Finding Recovery From Opioid Addiction | The Partnership

Finding Recovery From Opioid Addiction | The Partnership

I think the problem has been, in the past, that the options were so limited, in what type of treatment was available for opioid dependence. Medication’s very valuable, in terms of having someone be able to tolerate the stressors of being reignited with the thoughts of using. So this is very different, this is very new. When we talk about medication-assisted treatments, we refer to an approach to treat patients with substance use disorder, where medication play a major role. Old timer AAs may still say that, “You’re not really in recovery, if you’re on something, and that this isn’t real recovery, because you’re taking something, you have a crutch.” But that’s really, I think, we’re steering away from that. Smart recovery is where we’re now entering, where we’ll do anything that’s gonna help us get to a place, where we’re in recovery, right? So why would we not use medication-assisted treatment, especially statistically, when we’re seeing that there’s better outcomes? It’s important to remember that those medications are most effective when they are used in conjunction with counseling, therapy, recovery work, self-help groups. Many other ways that we know are very helpful for people who are trying to abstain from substances. Family can be involved in therapy work. They can play very important role and try to help to make sure that the patient has the best environment for recovery. Unfortunately, there is still stigma about medications. Family members say, “But aren’t they just gonna get hooked on this? Well, isn’t this just substituting the drug?” But I think changing the view is gonna be very helpful. What we want to allow people to see, is that we’re actually changing the functioning of the patient. If we can change that with medication or with counseling, that’s so valuable. I think people, parents, loved ones need to know what’s available to them, need to know that there is help out there, that there are support groups, that there’s medication, there’s medication-assisted treatment. Seeing how many patients benefit from Vivitrol, from Suboxone, from what’s out there now, it’s a life changer. This is why I love this job because people get better


  1. New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program Review Panel–five physicians, two pharmacists and one RN, who were appointed by the New Jersey Department of Health—gave their final approval recently for the use of marijuana for Opioid Use Disorder. The panel acknowledged that marijuana has been shown to be an effective substitute for pharmaceutical pain relievers, and it can also help ease the withdrawal from opiate addiction.

    In approving Opioid Use Disorder to qualify for marijuana therapy in the state's program, the panel recognized that marijuana, far from being a “gateway” to harder drug use, is actually an “exit drug.” Marijuana can assist in the withdrawal from street drugs like heroin, from addicting and dangerous prescription drugs, and even from alcohol addiction and overuse.

  2. Marijuana and kratom also are natural, safe alternatives to opioids. But also.. Do not mistake the symptom for the disease people! Your problem may be much deeper!

  3. One thing to be able to beat the opiods is to truly desire to quit. I do not suggest quitting cold turkey; death can happen. So, if you want to get off , start gradually. And you have to convince yourself that you HATE drugs. The thought of using should make you sick. You have to HATE drugs with a passion. And – if you are fortunate enough to beat the habit, you have to keep the thought of how much you HATE to use drugs. GOD Bless all who are suffering in this area and may you overcome this habit which has taken millions if not billions of lives, in the name of Yeshua I pray. Amen.

  4. I wish suboxone was legalized for OTC sales, I truly think millions of opiate addicts would quit opiates and ween themselves off the suboxone.

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