Fidget Spinner Addiction

Fidget Spinner Addiction

I Made a mistake of being a mistake Over a month ago. I was surfing through the online classifieds And I came across these free box of stuff that was posted to Craigslist [I] Saw a lot of things that I get for free from Craigslist on eBay and Amazon [I] know, it seems like a scam [that] it isn’t [if] People are willing to just give things away, then why not sell them The [box] had a lot of junk that I gave away on free cycle I do that so I can build my customer list [I] know That sounds scamming as well, but these people will take junk off my hands [in] minutes or buy incredible items when offered So I keep their emails is that a crime. [I] don’t spam them I send a message asking if they would like to be notified. Okay. Don’t judge me while giving away the items are clearing out the box [I] came across this thing called a fidget spinner at First I wasn’t sure what it was but Then when I realized that it could spin between my middle finger and thumb and an even pace [I] was fascinated My first thought was [to] sell it but every time I went to list the spinner. [I] couldn’t do it I would pick it up and spin it for a few minutes and do it again Soon I was only spinning it over and over again everything in the box was gone, and I was still spinning that damn thing After I started playing with it I realized that almost everyone had [one] where had I been hiding They were everywhere with people spinning them. I was no exception I spun at night and day it was prettier than all the others There weren’t any lights on it, but it would light up as [was] fun It also made this weird humming noise I went in and tried the others in the store, but men were like this at all [I] compared it to the fidgets spinners my friends used and none of them could come even close They wanted to try and I would just laugh at them. [I] always said no It wasn’t until after the first month that I had it that I realized I had a problem It was like an addiction. It was like that feeling one gets when holding a cigarette between your fingers and taking a very long puff [I] couldn’t stop I Had been spinning for five days while at work at home. I Wasn’t sleeping. I didn’t realize this until [I] looked in the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes Even when [I] went into work people asked if I wasn’t feeling well When my boss called me into his office He told me to go home and get some rest [after] scolding me for not getting any work done When I got home, I [just] kept on spinning and spinning It was talking to me. I know it was if I listen closely, [I] could hear it humming my name and Whispering Unintelligible phrases I Could even hear it laughing at me It became hard to sleep at night at all while I sat on the couch and just watched The erroneous lights on the ends flash in different colors as it turned and turned and turned I’d find myself Asleep, and when the buzzing and whispering was stopped I would bolt up again and start spinning it Never ended after three weeks work fired me I had no excuse no doctor’s note I stayed home [sick] for weeks And they called me and told me I was no longer helping the department and I had to leave they asked if everything was okay, and if I needed any kind of help while finding a new job I Just hung up the phone then found two weeks of severance in my bank account the next day Two weeks later. I found myself still spinning. [I] was weak from not eating and most likely severely dehydrated But I couldn’t stop The voices in the fidgets Manner calmed me as it went round and round Yesterday they turned off the lights and cable. I have no money to pay the Bill I Chew an ice cube, so I don’t have to get up and get water [I] Think I’ve lost about 40 pounds just spinning and not eating This has to stop now [I] managed through the tears I Started my reflection as my defunct television just a hollow shell Void of life stared back at me. The only light was a spinner [I] had shut all the blinds so I could watch the lights in awe When I noticed my reflection, I could terrified [I] stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed my electric knife Stupidly I plugged it into the wall forgetting I couldn’t turn it on The fidgets spinner just spun Mocking me as I threw the knife on the ground Through the tears I searched my knife drawer and found a steak Knife I Started to cut at the skin on my wrist, but the spinner mocked me it Laughed and hummed in a whimsical tune that a steak knife wasn’t sharp enough Then I grabbed the bread knife and started to saw half screaming until I passed out When I came [to] I was weak there was blood everywhere But there was some relief when I had passed out the fidgets spinner had stopped so had the bleeding. It wasn’t enough With my right hand I tapped the end and it started spinning again Whispering and laughing I dead deeper into the knife drawer and finally found it with one large swoop and Putting all the strength. I had into my right arm. I sliced right down into my left wrist with a meat cleaver [I] Cried out as my hand tumbled across the floor still grasping on to the fidgets spinner it continued to Spin and laugh at me as the room Grew Dark That is why I am here at the state hospital for people with mental diseases. I Sit [here] watching my stump in the horror as I could still feel the presence of my hand and that [damned] fidget spinner This is spooky boo. If you’ve enjoyed that story, please give it a thumbs up and Make a comment below also you can turn in your own stories by sending them to scary stories on video at [the] details are on my website Thank you for listening


  1. Whoa! That story was great! So dark. So grim. I have a figit spinner of my own. Thank god that I'm not addicted to it! Anyways, amazing story! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. sounds like the one fidget spinner to e-bay them all ONE spinner to rule them…Fidget spinner turns precious! LOL

  3. Wow amazing Spooky Boo love great job btw is it a real true story or is it a story u made up because it seemed so real

  4. I wonder how these fidget spinners come about and got so popular! I don't fully understand them. Lol!!! πŸ˜‚ Great story as always boo! ❀

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