Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

[Music] last month over a period of three days letter bombs were sent to over nine army recruitment centers across the south of the UK British security forces claimed the bombs were sent from postal centres in Londonderry in Northern Ireland the coded message sent to a Northern Irish newspaper announced the new IRA were behind the attacks and also claimed that the attacks would continue when and where the IRA saw fit these are the first attacks on the British mainland by the IRA and it’s new guys last summer Vice went to Derry to meet dissident republicans and find out about their war on drugs while we were there we were told to expect attacks on the British mainland and now they’re happening in 2012 Real IRA leader Allan Ryan was executed outside his home in Dublin according to the press he had been set up and murdered by drug gangs Ryan had become the most high-profile casualty in the fight between dissident republicans and warring gangs but he wasn’t going to be the last it’s pretty strange in the middle of this suburban part Dublin it’s basically a military March right now must be a couple of hundred people here I don’t think it’s just quite a bigger turnout as they wanted but it’s certainly nothing I’ve ever seen before so tell me what happened the day that Alan was shot you were with him right you’d like to walk on the area can use open about like seeing people and we were walking down towards another fellows house and as we were walking there gunmen ambushed them from behind the fire number shots he killed Alan he hit iron in the leg I managed to run and jump on the car and then facing it all off Bush afterwards it’s just everything was kind of crazy huh why would they terrify develop because he was trying to fight against the drug dealers I use the layer of a fairly effective group of men that were targeting and executing drug dealers and had them on the run from the locks fish and I think that’s not seems to be the reasoning this targeted anyways was because he was shattering their organizations and it was only a matter of time I’d say before he would a wipe them out the situation is so tense the one year on local hoods broke into the cemetery and to face thalam Ryan’s grave the Real IRA broke away from the IRA in the 90s rejecting the peace process and seeking to continue the war with Britain they are a small but deadly force at the heart of the drugs whereas Londonderry or Derry a city so divided by sectarianism that it goes by two names the city is the center of Republican militants and now sixteen years after the Good Friday Agreement that supposedly brought peace to the country the IRA gaining influence all over again another armed group Republican action against drugs or rad have been fighting a war on drugs shooting anyone perceived to be involved in dealing hundreds of young men have been threatened sent into exile or shot by paramilitaries after the murder of Alan Ryan it was announced that rod and the Real IRA would merge under the simple name the IRA we went to meet dairies most influential Republican dissident Gary Donnelly a member of the 32 counties sovereignty movement who has been accused of being the driving force behind the Real IRA a charge he denies Gary’s been repeatedly jailed and has serious charges for his links to militant Republicans but for him that’s all part of the security services efforts to undermine his organization do you think this is encouraging a rise in hatred of the state and possibly encouraging a rise of terrorism against the state well you know when you talk about terrorism what is terrorism you know people here don’t you know the people here who you would accuse of being terrorists are members of this community they live in this community they’re lucky they work in this community they socialize the kids go to school in this community you’re not some type of al Qaeda terrorists that live in the mountains or caves and come in here and carry out you know atrocities and go back these are people who live and socialize in these areas often the large section this community would support these people and be their eyes and ears and support this lab does the reality no police officers live in these areas they’re not part of our community and for them to community this community they have to travel in convoy in heavily armored Land Rovers they hope to wear all of her clothing they’re very intense police vans what do you think would happen if police did just kind of stroll through this area as they might in England I would thought they would get out I think they were killed there’s been some quite severe punishment of people involved in dealing drugs organizations right rather than things like that yeah in the absence of a normal police and service then people will go to whoever will help them the police turned the blame a to draw Dylan for a number of reasons and so someone comes and says I’ve got this problem this guy’s selling drugs in my state people then approach him and say let me stop it yeah and if he continues doing it if he continues then if you know some people will go to the police the police don’t feel weird they’ll call the Republicans if he can’t be reasoned we there’s no option do you know this man to continue poison in your community already take action to the armed people who kind of hand out the punch when a from within the community live in these streets their kids go to school these streets a part and parcel of this community so they’re still our arms throughout this community there’s no doubt there’s armed stay at this community and right there it does conflict you know I’d say there’s good chances you probably have passed IRA people in this community they’re probably aware that your stand here no you know they could even be watching us see what’s going on can you see us returning to a time when there are IRA attacks within England why not that would be you know a strategic target you know what be a high-profile target you know why wouldn’t there be it’s England that’s occupying Ireland this new Republican coalition has support from local gangs such as the kids in the Bogside Republican youth how do you and why is it that you’re fighting against the police harassing bastard do any of the older Republicans ever kind of tell you guys aside and say you know what this isn’t your fight what are they suppose to do we should go welcome them we’re proud open what Republican groups do you support what about the IRA hello Gary Dahl joined the yellow sugar around the thirty future although I orientation does that make you feel kind of confident that there’s like everyone’s unified as well as continuing the war with the British the Republicans are now dealing with the drug dealers with extreme violence with reported kneecapping zand executions acting as a go-between for the paramilitaries of potential drug dealing victims is the Rosemount Resource Center run by Tommy McCourt a well-known Republican socialist who himself has little sympathy for the men being shot by the IRA if someone has tells us that there is a threat and we believe it’s a real threat we believe it’s our unity past I want 90% of the time at least or more that usually results in some kind of an agreement where the violence doesn’t take place can you remember the last time violence did take place see four weeks ago I think there was a couple of young people it was more of an anti-social behaviour she or at least a they were there was a conflict emerging on the streets their names had come forward as you know these guys needed stopler carry on and then Messi’s were getting passed back and forward but at a little the particular behavior that was engaged and its continued and this group then said that they were not prepared to negotiate any further they were just going to deal with it and the next thing we knew these two young men were both shot in the legs [Music] after speaking with Tommy we were put in contact with a man who was once one of the biggest dealers in Derry although his life is no longer under threat he still refused to have his face built when I go to present had read it one time per ad and they were to be honest they were quite fair they gave me two chances before and I her up and went back to the unit was doing and how did they give you the chances to someone coming knocking your door somebody somebody comment says that my life was in danger and I went they said Republicans and more or less said that or knocking ahead whatever an end the threats were sorted but after way I just got bored and you know me musta Malayan just started it all over again they gave me a couple of chances I it up do you think that the way that the IRA or rad deal with drug dealers is harsh no don’t fair I believe not because my son’s not a teenager 16 I’m very very very close to him he was in all reason why I’d hurt my friend cuz I couldn’t spend any time him I’m never getting an aura chance you know they they were they were gonna kill me and the same guy that got my dear friend left it and told me that the threat was left it at the same boy I saw him told me is you know you’re lucky to be alive it’s just two teams i sat with grips a man plotting planning a murder and a man works and chills down my spine so Melanie you know your fears and the same person since shaking your hand the only fair played if you turn in your late friend and so do you think that the the tactics of of these kind of punishment shootings it work I stopped the drug dealer there but does it work in the area as a whole Ohio has worked all right they didn’t do that then this time would be a wash we access a table sort of for me rat poison I mean how many kids have today her in the hospital before shouldn’t somebody doesn’t seem harsh there’s methadone I’m the grass being aware does you’ve got all these youngsters run run come on you say you know what point is and also enough so well what does Domino’s trying I don’t disagree with you know I wouldn’t like to be a drug dealer in his neighborhood one little pet it sounds terrifying [Music] shooting drug dealers is one thing and kind of comes with the territory but we’d heard about a guy in the city who’d been shot for selling legal highs in his bong shop yeah he’s not gonna talk to us he’s terrified apparently he was sent a death threat last year for speaking on the radio these rad guys seem to control this place is a real and a mafioso situation everyone’s scared of them and it’s understandable he kept on saying they just pick up the phone and I’ll be shot it’s not worth my while to talk to you it’s not worth my while he’s visibly shaking while he’s doing it I guess once you’ve had your legs shine you’re gonna be pretty nervous daily not getting around if I was him I wouldn’t talk to apply though so on our way to me a woman called Donna Smith last year her son Andrew was executed by rat have since joined the IRA they claimed that Andrew was dealing drugs but Donna maintains that of never any evidence to support that claim last year I found he was at home with his girlfriend and three masked men come to his door and they couldn’t get on the door so they fired shots through the window I don’t know shots and Andrews kills they doesn’t know who it was neither actually I think could have been any brother it was on I know but under is why we’re at sending death threats to and in his friends they surround it was a spike major major drug dealer you know Andrews lifestyle did not warrant if anybody drug dealer because most of the time I had a give him money do you suspect that the people who killed Andrew from this community oh they are do you know who they were I know I know an old members arrived that’s what it but I can’t pump point and say I was here he you know but I know I know Radley everybody knows he was unwrapped there seems to be a tradition some parents actually take the children to ride to be shot in order to save them from being executed can you imagine what it’s like to be no positioning I can’t compromise him at all I’m for a parent to have to take a child of a shot yes I don’t know IFIF don’t believe it on to me you know if you had one thing to say to the people calling themselves the IRA what would it be just please please tell us why why they’re better than murder tumblr why used on that um for not to do it again nobody ever ever wanted family sitting the way we’re sitting today you know we don’t mouthing wrong be sitting I guess it’s just everydays I’m a probably not here no pharmanex a bit wrong for us we headed back to Craigan to meet the next generation of young Republicans these kids believe the fight through United Island should continue however they weren’t even born when the peace process began they’re members of the Allen Ryan memorial band set up in honor of the murdered Dublin Real IRA leader who they views a working-class era when Allen Ryan was killed in Dublin what was the reaction in Derry that’s before that actually happens they have first republican the be killed by drug dealers and a long time it was a classroom do you support the paramilitary punishments of drug dealers I don’t see a problem errors police stole them to you on and then we go to weekend you see people can a high on drugs drink people standard street corners young people its second DC day needs help and we need a rehabilitation center we need help for drug addicts patty has stopped and searched by the police nearly every day they say they’re looking for munitions and every time he stopped he’s given one of these cards their actions almost seem counterproductive as they make young republicans like patty even more alienated from the political mainstream harlan Scotland our ways and be headline news Oliver but push back the north I don’t oh that’s just name ones or anything we get away that meets or bloodthirsty savages welcome for Chinese non-violence IRA thyroid all they want to do shoot and kill people reality oh that’s gonna be far from the truth and I arrays have United I don’t look can I trying to achieve it and alongside that help no to communities as they’ve done throughout the past 40 years the strategy of locking up senior figures of the Neo IRA has decimated them in the short term yet they managed to continue carrying out potentially legal threats 16 years on from the peace process it seems you don’t need the British Army on the streets of Northern Ireland for these groups to draw more recruits potentially fueling the conflict for generations to come the Neo IRA we’ve been told still has a force of a thousand young men behind it who will continue their low-level insurgency outwardly against a British state and inwardly in their own warned drugs [Music]


  1. These thugs are not protecting their communities they are control freaks who are taxing the drug dealers, and if they don't pay then, they will be dealt with and if the dealer stands up to them, they get even worse. The IRA employe the dealers, as it let's them know who's up to what.

  2. Drugs often get pushed on young adults n kids…and I can understand why these people don't want it in their community….

  3. I was in northern ireland once living of substantial benefits from its government I was driving one night I got lost in this place called craigavon city though I think city was an ingenious ploy by the ira to slaughter british troops on mass as this supposed city had many huge roundabouts no doubt installed by the ira which gave them ample time to ambush the british army pure genius the ira are . So I was oblivious to where I was in this ira constructed death maze until I drove into this ira checkpoint I was afraid first because I was thinking they were the Ulster vegetable farmers or the uvf who are racist pigs but luckily it was the ira who so kindly gave me directions back to Belfast.

  4. This will probs sound stupid but, why do people not like RAAD they don't like drug dealers and are tryna make their town drug free?

  5. I Hope Hong Kong Doesn't Go Like This! The Crown Is Common To Both Recent Flair Ups With So Called Law And Order. Follow The Money Trail Brexit Is All About Elitism And The So Called European Popular Right. Boris Is Not A Popularly Elected Official By Democracy Standards. He's Self Serving. Financial Services Is Most At Risk. No Backstop Means Deal Brexit. Oh. Dear Here We Go Again.

  6. You’ll be shocked when the Philippines is really in war of drugs but i think its a good idea

    Except the killing part

  7. Drug dealers deserve to be executed. I dont like the IRA, but i believe that a war against drugs is a good thing, undeniably.

  8. You sell drugs, you die. You're a cop and don't do your job ? Think of what you have to lose : wife, kids. You're warned. IRA is here to stay.

  9. The white you read in the comments, how about provide a actuall job to those who have found refuge within drugs, or give them an opportunity,

  10. I feel like one day there’s gonna be a Derry uprising that’ll last for weeks to come. I can imagine the guns going off, mortars firing and rpgs whizzing.

  11. 90% of Irish people want peace in the north of Ireland also the Republic of Ireland these kids were not even a born in the troubles i was my family and many more family's don't want to go down that road. yes get drug dealers out the police in the north and south of Ireland have also convicted big drug dealers who are now in prison doing years in prison i am 100% Irish why does a small number of people want to go to war who are they fighting for people from Poland Russian Romanians etc who are now working living in the north and south of Ireland peace to all we all have are own vins have a great day

  12. Stick derry in the Republic tomorrow, it would save alot of money and it's apparently 'what they want'. I suspect they'd still moan and riot though. They get loads of funding and projects paid for by the UK taxpayer, but the bogside is still full of people on the dole, waving Palestinian flags (cos you know it's just the same as the middle east) and rioting. Do it tomorrow, they would be befuddled by it as who would they moan about then??

  13. Agree 100% ,Drugs ruin lives and families.Crack,Cocaine & Heroin only lead to destruction.Kill em.
    Not sure i would shoot someone over weed though………

  14. The establishment flooding working class areas with drugs is an old tactic to break down communities. Drug treatment and education centres needed.

  15. it isn’t fucking lond*nderry it’s derry stop making it out de the the catholic’s that’s the problem it ain’t i would know

  16. But YEAH! COMMENT kinda says it all, I said user,s, I meant government and press, makes In reality. Ideal world great if no.drug's but. Treatment centers. Drugs crawl in over and over in Dublin. Wish peace more things were good.. more apprenticeships for kids things like that. Iv been a user, normAl when I was kid, seen so much death, feel really tired worked 15 years not last 5, id say please just listen and look. So many Say NO, communicate key I suppose. Hard knock life.

  17. If you are not a junkie or a crack head being a killer gets you high. Imagine the power and fear you could wield killing. Low lives. They would scurry like rats.

  18. Socialists fighting capitalist drug dealers profiting off of people's addiction, misery and suffering. Nothing wrong with it, in fact everyone should be inspired by them and learn from them. Drugs are a crime, they destroy humanity and nature, anyone selling them be shot and users should be punished or rehabilitated depending on the situation. All leftists should learn from these heroes.

  19. Ok, so just because they live here and are part of their community is not a valid reason for people to be carrying out vigilante justice, against drug dealers. I am sorry but you don't get to decide who gets to live and die. Also, drug dealers are the least of your problems over there. Really.

  20. Get squiffy about IRA suspects been held without trial. Not too bothered about a trial for these drug dealers though. Carrying guns does mean not many call out your hypocracy. British are always the villains ain't they.
    Have to say im 100% behind the idea of taking out drug dealers. They are scum. It only guys protecting their kids. Can't fault it to be honest. They badly need that in Scotland. Id welcome it in UK too. Idea started in the Philippines.
    Drug dealers just turn court cases into a mickey mouse charade. Plea bargaining and bullshit. Its just nit an effective deterant.
    Historically IRA have always controlled drugs and prostitution in Ireland. Just to make it clear.

  21. I think the issue here lies in the 'trial' of the target, which is not only lacked but just completely disregarded. I understand the argument that the establishment and courts are slow and ineffective in prosecution, but this is a question of morality. Not one soul deserves to be executed unless wholly proven of guilt and don't doubt for one second the idea that enraged community members will act in ignorance. I won't even start on the use of capital punishment here, not all victims would be dealing meth and heroine. Sickening

  22. Wow, some western europeans still have balls to fight for their tradition and freedom. Respect from Russia. And vice bias bitches suck ass.

  23. Biased documentary.
    Like the British haven’t killed more of our people and caused more harm and destruction…
    The British are the biggest zombies of all time, ask most of the world that they colonized and ravaged.
    Justice will prevail one day and they will lose another remnant of their empire, Northern Ireland.


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