Facing The Consequences of Extreme Gambling | Series 2 Episode 5

Facing The Consequences of Extreme Gambling | Series 2 Episode 5

There’s always something to bet on. It doesn’t feel like real money. They call me the Queen of betting. My biggest win is over £500. Over the month I staked £46,000. I blew my whole month’s wages
in 45 minutes, basically. What? I started off at betting shops. Then I started downloading
these betting apps. Nowadays, I tend to do
a lot of my bets online. It’s just simple,
it’s just like texting someone, just quickly get out your phone. My first ever bet was £10
and I won £75. When you’re betting online,
it doesn’t feel like real money because you’re not handing
the cash over. The day that I actually
won over £500, I came out with £5 in my pocket. When you win big, you think,
“Oh, that was actually quite easy, “I’ll be able to do that again.” I try not to have
the gambling apps on my phone because the temptation is too much. In one day, I probably have
lost three figures. My friends had to actually give me
money for food and travel, because I had £5 to last me
for a month. There’s definitely been times
where I’ve had doubts about my own control, because it is
just a slippery slope straight away. How’re you doing, mate?
I’m good, thank you. Nice to meet you. And you. Hiya, my name’s Matthew
and I’m a gambling addict. So, yeah, I’m just going to tell you
a little bit about my story. I first really started when I was
about 12 years old. I asked my mum and she set me up
and I’d use my pocket money and stuff like that, just £5 a week. Then I came to about
15, 16 years old, I found, like, in-play
betting groups. I didn’t tell my mum about that.
I used her details and her account. It got to a stage where I went
through her whole bank balance. Yeah, so it ended up declined,
no more money in her bank. And then as soon as I turned 18, I was introduced to gambling credit. I think over the next
two to three weeks, I ended up taking out three credit
cards, two different loans, about £1,500, and I lost
that all within about a month. And through that month
was where my gambling really, really spiralled out of control. I put all my wages into gambling, I’ve used all my credit cards
and loans. So then I started to look
to friends and family for money. So I would be telling them I need
money for different things, but it would just be for gambling. That’s December 2018
you can see there, I actually ended up £1,342 down
for the month. But over the month,
I staked £46,000. What? It came to the end of the month
and I suddenly had a lot of bills that tried to pay out. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay
them all. Yeah. So my instant response was,
I’ll go to gambling. I can gamble the money,
I can get my wages through, all I need to do is double it up. But I blew my whole month’s wages,
£750 in 45 minutes, basically. It just reached a stage where
I was sat there and I just thought, “I can’t do this.” I’ve let people
down so much in the past and it’s always come back
to the gambling. I’ve always ended up lying
for the gambling and I just didn’t see a way out. Luckily for me, I then went
on Twitter and I started to look into other people’s stories. Like people that had been
through it all, people that had been close to
where I was, and I spoke to a few people on there and they just made me see
a completely different side to the gambling. Looking at the numbers that you used
to spend… ..I’m really shocked. Yeah. It’s kind of given me a warning sign
to be careful, what amount I use to bet. You’ve got to be really careful
about how quick it can escalate. To stop it progressing,
and stop it escalating, you’ve got to be open and speak
to people around you. So now I have a credit score of 13. I can’t get a mobile phone
contract out, I can’t ever get, like,
car insurance and pay it monthly, anything which is paying monthly. Why? Did they blacklist you? Yeah, I’ve had defaults, CCJs,
all that sort of stuff, just because I’ve not been able
to pay back the money. It’s not just the money in the
moment, it really can have a long-term effect on you. I’m definitely going
to be more disciplined, because the amount that
you have lost. Yeah. You telling me that is huge,
cos obviously if I was to get to that, I know where that goes,
and the next step and the next step. So I think hearing what you’ve been
through has completely changed my opinion and my knowledge
of how bad it can get.


  1. Er.. no. Don’t be more ‘disciplined’, just stop. If you’re irresponsible enough to blow all your wages in a matter of minutes / hours / days, then selfishly rely on your sensible friends & family to survive through the month, there’s no such thing as ‘being disciplined’.

  2. I mean gambling is tempting cause if you winn multiple times there sth like a intense rush and you want to feel it more and more.
    So I guess your brain spreads hormones of endorphins in your body…. like a reward. 🤔😊

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