Welcome to Ask Matt! Today’s Ask Matt was sponsored by a FUN little game Called PolyBlast. And what I mean by fun is insanely annoyingly addicting. More about that at the end of the video, but I thought What a great idea Let’s make an Ask Matt all about video games and gaming, Because surprisingly, we haven’t done that yet. What’s your favorite video game you’ve done? I’ve never made a video game, so… Sorry! Can girls game too? Cause my brother says no! What, is your brother 12 years old? Hehe… probably, right? Legit question. How do you record your face and screen at the same time? I actually have a proprietary method that I made up that’s very very successful, and I don’t know if I wanna reveal that to everyone just quite yet until I’ve perfected it. Who’s your favorite gamer? Septic-Pewdie-Plier. What, it’s a person. How do I hold the controller? The most important thing is for you to hold the controller as far away from your body as possible, because your body gives off electromagnetic radiation, and sometimes it can interfere with the wireless controller. Also, wear a tinfoil hat. Weirdest game ever played? Definitely Blobfish… what? *cough* How many game consoles do you currently own, and what are they? From N64 on, pretty much everything. Do you know of any small ‘Tubers? I don’t really know that many small YouTubers, uh, but I… I dunno why. I just tend to hang out with, like, physically larger people. What game are you NOT noob at? Matt: I could pretty much kick anyone’s butt at Mario Kart 8 (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No.) Matt: … Yes. What game infuriated you the most? Hmm This one. aaaaaaaAAAAAAA… NOOO! Ahh… Hate that game Have you ever played Until Dawn? I don’t like horror games… Just don’t like putting that stuff inside my head. If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Character Freddy… If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Freddy’s character would you be? I think Rose or umm… Meloncollie. They’re pretty cool. (Amanda: Are those actual characters?) Yes…? Do you enjoy it? What, gaming? Nah, I just do it for money. Do you ever talk to your video game? A lot, but usually I’m just yelling at it. Mean things… I get really pissed with downloading games. What’s the best way to download without buying? Cause I’m cheap. Uh I would say download free games, because if you’re downloading games that cost money and you’re trying to do that for free, well… That’s called theft… And I don’t condone that. What is your least favorite thing that game devs put in their games? I don’t have a least favorite, but I do have a most favorite. I LOVE my microtransactions. OHH and that purchases. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! What would be your ideal video game? Anything that involved, like… food, Lightsabers, and uh… a wand…? If you could design a game, what would it be about? Refer to the last answer. Do you even NoScope bruh? Bruh, I don’t even know what a Scope is, so ‘course I NoScope. Are you… white? Not on the inside. What is the best way to troll someone while playing a game? Tickle fights. People hate that when they’re trying to uh, you know, kill some peeps. (Amanda: or trying to do anything else!) OH NO STOP! *sigh* I have no pride. Who got you into gaming, and what age were you? My grandparents actually were the first ones that introduced me to gaming, because they had a Super Nintendo system, and I believe they were around the age of 55? Is there any game that you were really exited about that got canceled? Ya, there was this Star Wars game that I was super stoked about, 13-13, that got canceled… Like this if you cry everytime… What if you were in a game right now? I’d have the high score. *fart sounds* I don’t know why I did that random fart noise. NO IDEA. What do you say to guys who don’t think girls genuinely like video games? Nothing. ‘Cause they probably wouldn’t understand anything I said anyways… Is it possible to actually finish a game of Monopoly? Is it possible to actually start a game of Monopoly? Eheh hashtag board…. game… AHHHHHAHAH! Do you like playing games with Amanda? Uhmm… sometimes… Because she gets physical… And not the good kind. I need men! Hello! Hey…? The heck are you talking about on this? Haha… My brother says girls can’t be gamers, but I’m better than him and he won’t admit it! Your brother most likely thinks girls still have cooties as well, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m a 9 year old asking for your XBox Gamertag. Ya, it’s uh StrandedUnicorns107Sparkles. … Haha… (Amanda: That’s really legit. He likes unicorns and sparkles.) Matt: SHH! What’s your favorite board game? The one that I’m, not BORED at… Am I right?! Have you ever played a game that made you rage qurit? Qurit? Have you ever played a game that made you rage quit? NOOO? I don’t believe this for a second. *Mario death theme* WHEN HAVE I EVER JUMPED ON TOP OF THAT?! Don’t watch it. Are you a sore loser when playing a game against a friend? What’s losing? Never heard of that before. What’s your favorite genre of games? Star Wars. What was your most memorable gaming moment so far? This one. Ya, I just am trying to put this in a real life scenario. This dude is just like… Hey man I’m gonna fall off- HAHAAH! New record! Who’s judging this? WOOOOOW! Are you into Zelda games? If so, which one? My favorite Zelda game would have to be Ocarina Smockarina. It was just a worthy addition. Favorite video game console ever? I would have to say GameCube, because it was a perfect mix of awesome single-player games, and awesome multi-player local games. How do I explain the WASD keys being so worn? Just say you really like typing the word SWADS. Favorite Star Wars game? All of them. Please. Do you play World of Warcraft? and if so… Alliance or Horde? Definitely I’m Allianced with the Horde. How do I game like a pro? Mountain Dew, uh… Doritos, and not moving for extended periods of time. That’s how I do it. Super Mario and chill? No. Because like I said… Amanda gets physical, but it’s not the right kind… Are you gonna do a gaming video with jacksepticeye anytime soon? That’s entirely up to him. Go hit him up. *Gurgling and screeching noises* What am I? About to die? Which games can Amanda Faye beat you at? (Amanda: ALL OF THEM.) Matt: None. Absolutely zero. (Amanda: Get out of here.) Matt: Zero. (Amanda: NO) Matt: Ok, maybe Duck Hunt, but, who cares about that? AM I right? How do I get my XBox 360 to work? If you have that red ring of death right on the front of your XBox 360, I would personally recommend giving it a nice bath. Y’know, sometimes your XBox is just too dirty, so run it under cold water. Have you ever played Mortal Kombat? No. Too graphic. Yikes. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a like, and thank you very much to the sponsor of today’s video, which is PolyBlast. An addicting, maddening game that’s easy… but hard… I made that sound creepy. It’s not creepy. It’s a really cool game where you just pick up anywhere, chill with it. It’s retro, got a slick style to it, I dig it, And like I said, it’s pretty addictive. I’m gonna give you a little tip (Shh) I’m going to give you a little tip… If you hit five in a row, you get a frenzy. THEN YOU GO CRAZY! *in a tune* Also, if your friend has the same device, you can challenge them and see who’s boss. Which will always be me. No matter what. Because I’m the best. It’s one of those games that addicts you to it via frustration, because it’s difficult. I feel like I’m not doing this game justice. Go check it out, link in the description below, It’s actually available yesterday. So, you can go download it right nizzy now! Anyways, big thanks to them, go check it out using the link in the description below. Alright, guys! Hope you enjoyed this, high five. WOO! Missed. HIGH FIVE!


  1. hey Matthias I'm a small youtuber and was wondering if you could subscribe because you are my favorite youtuber and when I watch your videos it makes me smile.

  2. that is true your body does give of electromagnetic radiation but it doesn't interfere with your controller because ITS IN THE INFRARED SPECTRUM OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION!!!!!!!!!

  3. you say mortal kombat is too graphic but you dudnt know that someday you would play gorn in mixed reality

  4. the best way to download games is put a VPN and go to thepiratebay.org and download games from there from people that are " VIP's"

  5. I cri evry tim. My favrite yutobur iz Septic Pewdieplier. By the way, I do know how to spell. Don't hate.

  6. Jacksepticeye is in
    PewDiePie's face while Markiplier mustache is in jacksepticeye's face while PewDiePie is in mattias' thumbnail

  7. if anyone wants to download free gaming go to nosteam.com it has a heck load of games and have new games too even kingdomcome but you need utorrent for it

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