Friends Like These Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 12

Oswell! Come here. He loves me to pieces. He goes to the bedroom,
he’s like my teddy bear. I can’t talk to my family
because we don’t talk. Sometimes you just need someone to
grab hold of you and just give you a big old love
and a big old shake, and say, “What the fuck are you doing?” Hello. You all right? You’re not looking
for business tonight? Are you sure? You have a good night. I wish that I were
at the top end of it still. You know, like the escort
in the better side of it, than down here at the bottom. I’ve worked in Next,
I’ve worked in Poundstretcher. I’ve always done bar work, as well. I’ve done work in the kitchens in
pubs, I’ve done door-to-door sales. I’ve done cleaning.
I’ve done all sorts. My childhood was perfect. My mum
did everything that she could. She did the best that she could
for me. You know, I didn’t have
a bad childhood. I don’t have no dramatic stories
or anything. I wasn’t abused. I didn’t get raped
by my uncle or nothing like that. Just thought, “I’ll try it.” I just put myself on it, stupidly. I did it to myself. Nobody did it to me,
nobody offered me it. I did it to myself, and two weeks
after, I had a habit, I was addicted. So, yeah. My drug use spiralled. I lost my house,
by not paying bills. And then, yeah. My friend who I came to live with
lived in Holbeck, and I moved in with her,
and that was, like, seven years ago. How long have we been friends
for, Ceri? For a good ten year. Just over ten year. Yeah? Wow. Time flies, doesn’t it,
when you’re having fun? I wouldn’t call it fun. I never seen you in a dress. You look lovely. You look lovely, it’s the first time
I’ve seen you a dress-skirt thing. Yeah. Me and Ceri, we’ve had… We’ve not always seen eye-to-eye,
but, yeah, she took me in
and she’s looked after me. She’s fed me and that,
do you know what I mean? She gave me clothes and that,
so that I could get changed. And do you know… We are friends,
if you get what I mean. Be careful, Amy, because
the fentanyl’s back in Beeston. So, just be careful
with the gear, mate. You know that fentanyl stuff? Few people have got that in Beeston,
so… You know, just be careful, Amy. Yeah, yeah. I got arrested because
I were wanted. Over one of the other
working girls. She’s put a report in about me,
hitting her or something. Which I didn’t. I could lose everything. Everything. I don’t just mean the place,
I mean everything, again. All my belongings, everything. I can’t understand it – it’s saying
it’s not available, the web page. Wi-Fi’s on,
it’s saying I’m connected. Connected, yeah. Wi-Fi available now. At last. What’s this one say? “Hi”, it says me name,
it says his name. It says where he’s from. “I drive. “Please check out me and my profile,
and feed back what do you think. “Fancy shitting on me? “I look forward to hearing
from you.” Well, £120 for the hour, you see. It’s a lot safer –
I feel it is, anyway, because I can pick
and choose my jobs. Do you know what I mean? Like, say
that weeing, pooing and vomiting, if I didn’t want to do that,
which I didn’t, the vomiting, I said that to him,
then you don’t have to. Do you know what I mean? He can say,
“Oh, well, it don’t matter, then,
I’ll go and see another person.” Do you know what I mean? You can’t
really pick and choose your guys
out on the street. My leg’s fucked. I’ve had DVT a few times. But, fucking getting abscesses. And it’s just fucking sore. It’s, like, I did one in my ankle
last week. I must’ve fucking missed in my leg. I must’ve pushed it in
when it wasn’t in t’vein. I must’ve done, for it
to have swollen up like that. This lad I know just says, “Oh,
can you watch my snake for a bit?” and he hasn’t been back for it. The mice. Three blind mice. You just leave it
to defrost for half an hour and then it fucking eats it. Cute, aren’t they? Feel sorry for them. It died cute. I’m going for the sports look today. He’s been driving around, though,
but he wants £10 for sex. He just spoke to me earlier. He was driving around up there, and then he pulled up to me,
and I went and spoke to him. And he was like, “Oh, £10 for sex
in your breast.” I says, “No, you’re all right.” Wouldn’t do that,
even when I’m rattling. I’m worth more than £10. I’m worth a lot more than £10,
I don’t care what anybody says. The first time I did it, it was… I don’t know, it was quite a buzz. I’d done it after a night
at lap dancing. And it was £200,
and it was 20 minutes. And I mean, lap dancing
is good money, but I mean, you can be all night long
for that money. Or you can go to an hotel
for an hour, and it’s never an hour. 20 minutes, half an hour tops
and you’re gone. It’s very rare that it’s an hour. Who lasts an hour? I could have loads of plans
in my head what I want to do and what I’m going to do, and then it just goes to pot,
like, I might have a Spice joint and then that’s it for me, isn’t it? I’m done for. I come
and seen you the other day, and I don’t think I left till
the next day, did I? No. I only came for ten minutes. I can’t believe
you’ve been charged, Bee. I don’t, really don’t understand it. That won’t come to nothing. It wants to not, cos otherwise
I’m going to jail. Fuck. So, you better
be writing to me. I just… I don’t understand it. Well, whoever it was working at CPS
that day obviously got out on the wrong side of bed, didn’t they?
Do you know why they said it? Yeah, that’s all right for her,
isn’t it? But I couldn’t do that cos the drugs
have ruined my body too much, and I’m covered in scars
and shit like that, so…’d just be not appropriate. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable
doing it, and… ..I’m not much of a talker. It just wouldn’t flow out my mouth
smoothly, I feel. Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I’d much
rather just fucking give a blow job. If you don’t want to have
a conversation with him you don’t really have
a conversation, do you, doll? “Do you want me lay down
or bend over?” After ten minutes, “Are you going
to come or what?” We would be the only two girls
between four and six in the morning. Anyway, every morning without fail, there’d be no other girls,
would there? And we’d be dead opposite
each other, on each corner. And I found her a bit intimidating,
a bit scary. That were the word, yeah. No, but what it is like
with most of t’girls down there, the heroin and crack can make ’em do
things that they probably wouldn’t normally do, innit? Well, with all t’girls in general, I couldn’t fucking have
owt to do with ’em – they’re not my fucking cup of tea. It’s not someone I’d choose to go and have a coffee with.
Oh, thank you very much. I wasn’t talking about you. What about me, then,
if you weren’t on drugs? Would you still entertain me,
do you think? In small doses. I thought so. THEY LAUGH I was getting complaints over
the dog barking and that all t’time. It were pissing me off, it were too
big, it were making my house smell, dog hairs all over. Stinking my…
I didn’t want it on my furniture, do you know what I mean? I said to her, “Don’t have the dog
on the furniture.” I just got that pissed off. I was like, “Look, you’re going to
have to go and find somewhere else
for it to go, then.” And she was like,
“Oh, for fuck’s sake” and that, and she never came back. Yeah, I’m a bit pissed off that you
haven’t been to see me, though, Amy. Since, you know…. Well, um… I’m a bit pissed off that you haven’t been up,
and I’ve tried ringing you. Obviously you haven’t had your
phone. Yeah. You could’ve called up, or tried to get in touch with me
or whatever. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. I hadn’t had your number, but, um… People have seen you, though. Yeah. On t’beat, and whatever. I’ve been meaning to come up here
and see you, but I’ve just been sidetracked. Not been getting out of bed until,
like, six, seven o’clock. Yeah, no, I understand it. I get it.
I know where you’re at. Do you know what I mean?
I know where you’re at. But I didn’t tell YOU to leave, Amy. But I were getting in trouble. Yeah. And like I said, it’s not
worth losing my house over. A dog’s not worth
losing my house over. You lot wasn’t worth losing my house
over. You’re my mate – I would never
seen you out on the street. Yeah. But you could’ve come back. Yeah. The dog had fleas. Do you know what I mean? So, obviously, they’ve jumped
off out of the… living in the carpet
and whatever else. Look. Do you know what I mean? They’re flea bites. I can get rid
of them, I can get that home stuff, but I’d rather just get the council
to come and do it, and then just do it all
top to bottom. Do you know what I mean? So, anyway, while we’re on the subject
of this fumigation thing, though, I think that it’s only right
that you should give me something
towards it. Yeah. Well, I’ve just put a fiver
in your back pocket, so you can get some stuff with that. Have you? Yeah. Thanks. I am ready to give it all up,
but, you know what I mean, but… That’s drug use, ain’t it? It’s hard, it’s a bad cycle,
it’s a vicious cycle. It is nasty, very nasty. Very, very nasty. But you can’t help it. You still do it, as much as
you don’t want to be doing it, you’ll still do it. It’s not what we’re supposed
to be doing, really, is it? Standing on street corners
like pieces of meat, waiting for men to pick us. Do you know what I mean?

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