Fentanyl: The Killer Drug | Firsthand | CBC

Fentanyl: The Killer Drug | Firsthand | CBC

I’m going to show you an example of a mixture of one part of what would be a representation of fenanly to about 100 parts of a cutting agent. This is a typical mixture that most drug traffickers aim for when they’re mixing fenanyl vs cutting agent. For the representation purpose, I’m going to be using coloured sugar the blue colour here and then just white sugar to represent the cutting compound. So first off I’m going to put in a small amount of what would represent to be the fentanyl approximately one part I’ll put that in the mixing device here, just like a mixer magic bullet, these are common things that are used by drug traffickers all the time. And then I’m going to add in one hundred parts of what would represent a cutting agent. And again just using sugar here for the purpose of the demo. We’re just going to mix this up. So now if you can see if you look closely here there’s certain areas like this entire white patch here has virtually none of the blue colouring sugar to represent the fentanyl but certain areas have higher concentrations. Such as this area here. This could be a hot spot, this could all be a deadly area within that compound of over concentrated or highly concentrated area. Certain areas would absolutely be a lethal dose.


  1. Fentanyl is an insane KILLER drug……but…..we are MORE insane the
    way we handle this drug problem.
    In the U.S. they use (( Drug Court )) to handle these people that
    know this is a deadly drug.
    In the U.S. they either go into a drug treatment center…….. WITHOUT dolphins and whales
    and nice furniture like B.C.
    In the U.S. drug abusers that chose killer drugs……… are monitored on probation and it's jail if they are not clean.
    THe IRONY is that for 30 years I watched society >
    IGNORE the homeless DYING on the street [
    [ WHAT DO we HAVE TO DO GIVE .Fentanyl to the homeless to get some
    emergency life saving help ……as they too are dying as we count them
    in 2017.
    but ..really …Fentanyl ………..is often a rich kids disease so no
    drug court for these users or money left for dying homeless people.

  2. Fentanyl is killing drug addicts. This is a good thing. Drug addicts are a waste of the resources that keep them alive. Mankind is better off without drug addicts, so, anything that kills drug addicts is good for Mankind.

  3. It's actually mixed with water and then dried . Who in the hell just puts sugar and drugs together in a blender ???

  4. "WE" created this problem and now we are going to put it all on the people trying to turn a profit on it illegally? Every time someone ODs on this fentanyl it is on US collectively I say …there just is NO GOOD REASON not to provide any addict an easy OUT …just fricken GIVE EM their dose every day! Put the dealers OUT of business and register every addict….most of em are not even getting high anymore is what they are all saying! They just cant bear getting "sick" …..register em, monitor if they cheat and GIVE THEM a clean measured dose! And yes I know it is not as simple as that but it damn sure WOULD save a bunch of people! And NOT doing it? Same as killing them in my book….GIVE IT TO THEM! Someone registers, signs the waiver and pledges to not use street heroin and then GIVE IT TO EM! In fact have a whole locked down zone where anyone trying to sell street drugs get like triple punishment! A zone where registered addicts wear monitors and are not allowed out without de registering X number hours after their last dose….give addicts an OUT …a way to leave their deadly situation RIGHT NOW…..It would have to be cheaper to society than what it is costing us right now! Give a person a chance and they might just opt for suboxone and get a job and a life after a bit! Give these folks an OUT!

  5. Great visual representation of how difficult it is to detect the lack of mechanical separation these compounds go through.
    LMFAO at him using the RCMP business card to spread it though haha.

  6. My grandson passed away May 9th he got up his mother thought he was coming back to the house after he cashed his check to buy dinner he went in a car with two young boys he went down to Kensington bad drug area and bought him a bag he didn't realize what was in the bag phenetole and he took and he used it before getting back in the car and he died he was screaming and hollering in the car but the two young boys didn't know what to do they should one of them call their father and ask what he should do father said take him to the hospital and he didn't so why did you call your father if you knew you weren't going to take him to the hospital he died in front of the building where his mother lived directly in front of it rest in peace AJ

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