to direction while through tends
to relate to movement and objects thank you for your question Xavier and if you
have a question for me to answer then please feel free to drop me a line at my
email address I hope you enjoyed that
an excerpt from one of my full English lessons and yes I did announce on Friday
there is going to be more there will be more full English lessons made as soon
as the weather improves so I would like to go back outside when the weather is
nice when everything is more pleasant when spring arrives I will go back
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a super weekend it is Sunday and we are coming towards the end we are coming
towards the end of February don’t forget this month is short only 29
days so March is just around the corner and as I mentioned earlier next month
will see this disappear the lovely red Passport of the European
Union that we use here in the UK it will be going away and it will be replaced by
the Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport which of course is being issued
as we all get used to the new thing called brexit some people are happy
about it and some people are not happy about it
which are you which one are you we are looking at words and phrases connected
with being shocked or surprised here’s another good one I like this one have
you ever been dumb founded I’m dumbfounded maybe something happens
maybe a certain group of people vote for something and maybe their that the thing
they vote for is something that you were not fond of maybe something you didn’t
support yourself you might feel that the result has left you feeling dumbfounded
you can’t even express how you feel you feel dumbfounded by it something has
left you feeling so shocked so surprised that you can’t actually express how you
feel about it it has left you feeling dumbfounded you might be traumatized by
something this is very serious if you’ve been through a very difficult situation
if you’ve experienced something that is traumatic so a traumatic thing is
something that is hard to face maybe an awful situation so
you might be a member of the military and you go away on service and you see
lots of things that leave you feeling traumatized you feel shocked you feel
disturbed maybe you suffer problems after you return back to the country
where you’ve originated from so as you return home you might feel traumatized
by the things you saw and maybe the things you had to do overwhelmed you can
be overwhelmed by emotion you can be overwhelmed by kindness so overwhelmed
is the feeling of maybe losing your emotions you are overwhelmed you don’t
know what to say once again you can’t believe that something has happened you
feel overwhelmed by the situation or the event it has left you feeling quite
overwhelmed here’s another one oh I like this one here is one that we often use
in British English so here is a word that means surprised or shocked and it
is one that we use in British English here it is now flabbergasted I love this
word I like this I think this is one of the best words to use when you feel
shocked or surprised by something I can’t believe it I’m I’m flabbergasted
flabbergasted it’s a great word however we don’t really know where it came from
so there is no way of finding out where this word came from because we don’t
actually know the origin of this word is unknown we don’t actually know where it
came from to be flabbergasted you are surprised you are shocked you can’t
believe it I’m flabbergasted you hear something you
can’t believe has happened something has shocked you so much you feel
flabbergasted you feel amazed by something now to be amazed is not really
shocked however it might be surprised so to be amazed by something is to be
enthralled or maybe you are really interested in that particular thing you
are amazed by it it makes you feel amazed the thing you look at is amazing
maybe you see something that is beautiful maybe a natural event or an
occurrence maybe you see the sunrise in the morning and the sunrise is amazing
and you feel amazed by it something that you weren’t expecting
you are so shocked and surprised by it it makes you feel surprised amazed it is
amazing here’s a phrase that we certain sometimes use you can be knocked for six
if you are knocked for six it means you are stunned by the thing that’s happened
you are so surprised by it I am stunned I’m shocked I can’t believe it I am NOT
for six I think this originated in cricket I think this has something to do
for cricket or with cricket so I think this particular phrase is connected with
the game of cricket so if you are knocked for six I think it means you
just feel stunned by something you can’t believe what has happened bricks it has
left a lot of people feeling knocked for six they can’t believe it has happened
it’s made a lot of people feel quite surprised and gobsmacked oh I like this word this is
great if you are gobsmacked you are so surprised by something I can’t believe
that this thing has happened I can’t believe it’s occurred
I feel gobsmacked if you are gobsmacked you are stunned so quite often we will
use this in we will use this in British English so quite often we will say that
we are gobsmacked when we hear something or experience something that we can’t
believe has happened I can’t believe that you’ve told me that I can’t believe
mr. Duncan has got married I am gobsmacked gob smacked the word gob by
the way can you see it there gob that is a slang word for mouth so gob is slang
term it is a slang word that means mouth quite often we use that in British
English so in British English we will often say gob to mean mouth so if you
are gobsmacked it means you can’t speak you can’t reply you you don’t know what
to say you are completely gobsmacked I like
that one here’s another one another physical one you might be knocked off
your feet if you feel knocked off your feet it
means you are shocked or surprised something is so shocking you feel
knocked off your feet knocked off your feet the thing that happened came along
unexpectedly you didn’t expect it to happen it has knocked you off your feet
you feel so shocked to be knocked off your feet we can also say
knock someone off their feet you might do something nice for another person you
might go up to your girlfriend in the park and you might propose marriage
hello darling I know that we’ve been together for many years
today I would like to ask you a very special question will you marry me will
you be my wife I want you to be mine forever and she might be knocked off her
feet she might not believe it I can’t believe this is happening
you knock someone off their feet you give them a big surprise the thing is so
surprising they can’t believe it to knock someone off their feet I suppose
you can also have a sudden surprise so a certain surprise is something that you
weren’t expecting once again so we use the word sudden to mean unexpected
so you weren’t expecting it it is sudden a sudden surprise so again maybe a
birthday party maybe you go home and the house is dark there are no lights on in
the house but as you walk into the house suddenly the lights come on and everyone
shouts surprise you have a sudden surprise something you
weren’t expecting it happened suddenly without warning you weren’t expecting it
it came out of the blue I like this one another good expression if something
caught comes out of the blue it came without warning something happened and
you weren’t expecting it something that happened that you weren’t expecting so
when we say that something came out of the blue we are really saying it came
out of the sky I it’s almost as if it came out of the
sky without warning it came out of the blue so maybe you receive some news some
unexpected news you might say that the news came out of the blue I wasn’t
expecting that to happen it came suddenly without warning it came out of
the blue we have two more to show you before we go yes I will be going in
around 10 minutes so if you want to say something now is the time to type your
message on the live chat something happens without warning as I just
mentioned we can say that something happened without warning something was
sudden unexpected something that happened without you being prepared so
quite often if we receive a shock if we receive a surprise quite often we like
to know before it happens because that’s why we call it a shock a
shocking thing is something you weren’t expecting you weren’t prepared it came
without warning you didn’t receive any notification you didn’t receive any
warning it came without warning the thing happened unexpectedly and finally
a shock or a surprise can be an unexpected event something that is
unexpected can be described as a shock or a surprise something you weren’t
expecting so unexpected so you can see the word expected so expected you are
expecting so it will not be a surprise however if it is unexpected it means
it is a surprise so something that is unexpected is a surprise or shock so an
unexpected event is a thing that happens that you did not know about you were not
prepared for it so I hope you’ve enjoyed those words
quite a few there I think we had around 25 or maybe 26 words there so there is
plenty for you to look at plenty for you to read plenty for you to learn from
this lesson will be available on YouTube forever and ever so you can watch this
is many times as you want also you can have captions as well so if you want
captions you can always press this on your keyboard press C on your keyboard
for captions and they will appear as if by magic isn’t that nice isn’t that
lovely I like that a lot thank you very much for your messages today a lot of
people joining me today it’s great to see so many people have found out about
my lessons because sometimes it is very hard to be found on YouTube because
there are millions and millions of people here doing all sorts of things so
thank you very much I am really really pleased to see so many people here thank
you very much hello blues bird there are too many new
words well don’t worry don’t worry all you have to do is watch
the lesson and do it slowly you don’t have to rush so one of the things to
remember about learning anything is you must never rush what you are doing so
the beautiful thing about this video is that you can watch it as many times as
you want and also you can pause the video as well so you can pop pause the
video you can pause it you can stop the video
and you can go back you can go back to another part of the video that you
missed or the part of the video that you didn’t hear clearly so there are many
ways of using my videos thank you very much to El vendor
hello el vendor hello to you nice to see you here today where are you watching at
the moment as I mentioned at the start of today’s livestream we have a serious
situation occurring around the world what about you are you worried about the
outbreak of corona virus in your country now yesterday I did something very
strange something I’ve never done before and this is what I mentioned earlier I
actually bought this from the local chemist the local pharmacy and this is
hand sanitizer so this is something you put on your hand I will do it now would
you like me to do it for you now ok so I will put some of this on my hand if I
can get it open there we go ok I will put a little bit
of this on my hand ok I think that’s enough and the strange thing is this
smells it smells like bubble gum and because my studio is so hot so this this
particular thing smells like it smells like bubble gum
it smells like sweets that the child might eat very strange so there it is my
hand sanitizer what about you are you worried about catching corona virus or
maybe you are worried about catching anything some people are obsessed with
their health to the point where they they they worry all the time they become
really worried about germs and viruses and the things that are floating around
in the air they are germaphobes germaphobes a
germophobe is a person who is afraid of catching an illness or picking up a
virus or bacteria or something that might harm them and make them sick so
some people do become very worried about their health especially at the moment
Jamelia says don’t forget to subscribe if you are new mr. duncan is a very good
teacher I can assure you Thank You Jamelia it’s very kind of you to say
thank you very much Big Boss hi mr. Duncan I just wanted to
say I love your videos Thank You Big Boss you are more than welcome to do so
you are more than welcome to subscribe like join in the important thing is that
my videos help you help you to gain your confidence help you to enjoy learning
because of course as far as I’m concerned learning should always be fun
everything you do especially if you are learning something
make it fun enjoy it and then the more you enjoy it the more you will want to
do it and the more you do it the better you will get
I think so Maria bye mr. Duncan thank you very much Maria thank you Christina
as well so nice to see almost 300 people joining us very nice hello also Thomas
Thomas cast oh thank you mr. Duncan and see you soon yes I will be back with you
on Wednesday so I have a little rest for two days and then I’m back with you on
Wednesday the time is always the same you can see there Wednesday and 2 p.m.
UK time is when I am on so all of my life streams are on at the same time 2
p.m. UK time Sunday Wednesday and Friday you can always catch me there thank you
very much for everyone to everyone who is joined today and a peek at hello and
a pika I think the corona virus has spread very
quickly I think now my personal opinion is that I think people have
underestimated this particular virus I think people thought that it might go
away or maybe if we put people into into confinement or isolation then it would
slowly go away however it would appear to be the opposite so a lot of people at
the moment are worrying about the corona virus
here in the UK we haven’t had many cases not many cases we have had unfortunately
I think a couple of fatalities unfortunately but there are a lot of
people now in quarantine they are being kept away from everyone else and each
person is being held in isolation so they can’t have any contact with any
other people it must be awful can you imagine that
and many people now are having to be on their own for two weeks two weeks of
isolation I don’t like the sound of that to be honest with you I don’t like the
sound of that at all thank you very much – blues bird oh thank you pal Mira how
can I ever make it up to you if you make something up to someone it means you try
to repay them for something that you’ve done wrong pal Mira thank you very much
for forgiving me for my little mistake it was a mistake definitely Thank You
pal Mira actually I know what I’m going to do pal Mira
there we go pal Mira is now a moderator for my channel so pal Mira I will never
lose you again okay I will always have you there in my live chat so pal Mira
you are now officially one of my moderators along with Louie also me care
and Belarusian and Pedro as well yes we’ve had a couple of Oh what are
fatalities when we say fatality it means something that causes death so a
fatality is the death of someone so a person dies one person dies we say that
that is one fatality so a fatality is the event of death one
person dies or maybe a hundred fatalities so if there are 100
fatalities it means a hundred people have died unfortunately so yes so here
in the UK we have had a couple of people sadly died from the coronavirus but here
it is not too bad not very serious at all hello to pal mirror again you are
now officially a moderator on my youtube channel is that good I hope so
Thank You Jamelia I’m going now we are coming up to the two-hour mark I’ve been
here for two hours back with you or Wednesday hope you’ve enjoyed the show
thank you Valentin please stay germ free I will try my best I have been very
careful over the past few days and now I have my antibacterial hand wash as well
I wonder what would happen if I drink this probably not a good idea I don’t
think we will try that hello also to Courtney and mr. Steve can
you believe it mr. Steve is now watching the live stream from somewhere else
this is a very strange moment of time so hello mr. Steve and hello to all of your
friends I believe you are having fun with your birthday party I hope you have
had something nice to eat I feel very jealous because I’m hungry
at the moment so hello mr. Steve out there in YouTube land it feels very
strange saying hello Tomic says I’d love to be deleted here
really Tomic really do you want me to delete you I don’t think that’s a good
idea if I delete you then you won’t be able to join me with my livestream that
would be terrible I’m going now I’m definitely going as we
reach two hours exactly thank you for your company by the way we’ve talked
about a lot of things we’ve talked about shock and amazement we’ve talked about
Sherlock Holmes who I am absolutely crazy about even though he doesn’t exist
even though a lot of people think he does and also we’ve talked about the new
passport so soon we will be saying goodbye to this because of brexit we’ve
talked about antibacterial hand wash and also we’ve been talking to you as well
the most important part of my livestream is you and I hope you will join me again
soon thank you Noemi Thank You Lana it is time for bed now says Lana because it
is 11 p.m. very late thank you also to Irene Thank You El vendor thank you also
to zoo Zika hello the Zika I didn’t see you here today
thank you for rejoining me I haven’t seen you for a long time nice to see you
back and of course I will see you on Wednesday we will do this all over again
also thanks to mr. Steve Thank You mr. Duncan I really enjoyed being here today
can we talk about cars again no we can’t sorry mr. Steve we can’t talk about cars
we don’t have time see you later 2 p.m. UK time Carl M DS says Jesus
loves you and on that note I will say thanks for watching and I hope you have
a great weekend enjoy the rest of your weekend have a super week stay safe
stay happy stay young free and enjoy life because
it’s pretty good really when you think about it and of course until the next
time we meet here on YouTube… ta ta for now 😎


  1. TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…
    MR STEVE IS almost HERE – 32:07 SHERLOCK HOLMES – 42:39 COFFEE BREAK – 1:01:13 SHOCK & SURPRISE WORDS – 1:18:02
    FULL ENGLISH excerpt (video) – 1:27:11 MORE SHOCK & SURPRISE WORDS – 1:32:25

  2. Hello mr duncan, I am amazed to see you in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, this is something I was expecting in your october live streams when you used to be in the kitchen on Wednesday. I feel very excited when I see you in a good mood.lots of respect from karachi, Pakistan

  3. I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes as well! I read his stories now and again, since I first met with the character a long time ago, when I was a lad. SH is for me a synonim of happiness. Glad to know that you are an enthusiastic fan as well!

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