Follow-Up With a Crystal Meth Addict | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Follow-Up With a Crystal Meth Addict | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Are you still clean? Yes. I have six months clean. OPRAH WINFREY: Six months clean. [APPLAUSE] Does that mean you
haven’t used at all since you left treatment? At all. Yeah. So when you sent her that
email and said, if I use drugs, it’s your fault,
what was going on? I was mad and angry. And I got my addict
behaviors back. And I was just, like,
blaming her for everything, blaming her for kicking me
out, blaming her for everything that’s ever happened to me. And I was just like,
if I use drugs, it’s going to be your
fault, trying to get to her and make her sad. But– OPRAH WINFREY: But? But I know that it was wrong. And, like, I– I don’t know. Our relationship has been
rocky, but it’s getting better. I heard you say, Penni, you
thought she’d go to rehab, she’d get fixed,
she’d come home, and you’d have this wonderful
life with your daughter. Is that what you expected? Yeah, I did. I thought you put
your car in the shop. It comes out repaired. And I thought that’s
what would with Chantel. Obviously, it’s
not what happens. Yeah. What is happening? I’m learning also
how to take care of me and what I’m doing wrong. Because you’ve
been a great enabler. Can you see that, how
you’ve enabled this? – Yes.
– Yeah. Debra Jay is an
addiction specialist who has worked with some
of the leading treatment centers in the country. She met with Chantel
and Penni last night. What did you want to say, Debra? Well, first of all, I
want to congratulate you. You made some tough choices,
and you stuck with it. And a lot of people
don’t do that. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of you. [APPLAUSE] But I think you know that
treatment isn’t recovery, don’t you? Treatment is discovery. And sometimes,
when you get home, you hit a little speed bump. It’s not what you
expected, right? What kinds of things do you
think you need to do to make sure you have a solid program? Need to go to more meetings
and find a good sponsor to help me and just try not
to do it on my own like I’ve been trying to. Kind of underestimating
the addiction. CHANTEL DEAN: Yeah. DEBRA JAY: Yeah. OPRAH WINFREY: Are you
concerned about relapsing? Yeah.
Every day. Every day. Do you still crave the drug? A lot. I do a lot, especially being
home and running into a lot of people and everything. And are you concerned
that your daughter is going to relapse? Every day, I’m
concerned about it. We take it day by day. Day by day. Which is what you have
to do, right, Debra? You have to take
it day by day. And I think what I was seeing on
the tape is that the two of you are focusing on each other. You want mom to do things
to make your life right. Mom wants you to do things
to make her life right. What I’d like you to do
is focus on yourself. Make yourself right and
take it one day at a time. So, Penni, when you’re
looking at Chantel, you want to think about
what is she doing today, and not just what
she’s doing wrong, but talk to her about
what she’s doing right. And for you, one
question every day. Am I being trustworthy today? You see how different that is? Then, will you trust me, Mom? And I being trustworthy?
– Yeah. Yeah. You know, because that’s
what we have control over, what we’re doing today. And what it means
to be trustworthy is to work a program
of recovery every day.


  1. But where is she now? This was back in 2005 and she was only 6 months clean…we are in 2019, so did she make it??!

  2. For those of y'all that keep asking about how she's doing so far in 2019 she's doing pretty good she's not relapsing the family seems to be closer than ever I just found them on Facebook and I think she may have a couple kids but other than that she's doing better than expected

  3. Found her on Facebook. She looks like a drug user in my opinion. 😪😭 I have a family full of addicts, so I can usually tell by looking at someone if they are using. Chantel Dean is her name on Facebook.

  4. For anyone looking for an update in 2019: I found her on facebook, her name is Chantel Dean. She has a 10yo son and it sounds like her Aunt has custody. Looks like she was going to start college as of 2017…nothing recent says she did it. I hope she manages to stay off meth and wish her the best.

    Addiction is hard I was addicted to pain pills at one point myself, been clean 4 years. It sucks and life seems boring after but you can get through it if you put your mind to it 💗

  5. really sad… I know what it is like to fight off demons every day, drugs and otherwise. But it is never too late fore healing. All the best Chantel💕


  7. Yeah I looked her up, I'm a recovering addict of 30 yrs I have 3 yrs clean she's been using I'm going to say probably still is. It's hard to get off drugs so I don't put anyone down.

  8. 2019 update: From Facebook it looks like she gets clean every once in a while but only for a few months at a time. Has a 10-12 year old son that her aunt has raised and she never posts about him. Only about her haters, selfies, and her boyfriend who looks to be 20 years older than her and is also a grandfather. I got this info from her 3 different Facebook profiles all under the name Chantel Dean or Chantel Marie Dean. Seems to bounce from job to job as well.

  9. from her facebook i think she is still off and on drugs.there is a post wishing her well in her recovery and one of her saying she’s getting back to her old self and feeling happy but then she looks a little off in later pictures

  10. Idk what Facebook y’all are seeing. Maybe you don’t know what an addict looks like. But she is an active drug user & her instagram/Facebook pictures show that CLEARLY . Her aunts been raising her kids. Once an addict…Sadly, usually always an addict. It’s a tough game to beat. She is still fighting tho, that’s obvious. I can’t believe people think she looks healthy/sober . Seeing her now, she aged terribly! Prayers for her family.

  11. She posted in 2017 that she was 4 months sober which leads me to believe she has had struggles since. So sad since she started as such a young age :/

  12. omg people, for those of you saying shes clean and doing well… totally wrong. Just go take one look at her facebook page and see for yourself (Chantel Dean). Strung out in every photo, skinny, illiterate as all hell. She also does not have custody of her children. Bad things have happened since Oprah, you can just tell. Such a shame.

  13. 6 months she should have found a sponsor. I hope she’s staying in recovery and the program it kills u otherwise

  14. The trust
    Will come back , my Girl was in same position and I was supporting her with out realising.
    She had a lot of healing to do, as did I , now 12 months on she tells me I’m a good mother and she loves me 💖
    I’m so happy I got my girl back after 9 years

  15. You start using at such a young age your brain is permanently damaged. It’s a long uphill battle for this kid.

  16. She is not clean , looks like she still is in a bad lifestyle.
    Chantel Dean , Chantel Marie Dean. Facebook profiles .

  17. So I just did a little Facebook digging and she hasn’t been active on social media since April 2018 and a family member posted on her wall that they miss someone who’s gone and another girl posted that they hope she recovers so I’m guessing this was a life long battle for her :/

  18. I have a history of major depression, and treatment doesn’t mean I go in some place broken and come out completely recovered. The most I can do is seek and accept treatment and be proactive in my health care and maintenance. Of course that means 100% accountability every step of the way. It’s a chronic illness. So is addiction.

  19. Her Facebook is very methy. Like dozens of posts a day from weird inspirational quotes. I’m clean from heroin so I don’t judge but 15 years being an addict is rough.

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  21. so sad. It’s 100% the mothers fault. And she 100% should be mad. She’s too young to have made that choice. She said it’s hard to not relapse because “being at home” makes it hard. HELLO!!!! “Am I being trustworthy” god. this kid is screaming for help.

  22. What makes me mad sometimes is that i never used drugs in my life but i have aged yet there are people out there like Justin Beiber who were notorious drug users yet he lookes sexier than ever. That's NOT FAIR. Is there even a god

  23. Addiction destroys so many lives and wreaks havoc on relationships. I pray for all addicts and loved ones of addicts.

  24. I’m 21 my birthday August 24 th couple days from now it’s 3am right now I sleep about 3 times a week , … 8 years addicted to dope (meth) idk what to do any more with pain in my body, tripping out on family , lost my kids I have 2 girls and a boy , rip to my dad that died last week Nd my mom in jail since last month getting deported I’m stuck and lost …. 🙁

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