Farrah Abraham Claims The Show Face The Truth Is Lying about the Results of Her Drug Test

– Okay, Farrah, you’re joining us again. Farrah, would you like
to try to, you know, go forward and improve your
relationship with your mother? – Of course. – You look like you’re getting emotional. Tell us why. – I don’t know, it’s, I’m having an emotional,
personal day, but, like, I brought my daughter
here to see my mom today, and she just, I’m so sorry I’m crying. – [Vivica] It’s okay.
– [Judy] It’s okay. – Did your daughter get
to see your mother today? – [Areva] Will you let her see her? – Yeah, and she just lost
her tooth back there, and it’s just like, positive stuff. – Oh, your daughter lost her tooth? Aww! We’re gonna have to make
sure the Face The Truth Tooth Fairy brings her
something, how ’bout that? Okay? We love the kids! (audience applauds) So, Farrah, will you allow your mother to see your daughter today? – Of course, yeah. – Oh, good, that’s a good start. (audience applauds) – Debra, how does that make you feel? – Wonderful. – You miss her? – She is part of me that,
it hurts to take away. – I think that’s the
most emotion I’ve seen you two have toward each
other this entire show. – It’s good.
(audience applauds) – Can I ask something? When’s the last time you
all hugged each other? – A long time. I don’t know if I can hug today. – Could you try, just a quick one? Could you try just a quick one for us? – [Mary] Come on.
– [Vivica] Yay! (audience cheers and applauds) It’s time for Farrah and Debra to join me in the Circle Of Truth. (suspenseful music)
(audience applauds) Judge Mary, what were the
results of the drug test? – Well, I’d like to first say what before before I give the results that, some tests we can take
and be very specific about what the drug is, such as
cocaine, such as marijuana. And others, it’s more of a generalization. So to protect her interests,
she did test positive for barbiturates, but that
could be a prescribed drug. So, if her doctor legally prescribed a barbiturate for her, that’s fine. As far as mom, she was negative. (audience applauds)
– I’m sorry, what? – She said that, basically,
you tested positive, but that could’ve been
the result of you being, listen, listen, before
you go, just listen. Just listen to me, baby. That, that could’ve been
something that you got from a doctor, that
maybe you were prescribed a muscle relaxer, or something like that. But, you did test positive
for a barbiturate. – I’m just a little confused
on what a barbiturate is. – Okay, so, Farrah, barbiturate is a central nervous system depressant. There’s some prescribed medications, so maybe you can show me your
lists of medications later and we can take a look. – So, I don’t think, either that’s mine. I have to just say did
someone confuse something? I have to be that blunt. I have to be that blunt at
this moment in my life up here. I’m sorry if it sounds so crazy. Or someone switched– – Nothing that happened
today sounded crazy. – So just tell me what, just
tell me what you’re taking. – I am so, like, laughing
out loud right now. – Okay, L, Okay, LO– So, no, let me tell
you, LOL, that you think that, what, one of us just
went and peed in a cup for you and made you just come up
with a barbiturate test? (audience laughs)
– No, I’m asking you what the hell’s going on by you saying that if I’m not taking it. – Do you take any, like aids for sleep, or anything like that? Okay, any mood stabilizers, or
– No. – Nothing like that.
– No. – You have no other prescriptions? – No. – Let’s just say it was a false positive, and leave it at that, because
we’re not gonna win with her. You know, it’s– Why argue something?
(bleep) It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. – I actually think it’s screwed up. Why would your test do a false positive? (audience groans) – You like to argue.
– You’re suggesting you didn’t take any
barbituates, so I’m going to– – Just, I don’t have any of it. – Okay, you know what? – You win.
– Let’s leave it at that. – You win. – Let’s leave it at that.
– Let’s move on. – You’re saying you have no idea why that’s in your system,
let’s leave it at that. Let’s move on.
– I’m actually wondering what the hell is going on with the test. – Farrah, if you’re really concerned why your test would turn
up a result like that, go follow up with your
doctor, and we can see what’s going on.
– I’ll follow up with the producers who
actually initiated this. – Okay. – God only knows if it was, if it’s real. I don’t know.
– Okay. – God only knows.

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