Facts about crack cocaine – 24 hour addiction help

Known as “rock,” “the hard,” “base” and simply “crack,” crack cocaine is the dangerous and highly addictive freebase form of cocaine smoked for its fast-acting effects. The high from crack cocaine comes on almost instantaneously and its psychological effects alter the brain chemistry to bring about feelings of euphoria. Crack cocaine users often lose interest in people and hobbies in their life. Someone using this drug may cut off communication with individuals and start to develop a more covert, secretive lifestyle, often becoming paranoid or hostile if someone questions their aloofness. frequent mood changes are another sign of drug use. The paranoia and restlessness associated with crack cocaine usage can put users through the emotional gamut, becoming happy, depressed, angry, paranoid, etc., all in a relatively short period of time. Poor hygiene is also a sign of crack addiction. Shaving, showering and taking care of one’s teeth all fall by the wayside as the addict focuses more on getting his or her fix. Theft is a very common sign of crack addiction. Addicts are sometimes steal money and items from the home that can be sold to support their habit. Crack cocaine is one the most dangerous drugs in the world. Not only can its effects be incredibly damaging, even with short-term use, but the cruel irony is that smokers do not even realize the physical toll it is taking on their bodies. The effects are even worse for women who smoke crack cocaine while pregnant. This drug wreaks havoc on everything it touches, and it does not discriminate. be aware of the signs and symptoms of
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