#FIXSkits: Indonesian Addiction

#FIXSkits: Indonesian Addiction

Welcome everyone How are you guys doing today? Alright… Let’s just get on with the meeting shall we Today’s very special cause we have a new member here with us Let’s go around the circle and introduce ourselves As well as telling us your experiences So that our new friend can open up a bit and share his stories with us Hmmm why don’t we start with you Putra? Hi, my name is Putra And I’m an addict Hi Putra… I am proud to say that i’ve been clean for 7 years Terima kasih… I used this thing for the first time right after I graduated from elementary school I think it was at the beginning of middle school, I tried it with my friends… And from that moment I put that thing into my mouth I just can’t stop At first it used it like 3 times a day And after a few months, I could finish like 100 packs within a month At that time I didn’t feel like it was wrong because I felt fine But it was probably because I was young But I’ve started to feel like I hit a rock bottom When I sold my family’s home certificate And to… Keep myself busy I am now a content creator I’ve collaborated with Young Lex Like I’ve said before, these are my consequences But I am proud to say that I’ve been clean for 7 years And to say that “I maac it” Terima kasih Terima kasih, sangat mengharukan Hopefully others can learn from your past experience But remember, each and every one of us has their own story And has their own paths Okay, let’s continue Usama, maybe you want to go next? My name is Usama And I’m an addict Hi Usama… I don’t even know why we’re here For me I feel like it has nothing on me So yeah… Yesterday I was out with my wife and she saw me bought that thing So that’s why I’m here I’ve apologized to my wife and my family It has nothing on me It has nothing on me I feel fine, I still go to work like usual I still pray, I pay all the bills It has no effect on my body whatsoever I’ve only used it once in awhile I got caught by my wife yesterday while I was about to put on the fire Usama… Usama tenang ya That’s why we’re all here Know that addiction is not only hard for you But your family as well I feel fine! I’m not an addict! Calm down bro, we’re here for you We mac it! Usama, I’m glad that now you can control your emotions Guys, please remember that anger is one of the signs of addiction We got frustrated cause we can’t get what we wanted Now let’s move on… Martin? Hi everyone My name is Martin And I’m an addict Hi Martin… It started like, I don’t know, maybe 1 or 2 years ago There’s that moment in my life Where my brother got very sick I didn’t know what to do… And then my friend came to me with a solution They offered me… To sell this thing I sold it… I sold it Ngapain sih lo ngaku2 ke mereka martin! The money was really good… I could pay for all of his medical expenses until they recovered I was dating this girl And then we got married, the wedding was so luxurious I bought a house and a car All of this because of the money I got from selling that thing Everything was fine… or so I thought I was so wasted when they ask me to try that thing Ngapain sih loe ngaku-ngaku ke mereka Martin! I was so wasted when they ask me to try that thing That thing that I’ve never even touched before Because I was afraid So I tried it And it was so good Gw bisa tembak kepala loe orang satu satu, demi itu barang! And since then I couldn’t stop I couldn’t stop until I became an addict I loved it so much I looked at my son I gave that stuff to my son And he loved it And it didn’t stop there I taught my son how to make it… I taught him… And now He loves it Ayah bilang, “nak, sudah ayah bilang apa? Itu barang enak banget kan soob” And because of that My son can now make that by himself My son makes it so damn good Gw bilang ke anak gw, kalo mau beli ama gw sini. Barang ayah paling murah!  Lo orang ga tau.. Lo semua ga ada yang tau gw ngomong apa jing! Ini semua salah gw! Salah gw! Salah gw pokoknya! I wanted to end my life earlier today When I was walking here And I saw all of you I’ve decided To come inside I want to stop I want to stop selling I want to stop using And I am Forbidding all of you to use this stuff ever again! I forbid it! That’s my commitment! Oke. Kita lanjut ke Nicole Nicole… It has been a while since the last time I’ve seen you Hi, my name is Nicole Dan gua seorang addict I know that thing is not healthy  Gw tau gw ngga bego kok But last night, I got wasted with my friends and And on the way home I walked through an alley I saw someone who was making it… I just couldn’t resist the smell of it So I walked up to the guy I walked up to him and… Turns out I didn’t have enough money So, I sold my body to him Oooh lo suka gitu? Tau gitu loe dateng ke gue aja, ga usah jauh2 What was that? Nothing Kadang-kadang lo emang butuh aja Gw emang butuh itu kadang-kadang Dan sekarang gw ngerasa kotor And I feel embarrassed   I just want to apologize I want to apologize to my parents You guys don’t understand how it’s like to be a woman Gw malu banget Gw minta maaf… It’s okay Nicole, everything will be alright Dan suatu hari kamu bakal lihat ke belakang And know that this is what makes you stronger The good thing is now you know you have an addiction Dan akhirnya Gandhi How are you guys doing? My name is Gandhi Dan ya boleh dibilang kalau gw itu pecandu I was having a drink with my friends in SCBD Then my friends wanted to go to kota “Come on Gan, just come with us!” “Come and try it out for once” And I’ve heard a lot about this thing but I have never tried it I’ve never tried it before Jadi kita pergi kesana, ke kota And when we got there Gw cobain bro Anjrit itu enak banget It was like as if you were flying Until my mom found a receipt in my pocket Gw udah pernah lakuin hal-hal gila di hidup gw Tapi kenapa nyokap gw besar-besarin hal ini? Until she dragged me all the way here Imagine meeting your mom Or both your parents, for instance And seeing the disappointment in their faces How would you feel? It gets to you, you know? Anybody ordered instant noodles? Fried instant noodles with egg? Gw bisa…gw bisa…gw bisa See, what did I tell you? We all got tricked She’s also a user!!! Guys, calm down. This is not what it looks like I told you to give it to me later! You bought it from him? Guys please, stay strong! Who are you working for? Who’s your boss? Guys, calm down Guys I still got one package left… You guys want a bump? I’ll go first! Where did Putra go? Jangan Putra! No! It’s been 7 years  Gw engga tahan lagi Ini pasti takdir… Gw bilang apa! Ga boleh ada yang jual mie selama ada gw! Lo salah banget dateng ke tempat ini sob


  1. Hahahahha… Kampreet.
    Gak ketebak sama sekali dari awal sampe pertengahan. Gua cukup enjoy dg akting2 kalian.
    Kirain arahnya ke kampanye anti drugs.
    Ternyata oh ternyata.. dodol jg. wkwk

  2. Dear FIX.. semoga kedepannya rutin bikin video. Kontennya sangat menarik. Kualitas videonya jg digarap dgn sangat bagus. Subscribernya sedikitit krn hanya kurang promosi saya rasa. Dan jarang upload video secara berkala tentunya. Sukses utk FIX.

  3. Kebohongan besar kalo bisa nahan nggak konsumsi …….. (sengaja, takut spoiler, :D) selama 7 tahun, hahahaha Gue aja 3 hari gk konsumsi ………….. , berasa aneh..

  4. Definitely one of the best clips by Fix Productions… Kudos guys!! Got a confession to make… I take the "addiction" to a different level, where I add spices and condiments such as Black pepper, Paprika powder, Thyme, Coriander, and RICE..!! Yup, I said it! R-I-C-E RICE. It goes so well together.. like bread and jam, or steak and wine.

  5. Sekedar saran dari seorang warganet

    Mungkin bisa dibuat lebih singkat durasinya biar nggak terlalu terkesan berat, bisa dijadiin refrensi pembuatan skits dari college humor yang nggak terlalu lama tapi point of interest nya dapet sekian

  6. Njir… Video ini jdi ngingetin gw brantem sama temen gw tonjok tonjokan gegara itu Indonesia terakhir pas lagi ada gnung njir kwkwkw lol… Kyaknya kita addict deh

  7. Goblog….video goblog..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  8. Mudah2an ini jadi pelajaran berharga untuk kita semua. Amin.

    PS: udah nonton sampe akhir, menyentuh sekali πŸ™

  9. Please, itu backsound music kok semacam " Mr.brightside " tapi bahasanya kok beda ya? Jadi salfok klimaks di akhir video! Am i wrong?!?

  10. barang ini emang bikin nagih, sampe2 pas gw udah kawin bini gw cuma ngijinin gw pake barang ini cuma seminggu sekali & gw nurut demi ketentraman bahtera rumah tangga…. bahahahaha…

    keren keren konsepnya, agak boring di awal tapi pas ending menurut gw twist-nya dapet banget.. terus berkarya ya gaes..

  11. Jujur, sampai skrg gw msh ga bisa bersih dr 'barang' ini. Sampai gw memutuskan menjadikan 'barang' ini sebagai imam panutan baru semacam ajaran menuju kepada keabadian.

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