Fortnite Is Ruining Society

Fortnite Is Ruining Society

Ethan: Fortnite has become so mainstream that
Ninja attempted to make a million people floss
in New York City, on New Year’s Eve. ATTEMPED. Ninja: So we’re gonna try to get
a million people right now to dance,
in Times Square. Ethan: They got close, two out
of a million: Tyler and his wife. Ninja: I’m not seeing enough
movement! Oh my god! Ethan: Ninja’s on the Late Night
doing whatever this is with Jimmy Fallon. And we all cannot erase from our
memory how Rewind went. *Will Smith groaning* Ethan: It has become so popular
that many people know what it is, but really don’t understand
gaming or the internet at all. Will Smith: Fortnite and,
Marques Brownlee! Ethan: And that’s how you end
up with a show like this one: “What would you do?” In this social experiment, they
see what happens when a kid
plays Fortnite at a meal?? Josh (father): You know what?
I think he’s right. Actually, no no,
you know what he’s right.
Son: No! I just started that game! Ethan: Everyone involved
is hilariously out-of-touch trying so desperately to play up
the harm and danger that Fortnite
poses to our society. It’s a romp, a riot, and
a lot of fun, and so I present to you: “Fortnite Is Ruining Society” *dupstep playing
over RTS game* Voiceover: Esports! Ethan imitating: “Esports!” *clip replays*
Voiceover: Esports! Ethan: You know it’s always a
good report on video games
when it starts like this: “ESPORTS!” Your son that you thought
was worthless may become
a millionare! Probably not! He’s probably a loser! Esports! Voiceover: Esports!
Ethan: Kobe! Voiceover: They’ve taken the world by storm! *voiceovers* But with growing popularity
come growing concerns… With games like Madden,
Call of Duty, and Fortnite grabbing the attention
of gamers worldwide. Many wonder about the
downsides to gaming. Take this story for example,
where a young girl became
so addicted she wet herself
rather than take bathroom
breaks. Ethan: Why are parents so
out of touch with what
pro-gaming means? Oh, she wet herself to keep playing?
That’s called being a competitive gamer, dude! I don’t know about you, but
before I enter a game of Fortnite,
I always put on my diaper. Because rule #1 of Fortnite
is that it’s way better to take
a duke in your diape than
to take that L. Voiceover: And as we’ve heard
this week, some parents are turning
to the internet in search of support. Marni (“from Facebook”
OBVIOUSLY): My son plays,
umm, probably several hours
a day. Ethan: Hold on… Several hours a day? That is a dangerous, dangerous,
DANGEROUS addiction. Several hours? It’s funny how these parents
are so dramatic about video gaming. I guarantee this lady sits on the couch
at night, every night, for like five-six-seven
hours watching television shows and god forbid your kid, play
computer games for a couple
of hours. Now I’m not gonna brag about
this, but when I was a kid, I used
to play Everquest for FIFTEEN hours. At a time, okay?
And look at me. I turned out fine! (Hila’s camera)
I’m perfectly well adjusted. Right, Hila? Hila: I’m not changing your
diaper again, Ethan. Ethan: Yeah, but I’m not gonna
take the L in Fortnite. So what, am
I just gonna sit in my diaper? Hila: I don’t know. Ethan: Hila, you gotta help me change
my diaper because I’m not gonna ta-
I’m not taking any L’s from nobody. So if you’re not changing my diaper,
I don’t understand the point of this. I’m s- I am really well
adjusted. Voiceover: But today, it’s our parents
who are searching for support. If you witnessed a kid… Angela: Seriously, Ashton, can you
please put the computer down? Ashton: Ugh, you just made me lose! Voiceover: Neglecting his parents
over a game of Fortnite! Ashton: I have to start
over. (iPad shows
player still alive) Voiceover:
What would you do? Parents: Hi! Angela: Oh thank you
so much for coming back.
Josh: Hey! Voiceover: Our cameras are rolling
at the Royal Coach Diner in the
Bronx, New York. And while Josh and Angela
are ready to order. Angela: May
I have a Diet Coke,
and no lemon? Voiceover: Their son, Ashton
is a bit distracted. Angela: Ashton, what do
you want to drink, honey? *Ashton distracted
OBVIOUSLY* Ashton: I don’t care. Ethan: TRAGEDY STRIKES! When Ashton is not ready to
order a beverage! *clip replay*
Ashton: I don’t care. Ethan: What
would YOU do? *clip replays again*
Ashton: I don’t care. Ethan: What
would I do? I would probably mind
my own business. ‘Cuz it’s not really that serious. I love it, the show, they
usually do really… incredible things like John Quiñones: A fifteen year old girl
being lured into a suspicious
and potentially dangerous
situation by a much older man. Do you try to change his tune
or mind your own business? Ethan: Last week we saved a teenage
girl from a predator. This week, a child
doesn’t order a beverage because he’s
busy playing Fortnite?! These two things are very similar. Josh: Put the game down
and order your food. *other customers
take notice* Angela: You know, can we
just have one minute? I’m
so sorry.
Waitress: Yes, no, no worries. Angela: Ashton. Ashton!
Josh: Ashton. Your mother’s
talking to you, and you put the game down. Ashton: What? Angela: Hey, don’t talk
to your dad like that! *other customer
shaking head
in disappointment* Other customer:
I have a 19-year-old…. Other customer:
It’s the same thing.
Angela: Have you
ever heard of Fortnite. Kid: Yes.
Angela: Oh my gosh, you do?
Kid: That’s addicting. Angela: It’s what? Kid: It’s addicting. Angela: How do you know that? Kid: I play it on mobile. Voiceover: Unlike Ashton, this
fellow player knows when to stop. Ethan: It’s so funny because the
show is trying so hard to paint Fortnite as this like really addictive
family-breaking game, but the fictional
character is obviously insanely rude
and he’s playing Fortnite at dinner, but the real character that they talked to
is like “Oh yeah, that’s addicting,” I
wouldn’t play it at dinner, that’s super rude. As far as they can even show,
there’s no problem. I can’t think of ever having
seen anyone playing Fortnite
in public. This is truly, a
experiment. The biggest probably since
“Her Boob Coming Out” Joey Salads. So, it’s right up there with the greatest. Josh: So how come you’re
not playing your games? Ethan: Lady’s like, “Can you leave
my children alone please? We are
trying to enjoy a meal here.” Kid: It’s like rude. Just take it. Just let him stare
at the wall. Josh: You know what,
I think he’s right. Ashton: No! Josh: No, no, no,
Ashton: I just started that game!
*other customer
continues staring* Josh: You know what, he’s right! Ashton: Dad!
Josh: No, no, no, this is ridiculous (cutoff) Ethan: Ooo, shhh,
that was kind of a violent grab! *piano thud*
*clip replays* Ethan: Someone better
tell the dad it’s just an
experiment. Even though, like, the, people
who are watching, are like kinda
freaked out. The kids like “just take it!” *clip replay*
Kid: Just take it. Ethan: And the dad’s like,
you know what? GIVE ME THAT SHIT!
*shivers* He’s all scared and traumatized
from this abuse of dad that’s not
even the real dad. This turned into a social
experiment about (an) abusive dad
REAL fast. Ashton: You can’t take my iPad! Josh: I just did! John: Ask the kids,
why did you tell him to do that? Ethan: I like how he’s back there
master-mining this whole thing. Now ask the kids,
what is a Fortnite? Ashton: Yo, listen, how would you
feel if your parents took your games away? *kid shrugs* Kid: It’s okay. Ashton: But then you just can’t play. *kid shrugs again* Mother of kid: But they just
want to have lunch with you. Ashton: But it’s my iPad. It’s my game. *Josh laughs* Mother of kid: But who bought it? Josh: I don’t think they’re on
your side man.
*Angela laughs* John: Hi guys
how are you? *Mother of kid laughing* Ethan: I love how he cruises in. Got the blazer button. It’s me, Hispanic Oprah! Did you know that you just
took place in an extraordinary
experiment? When we discover that playing
video games at the dinner table
is rude! They’re like “Listen, dude,
I’m just, can you just please
leave us alone?” This has been very disruptive,
I’m just tryna’ enjoy a meal
with my kids here. Now can you PLEASE
TELL ME have any of
you discovered what
is a Fortnite? John: What did you think? Kid: He just should’ve just put
the game down. And right after he could’ve played. Voiceover: We’re rolling again. Josh: Do you wanna look
at the menu, so you can
make a decision? Voiceover: And mom and dad
are trying to spark up a conversation. Angela: Your dad was suggesting
a movie, what do you think about that? Voiceover: But Ashton, can’t
seem to peel his eyes away
from that iPad. Other customer:
They live in those damn things. I take it away from her. Josh: You take it away? Other customer nodding: Yes. Josh: I’m sorry but
you know what… Ashton: I’m in the middle of a game right now!
Josh: No, no, I’m sorry but it’s just ridiculous. Josh: We’ve been out.
Ashton: I just started that game! *clips replay with zoomin
and zapping sounds* Ethan: I just find it hilarious they’re
trying so hard to make it look
like anything happened here, but really, nothing is happening
here, just because people turn to
the side and look, doesn’t mean that,
it’s interesting. Voiceover: And with no game,
he sees no reason to stick around. Other customer:
They just become, like, so
addicted to whatever they’re doing. Angela: Do you know
anybody who plays the game? Another customer:
It’s not the issue. You told
him to put it away. Voiceover: And it’s not
just children who may need
to be curved. Another other customer:
My boyfriend plays one similar. Angela: A grown man?
*zoomed in when said
the second time* *zoomin on Josh* Ethan: Shocking! Absolutely APPALLING! A grown MAN??? Playing VIDEO GAMES???? This is truly OUTRAGEOUS. Voiceover: Ashton storms away
with his iPad. This man has some wisdom
to share with mom and dad. Roosevelt: All he needs is a moment
for himself. And y’all just have
your conversation. Voiceover: And later, with Ashton. Roosevelt: I know you don’t know me. My name is Roosevelt.
How are you, sir? Ashton: I’m good.
Roosevelt: I was telling them that
you in your moment and you in your
time, so give him his little space. Now, you’re always going to
have a chance to play that game… but they’re not going to be
there all the time. But, I guess just the moment y’all all
together, just enjoy each other. Hey, I’m sitting here. Voiceover: He pulls
up a seat to continue
his sermon. Roosevelt: The thing is,
we all special. Voiceover: While we
join the party. John: What’s going on here, sir? How are you doing? I’m John Quiñones. Roosevelt: I always…
get myself in a mess. Josh: Yeah, no, no. Roosevelt: Those are stars, right? John: Yeah, those are actors. *Roosevelt laughs* Ethan: They all bounce,
why, tell all bounce like it’s
To Catch A Predator and they
leave ’em there with the host. They don’t even say anything. Good evening, sir! Uh, no, don’t go away. John: What’s going on here, sir? Ethan: The police are outside
waiting, now tell me, what
do you think you’re doing
here with this family, sir? That kid looked like a
tasty little snack. What an incredible investigation.
I’m blown away by how much we learned.
One: don’t play games at the table. I mean we needed this whole investigation. To learn that, two:
Kids have feelings. Oh my god! Roosevelt: He’s human. He has feelings. Ethan: Hold on, kids
have feelings? Number three: If you’re a pro
gamer, you better be wearing
a diaper otherwise, what’s even
the point of pretending like you’re
good at this game. Number four: Hispanic Oprah
is kind of a big deal. John: Hi, guys, how are you. Nice, beautiful. Ethan: Number five, I don’t
trust this dad actor. He snatched that laptop (iPad)
super aggresive. I’m a little concerned. *replays* And of course, number six: To all you ignorant parents out there, Don’t ever interrupt your son
during a ranked game. Josh: We’ve been out, you know.
Ashton: I just started that game. Ethan: That’s the kind of stuff that
tears families apart. That’s ignorance, that is insensitive, it’s basically abuse. *replays* captions by donnaken15


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  2. These parents should have made connections with their kids before their kids got heroin addicted to gaming.

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  5. Okay…
    Fortnite is a bag of shit and it is ruining everyone’s life but the kid was playing it at a restaurant not a funeral…

  6. the irony is that the innocent family was just trying to enjoy their meal when they were unwillingly entangled into this TV show's experiment web.

  7. That black guy did that pep speech dor the camera he knew white people dont discipline tgere children like that. Unless it a hidden camera show.

  8. i feel like there is a dedicated 5000 people who come just to dislike these videos, fucking hilarious btw.

  9. i love your videos…
    and fortnite did not ruin society.. society ruined society. fortnite just made it worse.

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  11. sometimes i bring my switch to play at restaurants but i only do it if im with loved ones i try to justified with that but i know its wrong but normally my family just bitches at each other or no talking so i feel like there is no point

  12. I would question the parenting of that obnoxious kid. I certainly wouldn't intervene. It's the parents fault if their kid is a little asswipe in public.

  13. Parents do know to stop their kids from playing it they can just disconnected the HDMI cable, or turn on and off the WiFi…

    Don't buy kids ipads or phones..

  14. Why cant we go back to the old days. When Minecraft, Call of duty, and Gta was good, instead of virgin-popular games like fortnite, or any battle royale. I remember I went to a Vietnam war remember, and there was a display of an M16, and a kid said it was an ar from fortnite, the guards kicked him out for being such disrespectful to the fallen soldiers.

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  20. You have to understand from another perspective. Kids (or each successive generation) are getting more and more disrespectful, defiant, and neglectful. And with the way schools have changed, kids are not getting any smarter or knowledgeable (but the detriment the schools have become to kids is another subject). It IS the parents job to teach their kids proper manners and the proper functioning in society, even if (and definitely when) it differs from what their school is teaching them. The fact that a parent tells their kid to stop doing something IS the reason they should stop doing it (of course if your kid is smart enough to understand all the detailed reasons, you can explain…but most aren't). And I do also understand that there are a lot of parents that haven't a clue as how to raise kids properly (who also don't even understand all those "reasons"), and that is their fault. There are so many tools available to parents for them to do an awesome job. Should they not play video games? No, they should, but it (nor anything else) should never interfere with their daily chores, schedule, or work… all of which are there for reasons, also.

  21. It felt so bad when i saw the English subtitles saying "dubstep playing over RTS game" while LoL was being shown on screen.

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