Fake Positivity on Social Media

Fake Positivity on Social Media

If you’ve been alive for at least a few
years, you will know that people lie. And if you’ve had a social media account
for at least a few weeks, you’ll know that influencers lie even more. Not all of them. But lying, misleading, and hiding the truth
has almost become an intrinsic part of social media these days. People lie about their lives. People are misleading about their intentions. And people hide what they’re going through. You see, to many social media influencers, upholding the image that they have created for themselves and make a lot of money off
of is far more important than honesty or authenticity. Now, everyone who shares on social media is allowed to keep certain aspects of their life private. But where it becomes a problem is when those
who preach positivity and profit off of you believing they are super happy and positive, are not actually as happy and positive as they want you to think they are. The way that positivity is commonly promoted these days is very unhealthy and harmful. Many influencers who people look up to and model their lives and ways of thinking after act like as long as you’re positive, everything’s gonna be alright and all your problems will just disappear. “Stop focusing on the negatives, look at
the positives!” This can definitely be helpful but it sends a very subliminal message that if we stop thinking about our problems, they will go away and that’s how we should deal with issues. In reality, disregarding our unpleasant emotions
by trying to “just think positively” doesn’t help us understand them and usually leads to more unhappiness because we’re just burying those emotions deeper down within. There are countless practices that can improve our lives like reciting affirmations, expressing gratitude, and having a more positive mindset. But just doing these things does not get to the root of the problem, they are more of just a temporary way to improve our current moment. If we want long term solutions, we actually have to do the opposite. We need to allow ourselves to think about
and feel those emotions. We need to find where they stem from and identify what is causing them. We need to stop looking at pleasant emotions as “good” and unpleasant emotions as “bad”. Both serve a purpose in our lives. Both are equally important to our growth and wellbeing. Our negative thoughts and feelings are our teachers. If we choose not to hide from them, they can be a way to better understand ourselves and our current needs. Being happy 24/7 is of course impossible. We all feel unpleasant emotions and we shouldn’t
be afraid of them or try to stop them. Instead, if we allow ourselves to feel and
understand them, we can come to a place where they don’t arise as frequently or strongly to begin with. Influencers who create content about positivity feel all the same emotions that anyone else does. And it’s okay if they don’t want to talk
about certain things in their lives, but we have to realize that just because someone looks happy, doesn’t mean they are happy. Just because someone is always telling us that they’re a super positive person, doesn’t mean they’re telling us the truth. It is very easy to fake who you are and how you’re feeling through photos and videos that are usually just an edited highlight reel of your life. Often, these influencers are dealing with
their own emotional problems that they may feel like they can’t talk about because it would affect their reputation or how people view their advice. Or they may feel like people wouldn’t be
as attracted to their content if they weren’t always upbeat and bubbly. Faking positivity on social media is far from uncommon so it’s important to take everything we see with a grain of salt. People who make thousands and thousands of
dollars from hosting their own retreats or having a mentorship program must promote themselves as someone who knows what they’re talking about and has all the answers you’re looking
for. If they were to admit to their struggles, their followers might begin to question whether or not they are qualified to teach what they teach. This is what leads these types of influencers to hide the reality of their lives from their audience. So it is of course fine to look to influencers for inspiration but know they they don’t have it all figured out. They may struggle with things that they don’t share online. They may not always be as positive and happy as they want you to believe. And no matter how influential or inspirational they are, their advice might not always be the best solution for you. Do not be afraid of your feelings. Being angry, sad, hurt, or confused are not
punishments. Having days where you don’t love yourself
very much, spending time thinking of all the things that you think are wrong with you, or feeling like you’ll never accomplish your goals and dreams are all normal feelings to experience. They don’t need to be pushed away with an instantaneous mindset change, they need your presence and attention if they are to be truly resolved. We cannot overcome our problems by forgetting about them- that only creates temporary alleviation. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all important. When we understand that importance, we can become more mindful of how to properly deal with things that come up and react in ways
that will benefit our lives long term.


  1. more often than not, the "unpleasant feelings" are the ones that trully help us grow and become stronger, the ones that really teach us lessons
    that's why there isn't so much to be learnt on social media where people just keep on displaying their "bright sides of lives"
    thank you Anna for sharing with us 💟

  2. I wrote a blog post on my site and shared this link to your video… I want to spread awareness of how social media created fake people over the reality of what should be. I myself am an Inspirer, influence, not as popular as many of the most influencers out there and I don't make money from what I do. I try yes, and to be honest the top influencers above me are most likely confused themselves. Maybe or maybe not? I don't know… anyway, for myself I want to be authentic all over social media "INTERNET" WORLD…. I am a EdD student in education, and I want to tell the truth in all that I do. Here is that blog post I created and link to my website with your video: https://justingamache.org/2019/05/31/social-media-and-fake-people/

  3. If her shorts were a bit longer, maybe she would be more believable. As it is, she is a narcissist or an exhibitionist. Too much information. Try showing less skin, see if the number of views drops.

  4. well um of course, just like the fake "prayers" and "healing" that people send out. not to mention what all you vloggers do is just one big lie, stop being a hypocrite

  5. Just a coments. I just purchased a 1976 Chevy van 4×4 lifted and I'm going to steal so many of your ideas.😁 Your parents must be so prod of you. I'd be proud if I had a granddaughter that is as capable as you. You are amazing youngin. 👍😉

  6. They just sell their fabricated aspect of life that build buy money and empty with inspiration and for away from real life.

  7. Abbey Sharp just shouted you out in her latest video !! It was pretty cool just wanted to let you know 😊

  8. I was going to say something whitty I guess but, I just don't know anymore. You're right, but I just, I don't know all I feel is pain and sadness and lonely ugh. I'm sorry, thank you for the vlog Anna.

  9. I just wanted to tell you that I liked your conversion van build. Comments were disabled there. Anyway, you did a great job and explained everything very well.

  10. " You are not who you think you are, and you are not who others think you are. You are who you think others think you are. " Does this make sense to anyone ? To me it is a fascinating and haunting statement.

  11. There are two different types of people actually three on social media ones that only post perfect pictures of perfect things and talk about how perfect their life is they keep all negativity off of social media and show themselves as perfect on Instagram Facebook Twitter etc then there's the other type you know the ones that put everything out there on social media every break up every problem with their boss everything most of the time they are doing the whole pity me woe is me life sucks and then you have the third trolls people who just don't care and get a kick out of pushing your buttons. …. It's the internet truth is believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you say and you'll be all right

  12. Interesting points of view Vegan!👍🌷✌️Also, I had watched your video of converting your car into a mobile home! Great job! Have fun!👊🌷🇲🇽✌️😊

  13. I came across your van build video in my recommended videos. Great video. Not only you showed step by step of your van build, you also explained each step, too. I seen in the video description, you quit van life. Have you thought about starting your own van build business? I watched a video of a man in his early 20's, who wanted a camping trailer for him and his girlfriend. He didn't have the money to buy one, so he build a tiny house trailer. His tiny house trailer was a big hit, he started his own tiny house build business.

  14. The second you stopped fake smiling when you were pretending to film a video on your other camera — felt that SO many times. Getting frustrated while filming, or forgetting my words, or suddenly thinking "who would watch this?" and then literally sitting back while the camera is still recording and looking so annoyed or pissed off. I felt that so hard lol.

  15. Faking positivity . thousands and thousands of dollars to millions of dollars doing it….and hurting mother earth too ..kids as well in end

  16. I agree with you about negative and positive thoughts, but about social communication I agree with the full report Yes there are individuals
     Or I say there are hidden organizations that always want to make people under one's thinking and a new context facilitated by them, and thus people are insulated from their original values ​​and feelings the truth that they were born naturally.
    I hope you will see my theory, if only partially.
    Humans without continuity will be happier, happier and more disciplined.
    This is tangible.
    Human evolution has two types. The first type is inherently natural. Type 2 is imposed on humans through the use of technology as a means by organizations to develop humans in the form of what they want.

  17. 0:48 “if you want to get rid of all those negative thoughs, just stop thinking about them!”

    wOw i NeVEr ThOugHt oF tHaT bEfoRe

  18. What if the real answer it's in a topic most of people try to ignore 'RELEGION' for me always 'ISLAM' because simply I can find my self and the real meaning of life and make it lightening

  19. Self development is made by capitalism mosters self deployment is not science it's scum they want to selling bullshit books to stupid people to let poor people feel like they're responsible and it's their fault to be poor and stupid people buying those bullshit books to let capitalism mosters be billionaires and poors the only thing get from those bullshit books is they will feel down to theirselves if they dont succeed
    Men become suicidal and blame feminists it's not feminist fault it's self development makes men feel shamed if they don't be like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk

  20. I used to watch "positive" people on youtube in order feel better.. until I realised that problems should not be ignored but be resolved.

  21. Hi! In regards to the subject of black and white thinking..good topic! I totally agree with you hun..most people think this way these days for different reasons..ego..to be right all the time, lack of knowledge..the haven't the learned how to open up themselves to any other information other than what certain people have told them what to think! Ugh this one frustrates me the most i think lol. The world has become a world of nonthinkers! Most people say or take on what they ir told to think from someone else and never form their own opinion! Ugh! Anyway, when we think black and white yes we close ourselves off from learning. Period! We close ourselves off from learning how to communicate with others, we close ourselves off from growing relationships, we close ourselves off from the world! Its a real shame..I think most black and white thinkers feel they are showing others a dominant stance and therefore proving that they have upper hand and are the smarter person..for me? I see a black and white thinker as a very small person…if you want to put in a psychological way they are definitely the weaker person..I didnt know you were interested in psychology..i used to have long talks with my Daddy about psychology..lived those talks with him, learned so so much!

  22. Aren’t you also getting profit by uploading all of your videos criticizing people for only choosing a deferent lifestyle from yours

  23. in response to your latest video… i watched this video when you released it and I appreciate the message here. 🙂

  24. I was going to leave a compliment on your build video but sadly the comment section was disabled 🙁 anyways 😉 awesome build and hope you enjoyed or still are enjoying the van

  25. Man, finally someone that gets it. You can't free yourself from negativity if you don't face your demons first and that often times takes courage.

  26. Every single time i look on instagram, I think to myself, why can I have silky brown hair pale white skin, skinny and a life. Well this channel taught me more about who I truly am, and I appreciate that. You truly deserve more subscribers cause the way in life that your headed is to a very happy one.

  27. don't be sad you well die sum day.
    this is what make me fell alive => so its make me fell happy.
    this concept may be weyrd for you but from the last Six month has been on this Prinsipe. this Prinsipe in may opinion don't make you depress “that what I was felling before in may daily life for the last Three years ” in thes days I daid not feel very said at all and also I don't feel very happy as often as i was ' at lest i am satisfy with the directchen of may life '.
    in the end i am only 19 ! per heps i don't know what i am talking abbot have a good day evry one !!

  28. Когда мы добры, позитивны и любим – мы тренируемся быть добрыми, позитивными и любить.
    Когда мы злимся, зацикливаемся на проблемах – мы тренируемся быть негативными.
    "Зло порождает зло". Это известная пословица отражает сказанное выше очень четко.
    Быть счастливыми полностью в современном мире невозможно, ибо мир болен, а власти почти во всех странах враждебны людям. Но нет смысла постоянно переживать из за этого, потому что на данном этапе изменить власть мы не в силах.

  29. Hi I totally agree with you I have just discovered your channel and I totally agree with this as well I have days where I feel down about myself and days where I feel fantastic I am 36 year old guy

  30. I had to pause the video and ask… what kind of chair is that, that you were sitting in taking the selfies? I really want one.

  31. If I controlled the systems of the worldly information how would I get people to think how I want them to? First I'd have to keep their focus on me and what I do and think wouldn't I? Sure I would. PC's laptops are not all the time but what if I could get s device people just couldn't put down in fact make it so they would come to totally depend on that device. Hence the iPhone TV PC Laptops and a telephone type writer rolled up into one thing that shows them teaches them about all the things knowledge I'm doing across the planet where I control every religion every government every educational system even entertainment fashion even society. Today we have three generations of people utterly and totally dependent on a tiny little electronic device. People who believe good is evil and evil is good. A vagina is not better than a rectum that you can just believe in your own choice mentally to be a woman or better yet whose to say I have to even have a naturally conceived naturally born male or female gender!?? That's how reprobate the thinking has become. Just as God warns His Children it would become in the latter days.2-Timothy 3:1-7. Who've Programmed You? From where did your knowledge come from? Be Honest your answers will shock you how you've been controlled and programmed….

  32. this rings so fucking true. i’ve fallen into that trap. i’m now expressing the opposite on my IG. and i know people don’t love it but i would rather be real then promise others a fake hope …. love you

  33. It's ironic a channel with this title showed up in my Montana-wolf dogs-meat-gun-hiking-centric life. But I came for the title and stayed for the transparency. Colour me imp🙃ressed!Plus, potato chip chair!

  34. Gosh. I love you, but perhaps , just perhaps, you overthink things? I would be interested to have your thoughts after doing something grueling, like say a week climbing a mountain or some such.

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