1. Isn't that something. Now if you catch someone not using it, throw them in jail. They HAVE to use it, or go to jail. That way all the junkies are in one place, and if they don't show up, they don't get their fix.

  2. Put the injection site in center city actually put a site in each neighborhood of the city let’s all share in on the dope

  3. Soooo heroin is ILLEGAL and these junkies now have a safe space. So if this shit is ok then drinking and driving should be ok now as well. Unfucking real

  4. This is what happens when you people keep voting in these crooked piece of s*** Democrats why doesn't mayor Kenny and Ed Rendell and all the other Democrat losers make safe houses in their neighborhoods no they would never do that they put them on us f*** that! The Democrats tell us we can't drink certain size drinks but we're allowed to shoot heroin up this is the Democratic party today you f**** idiots f**** this country up!what is wrong with ppl today!

  5. The democrats want to take our right to bear arms they want to take our right to choose how much we can drink or eat certain foods and now they're saying that it's okay to shoot heroin just as long as you do it in a safe area …. meanwhile these jerkoffs build their so-called safe house next to two preschools and a bank how about we build that safe house in Camden and then drop a bomb on it.. Trump 20/20 people stop voting Democrat

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