Food Or Drugs? Homeless Social Experiment

Food Or Drugs? Homeless Social Experiment

yo what’s going on you guys so a lot of you guys been asking me what do the homeless people do with my money so today I’m going to be doing a social experiment offering the homeless people a box of cigarettes and alcohol or a subway gift card for $10 let’s see which one they choose hey sir hey how are you good how are you yeah good I’m just going around town helping homeless people and I am I just wanted to help you out too so I just want to ask you do you want a box of cigarettes or liquor do you want a gift card for Subway to go eat I am eight man yeah so I would definitely preferably of a subway card table okay here you go man that would be great and go eat man wait have a great day okay hi ma’am hi hi I’m just in the city helping out homeless people and I wanted to ask you do you want some liquor when in cigarettes or do you want a $10 gift card to Subway most definitely if it’s a dollars $10 gift card there you go thank you I haven’t eaten in days notice guys it either no ways go eat go get some subway just feed your dogs also right on have a great night okay bless you have a great night okay thank you have a great night thank you very much hi I’m just out helping oh oh yeah I’m just help this out helping homeless people and I just wanted to ask you do you want um you want some liquor and some cigarettes or do you want a food food got a gift card for Subway we also we get to food card you want some food sweet man there you go man have a great night okay thank you thank you hi sir hi how are you I’m out here helping the homeless people in town and I just wanted to ask you um would you like some alcohol or cigarettes or do you want some food I want some food food food is more important to you than alcohol yeah that’s that’s that’s heartwarming to know man there you go thank you sure to have a good day okay you too thank you hey sir hi I’m going around in the city and I’m just helping out the homeless and I wanted to ask you if you want some liquor or cigarettes or do you want some food a $10 gift card to Subway food there you go man but you you want some cigarettes or liquor also no food is more important with me you want some more food actually I don’t have another gift card but um Cheers oh here’s the car here’s five bucks man just go buy some more food okay thank you have a good day all right thank you thank you thank you guys so much for watching I hope this changed the way you think of what homeless people do with your money it was extremely surprising to see that they chose food over liquor and cigarettes but it was really heartwarming please leave a like a comment and also share with all your friends and also guys make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already I love every single one of you guys that guy had a knife in his hands dude he was chasing us he was like huge oh he’s dropping really fast like this let’s go to a more civilized area and find homeless people see you guys downtown only we need to get like bodyguard


  1. Why would someone get drugs or food if I were homeless food I would choose food it is more important than drugs man god bless

  2. There is a homeless lady in my neighborhood and with the money people give her she goes and spend it on drugs and liqour .

  3. It's unfair. People in county like America are hungry and " homeless " ! Any country should take care of people like them.

  4. Homeless lady: I havnt eatin in days
    Me: Heres $10 for subway
    Homeless lady: My dog hasnt eatin in day, this will be super helpfull

  5. Awesome man, these videos you make are gonna make so much of impact on the youth, they are really gonna change their view of thinking towards the homeless. Keep it up man, lets hope each and every one follow your way to help the poor and homeless 🤞🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😊

  6. A family friend who use to live and work in DC would carry granola bars and crackers in her purse. If anyone asked for money, she would offer them food instead, just to be sure that is what they were spending her money on. If they turned down the food, she knew it was likely an addict, no someone simply down on their luck.

  7. I gave a homeless guy outside a 7-11 in Austin $5 because he looked hungry. he went inside and so did I. A few minutes later I turned around in the line and the guy had a six pack of beer in his hand. that was the last time I gave my money away to a homeless person that chose to be homeless.

  8. I love what u do. Got question. Buddy if u help him would u also help disable people too??? Hope you u get this Tex…….

  9. Dudeeeeee…only God can pay what you do for the homeless and help someone…you amazing…god bless you man…im salute…

  10. i use togo into detroit to work.almost all the homeless are h addicts who get cash and goto there dealer rite away

  11. Keep it up the good deeds johal… Hope you visit Philippines coz theres a lot of homeless here… I did the way you did, but I gave not enough money to give for the homeless people

  12. Another lesson for everyone. Do not waste or throw away your food. There are people in this world who go days without eating their grateful for the food on your table.

  13. It would be better if everything in the world is free no one would need to suffer and no gold diggers everyone would be equal

  14. Oh man I love all your videos, I'm a kind hearted person and your videos just making me want to do more ,i can't presently because I'm out of work ,i had a total shoulder replacement done to my right shoulder .

  15. what if those were not the kind of liquor and cigarettes they prefer…or is that a stupid question considering their situation? just curious

  16. Johal- 🙏🏼👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽tomorrow we are buying pizzas and giving them to homeless people
    THANK YOU ❤️

  17. So go ahead and show the clips where the people take the booze and cigarettes. We all know people took you up on that offer, you're just not showing it to 'prove' a point.

  18. I love ur videos but onething, that 5 bucks u gaveto the last guy i might have gave it to the women with the dog for food for the dog but like i said good video

  19. lmao the only reason theyre not taking the liquor and stoges is because, a) it's shitty alcohol, and b) They smoke meth/heroin and don't drink alcohol.

  20. He obviously edited out the part where they asked for the liqour and ciggarettes. Also, most homeless people are crackheads/meth/heroin addicts… most of which don't even drink alcohol.

  21. Dear mine buddy i just saw your video. Of you doing homwless people giving gift card for homeless people rhis chandra i wanted to bless you call me know know know know know or text me at 4804409495

  22. They all made wise decisions but who else thought what if they called a person homeless that wasn’t by accident

  23. I been homeless for few months nd I have learned so much. Being homeless is a hard way to live so pls if u got nothing good to say about homeless SHUT THE FUCK UP. We dnt need drugs liquor or smokes we need food, company, love, nd a warm heart to keep us together.

  24. Not all homeless people fall for drugs and liquor some of them just don’t have the money or many they lost family members that took care of them

  25. It's pissing me off every one feels more sorry for the dog.. feel sorry for them both.. but that lady probably feeds that dog bf she feeds herself.. shame on you people.. and for the one that made the comment why he didn't give the lady the extra 5 for the dog.. where's your 5 at for her??? Wowwwww.. smh .. have you passed out any food today?? If not shut your mouths.. I never see comments on these videos that make me mad like this one.. 😧😒God bless you man for helping them with Subway cards✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏😇

  26. This was great I am happy that you did that because some people think that way .homeless do need food like every human being do. God bless you so much. Big hug because I have family that live in shelters too and I help them and it hurts me when I see the homeless to I try to help them as well .

  27. I gave a homeless person money at a gas station who was asking for food…watched him and he went inside and bought a pack of cigarettes. Do not give homeless people money. Food, clothes and other necessities yes…not money. Sadly many are still addicts. Give them things they need. Not all are honest.

  28. You call 10$ food card helping the community?? You are pathetic. Go back home n sit on your laptop dumb ass nigga

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