Farrah Abraham Accused of Doing Drugs – Will She Take a Test?

– So Debra, why do you think
that Farrah is on drugs? – Her behavior is so erratic. And always aggravated, and always angry, and always short fused,
I just can’t imagine– (crosstalk) – Man, you know just,
I don’t allow myself– – Why we have to have that constantly. – I don’t allow myself,
to even open up to any of the BS that I grew up around, and I’d rather keep it short,
focused, running my companies, focused on like, interactions
with my daughter. – Companies. – Doing all these things… – And what does that have to do with possibly using
drugs, or not using drugs? – I have no idea, what the, I mean, I don’t know anything
about that, I’m just me. – You spun around so much, you forgot the original question I think. – It’s okay, but I’m really *beep* cold, and I will take this,
because I need to go pee and blow my nose, but like, that’s fine. So let me go do this, I’m
sorry I’m so freezing, and it is what it is today. – I wanna test mine too. – Sure. – What for?
– Let’s be honest for us. – Alright.

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